Wild Apple Leaf Lyme and Arthritis Relief

Sun, Aug 2, 2015 – Day 367 – The Trouble with Biofilm

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It takes a long time. It chokes you. You can’t liquify it all at once or you would drown if your body could expel it all fast enough. There is gallons of it made from polysaccharide starch. The process that liquifies it makes methyl hydrate and releases what smells like formaldehyde – both poison in large enough amounts. The carboxylic acid reminds you of the taste of soda pop. A little bit at once is OK but it takes time. All that time your immune system fights the exposed pathogens it used to harbour. You know you have to get rid of it to get well ever.

Everybody up till now has failed. People claim to have defeated Borreliosis, only to have it recur. I found out why that happens. We’re not in Kansas anymore. I’m on my own. All the science focusses on spirochetes when we know that is a non problem without biofilm. Your own immune system defeats it easily. It must because it gets a new load daily of it with dissolved biofilm that would have killed me weeks ago if it wasn’t being continuously mopped up by your whilte blood cells they desperately hide from. The Apple Leaf powder is a real aid there I am finding, along with the pectin enzyme to break down the biofilm. They are a team. You can feel it working, but not as hard as on a cold. God only knows what it would have become unchecked.

It is akin to being in a large sea in a rowboat. You have to keep rowing or drifting to a shore somewhere. Steady progress, but slow, and no way to know how far to go. It gets tiresome, but you know you are making headway as far as you can tell. 54 days is not exactly a quick fix, but I know from surveying, and Dr. MacDonald’s confirmed fact that all co infections are additive. I must have hundreds. A surveyor will definitely be the toughest case, having been a delicacy for several different infectious bugs from all over the world, and from co workers’ luggage or bug transferred infections.

The sort of malaise I feel lets me know that I am fighting it. These film operations are a bottleneck, but then, I feel several things happening that I didn’t even know about, and everything I found is where medicine gave up or admitted false victory long ago. Swimmer’s Itch ten days? How about Ten or Forty Years or more? They’ll see the nematodes, or where they punch out, although I imagine they’ll die horribly out of their own hubris from it or other bug bites and stings. Then they will have to melt down all the biofilm before it wins, as it always does. It killed Bill Costerton, the discoverer of it. They’re stumped. I’m not. They won’t be finding out either since they can’t believe it, going against Rene Descartes for the last time before they are extinct. Descartes said Nothing So Hidden. To medicine, a child of three can keep it hidden forever given the way they are going. Luckily, I was born a natural stinkbomb engineer, and that is all it took; The Mother of all Biological Stinkbombs, Wild Apple Leaves. I plagiarized it from a deer.

Worms do not know what the hell it is, but they sure know they just gotta get the fzck outta there! lulz Bugs take a dirt nap finding out what it is in that human’s blood. The worm kills them I take it. One Apple Leaf a day sends the bugs to meet their maker. Brings a whole new meaning to the word Sapper for them, Apple Leaves make nasty Sap.

Bart knows. He just did an end run around all medicine in like 3 days. A pound of dead fleas don’t lie. They weren’t even able to look up acaricidal in the dictionary when it hit. Boom! But it is so much more than that. The big difference from other anthelmintics is the worms tell a tale when they leave from who, what, when, where, and why they leave, They tell a W5 of all chronic illness. Match that with another W5’er Dr. Alan MacDonald and you get the full picture, HD. Cystic borrelia in chains are pictures of them in the worm intestine. The worm is transparent like a jellyfish, farming the borrelia spirochetes like an ant farms aphids. He just caught one giving them a bath for their “honey”. You can see the spirochetes, but you cannot see the helminth because it is transparent unless stained somehow. Easier said that done. Nothing sticks to teflon, or biofilm architect helminths like these. They seem to have a sense of smell or something though. Wild Apple Leaves cross all their wires there at once. lulz

Seaberry is supposed to attack biofilm. I use what I suspect are the active ingredients if it does it safely, invertase and pectolase. Some use serrapeptase. Kirkman has it all in one shot. It seems to me that it is all good. I hope mine is more cost effective. It is all on the right track. My case requires industrial strength and quantity, however. I know one thing. Forget berries, fruit, or teas. This gang is far too smart, and too far evolved, for that. They’ll hand you your azz on a platter by the time you’ve emptied your wallet that way. You can find out the hard way, but I’ll stick with easy. The only truly valuable thing growin’ on trees around here is Apple Leaves these days. It is working faster and apparently harder now with enzyme boosting. Helminths and Biofilm. 100% Fatal. Farming Borreliosis. Everybody has it. Medicine is so busy picking flyshzt outta pepper and making excuses for total failure they haven’t even got a name for it. All the evidence compiled about it is from cadavers, and by proxy effect like chains of borrelia spirochetes. If you are living and walk in with it, they just wait. Then they find it killed you too.

And it all started by noticing that everybody I worked with who quit smoking got very sick, disabled, or died. They weren’t getting sick or dying of the usual smoke related things like heart or lung. Non smokers were dying of that. Exactly the opposite of common wisdom. Such an odd keyhole. Such an odd Surveyor’s view. Now we have the plans for the whole building, with all the doors, and keyholes in it. Nobody cares. Parasite Helminths are hazardous to your health. The Surgeon General totally missed the fact that their Biofilm Farm is the number one killer by magnitudes. It’s a multi component parasitic symbiosis environmental problem; Bugs cause most of it, Outdoor Swimming even more. Why does it cure allopecia and grey hair? Why does it cure mental fog in hours? Why does it cure the common cold in hours? Why does it cure most things attributed to borreliosis? Why did it cure arthritis even though it was a lifelong condition over 50 years? Why is it, Wild Apple Leaf treatment, totally unknown?

All I can say is, Adios. That’s Spanish for Go With God. You’ll need Him on your next stop. I won’t be going anywhere for a long time yet. There’s nothing left to die of, I hope. 54 Days, and it appears to maybe have finally bottomed out, or it’s close, with all the biofilm. Famous last words, or first ones? Now I’m thinking maybe that last layer of it had all the real uglies in it. It makes one wonder what it couldn’t get?


Author: Joe1Smith

I am a relic. I thought I would chronicle what I found out about it here.

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