Wild Apple Leaf Lyme and Arthritis Relief

Tues, Aug 4, 2015 – Day 369 – I think I finally Got It!

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I have been waiting for this one. Some bug bit or stung me in my left armpit and that started my whole demise here 6 years ago. There were others at that time too, and they are also surfacing. The worm from it is finally coming out! It is a nasty one. I broke my collarbone and 8 ribs around then in a bicycle accident. It used all that fibrin to build the Mother of All Biofilms. It had to be to remain stealthy, and last over a year of Wild Apple Leaves with a two month pectin enzyme kicker to wash it all down. I wondered when would it show? I definitely grabbed the first showing of it in scotch tape. This one may take days to all come out. Who knows what else it built while in there? I feel better already. That whole left side is becoming itchy, indicating healing, and possibly more to come. Wo0+!

I don’t know whether to be skeered like a little girl, or celebrate by getting a crock of hornet pizz. It is a relief because that one was one I knew about, but was causing all the doubts that this was even working well enough for everything. Now that I feel it, and can backtrack how it had hidden so long, utilizing broken bone to aid in building it’s biofilm like ’73 did. I think it was ’09. Like 6 years ago that all happened. Cripes, now I am trying to think of all bad bone irritations I haven’t accounted for yet. Broken tailbone from mid 60’s, but that may have been the juvenile arthritis one started there. It has mopped up, very rarely nagging a bit as the biofilmology peels away like onion skins. Maybe it was partly the serrazyme 90,000 I have been taking daily here too. Maybe I should get a Kirkman’s Biofilm at Amazon to try that too. Jeezus! It’s 80 bucks for only 60. Maybe not. ebay’s better. Enerex Serrapep 90,000’s are 45 bucks (Amazon is pricey at $59) for 120 size 0’s. On the upside, it is a different approach.

Any anthelmintic process benefits from some diversity, but nothing has come close to Wild Apple Leaf that way. Black Walnut just causes intestinal distress, and Artemesia turns them into little electric eels. Anyway, I haven’t touched the guitar for a week. Maybe I should write a jingle, other than the West Denial Virus Song. How about “Boot those Freakin’ Co0+ies,” by Wild Apple. Maybe not. At least I was making progress… Until that. lulz

I don’t know. What would you do? It flies in the face of all medical science up until now, and not just the latest thing. It precludes the medicine of ancient Egypt. Some things are simply too revolutionary. A big part of it is the entrenchment of the status quo, and the last thing they need is a total Paradigm Shift. This does have the added benefit it will save your life, but even though it’s a gram of prevention for a kilogram of cure, nobody even realizes how sick they really are, hidden helminths eating their vital organs, especially their brain, and defecating in their blood, the majority of their life. “Oh, that’s just aging.” Well, yeah, doncha wish you could stop that? They’ve had it hammered in there is nothing they can do about it because medicine never discovered the root cause of it, parasite helminths. I can. They can’t because they didn’t do it. They’ll be long dead before they find out. They know what’s good for them. No, they don’t. Dumbazzes, and damned proud of it.

Then when you try to tell them, they ignore it thinking somehow that will stop it. Ummm, anything but, and in fact it gets worse every single day. What is clear is that they will pay for it dearly, and it may not be reversible the more they delay it. People involved in medicine suffer the most damage from their own denial, thinking somehow by being stuck on stupid, they will really show me. It always worked for them. Imagine their horror when they find out finally it’s not just me. It is every single man woman and child on the planet, including them. Everybody thinks they’re different until that moment. You can’t just rewind all of a sudden either. It’s like ignoring a fish hook stuck in you is a good thing if you yank the line a few more times. Maybe a little Apple Leaf Salad will shock them through that phase. I used to warn people about that. Now I just think fzck ’em all.

I’ve got to tell you it is depressing being virtually all alone here. Every human you see is a worm bag and they don’t even know it. They don’t wanna know it. Let them say that in retrospect. It has taken me 369 Days to get the tough ones out, and it looks like they took advantage of knitting broken bones somehow in their biofilm. Well, that confirms what I saw with ’73, and my broken wrist. She was a happy camper all that time, 42 years. I guess it had to be better than the Arctic where she started. That is my personal story. I can just imagine what other people will go through. They will recognize their own circumstances, and then it will hit them. I guess all those new nut wards will be good for something after all. Doctors will fill them to overflowing, not patients, for being horribly ridden with guilt for being wrong all their lives. I would be a great therapist for them. Don’t feel so bad. Just think of all those other dumbazzes out there still who haven’t got a cloo what is really happening. Plus, you are still a doctor. You can stuff an extra large dose of Wild Apple Leaves down their fzckin’ pie holes to shut ’em up! Now take these two Wild Apple Leaf capsules, an’ go get ’em, Tiger! Their worms will leave ’em feelin’ like Swiss Cheese, but imagine the satisfaction of telling them all, “I told you so! Nyahhh Nyahhh!!!”

“Warning: The Surgeon General has determined that Wild Apple Leaves will cause Mass Doctor depression when they realize they will go broke, unless they can go to some ignorant mentally crippled state run corrupt insurance fraud backwater like Canada, France, or Britain.” They’ll find that they are also the most powerful antidepressant ever discovered. With situational depression like that though, who knows? They’ll be trapped in a hell of their own making. Of course they could do the right thing by embracing Wild Apple Leaves, but why start doing that now? Was it G.K. Chesterton that said, “Only live fish swim upstream. The dead ones follow the current.” They could always chose Life… for a change.


Author: Joe1Smith

I am a relic. I thought I would chronicle what I found out about it here.

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