Wild Apple Leaf Lyme and Arthritis Relief

Weds, July 29, 2015 – Day 363 – 2 To Go – Biofilm Literacy

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You would think it would go without saying. Something that underlies chronic disease of 187 million patients in Canada and the USA demands an explanation. Ask a Canadian doctor; bupkiss. They just committed professional suicide. They can’t help or cure anybody. Biofilm prevents it. Much is said of Lyme Literate physicians. A more important metric is Biofilm Literacy. Even if you don’t have Lyme by their ineffective primitive detection methods, it is probably biofilm.

I am finding cats do not have much biofilm. Bart had like one little cough, likely from eating people stuff. Zero hairballs as he is young. He has been consuming about 250 mg. of Powder a day since then. He was so hungry he coulda eaten the arsehole outta a skunk when he got here. His stools aren’t here to check; He goes outside like a dog, but I bet they are like mine…. Best EVAH! Poor lil’ fella had a rough go living homeless when his owner died I guess. The deal there is they don’t get pectin, or starch, in their diet.

Humans can’t eliminate it. Medicine tells people it is good fiber. It is about the lousiest fiber ever I found, because nematodes use it to biofilm the ever lovin’ shzt outta everything from fibromyalgia to mumps to arthritis (so named for arthropods transmitting biofilm manufacturing/cocooning nematodes?) to cancer to ALS to herpes to CFS to colds. I have a sig on my emails that nobody reads that links to the biofilm YouTube channel. Doctors are too incurious to read it. “Only a theory.” Yeah, your theory has 187 million people walking around or flat on their backs with untreatable chronic disease, and your dope manufacturers answer is to start fiddling with their genes to shut the built in alarm system down. That is about as brilliant as nuking a melted down 6 nuclear reactor complex. You can’t get any dumber than that. Well, unless you are a canadian illiterate doctor.

Let’s move offshore where they can’t touch us. That is cure #1. Warm weather, and no canadian idiot incurious medical fzckups. How about funding? We are on our own. I talked to Darlene about Bill C-442 from last June, 2014. I said it was dead. Just lip service to placate Elizabeth May, Green Party candidate from BC. They couldn’t argue that it was a mess. The powers that be have done nothing about it. Panama is warm, but too far away, and a US protectorate. How about Grand Bahamas? Away from tourist trap Bahamas, and where they train doctors about robotic surgery and using new diagnostic equipment. We don’t need that; We have the best test in the world bar none. The cure is our test.

Cure Part 2 is training the staff. No current doctors allowed. They’re too busy being bztches for Big Pharma anyways, and too conceited to learn. Christmas Cards all. That is an Engineering term for when they expel you at Christmas for non performance in your first term. All they would do is golf anyways. “Oh, we’re too busy…” Engineers, chemical particularly, geological, bio-resource, and mining, would be best. Most geologists will be tough patients if they are field personnel, but I suspect they would make the best engineering physicists along with geomatics engineers from the field operation side.

Cure Part 3 would be an old hotel or motel. We don’t need a stinkin’ hospital. Even an abandoned bug infested place could be fixed using diatomaceous earth dusting. It would be better than any hospital, because we would set it up with full wifi. The patient will have to get up to speed to become their own doctor. I can explain what is happening with everything, especially worm exits above the shoulders and upper left torso. Worms like heart, brain, and traps for the delicious food supply.

Cure Part 4 would be good Cigars to make neurons around vital organs bitter. I know that smoking is like insulation for your neural wiring from experience. Worms can only navigate by taste. Still need more research on that from smokers, but I know the cheaper Cuban and Dominican ones are good. Oddly, reading up on CFS and Epstein Barr biofilming showed acquired autism was a biofilm condition. Might be wise to restrict the first patients to smokers only to keep rat doctors out. Whiney nonsmokers will not have enough guts; let the worms biofilm their sorry azzes to a perfectly hellish degrade to death.

Cure Part 5 Entertainment and Booze. Think a club like the Copa Cabana. Rock and Roll though. Our ears are more sensitive being older. We are still the Led Zepp generation. Fzck easy listening; We wan’t hard listening in a velvet glove. lulz We want to do everything we can to keep music haters and nonsmokers out. Make it motorcycle friendly to really pizz them off. We want to get younger like I am, not older like they all are.

Cure Part 6 Legal. Get the boiler plate disclaimer to sign. Cover our azzes. Although it will not be necessary, it is still prudent to get rid of lawsuit trolls. Most people are looking to make a buck by hook or by crook over this. We just want to beat it, and I am the only person who found out how, with a Methuselarity added kicker.

I would like to tackle Alzheimer’s. I have a hunch this is really it because of Me5Dr. MacDonald‘s hard won legwork with Dr. Sapi and her biofilm confirmations. Millions and Millions of people. Preventative would be better, but current would be OK if they aren’t diagnosed or treated yet. Age related dementia. I can just imagine how wrong current treatment is. Ironically, people with no doctor or medical care are right up my alley. This is more dietary/herbal than anything, with Wild Apple Leaf being described officially as a great source of phenolic antioxidants, even though we have found that is is so much more by personal testing. It smokes out the carpenters who built the building with the door and keyhole into a room. Pectolase just amplifies it by making up for the natural human induced apple breeding deficiencies from bad information from doctors regarding pectin. I’ll never eat jam or marmalade again, although I never did anyway. Spaghetti and other starchy shzt is out, although I didn’t have much of that either. I like the sauce still. Rice starch doesn’t seem as bad, but it is still starch. Ironically, I used to have a lot of arthritis trouble from tomatoes, potatoes, eggplants, bell peppers, nightshade things. They said solanum aggravated it; Not any more. All my allergies have disappeared. The arthritis is done too, but a side effect of that is that the former stops in my joints preventing counter motion and stubbing are rebuilding. I haven’t needed my knee brace anymore, so it has recovered that far so far. It’s on my right knee from that picture a couple years back. God, how far I have come from that space. I would have collapsed from that headlock Bambi had me in a year ago. I was having great difficulty driving that standard shift diesel old 5 ton 40 foot apple van. In about 4 months I would be flat on my back. Chris bought it from an old orchard operation in Vernon. We were looking at buying the local club that had degraded, but he died of brain cancer around the time I was almost paralysed. That is how they are all dropping around here, but I can cure it now. Even my sister has all the symptoms of it, but being involved in medicine, she’s so smart you know. She quit smoking. Her son still smokes. It is a given he has it from STD, and his father is dead from it. His daughter and her mother also have it.


Author: Joe1Smith

I am a relic. I thought I would chronicle what I found out about it here.

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