Wild Apple Leaf Lyme and Arthritis Relief

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Mon, Aug 31, 2015 – Day 396 – 13 Months

That is how long it has been trying this out. If it didn’t work, and well, I wouldn’t have spent 13 Days on it. Life was too short, especially then. We’d heard about these Ticks and this Lyme Disease, but had no idea what was about to unfold. There was a little worm inside a lot of these bug bites and stings, like worms are in, ironically, an Apple. But for 50 years? Nawwww, yer shzttin’ me! No lie! The doctor has to know about this!! Nope. Too Incurious. Strike that azzhole off the Christmas Card list.

A year ago, a poacher shot at the Deer and scared them away. I felt bad for them, because by this time a year ago, I knew they had saved my life. I knew it was working, but had no idea how to deal with this new Biofilm I had learned about. I still have no way to monitor how much of it I have gotten, except for worms that still occasionally access out. They are hiding in starch, or polysaccharide, in my tissues. My circulation has improved immensely. I thought I had elephantiasis because my ankles were swollen, but that is largely gone now. It was all biofilm and worms that were still hiding in it. Starch is such a common food the worms wopuld have an unlimited supply. This must be what is behind aging, but how would you ever prove that? Ask me in 50 years, I guess. I seem to have a second lease on life.

I not only saw my life flash before my eyes, but I felt all my injuries like old broken bones and torn ligaments get revisited. They had worms in them. Talk about getting you when you were down. They craved your fibrinogen, the stuff that makes scars, it seemed. Around a month or so ago, I finally hit bottom, or at least an inflection point. Everything is working so much better now, from kidneys to brain to digestion. Money has never been able to solve any of that; Bad genetics they said. They say money doesn’t grow on trees, but now I know The Best medicine does. Nobody believes it. So I went Open Source to try and prove it.

Now I find out this particular type of tree is genetically an endangered species. They are being eliminated, cut down, and eradicated with Fungicide making most of them unsuitable for medicine, in the name of making food look pretty. They’re all going to die. That is because they’re so smart. They say so. Perfect. Just bloody perfect! I’m going to give up jumping up and down and waving my arms. Isaac Newton said there was an Easter Egg in the Bible, and it comes up in three weeks and two dys. If everybody has these worms, and does not want to know about it, I think I know what will happen. How did they get that Bible way back in time? They must have access to dimensions where it is timeless.

Now I find out physicists know about this, and they don’t. They know that they don’t know. 95% of this Universe is Dark Matter (27%)  and Energy (68%) that they cannot detect. I maintain it is hiding in plain sight. It is almost everywhere. Coincidentally, that sounds like our little worms. Could it be? They like brain and cartilage, Dr. Eva Sapi maintained, because it was juicy. Gray Matter. That’s part Dark, isn’t it? Maybe that is what they are after. They are camera shy because light does not illuminate the situation. They are what they eat; Dark Matter.

Physics is stumped. Religion says they know what is happening, but they don’t really, going on a script written apparently by extra dimensional worms grafted into neural cortex and thoughts of prophets. Metaphysics might know. Physics looks to them for answers now, not the other way around so much. How do I know the worms are in a higher “braneworld?” You will have to see for yourself, by what happens after eating Wild Apple Leaves. I know from my engineering physics background that this will blow the lid off physics, metaphysics, and all medicine. Even naturopaths or practitioners of Chinese Traditional Medicine know nothing about it. I donated a hundred doses to a Traditional Chinese Medical doctor.

The music angle was unexpected. Sick musicians. I suspect the worms behind it. They crave music Dark Matter like they craved Dr. Stephen Hawking’s Dark Matter. I have a friend who played concert piano and surveyed. When he visited me once, he was more interested in my mother’s baby grand piano. His symptoms sounded like mine. Arthritis. That is how it starts. He may have been just as bug bitten as me. Over 10% of his body weight will be these worms and biofilm, but he probably just laughs it off. You have no choice but to laugh and admire people who can face certain death down like it is  joke. Be satisfied you know exactly what will happen unchecked. They will die, and in the most miserable manner possible now that you know they have it. Have a nice day. There IS something you can do to stop it, but they’re so smart, you know. Ironically, all their friends and employers say you are the smartest person they know.

I found the chemical key to immortality, and nobody wants to know. Put yourself in my shoes. Sure, you have to stop eating all that weedkiller laced food stocked floor to ceiling in supermarkets too, and watch out for fungicide and insecticide, that winds up killing more people out of convenience for the producers, but that’s bidness. Nobody knows or wants to know. Enjoy your 2,4-D. It made Vietnam so fun by all accounts. Looking at all the Sept 23 BS on YouTube, perhaps I should say that I was given the key by Aliens. It wouldn’t be true, but it might get hits. The truth of the matter is so boring comparatively. That, and it takes literally FOREVER to see the results. lulz

Next week it will be Labour Day, British Canadian spelling, here. Nobody works, or wants to work. I found out why here. They all have mild neuroborreliosis. Everybody has it. That is what kills them, if they can make it past all the coinfections causing all chronic illness. Cutting down on the weedkiller might be an idea, but that is a testament to just how tough a human body is. Then the worms will take their dying Dark Matter that you gave up on and move on. Fire isn’t a concept in their universe because there are all different reactions there. We can’t see it because time isn’t a concept there either. Add to that distance. Then there is the fact that there is 20 more times of it than what we are allowed to see with all our sensors. We haven’t got a good sensor for Nothing to See Here. YMMV

They all want champagne on a beer budget. So me too now. I want a thousand an hour. That would be what it is worth. $100 for 6 minutes seems to be the going rate for anything medical. and none of that works. I saw an excellent video about blood microscopy, and they don’t even do it here. Perhaps that is a service they could offer, but why not just cure everything instead? “There’s no money in it.” I can see the headlines now; “Engineering Physics Medical Researcher finds Key to Immortality. Goes Broke.” lulz Or “Canadian Engineer finds Dark Matter in garage on spare time.” It was on the “Honey Dew” list. What can I say?

FacitPinwheel_1In the old days, we did Astronomy for navigation. I took the Astro 200 option in school. It was basically a course in physics of celestial bodies. The students all complained there was too much math. I felt sorry for the prof. It was a really good course about why planets have atmosphere (Spoiler Alert: Gravity) and why they thought stars run. They didn’t have an idea about Dark Matter then, even though the fact they thought about it employed Dark Matter/Energy. We know there’s lots of it, so I suspect it is also the source of all Bullshzt. It really isn’t infinite though. Just a little bit bigger pile. FacitT_1Wrap your DME around that. Now everybody has your Garmin, that is until a Carrington Event, then it will be back to Astro. That would be a second coming type event. Everything was simpler then in some ways. Electrons were in short supply. I actually had to oil the calculator. lol Forward and Backward shortcut to 7. That one above has sliders instead of a keyboard. This one is from 1939. Ouch. Add the Royal Canadian Bug Force. Put it on a card table with a stack of topo notes for max effect. Numbers you can hear. lol

Where would we be when everybody was like that though? How long would it take them to get car radio up? Bart figures it won’t matter. He likes acoustic with his parasites under control. Not a big fan of Sambuca tho. Fine with me pal.


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Sun, Aug 30, 2015 – Day 395 – A Badge of Honour

One thing that puzzled me was, why are engineers and surveyors, and invariably the best ones, more susceptible to Lyme Disease? I suspect it is the Dark Matter availability in their neural cortex now. I suspect the nematodes that Wild Apple Leaf smokes out, crave that Dark Matter rich engineering neural material. Who are the best engineers? They are the ones the worms like. They are, or were, the ones who came up with the solutions to the toughest problems. Not blowing my own horn, but that was noticed. Engineers, like Sarah Bowder, P.Eng., came down with a severe case of Lyme Disease.

Stephen Hawking is a case in point. Dark Matter rich brain. ALS sufferer. A distinctly Lyme like affliction. Jason Becker, virtuoso guitarist. ALS sufferer. It spans to music too. NAMM has linked musical skills to a mathematical and scientific mind. Unfortunately, I hit the jackpot, being the progeny of an engineering physicist and wife with a degree in music. They both died from Lyme like symptoms that confused western doctors, who oddly rarely catch Lyme, to the end. Worms know they are a dry hole, Dark Matter wise. Not total Idiots, but not much worm worthy brain candy there, either.

I guess I should feel glad that I passed muster. It sure doesn’t feel good, though. It is hard trying to diagnose this from being inside the farm. It does give one a unique perspective on the problem, and I continue in hope that this will ring a bell with somebody else out there, and maybe help them too. The nematodes behind this borrelia curtain seek out Dark Matter, the stuff of Critical Predictive Thinking. I’ve got mine back from taking Wild Apple Leaves over a year, and managed to lose a lot of weight in the process, more than I planned or suspected I was capable of. It really went with the biofilm and the worms themselves. That leads me to believe it cannot be reconstituted once it is stored in biofilm, or has been built into a worm. It explains somehow why so-called neuroborreliosis “Lyme Fog” cures so fast in 3 days. Your body must be able to make Dark Matter, or harvest more from the Universe, for your own brain.

Surveyor_3-Apollo_12Astronauts were also all engineers. Little known fact. Some were doctors of engineering from MIT like Buzz Aldrin and Edgar Mitchell. Neil Armstrong and Eugene Cernan were doctors of aeronautical engineering from Purdue, and were the first and last men on the moon, respectively. I suspect they left nematodes on the moon in what I surmise would be a WIMP rich lunar atmosphere. The nematodes would sense that and given their ability to transcend walls like on the ISS to build biofilm, they could go through an airtight EMU spacesuit. We know the moon is rich in the exotic Helium 3. I suspect it would be WIMP rich too. An entire Dark Matter cloud/galaxy, Smith’s Cloud, passed unimpeded through the Milky Way 70 million years ago. Gravity would have kept some of it around on all celestial bodies around us, comprised of the 5% energy-matter we can “see.” The moon, unable to attract an oxygen, nitrogen, and water atmosphere, would likely have a WIMP’y atmosphere. Jupiter would probably get everything from LSP’s to methane to WIMP’s from gravitational attraction.

I originally started in engineering physics at university, but my peers claimed it was impractical. They did not know or understand our whole family was built on engineering physics and music. I eventually transferred to do a double degree in Mining and Mineral Process (Extractive Metallurgy) degree. They were a decidedly more musical bunch too. I still am a huge physics buff, including astrophysics, and was even offered membership as a practising geophysicist. Sort of like offering a doctor a first aid ticket. The other offer, geomatics engineer, was more up my alley really. They still didn’t catch up to where I was, before Lyme took me down, though. It is all kind of moot now. This World Wide Web has me sufficiently suffonsified, as my grandtather, a high school physics teacher and metallurgist, would say. Their eventual demise and deaths all looked like Lyme. The difference is I know I have it licked. Wild Apple Leaves continue to open up new avenues and insights to the mechanisms of this thing.

The more I know, the more this looks like an unknown physics problem, way out of reach of western medicine. they are bogged down with a self defeating drug development process targeted at dealing with 1% of disease. I’ll deal with the other 99%, coincidentally taking out the remaining 1%, with the Wild Apple Leaf testing alone. It’s all good. The biggest illness here, all medicine, is taken out completely, and fast, before you fall into their horrific maw. But back to the topic. The best and brightest were taken out by this, and now I have  smoking gun. I think it may be something about their brain, and that something may be Dark Matter. It solves something that puzzled me for over a year, but true to the quantum nature, it will be difficult to prove.

I also have an unexpected link to magnetism. Powerful permanent magnets can cause pain, or they did in my case. Katherine Freese, U Michigan Astrophysics, also touched on Magnetars, and a link to Dark Matter. Although not so well understood, I have new data, if this is indeed the case, that the nematodes behind this, all are from the Dark side comprising more than 95% of the Known Universe. Meanwhile, I have a few more nematode exits from the upper left side of my chest. I take it they liked being near that high blood flow. It feels better that they left, as it always does. I resumed taking the Apple Leaf Powder, with a little pectin enzyme, just 500 mg. a day. a couple days ago. Pulsing it works still. Biofilm seems to be the bottleneck, but who knew that worms themselves hid, insulating themselves, under it? I can handle that sugar after a little break here that started fogging my mind a bit. That is relatively speaking, and you become more sensitive to it. You are really sensitive to every creak and groan from your body talking. If you tried Wild Apple Leaves and Pectin Enzyme yourself, you would definitely know the feeling if it works for you. It’s like being buried under a pile of bricks, and it gets easier as all the bricks are removed, one or a few at a time. I have a 60 year deep pile of them to unload, maybe using my inherent ability to attract dark matter… and fleas like Bart. Hey, you got a better idea? lulz

While it may not play out that way, you feel like you will live forever. You just know, and can feel, this fights everything that made you feel older, a little bit at a time. Meanwhile, this blog software wants British and Canadian English, so colour and honour, in case you were wondering. It is also not very good at parsing biology Latin with the built in spiel chequer. It knows what a toque is, to boot. SNOLAB still gibbles it, as does gibbles, a distinctly local Canadian word. Anyway, typing well today, I think I will try some guitar physio. Dark isn’t evil. It is an absence of photons. There’s a lot more of it. I may not be the brightest engineer, or at least like Steve when it comes to women, but the worms dug it. Maybe Dim can also be an asset. We’re all a lot better for our professors. lulz Bart knows now it gets rid of his Dark Worm Parasites. He keeps going back for more. It’s a Dog’s life, but that is an upgrade from Cat, he thinks. It’s a Hit for pet improvement. That, and don’t die from music. It can be a deadly pursuit.

In one of the most interesting Easter Eggs in the lexicon, “Gray Matter,” brain, and given our theory, is a light matter container for Dark Matter. It breeds more Dark Matter by thinking about it, while it is “alive” with Dark Energy. Using “White Science” based on less than 5% of the Universe we can detect, it is said we use 100% of it. Those are the detected Light Matter processes in action due to stimulus.

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Sat, Aug 29, 2015 – Day 394 – Reverse Engineering

That’s when you know the answer, but not the nuts and bolts. That is what I am stuck with here since eating some Wild Apple Leaves last year on a dare from a Deer. Then I saw little parasites accessing out where the bug bites were, and in a lot of cases, from decades ago. Those little things were ripping me off! So I went looking. Nobody knew about it, or wanted to know. They were fine with being ripped off, but not really. I sure wasn’t. Since then, I found they caused all manner of chronic, spelled incurable, illness. I also found that is a tight club, where the last thing they want is a cure. Their treatments are selling well, sustainably, thank you.

Doctors were even worse. Since then I found out that they are more dangerous to health than good, practising physics based on a physics model of the universe which can’t deal with the 5% of it they can detect. They’re still guessing about 95% of the matter and energy of the universe that they can’t even build a detector for. These worms also escaped detection. Are they indeed masters of that undetectable portion of the universe? Can’t rule that out. It explains a lot of things I witnessed since discovering them. We may need to understand another dimension to understand where they are, let alone where they are coming from. We can’t even understand how we understand, but the borrelia spirochetes know our brains are good eatin’. Are they havesting the dark matter that powers our neural cortex? Wild Apple Leaves seemed to really cure neuroborreliosis effects first as easy as they cured a common cold. It takes 72 days to convince somebody that they should try it, after which they get cured in 72 hours.

Arthritis was tougher, as was possible skin cancer. That took a couple months. It just stopped hurting, and one day, I wondered “What’s up widdat?” so I really don’t know when it healed. I just noticed after a few months. One day a friend came over with a horrible flu/cold. I caught it, and it affected me a few hours. She had the thing for more than three weeks. Now I wonder if she still has it, but just under control, as it taxes her immune system permanently? After a while, I also backed up through mumps I had when it was a toddler. Who knew they were still alive?

Anyway, I still have to try and reverse engineer all that. I know the answer I saw, but nobody knows what or why it is happening. I see this computer screen here and know it is pixels processed by my video card from ASCII character, format, and font data on the world wide web. Easy. I eat some apple leaves and worms start drilling out. WTF? Bill Clinton said that we may discover life from another universe. Not on his watch since he killed the SSC, and then thought it wasn’t a good idea. I already have, right here, and it is from the same universe. Just the 95% part of it we do not know about, and that nobody wants to know about. Likewise, what is up with that? It’s all ridiculous.

What hasn’t been ridiculous is my mass balance. Mineral engineers do mass balance on processing plants. People are processing plants. Something heavy has been coming out of me. Biofilm and worms I postulate. They are a lot denser than the size of the matter indicates to me. I lost more weight on the scale without the corresponding size reduction. That is why I think we may have a Dark Matter candidate here.  My BMI is low now at 136.7 pounds on 6’3″, but I feel better than I have in years. Some say CERN will finally discover Dark Matter in a month. I think it is already here, and these helminths may be an intelligent species, building a biofilm brain in people, made out of dark matter, harvested by their spirochete flock, from peoples’ brains. It’s what makes them think. Both species. Not very much, but bear with me, OK? lulz

The New Hollywood, YouTube is rife with CERN Sept 23 Conspiracy videos. I watch them for a laugh, to see how much further they are off base compared to what I am getting from precognition. My extra dimensional species has been out here for over a year. Your’s could be out tomorrow if you started eating Wild Apple Leaves, but you won’t. It is pre ordained; You are meant to die because you are so smart, is all I can figure. They, your nematodes, know that doctors will try to murder them all. They’ve been stocking up on ammo for this kill or be killed situation they are about to get forced in to. They know they can take out any age human with a stroke. As for them, they can survive cremation. Fire is a chemical process in our 5% of the universe that doesn’t affect Dark Matter. There is no temperature, pressure, or electromagnetism there. There is gravity, and some other processes inherent to the dark matter periodic table. Wild Apple Leaves eaten by a human, and apparently a cat, affect them. Commercial trees have been poisoned by fungicides this year, and even in “organic” orchards. Maybe next year they will wise up, but I doubt it. People can smarten up quick when their azz is on the line though. It will be orchard growers against the hordes.

Until then I will have to start the hunt for more Wild Trees. They grow from Deer eating apples. There is an entire old orchard, but a forest grew up where it was up the hill from me. The trees are still in the forest, possibly making harvest logistics difficult. Others are on hard terrain, across ditches, and on the edge of forest groves. It will serve to make it a lot more interesting than I had planned. I do have a Garmin GPSMAP, so I can store many points. Finding them is a whole other story. I’ll have to see if I can locate suitable georeferenced airphoto data. I’m on it.

Meanwhile, in the dark matter search. things have been turning up. Such Cern and FermiLab Apparitions raise a lot of questions, but the Cern one was dated April 1st this year. They know how to jerk the conspiracy theorists chains. Mine are not an apparition, but an intelligent life form from inner space that has been there over 50 years, until the Wild Apple Leaves forced them to leave for unknown, but obviously serious, reasons. I’m not kidding and this isn’t April.

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Fri, Aug 28, 2015 – Day 393 – I gave at the office…

I already gave up a Trillion here. Literally. If Dr. Alan MacDonald is right, and you just know he is, something that has results against a pandemic like Borreliosis, is worth more that that. That is almost all chronic disease. I thought a little while about why I would donate the whole thing to charity. The reason is because it works 10 times better than Celebrex at the same thing, and Celebrex makes Pfizer a billion dollars a quarter. All the MS medicines, all the Lyme slime, common cold, sun damage, stroke damage, it addresses it all. It is the WIMP’y Rewind. It sheds light on Dark Matter, and eliminates gravity of the borreliosis “Aphid” infection.

These nematode filarial farmers are like “ants” from the Dark Matter sector, using those borrelia in a similar fashion as aphids, and can really weigh ya down. They eat your brain and leave biofilm. Then your heart plugs up from all their biofilm if your brain doesn’t first. Watch out for Wormwood. It makes it 100’s of times more powerful. Those worms are intelligent by their actions, so be careful. They will fight back. I took it easy on mine when I found out they are more than a little intelligent. I’d never think of killing them or Bart… He’s still a puppy and learning. He knows “No!” now like a dog, which is a helluva improvement over his cat skin. He does not like shaking paws, but it gets his claws back. He’s of the mind “Leave the mitts alone, Azzh0l3!” He Got the Memo; No Claws. Giving his WIMP’s the boot makes him a lot easier to lift too.

I sprinkled more Wild Apple Leaf WIMP Walloper on his food. That’ll simmer him down now that he’s converted to dog.. He out chasing moles and rabbits. The canine difference is that he catches them. Cats generally don’t like moles, but that changed with Bart. His appetite is up, like a dog now. He goes out, eats a slow critter/bird for a snack, and po0ps on moles. The gophers hate his ever lovin’ butt now. Its game on. lulz

LeafsNew test now That I am clean. I took a teaspoon of pectin enzyme and added it to blackberry wine. Also a small bit of clove powder and baking soda. That will kill any WIMP eggs. It makes the wine like pop, but It hits you like a velvet sledgehammer. When I say WIMP, I mean Weakly Interactive dark Matter harvesting Parasites… WIdMhP’s. It could be Wildly Inexplicable darkMatter Parasites. I’ll let you do the math with your own WIMP’s as they come out. Meanwhile, that egg clove powder kill herx required some milk thistle…. 2,000 equivalent. It’s a toxic herx, I can feel. I discovered this outside my retirement office window, watching the Deer family pass through. Big Bart, the cougar, keeps them from coming here any more. Reports are they have settled in up the hill for leaves  All the more for us, I guess. Just walloped a whole whack of wimp film. Grannie’s Apple Pop Remedy is a hit.

That’s a huge donation. A year of free sanctified engineering targeted on what really matters, this insidious chronic illness. They try here, but medically everything is swept under the rug. I tried to base it on available data that is available and peer reviewed on the net, save for the Wild Apple Leaves themselves. Then the scavenger hunt was on for describing the effects I saw. Clove powder definitely got something, but you pay the price in intestinal distress. You cannot tell what it addressed except by the herx, and that upsets your tummy with a loose movement. It’s alright now, but I am a little weaker for wear. The milk thistle helped since I feel better now. The trouble with anthelmintics killing helminths, or their eggs in this case, is you can’t see the effects. It is a gut feeling in more ways than one. It feels toxic comparatively, but it passes. Maybe a little too much pectin enzyme there, leading to a hyperglycemic effect. Pancreas is still playing catch up. The takeaway was there was still a lot more pectin in there that it addressed if mucus production is the metric I go by. A lot of it appeared to come from bowel and lower legs from feeling. There appears to be a large carboxylic acid component, pop-like taste as well, but not as sweet.

Helminths and biofilm. Who knew? The helminths leave a mark. They don’t move far from where they were left by the bug bite or sting in general it seems. The biofilm leaves a taste. The pectin enzyme also seems to really help circulation in areas the apple leaves address going by Celebrex equivalent feeling. A Celebrex dose that size, over 10 times the regular feeling, would likely be fatal. It would also be very expensive. It is a very common medication, and most complain of the cost. Wild Apple Leaves are dozens of times more effective too, but then there is the whole Venturia Inaequalis fungicide angle, killing the supply from organic varieties. The scab fungus luckily will be a tip off that the tree has not been treated for that. Glucosamine Sulfate, another homeopathic arthritis remedy for lost joint synovial fluid/lubricant, is also expensive. Forgetting everything else, the replacement arthritis/fibromyalgia therapy and subsequent relief, most dramatic in my lifetime chronic condition, is easily worth it with Wild Apple Leaf and Enzymes. It nails the root cause.

In my case, I was HLA-B27 positive, which is a gene linked to arthritis. I still am I assume, but this overcame that. It is the first time I have gotten away from arthritis all my life. In the first 13 years, they didn’t know what was causing it at all. I was deemed to be the problem, not the disease. One doctor finally saw an xray of my torso that was cloudy, and made the call; Anklosing Spondylitis. That didn’t help much. 4 hours sleep, then too painful to lie down again, without sitting up to put pressure on my spine. NSAIDs all ineffective. All the time, more bug bites and stings, piling on. They’re additive. No wonder old age is a number one killer, until now. I found a way to Rewind. If you could only get it before it all goes chronic from presumably the parasite helminths. It takes a while to overcome the damage, if at all.

I went looking for a pandemic illness to match the panacea effect of Wild Apple Leaves. It would be Borreliosis, found thanks to Dr. Alan B. MacDonald. Then it all started to fall into place, and matched up with what I have been witnessing. That is the only explanation for what I see happening, and working backwards. It’s good for insect borne Borrelia conditions, and that is pandemic, responsible for most manner of chronic illness from herpes to heart disease.

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Thurs, Aug 27, 2015 – Day 392 – “Nature” Rejected Fermi

In the largest scientific editorial blunder in history, “Nature” rejected Enrico Fermi‘s Beta Decay paper 1933. Being Jelly and butt hurt for six years, they finally published it in 1939. It was too speculative they claimed, while Fermi gave up theoretical physics. They Mad Bro. They Jelly. This happens a lot in theoretical physics. That is one reason why they still can’t find most of the mass in the universe. It can’t be because they say so. That was dealing with the 4.9% of the universe we see. Now we have a repeat going on with LSP‘s, or Lightest Supersymmetric Particles. They’re dark matter that cannot be detected by us. Until now, I suspect. I have my foot in the door maybe with Wild Apple Leaves smoking out an animal that is made entirely of dark matter, and eats people meat to make more of it, causing all sorts of human chronic illness, spelled Sustainable from that animal’s point of view.

I should go Hollywood with it to bypass the whole gong show like Fermi did by giving up theoretical physics. Dr. Stephen Hawking, the physics genius who brought us baryonic dark matter in the form of Black Holes we can detect, has ALS. I suspect the animal behind ALS, building the corresponding bacterial biofilm, is what I am seeing evidence of. The leaves can really lighten your load of their biofilm, and the heavy WIMP’y worms themselves. Jump a dimension or so and you can get LKP’s or Lightest Kaluza-Klein Particles. At least you can stop progression of the chronic illness, Reversing the alleged non existent damage can be tougher. Insurance companies say it doesn’t exist. Unfortunately, we know it does. Doctors try to help us by intentionally misdiagnosing something they will buy like MS, ALS, fibromyalgia, lupus, or arthritis. Their hands are tied by a criminally corrupted insurance structure we built ourselves. Like Fermi, lots of doctors give up in that light. The majority make the best of  bad static situation that should be dynamic as hell owing to the amount of money thrown at it. Centuries will pass that way if we don’t throw the proverbial brick through their picture window on September 23. That’s why I may have thrown it thousands of years ago, via some worms and Wild Apple Leaves.

I have a puzzle though. By passing a powerful permanent magnet over an area I knew the worms were active in, I could feel a sharp pain. These were powerful Neodymium Iron Boron magnets. I didn’t repeat it more than a few times because I didn’t want to hurt the worms or stop them from exiting. That does not flange with Dark Matter because it is not supposed to be affected by magnetism. My theory does have the worms ingesting spirochetes though, which the just clean and pass on alive to continue, getting them more Dark Matter which makes you think from your brain, and they are electromagnetic sensitive. It got the attention of the worm itself I suspect. So many little unexplainable physics experiments. Magnets causing pain. I can’t tell a doctor, or they will send me to psych. This is Canada, and a dealing with a different kind of pile than the one Fermi had in Chicago.

There is obesity in Canada. The weight loss of apple leaves really attacks the worms’ apparent favorite store; Your Gluteous Maximus. Walloping these WIMP’s really lightens your load, 5+% a month in my case. The Dark Matter is the stuff of cognitive thought I suspect, allowing quantum particles, waves, and corresponding fields of thought.  Of course it is a theory and may be all bullshzt. Fictional. That is borderline legal in Canada still, or else the entire health care system would be in the slammer. lulz The spirochetes are known to crave brain, and the reason for that is their masters’ desire for that Dark Matter to create Dark Energy, and a quantum biofilm telecom computer like our own, but vastly improved. Perhaps it is trinary; Yes, No, and I Dunno, Yes and No, or neither. It can solve not only a Turing Test, but Time Travel and Telepathy tests we cannot comprehend.

The University of Metaphysical Sciences in Arcata knows. I really like that place because you can stretch out your thoughts and not have to worry about being tortured for it. I’m trying to link it to classical physics, but classical physics breaks down where their metaphysics are repeatable. Dr. Tom Campbell is in that field with His Big ToE. Engineering with repeatable metaphysics saved my life. Now I know why. Nobody wants to know. They would rather die “sane” like they are supposed to. Ummm, age related dementia is a leading cause of death, and it is likely because of botched care. I am offering not only an alternative, but a parallel course off action that reverses it. Isn’t that better? They say no. Not even trying is better because if it worked, which it does, they would eventually all go to jail. That is the only motive for their mass denial that I can deduce. Like Schwarzenegger said, “I’ll be Back.” It will be on a Wednesday in September. Hump Day in more ways than one. lulz

If Dark Matter is really behind worm world, I take it they will all know in every living being, and perhaps they will Bring It On on that date. Not here. I think my worms are finally mostly gone. There were a few on my lower left rib cage I noticed yesterday with a strange light coloured scab exit from when I broke 8 ribs years ago. They love broken bone healing materials to construct tougher film I noticed. Hey, it lasted almost 400 days. That may have something to do with the light colour when the pinhole wounds healed. If you are of a scientific bent, perhaps you would like to analyse what happens in your own case.

Back to the weight of powder in the Apple Leaf capsules. Even though the phenols evaporate somewhat, the effect seems to remain the same. They are still anthelmintic and antiviral, confirmed when a bug bites or stings. Even if the leaves are world sourced with a harvest every 6 months, in the northern and southern hemispheres respectively, I will have to research how they keep comparatively to the new harvest. Leaves are 78-98% weight by water when growing we saw from the link to the analysis of grape and apple leaf moisture content. I guessed that the fall leaves would be about 2/3 since they are dryer. This leads me to believe the active ingredients are likely solids. It is unclear how much role Venturia Inaequalis fungus Apple Scab plays in that. I am kind of the mind, if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.

Another thing is the phenomenon of getting near clinics and hospitals causing physical deterioration. It can’t all be white coat disease. That is out of our league in Canada; Medical research on anything new. This is why we look to metaphysics, and particularly ontology. “Heretics” like Newton and Fermi made all the new ground in science, leaving the status quo butt hurt and Jelly. This takes 6 years it seems, and we are just starting year 2. I can only hope God himself fires the warning shot between the eyes next month with the ubiquitous nematode parasites. If Newton came up with it, the September 23 date, I’m paying attention. If it is what I suspect, 420 days of agony is about what they all deserve. Watch out for Wormwood. It doesn’t mix well with Wild Apple leaves. Try to kill those worms, and they will return the favour. You won’t get them all hiding in biofilm either with other anthelmintics. That is just what I have found.

On a side note, if you should notice acid buildup in your shoes, try sprinkling baking soda in them to neutralize it. It will stop your sneakers from smelling anyway. Nothing gets their attention like the ol’ chemical hot foot.

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Weds, Aug 26, 2015 – Day 391 – Heart of the Matter

It’s also a Matter of the Heart I am finding. If Dark Matter is over 2/3 of the Universe, where is it? We know it isn’t all in MACHO’s like Black Holes, and in fact that is only a small portion of it. It cannot be ignored as a candidate for a life form that accesses out at locations of bug bites and stings, is ignored by the entire medical community, and is transparent to the point of being invisible. While Baryonic matter we can see only accounts for 4.9% of the Universe we can see, having evolved entirely in the Baryonic matter universe, I found a mass that beggars explanation. I found that Wild, likely Antonovka or crabapple cultivar, Apple Leaves smokes out unknown parasites that must be responsible for compiling more than 10% of peoples’ weight, estimated by mass balance from weighing myself as they leave, and the biofilm they construct is open to dissolution by pectin enzyme action, alleviating numerous chronic medical conditions. Pick any chronic disease, and biofilm is at the root of it.

CERN is stumped. How can you detect it if it is invisible to electromagnetic radiation? It is visible gravimetrically only. That is right up the alley of a Mineral Engineer; Mass Balance 101. I have found a candidate for it, and I can see it by the actions of a small animal, exposed by this new anthelmintic. Their actions speak louder than words, and eating Wild Apple Leaves has them all abuzz. It explains strange results I saw from a group of experiments I performed in the mid 1990’s. While playing with a precise scale, I would reverse various objects like rocks by flipping them in the gravity field. I deduced there was something wrong with the scale, because the answers were different. That was the easy explanation, but I never forgot it, and was still puzzled by what made them different, after trying to figure out what was wrong with the scale. It was level and the tare was right. hanging them in different orientations yielded the same different results. Funny lil’ rocks I thought. Funny lil’ place too. Magnetic effect? Nope. Whatever, the phone rang, I had other work to do.

Borrelia Chain - helminthNematodes are the most abundant species on earth in our medical 100% (really 4.9% of the mass balance proven by gravity) of the known Universe. I wonder what species dwell in, and are in fact made of, components of the 95.1% unknown mass of the universe? 10% of that is the heavy stuff neutron stars, brown dwarfs, and black holes are made of, or MACHO’s. It has been around longer than the baryonic matter portion at 13.6 billion years. It would have the bonus of evolution going for it out of sheer age. It’s not too much of a stretch to assume it would be similar to a nematode. Dr. MacDonald caught this lil’ fellow/gal fulla spirochetes. They are dioecious. Generally, the females of the species are 4 to 5 times larger than the males. Amazon women. His work linked their proxy spirochetes to all chronic disease. I keep coming back to this because it is a candidate as to why Wild Apple Leaves exhibit panacea properties. If I only know half of metaphysics, I guess that makes me 10 times smarter than the average doctor. Somehow, I’m not feeling like jumping for joy. They’re dangerously undereducated psychos that can kill with an official mechanism built specifically to cover their tracks up.

You can feel it after taking Wild Apple Leaves with enzymes to lighten your Dark Matter load. You will see, or feel it yourself. People won’t try until they can’t continue because of the damage being done by that same Dark Matter ilk. I wish I had known sooner. That damage can be permanent, and it gets worse as you get older. You would know once you rewind through it all like I have. No pain, no gain, but my whole life prior to this was pain. An apple leaf herx was a minor inconvenience. I wish I knew about pectin sooner, and the role it plays in that damage. I would have started with the pectin enzymes sooner, and then it would have been “sweet” in more ways than one. Who knew, though? By the way, just added a little invertase in unpasteurized liquid honey to the coffee. I can handle the sweetness because I know it works on the biofilm reduction.

Meanwhile back at the ranch, I ordered some orchard nets for the upcoming harvest. I’ll see if the dollar store has a bag of clothes pegs to hang them with. I will have to manually make sure to pick out the leaves rolled by coddling moths, although I noticed they fell later than the others. Whether or not people believe in the medicinal and anthelmintic effect, my new trick to lighten up their Dark Matter is still detectable on a scale as weight loss. It would be invisible to any medical scan technology which only scans for the effect, with the cause remaining invisible. The helminth itself takes a lot with them. Get rid of all those heavy dark matter tumors you never even knew you had as a bonus. Science will catch up in a few centuries… 4 or 5 tops. I already know medical science takes 40. Hello future weblings! Yep, they’re still dumbazzes. lulz

CDM is so-called Cold Dark Matter. I have a hunch it is timeless from what I have observed. That portion of our universe has a whole different perspective on our 4D “visible” and other portion, including our cognitive properties and time sense. Our reality was their science fiction, but their side has transcended that, for example, if they are responsible for penning a Bible on our side, dictated to their hosts from the future via meditation or other means. The Bible has proven to be a time travel document, replete with many stories where the future was predicted accurately. It cannot be all “stopped clock” coincidences. (A stopped clock is right twice a day. lol) Our parasite Helminths are a CDM candidate, actually comprised of cold dark matter I postulate. No electromagnetism, no temperature and pressure, and no time, but it is there, and has mass effects. I propose there is a dark matter braneworld with a whole set of physics relevant to it, and the sensory perception inherent to it, relevant to their POV, but they are just discovering that we exist with an “infected” human that ate Wild Apple Leaf now too, in effect bridging the divide.

Anyway, when I say I am light years away from medicine, I really mean it. lulz That’s a GOOD thing. I may be a CDM Idiot, but that is still way better than 4.9% even if they got 100% of that. So far, their track record is FAIL! with it. CERN can really take ’em to school, but I find THEY haven’t even got it… yet. They ALL need a little WAL Therapy to get a clue, and definitely lighten up a bit. Getting rid of this Dark Matter “problem” would get patients mostly back into the 4.9% universe, of no chronic illness and no lyme disease, doctors can understand, sort of. It is real, repeatable physics. I’m already engineering on it. Mind you, I never stopped learning. It’s an unfair advantage, I guess. Nobody can cut you a mark if the profs all FAIL! The nematode farmer’s matter looks like dark energy to us and our dark energy looks like matter to them. It’s time to bring some gravity AND some levity to the situation. Try some Wild Apple Leaves and you will see what I mean. You will definitely Lighten Up, at least 350 mg. at a time, and that is just the catalyst. Scale must be defective. I just measured ten and they were only 3.5 grams. Must be drying out more… I could have sworn they used to be about 500 mg. You don’t suppose the lil’ buggers have been rippin’ off my stash, do ya? lulz

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Tues, Aug 25, 2015 – Day 390 – Intuition

At CERN, they have been looking for evidence of Supersymmetry. They haven’t been able to find it with their first forays, or set of experiments, looking to unlock the secrets of both baryonic dark matter, and nonbaryonic dark matter, comprising greater than 95% of the implied universe we cannot see. Our senses cannot detect it. Now imagine yourself in a braneworld where you can see all that dark matter, yet this 4.9%, that we see side, remains invisible, from the perspective of dark matter life. That could be the explanation of the Wild Apple Leaf exposed nematodes. We see the anthelmintic effect, and the apparent pinhole exit wound result, but we cannot photograph the invisible, to the observable light spectrum we know, implied spirochete farmer nematode. Through evolution, and the dark matter braneworld predates ours, nonbaryonic dark matter beings would be a higher life form than the humans they found a source of food and strange materials in, to their braneworld. That starts to explain what Wild Apple Leaf exposes and smokes out of your human flesh.

150px-Surface_of_Klein_bottle_with_traced_line.svgFelix Klein, a mathematician responsible for the Klein bottle, describes the problem which we witness in our Applied Sciences. By the limitations imposed by restraints we put on experimental science, we develop an Intuitive sense in our braneworld that excludes Dark Matter Physica realities. Out of sight, out of mind. Our Applied Sciences are largely stuck dealing with only 4.9% of the Universe that our senses constrain us to. A True Klein Bottle shape cannot be represented to our sensory perception. It is a single one sided plane with no edge. We intuitively dismiss it as nonsense, because we cannot conceive the fact that there is no intersection. It is a limitation of meat world. Through the strict constraints of Euclidian Geometry, it is hard to conceive of the complex number i that has a square of minus one, but we use it all the time. The answer works. Wild Apple Leaves are like that. Nobody knows how, but the answer works. They shoo a dark matter critter we can’t see, more invisible than a transparent jellyfish, and it leaves a small wound. The wound is like Morgellons. Something is there, but doctors become dangerously ignorant clinging to 4.9% of the universe their science is built to be constrained by. The other 95% of the universe has more than they can handle, and it is 99% of the chronic disease by some estimates.

Moreover, I have compiled more evidence in the doctor meatspace physical proximity. Clinics are naturally a concentration of similar sourced chronic illness. I will be relatively fine until I near one. Then it affects me so I have difficulty walking. The effect gets more pronounced as I enter the building. Wild Apple Leaves expose it as a concentrated mass of these Dark Matter helminths, radiating likely from doctors, staff, and patients. This leads me to suspect they are transmitted, as I observed in the oilfields, from contact with contaminated surfaces. The less of them I have, the more I can notice this physical effect, compiling more evidence, begging explanation. I looked at an another unexplained phenomenon, Dreamhealing. I suspect that Adam can feel the same thing. Now things are starting to click from what I am witnessing. There is a great deal unknown about chronic disease that is overcome by a poorly understood mechanics that works somehow, and the results are real. There are observables at both ends of the process, from illness to healed, and in my case, something physical, likely a root cause, leaves evidence of leaving the scene.

I have a model taking shape of chronic disease cause, transmission, and propagation. It is evidence based on my new anthelmintic meatspace effects. A more complete universal understanding explains what could be happening, and why it is above what doctors can treat. They have self imposed rules that have been developed to only deal with the 5% of the problem they can see. They interpret a rash. I interpret something that came out of an old bug bite or a sting. I know that sting especially was real. I have access to information unknown to any doctor, even when I explicitly tell them, and show them where. That is difficult because many of the wounds are so small, they heal before I can ever get near a doctor. Why even go near one? All they are good at is telling people with serious chronic illness they can only treat 5% of, ineffectively, that they are crazy. That is in the opinion of a 5% universal physics based physician. They are constrained by baryonic matter, and they can’t get closer than mega light years to the immensely dense dark baryonic matter. What about the pervasive nonbaryonic dark matter? Will they discover how to see it in a month, the way we have for over a year by implication and intuition?

Our processed Wild Apple Leaf anthelmintic powder is a Litmus Test that cannot be denied. We have tachyonic implication that their physics testing at CERN will somehow be successful in 29 days, as we also did on 12/21/2012. Why did they call the Higgs Boson/field “The God Particle?” The answer is, it was created by journalistic sensationalism over the planned experimental discovery of the last standard model of matter particle, and by extension, the field. Through the science of Metaphysics, we know of an intelligent species residing in a universe that we presumed to be an additional universe, but I suspect is our own universe of Dark Matter and Energy which we cannot comprehend intuitively due to the forced limitations of our comprehension imposed by our Meatspace Superstring “braneworld.” Felix Klein outlined this problem well 120 years ago. The true bottle has no intersection; We cannot comprehend it. To a Dark side being, they can comprehend that, and in fact what seems like a paradox of existence to us actually exists on the Dark Matter/Energy side of our Universe. Metaphysically, via transcendental meditation, tapping into the biofilm “brain” that they construct in all people, insight is given to their cognition. They also have a Klein Intuition challenge, dealing with our existence in this 5/95 fraction of their observed Universe, where we are invisible.

Will anything change on September 23 this year? I believe so, and the breakthrough will be scientific in nature where what I am talking about will move out of the realm of nonsense to a new paradigm of intuition, repeatable with physics, although it may not go as far as I have. I already have a proxy to cut the line with Wild Apple Leaves, and have in fact been exploiting them for over a year for my own selfish purposes to get to the bottom of my own chronic illnesses. I am starting to understand a lot more since I was going to give the paper on May 6, but couldn’t due to circumstances which I believed were beyond my control. Now I understand them more, and have worked towards eliminating the problem, created by the big biofilm I was packing. Now that I understand more and can in fact back it up to a manageable state, feeling it as I go and monitoring progress while I wait to harvest a larger supply of more medicine for testing and learning, I have a better idea of what leaves will be suitable. I have become better versed in the fungicide risk. It will make the harvest more difficult, excluding even organic orchards that still control Venturia Inaequalis fungus with fungicides. I think something is obviously helping me along in my endeavour, but it is not coming from the 4.9% visible side of our Universe. That has been anything but helpful.

Meanwhile, CNBC just said many people take Omega 3 supplements thinking they may slow cognitive decline. I used to be one of those people. I notice this is a lot better at doing that, and actually reverses cognitive decline from aging. Borreliosis is a lot more responsible for that as Dr. Alan MacDonald has documented so well in his research. Kicking out the biofilming worms, and addressing their prior biofilm constructions by dissolving them helps so much more. The problem I find more now is trying to convince people with cognitive decline that they must follow my footsteps to see the light. They are, after all, cognitively impaired. They will take 72 months to finally start a 72 hour road to a cure, and that is all it takes to realize that this is the correct course. They may not survive that 72 months, ceding control to a group home, possibly passing a Wild Apple or Crab Apple Tree by daily. Once they are on the Dark Energy side of the universe that I believe Wild Apple Leaves will tap into, shocking the parasite farmer helminth worms out, it will be impossible to call back with meaningful information to others. They would have to find the equivalent over there, and I suspect they cannot see over there, like their nematodes surviving the cremation, who will still be alive here in that braneworld in the extra dimensional space. Temperature doesn’t affect non baryonic dark matter I can only assume.

Alzheimer plaques are constructed of cholesterol, an essential brain food when used by humans, but also an engineering material nematode parasites use to construct their biofilm brain/foodstore in a human, leading to all sorts of chronic illness. Vitiamin K2 MK4 Menatetranone puts it back in bones and brain where it belongs, Dr. Weston A. Price discovered it in the 1930 timeframe, but he did not know what to call it, so he called it Factor X. It has been eliminated from the western diet. Natural sources are dairy from cows eating fast growing green grass. Goose liver pate is also rich in it. The latter is the factor in the so-called French Paradox; Rich diet, low heart disease. That is what I can assume from the simple mass balance Wild Apple Leaves exposes, and goes about correcting with help from pectin enzyme.

I have more evidence now from a calcium rich biofilm on my toilet porcelain. It is dissolving somehow where scouring pads and abrasive cleansers would not touch it. I can only assume it is due to the extra Applezymes expelled in urine, and which I only take about 500 mg a day of now. I also take a DigestMore and a 90,000 SU Serrapeptase daily. I have paused Wild Apple Leaf for the time being. I think it finally got them all.