Wild Apple Leaf Lyme and Arthritis Relief

Thurs, July 30 2015 – Day 364 – 1 Day To Go – Close to the Wire

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It has been a year since I started this journey, but not this blog, as a “What if?” after looking up the composition of the Apple Leaves the local deer went to so much risk to eat here. They had healing properties for the female fawn that went lame, although I see this is a relatively common affliction with them now. I suspect a bug population gone wild from herbicide application and its widespread use. Every human lawn is the equivalent of a brown field now as the manufacturers used weak science to get approval of this known WHO carcinogen, glyphosate. It also kills numerous alleged weeds that are also herbs known for their healing properties, like dandelion root, teasel, milk thistle, and more. It seems like I have pored through thousands of dense pages and long poorly edited rambling videos to find all this hidden as well as the weedkiller GMO manufacturers can.

Their was no way I was going to live another year by even my whole family’s assessment. Some are still so fogged from their chronic borreliosis they still assume that. They are all too busy dying officially with an undeniably, except by themselves, ignorant medical system we have in Canada. It rivals France and Britain’s NHS in ignorance, and apparently that is almost unbelievable. Like Microsoft Security, it is security by obscurity. If they can keep ignoring it, the threat doesn’t exist. Windows remains the most hacked platform in the world, with hackers actually stealing the built in NSA back door encryption key along with all the source code for all software out of it decades ago.

Ignorance wasn’t all of it. Doctors lie to treat symptoms, but not causes of all disease. Chronic disease is a rare occurrence to them, and biofilm is still just a “theory”. Meanwhile, I have been busy expelling gallons of it over a couple months. Dr. A.B. MacDonald MD FACS, I feel your pain. They have ignored him for decades while he has been dead on target, nailing borreliosis as the culprit of Chronic Illness as far back as 1985. It started as a keyhole in his analogy. I took out the nematode parasite carpenters that built the “House of Pain” building. Sorry, Alan. lulz

I tried to get my word out too. People instead hawked their own pet cures back, none of which work or will work, because they do not address the, unknown until now, root cause. People use everything from organic sulfur to pool chemicals to excessive dose antibiotics to poison themselves. No chemical can do it. Dr. Tim Lu of MIT knew that early on, and that in fact the solution would be an enzyme formulation. That is what his Phages manufacture I suspect. I cut out the middle phage, so to speak, with the anthelmintic acaricidal antibacterial Wild Apple Leaf powder. It is literally a Triple A solution. That got rid of the cooties behind a lot of this, if not all of it. In my personal experience, it was all of it. Gee, thanks Deer.

It has side effects in humans, and the big ones are Herxing, and Baker’s Pneumonia. The root cause of BP was found to be pectin, or starch. Cats are apparently not affected by this. I did give Bart a little, approx 200 mg., of pectin enzyme on his NoName SPAM today, as he was a little hoarse, and he is fine now, back to mewing normally. He hardly touched his leftovers yet. I heard him get hoarse slightly after going to a second full 500 mg. Apple Leaf powder dose. He felt cooler, so I suspect the antibacterial herx like a human feels, where it feels warm inside, but it is cool to the external touch. It was not as dramatic as a human.

The upside is the capsules are the same size, although I open them to sprinkle on his popcorn and/or SPAM. I have an 8 kg. bag of cat dry food for him after this trial. He stopped scratching pretty fast. I suspect the fleas are all gone in like a day from the acaricidal action. This also explains why deer were healed so fast. They must also somehow break down any starch they encounter. Their saliva and digestive juices contain more than just amylase I suspect. I noticed their sinuses would dribble profusely, and they produced a lot of saliva with it when eating fruit tree leaves. They also like to eat the rotten apples under the snow in late fall, but digest it to clear amber droppings with their 4 stomachs. They don’t fully digest the seeds because trees sometimes grow when and where they defecate.

So I will have to get a lot more for a pet population dose. I was thinking of planning to get a tonne of dry powder this year, now it will be a couple tonnes. At least they will not require pectin enzyme as that will be a serious bottleneck for human production. They don’t produce enough of it in the world, let alone 14 tonnes PER DAY for a world daily dose for humans for 7 billion people. Still, that is the market saturation number for logistics and business planning purposes. How much of that market pie you can gear up to nab is another thing. After all, it does address ALL chronic illness, and that is presently half the population THAT THEY KNOW OF.

These are the engineering numbers to get this up to speed. The pet thing is new. I can see that may be a drag on the market, but noticed the pet aisle is a great place to meet and greet people suffering from chronic illness like fibromyalgia and heart disease. I know pets are a huge vector for borrelia co-infections, but never knew it was that bad. Pets are key to moving this to market, so can not be ignored. I thought disabled parking spaces, but that is the last place where people open up about what ails them, and quite frankly, you feel terrible when you are there, worrying about going through supermarket department store hell with a disability. Then I find that is their destination where they are so much more willing to talk about it, and their pets. I haven’t had a pet for decades because it would be cruel with work and travel. Some people used to try and bring their pets to the oilfield but the practice was banned because it was too dangerous for them and you, especially with bears they would get into trouble with, and run straight back to you with the bear in full pursuit, pizzed off.

On the health update, I was wondering about nematodes exiting my head, and why there weren’t many. The mystery is solved somewhat. With pectolase, there is currently an increase in dander, I notice. It is not dry and flakey like it used to be. You can physically scratch it and it looks like you can scrub and wash it off though. I always had to use dry scalp shampoo, but this will no longer be the case, as it doesn’t get that dander layer. I suspected the nematodes are in and/or under that dander layer after exiting. I found. and continue to find, what I know are some old exit scabs hiding underneath it. Somehow, the treatment has rejuvenated the old, long since dormant, sebaceous glands.

Another interesting point, is that in the history of amyloidosis, associated with Alzheimer’s, amyloid is actually a Latin term for starch. That was an erroneous label. They were not starch, but arose from simple iodine stains that test positive for starch. There was starch present with them. To us, that is the main stuff of biofilm. It does however point to the association of amyloid plaques and biofilm. As untouched biofilm on your teeth dissolves, it leaves behind a plaque that dissolves slower. Etrapolating this, it is likely the internal dissolution mechanism as well. Perhaps this the the function of a little serrapeptase to dissolve left behind fibril plaques of biofilm. Parthenolide from feverfew is mentioned as a plaque eradicator.

On the Bart update, he actually coughed up a loogie the next day after a full human dose of Wild Apple Leaf. Perhaps he got starch snacking on human scraps. Perhaps that is from him emulating a dog; He ate garbage out of necessity when his owner died and he went stray. His coat appeared dusty, but I believe now it was positively electrically charged from the Wild Apple Leaf. It shined right up after petting him. He is a so much more well behaved cat now, and not a pest at all as well. You would also see I suspect if you tried straight apple leaf powder on a cat. People maybe never stuck with Apple Leaves as a medicine due to the herx, and exiting parasite nematodes, which they did not understand. I didn’t either until I finally found out that is what they were. It narrowed down due to the obvious association with bug bites.


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I am a relic. I thought I would chronicle what I found out about it here.

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