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Mon, Aug 3, 2015 – Day 368 – The Sweep

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As far as I know, I am the first to attempt a sweep of all the helminths and biofilm people are packing, up to 20% of their body weight. That means everybody else I talk to hasn’t done that yet. Friends, family, relatives, and everybody else. They are 1/5 a bag of worms. They don’t take kindly to that irrefutable fact. They all elect to remain that way, not being able to realize what that means, brain so fogged up from biofilm, they can’t comprehend it. They are infested ticking time bombs. Every last one of them. Most will realize it fast. Under a second, as the heart attack or stroke hits, and then a few more seconds until they black out. Forever. None will even try the 72 hours to regain, or get up to an intelligence level to understand what happened, and continues to happen for at least a couple months of Apple Leaf treatment for a near or total sweep. Then you have to keep from being reinfected. A little apple leaf goes a long ways. 500 mg of protection is worth an extended lifetime of cure. Maybe 500 mg a week, or PRN to fight bug bites.

You’ll figure it out. Or die fast. The clock is ticking. Look at it; 368 days it takes to get this far. Nobody knows how far you can get how fast with enzyme boosting yet. It is that simple. Talked to my sister again today. Right from the start, she made excuses for doctors where there is no excuse. She thought I should thank them for crippling me by being more than 30 years out of date, and hiding Lyme Disease/Borreliosis in a huge insurance fraud. You can tell how well that went. She’ll be gone fast from the meningioma that killed her husband and she transmitted to him. Then I can say “Told ya so.” Her ears will be burnt off by the cremation. She doesn’t care. Doctors are so smart, they just ignore the only successful diagnosis and cure, and will die from it, helminths and borreliosis, to prove they are right.

Of course, all they will do is cement their place in history as dumbest fzcks EVAH! Rotting worm bags and proud of it. “Oh, I’m so healthy!” Yeah, right. Rot on, man. They are proud they can predict cancer 13 years in the future. They can’t even spend the time to take a look at their blood in the microscope, and see all the borrelia spirochetes. Worse yet, those are just the farm animals or aphids of the helminth parasites from bugs. Perhaps they see a mite carrying eggs, and brush it out of the way. It will be centuries until it dawns on them yet.

Hello future webologists. Have they found out yet in 4 or 5 centuries? No? Doesn’t surprise me. That’s also why I had to tell you this URL today in 2515. I guess you missed the headlines, “World’s Oldest Man turns 560 Today!” You had to be there if you make it to December. That had to be tough being chinese slaves for a few centuries. Then reinventing the internet and digging the old net up again. I’ve been lost in South America for 400 years. Everybody is scared of the bugs there, but the worst ones are right here.

Everybody is a worm farm. Medicine missed it all. They’re too busy covering up data to keep their gravy train rolling. A whistleblower ratted out the whole board of the CDC, and it finally made it to Congress last week. Without these worms making everybody sick, they’ll be going broke. The bigger cover-up hasn’t exploded yet. Give it time. Invite them over for an Apple Leaf Salad. I wonder how they will “spin” that one? Invite media for the big “Scratch Out!” If you could only sell tickets. Bring strait jackets. They’ll need ’em.

Richard Overton 109 2015-07-25 14:03:44Warning! The Surgeon General is a douchebag robbing Peter to Pay Paul, and has no cloo that half the population is infested with Helminths and Biofilm! Yet they pay for this worm infestation with cigarette taxes, or try to. If helminths kill 2,000,000 a year with their chronic disease, they had better keep the fraud rolling and start advertising cigarettes again. They’re going to have to kill 40 times as many smokers as die currently if they are going to make them pay for all the Hospitals using the Canadian Single Provider Insurance Fraud model. I’m not saying that cigarettes are good. I’m saying that Helminths are 4 times worse. The goons just make smokers foot the bill for it all. All chronic illness for 1/5 of the problem. In addition, the helminths vamoose faster from a smoker. Moreover, that link from the CDC Fraud Artists show they are fudging data to fit their flawed assumptions yet again, including illnesses like arthritis, other respiratory, and immune problems Wild Apple leaves wipe out because they eliminate the true helminths and biofilm behind them. Can you imagine how livid Reynolds American will be when I tell them that? They’ve been the whipping boy for more than 4 1/5 times what they cause if you can believe the bull shzt coming out of the CDC anymore. Richard Overton knows, pictured above. If he doesn’t make his 110th birthday in November, they’ll say smoking killed him. He looks pretty healthy to me. Maybe something in his San Antonio garden shown there does the same anthelmintic thing as Wild Apple Leaves. Collard greens? Poor guy probably tried to tell the cement heads for 20 years, but they’ve all died. He got the last laugh.

Talked to my paramedic friend who gave me Bart for adoption. I told her Bart thinks he is  dog after Trying Wild Apple TwoWaysLeaves. He cured fast like that deer, but he wasn’t really sick, in like 3 days. You can tell he is a lot happier now and much smarter. She’s still a sceptical worm bag, opting to join the dead to show them how smart she is. That is the cool thing about some engineering exams. Two marks; 0% and 100%. This one is the ultimate harsh Final Exam. I have a theory now that it is the pectin that slows humans down. Doctors threw out the silly Oath thing that says they should respect the hard won scientific gains of their peers. They are right; I am not a peer. I can’t ethically stoop to their corrupt and obsolete ancient pseudo science that does not correlate to real world data level. Her friend feeds his deer apples, but they probably eat the leaves of his trees too. I suspect the out of season apple pectin will make them sick unless their 4 stomachs can get around it somehow.

I told her I determined that the CPR was likely the source of all these fruit trees in the BC Okanagan, as well as several varieties of grape. They tried to set up the orchard economy in the 1880’s. Warning! The Surgeon Private has determined that pectin/starch Biofilm is at least 4 1/5 times as hazardous to your health as cigarettes! He also warns that the General is carrying water for a fzckin’ corrupt bunch o’ quacks fudging data to fit their flawed pseudo science! He says grab a fzckin’ clue and eat Wild Apple Leaves and Pectinase to get rid of the helminths and biofilm killing you from the 10-20% of your body weight that is worms and their crap in your blood. Their mark on the engineering report scientific independent audit? 0%, and begging prosecution and jail for insurance fraud, proven and repeatable basic physics.

Now I am thinking of a new simple test to pile on the damnation; The Phlegm Test. Diluted Iodine test for Starch in produced mucus. It is a metaphysical engineering thing. Proxy test for biofilm expectorant to determine helminth infestation extent. Forget medicine. This is way out of their little league. This is Major League. Then I can tailor the concentration of pectolase on top of Apple Leaf Powder for Human consumption, instead of guessing. Mind you, it is an educated guess from tasting the produced sugar in the phlegm, and a simple loogie spit test. It would be nice to find out how much of it is starch?


Author: Joe1Smith

I am a relic. I thought I would chronicle what I found out about it here.

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