Wild Apple Leaf Lyme and Arthritis Relief

Fri, July 31 2015 – Day 365 – Full Circle

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There are 364.245 days in a calendar non leap year. At 1 PM today, that will be a year since I started. The fact that medicine is so incurious to the obvious massive amount of new science I collected, and impossible barriers I have shattered, points to the fact that all their funding should be withdrawn, with all respect, for all aspects of the Canadian healthcare system, as being non functional, and a waste of time and money, regarding chronic disease. They ignore Lyme Disease at a time when Dr. Alan B. MacDonald clearly has demonstrated that the borreliosis behind it, is in fact the prime keyhole to all chronic disease. I proved and documented that any continuation of funding for health Canada regarding chronic infectious disease, is a premeditated insurance fraud to get out of paying appropriate support for the sufferers and scientists involved in it.

Likewise, I found that all current treatment will fail, and I found out why, as you also would, using wild apple leaves, a new oral herb, that forces helminth parasites out. Far from being rare, they are pandemic; Everybody has them from bug bites and hornet or spider stings depositing parasite nematode eggs in them. Once established in you as a host, they build biofilm to house their parasitic flock, which also collects information, for food. I found that with them gone, one can set about eliminating the biofilm left behind with enzymes, including invertase from honey, and food grade pectolase, also used in fruit juice and wine making.

In this, I discovered that chemical treatments will fail because they cannot defeat the biofilm, and the worms rebuilding it continuously, until the worms are skunked out, which I suspect I have largely done. I could sure use scientific support, but they are all AWOL on this, and in fact have never discovered it for all history. By trying antibiotics now, after eliminating biofilm with the WAL protocol may work, but since there is no effective medical system, only the natural antimicrobial action of the apple leaves, and high alicillin garlic antibiotic substitutes, is available. By being caught red handed, asleep on the job, when confronted with treatable chronic illness, all doctors and the associated biochem support should be suspended, pending firing. This is nothing new to sufferers of lupus, CFS, fibromyalgia, chronic arthritis, or Lyme in Canada.

I discovered a treatment where there is no support of the former science of medicine, and they intentionally ignore it, preferring instead to attack and intimidate the sufferers, and in this case, the provider of a solution they refuse to investigate. If true, that would size them up for horizontal pinstripes, irrefutably perpetuating a fraud on top of gross professional misconduct. Their ignorance of several professional peer reviewed papers since the 80’s renders them obsolete. Their handling of Morgellons alone, let alone the new borreliosis and proven repeatable parasitic nematode physics Kuhnian paradigm shifts, regarding their alleged expertise, is a criminal smoking gun, given current science. They must be made to pay dearly for their ignorance, and the cost to them must be total, to set an example. When you ignore a relevant Kuhnian paradigm shift to science behind your expertise, you are irrelevant, and no longer an expert. They will rue the day they dismissed Sapi, MacDonald, Lu, and Baker, Et Al, offhand. Like the Greeks say, “Forgive them not Father, for they Know what they have done.”

All that being said, I wanted a WalMart protocol if it could be done, for the rest of us stuck with a dysfunctional medical system. I have it partly, but supplying the LifeWild Apple Leaf anthelmintic and the biofilm dismantling enzymes are sticking points. All the attention here is going to Hemp Cannabidiol Paste, which is being studied in New Haven presently. There will be another paper, which doctors here will mock as usual. I am not sure what it does to the chronic sustaining nematodes I found. Nobody is with anything, and they still do not know they exist. A pharmacist told me he was scared what it might turn up. I find that to be common, even though I pointed out that the nematodes are still alive in you, no matter how much you ignore them. Pot naturally gets all the press, but does nothing to your nematodes but give them a buzz I imagine. Hemp doesn’t do that. It does kill their eggs, like clove powder also does, according to Dr. Murakami. Maybe it also kills the worms, but I would have to see after trying it. You can’t get it anywhere, and the goon squad won’t prescribe it. I can’t see it doing anything to the biofilm. If worms come out eating Wild Apple Leaf, then they have their answer, being that it does not get the chronic mechanism problem. Moreover, it is excessively controversial, so who will ever know with our Canadian medical goon system?

They are goons. Way in over their heads, fraud artists, organized crime, outdated technically by their own volition, and admitted inability to keep current. No excuse. We are all current without all their fantastically expensive resources. They chemically crippled me. When I stopped taking a goon prescription, I could walk again. They forced it again, and I haven’t walked well since. I can just imagine how many other lives they have destroyed. You can’t find a disabled parking spot, so I assume hundreds. All goon victims. We are unlikely to ever get redress at this rate, but Hell will have lots of room for them soon. They’ll add another basement floor to the outhouse. They still don’t even know about nematodes that Wild Apple Leaf forces out. They think reality is a theory.

If anything, I have exposed the mechanism of chronic disease in exposing what continues to replenish biofilm. Not bad for one guy in one year. I also have an instant 100%  test for not only nematode infestation, but effectiveness of any proposed Lyme Borreliosis treatment, or any chronic illness treatment. A true baseline. I also have a bite treatment, and a sustainable antidote. It is Apple Leaves. It even cures the common cold that beats up the goon squad. That’s better than the CDC. That’s better than the NIH. One year. One guy. Nobody cares.  They can all go to hell. We know that is where they are headed, with a perfectly hellish end, of and by their own making, to add to it. And it feels ever so sweet; making you feel better every single day.

I am now a devoted disciple of Dr. Alan B. MacDonald MD FACS. I was from over a year ago, when I went looking for what happened to me, and why all my survey peers were getting crippled and sick, and that is where I started. The whole Wild Apple Thing is over and above that. I tried to pass on the information through Richard Longland of the biofilm youtube channel. The nematodes are the carpenters and architects of the building with the A.B. MacDonald borrelia keyhole in it. If you want peer reviewed, and current tech, there it is. Subscribe to his youtube channel. You will go over the heads of all medicine. Granted, that is easy in Canada. This is what a Doctor should be, and deserving of all respect you can muster. He explains the crippling mechanics of the Canadian goon squad to a T. Crippling to themselves, but worse, patients, with steroids and antibiotics. They have inadvertently developed a Lyme Test born of their total borrelia ignorance that cripples.

And now we move to the sentinel event. Luckily, I happen to be a Quack Veterinarian, right, Bart? lulz Just go to an Apple or Crab Apple tree. Eat the leaves. Start taking pectin enzyme to fight the phlegm. It’s biofilm. That rash? They’re nematodes escaping from where they lived in you for decades, tending their biofilm extended “brain”. It’s that simple. Your brain will De-Fog, and starts to work again in 72 hours. You will see. After all, they eat borrelia “brain”. Your’s, and their’s. Dr. MacDonald found pictures of “chains” of them in worm guts, but doesn’t know that yet. The worm seems invisible until the Apple Leaf skunks it out. Their leftover biofilm brain dissolves in 52 days or less. Then you have a lot of physio recovery to do from all the decades of damage.


Author: Joe1Smith

I am a relic. I thought I would chronicle what I found out about it here.

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