Wild Apple Leaf Lyme and Arthritis Relief

Sun, July 26, 2015 – Day 360 – 5 To Go – The Acid Test

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I am looking for really sick people. Fixer uppers, like the Dude with the lepers. You can likewise be a typical heathen, and thankless. I have a plan to force you to thank me without bias. I can provide the medicine for half price, after receiving and assessing your response to a medical survey. If you really think it sucks, I may refund the full amount, provided you return the unused portion to confirm it isn’t just some other shzt that didn’t work so you can scam me. I may offer you a job, because I will need help, especially around the harvest. Easy multiple choice with comments. You’ll have to pay full price, up front, whatever that may be, because I don’t know what it will cost yet as volumetrics get established. It is a Mail In Rebate, like those ones you hate, except you actually have to mail in your story, and what happened, after trying our formulation, to me. Really old hopeless cases, and official medical death sentences especially welcome.

That sounds like a lot of work just to try to keep people from suffering from biofilm chronic disease, and eventually dying like the 170 million Americans a year in the US. Oh well, they have alternatives. None of them work, but I don’t want to force anybody like a doctor. This does it for me anyway. I was never diagnosed, except by myself. Nobody could figure out what was wrong with me <cough, cough>. My medical charts likely would need several binders because there were as many different diagnoses as doctors in all my travels over the years. None of them were right because they either said permanent, or easy cure that didn’t work more than a few days, if at all. Only the nice Mexican doctor knew what it would become, and tried high dose antibiotics from the beginning. Only for a week though. I wish I could tell him what I found out. That was over 23 years ago though.

I found the technical people of Mexico that I worked with to be curious engineers, and great technical partners. Maybe that is where I should go. Well schooled. Mathematically literate. Well versed in classical physics, and geophysics, on a shoestring budget. My kind of people. They wore uniforms to the local middle school. This wasn’t tourist Mexico. This was oil and gas field Mexico where the rubber hits the road. We struggled with my Spanish illiteracy, but when it came to math, we were on the same page, instantly. I was physically Mexican national basketball team material in comparative stature, which fascinated them. I was also, more anomalistically, a Gringo with brains, they reckoned. I fooled them by learning the tech spanish first maybe. The Mexican parasite, with ninas and ninos,  was among the first to emigrate last year, and they were also cut from the same cloth. Their foot and ankle biofilm operation was tough though, being one of the latest to leave.

Anyway, I had International Lyme Disease. I knew it was a death sentence, if what the world’s leading Lyme Expert said was true, a year ago. Some international parts were the earliest, and the latest, to solve. Since then, I have found Canada is the source of the worst case scenario, no matter what doctors say. They’re so smart, they cut their own ears and eyes out. Took most of theie brains with it too. You need Bing or Google, YouTube, and a week, to get past their speed. Just fzckin’ brilliant. The biofilmers here use Fibrin. They probably do there too. They get you when you are down and never leave without us giving them their slithering papers.

John Stossel just said that a company found a Lyme Disease vaccine, but withdrew it because of legal risk. That must be why Trump likes Canada so much. They just kill all the tough patients, make the lawyers illegal, and save the incurious doctors, declaring all innovation against their chosen drug companies insane. That was how they started. Now it is so much better than that, running a nut farm for money, treating everything they do not understand, which is almost everything. The British NHS was envious, so they made up official signs, “If you have Lyme Disease, Go Elsewhere.” It’s almost like they have a way with words there, like the French have a different word for everything. I found Lyme Disease is almost everything. Alan MacDonald is finding out now too. Alzheimer’s. Dementia. Heart Disease. Arthritis. Still birth. Morgellons. Gulf War. He calls it Borreliosis to get around the stigma. Somebody will find out that it is all parasite worms from bug bites, and wet surface biofilms some day too. Been there, done that.

Maybe I should offer courses in dealing with witchcraft. Once you have fallen under the spell of a witch, you’ll never go back. It was that way with the latest one, anyway. lulz It explains Jimmy Page’s peculiar interest in Alestair Crowley. I’m on Chapter XIII – Know your Worms. I have a Magick Potion. It is my version of Dr. MacDonald’s “Biofilm Busting Protocol.” I start by busting the Biofilm Manufacturers, parasite nematodes. Then I start on their leftover biofilm. I may be to where I can do it in backing up a Year per Day, but that was after hammering at it for 10 months with with the Wild Apple Leaf Powder alone. Who knew worms hid in biofilm? Now I do. Those ones are currently still vacating. The magick link says apple stuff is used for love potions. Oh, oh; Here we go again. Well, I guess you’ll love the fact that worms will drill outta your butt.

From fleas, speaking of which, Bart is turning out to be a “mouser.” He also likes Popcorn and SPAM®. He is still on Wild Apple Leaf Powder, and he seems to really like it sprinkled on SPAM®, anyhow. It has really mellowed him out, and smartened him up, like a dog. He has become more curious, actually responds to being called, and all while being less of a pest. He is also more talkative and expressive, with little cat expressive grunts, questing meows, and cat verbal expressions of protest/disgust. I noticed he had a little of that “Baker’s Biofilm Pneumonia” cough there today, so he will be getting a little pectolase, too. He is out on the night patrol for more mice and moles right now, I presume. Last night he came in, all rained on, packin’ a large, now slow since it is deceased, mouse, batting it all around to make sure I noticed his conquest. “Ya see this, man? I sure fzcked up that mouse! Here’s how…” I have him on 250 mg. a day to start now after he made me dump about 350 on the tuna the other day. He’s alright with it. Humans are more sensitive to Wild Apple Leaf it turns out. We get a lot more biofilm building material starch than cats do, I take it. Maybe it was the extreme reverse flea hit that it must have been. He isn’t scratching any more like he did in the “Before” picture. He has adopted me as his Pet s+o0n+ Exterminoctor. Er.? Do I have a choice? lulz

Meanwhile, back on the ranch, remember tonsils? I still have mine, but in my formative years, I had a battle with them and tonsilitis on several occasions. Now they are back a little in the reverse biofilm operation. It has been like well over 50 years since I felt that, but in typical Wild Apple Leaf Rewind fashion, we have been backing through that. Now I know where all that mucus was coming from, along with the now old sinusitis. Tonsils might be nirvana for borrelia biofilms; They produce a lot of honey phlegm. I suspect Wild Apple Leaf is the cure ultimately for both conditions, sinusitis and tonsilitis. Chalk up another medical milestone for the old Er.,Dr.Dr.,Ret. Officially, and now undeniably, medicine is lagging light years behind Quack Animal Engineering Physics that cures things they can’t. They’re still killing live babies to see what makes them tick, as if they would know, or it would help, when I proved their world world is one bug sting or bite away from defeat.


Author: Joe1Smith

I am a relic. I thought I would chronicle what I found out about it here.

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