Wild Apple Leaf Lyme and Arthritis Relief

Sat, Aug 1, 2015 – Day 366 – I missed the Blue Moon

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There were two Full Moons in July. Bart may still have some Full Moon fever, and he does like hunting and prowling under the Full Moon, but it isn’t affecting me at all lately. That makes me suspect I finally got all these nematodes, and the 2 grams of pectinase a day for the past 53 days with the Apple Leaves was key to skunking out dozens more nematode cooties. Who knew they hid in biofilm? Who even knew they were there? Dr. MacDonald’s slides show borrelia spirochetes in “chains,” but I know they are actually inside the nematode. That presents us with several possibilities.

The nematodes have escaped detection for 60 centuries possibly because they are clear and transparent like a jellyfish. They may also pass the “farmed” borrelia spirochetes unharmed after stripping it of nutrients, to reinfect the host. That poses a unique possibility in the animal world, kind of like humans harvest eggs from chickens for food, but no doubt parasite nematodes are already there. Not much more can surprise me about them. The wild apple leaf anthelmintic forces them out, and you can see and feel evidence of that, but the nematode itself must somehow be stained to microscopically detect and visually identify. Perhaps phenolphthalein might do it, or some other common dye/stain. I capture the fibrin plug they take with them on exit with scotch tape, but do not have a microscope, save for an old toy one that used to belong to my brother. I don’t know where to get slides. Then where could one find a host of dyes to attempt to stain them? Here are the known candidates, but perhaps these are unknown due to their transparency.

The biofilm tastes like weak dilute honey a bit after deposing it with enzymes. If helminths are “beekeeping” it, perhaps enough starch remains that iodine would expose a silhouette of the nematode. The prevalence of starch may not make that possible in a biofilm matrix though. Perhaps that biofilm is actually what the helminths are after, so it is like their “honey” too. Parallels in animalia are likely, such as a bee model, with the spirochetes being the worker bees, returning with their nectar to the hive. Likewise, aphids also harvest for ants. Isn’t that what they tell you in middle school biology, anyway? When you get mature, your nematode “hive” operation likely causes all sorts of illness attributed to old age. I suspect they like to keep it in your brain and prostate, and lower legs as peripheral edema. That would explain a lot. Likewise, they may like to keep it in womens’ breasts, perhaps leading to breast cancer. With women’s health issues, work should be done to expose the nematodes behind it, if any. Doctors are incurious about mens’ health here, being more of the mindset “Just hurry up and die like everybody else, will you?” Women may have more luck with them. How’s your golf game? YMMV

Just like honey ants are aphid “punchers,” these helminths are spirochete punchers. I wonder if they have John Wayne movies? John Wayne protects the flock, and the flock provideth honey, in a symbiosis or mutually beneficial arrangement. True Grit. We are the candy range. Where the spirochetes and helminths all play. There are lots of discouraging words here though. Not so much anymore, but it sure used to be that way. I could make a lumberjack blush. Prior to this year, I had never known life without chronic pain, so that was most of the trouble. Most of my distrust of medicine stems from that because it would always wind up hurting more, with them saying, “Yer nuts! You feel great because I say so… Or Else!” What kind of trust would a doctor visit like that instill?

If it is true that the nematodes don’t kill the spirochetes and simply live from the “honey” they collect, that explains their apparent very long lives. They kidnap the natural Methuselarity inherent to a human without parasite drag. Regenerative processes like hair growing and darkening again, plus the reawakening of body systems thought to be long since demised, such as sebaceous glands in the scalp, leads one to wonder how long you can last when chronic infectious disease is no longer a common cause of death. Accidental death, murder, such as by ignorant health professional intervention, or death by ignorance of the regenerative and anthelmintic power of ingesting AppleAse[TM] to first sweep out remaining biofilm and helminths, then prevent re-infestation, would be the only obstacles. It is an entirely new model to ponder. There would also be existential risk from an asteroid, or more likely, a GMO disaster such as what we currently have destroying the essential nutrients of the food supply, while effectively poisoning human biotics. Nuclear pollution also looms large.

Losing the lunar sensitivity is another of those effects you don’t really notice like when the patch of skin cancer on my nose just disappeared. Alas, people not knowing what a “herx” is, likely resulting from rebuilding all these damaged cells, may make them give up the treatment. It truly is no pain – no gain. In that respect, borreliosis is a gift, since you wouldn’t go through all this trouble if you didn’t test positive for it with apple leaves. Then you can skunk out the “farmers,” and I don’t know about you, but you become VERY interested in doing that once you realize what has been happening all your life, hosting these slimy lil’ biofilming things, and their laundry list of “chronic” co-infections.

Again, I know I sound like a broken record but you will start to feel better every day, and I am glad I could make that a bit easier by finally cracking the biofilm part to depose it to a weak human edible like honey. Initially, there was a taste and/or urine smell reminiscent of methyl alcohol, saponified glycerine, formaldehyde, and an unknown ketone, but that has now given way to this honey like phlegm in the second month. I generally maintain a total of 2 grams a day of pectin enzyme, 500 mg. every 5 or 6 hours as the initial strong effects of the first few weeks gave way to this sustainable second wave. I suspect those first enzymatic reactant products were borne of the external shell of the biofilm. There has also been a return of some immune response feeling towards something, and I suspect it is the formerly biofilm protected infectious elements sans biofilm protection. The arthritis made my immunity tougher than nails. This raises the possibility that this will not work for people with immune systems intentionally destroyed by Humira and the like. It remains to be seen if biologic arthritis fudges cause permanent damage. I elected to never commence treatment, so it was not an issue here. My excuse was extensive exposure to tuberculosis in northern communities, plus a deep distrust of  current medical “science”. It became instantly apparent that Apple Leaves provided well over ten, and possibly even 100 times, the strength of Celebrex. It serves as a warning that allopathic medicine itself may be deadly, and especially regarding heart disease. If you can get rid of biofilm, just exactly what would the heart disease mechanism be?

Eventually, it may turn out that the doses I take may be weak, but that is the Traditional Chinese Medicine Du Testing protocol for new unknown herbs, and following the TCM-H Safety Course protocol as we have discussed here before.


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I am a relic. I thought I would chronicle what I found out about it here.

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