Wild Apple Leaf Lyme and Arthritis Relief

Fri, Aug 7, 2015 – Day 372 – “Can Lyme even be cured?”

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Not using anything at HealingWell.com that I know of. Unless you are a delusional moderator. I tried to check through it, but the only post that flanged up with what I see is one that referenced Nematode Spirochete Farmers. Wild Apple Leaves address most symptoms of Lyme. I don’t have every symptom, so I do not know what it will do for you. But if you think nematodes and biofilm are good for you, go to HealingWell.com. If you don’t, this is the only way to effectively get rid of them, using Apple Leaves and enzymes to dissolve the biofilms they make, farming disease pathogens like ants farm aphids, and skunking out the nematode helminth parasites themselves. I’d answer all the questions there if they would let me, but they won’t, being some sort of Medical Gods that can’t cure shzt. I’ll have the last laugh. They’ll be miserable until they run out of money soon. If they are insured, their doctors will eventually kill ’em after prolonging the misery. Their worms and biofilms are safe, making up to 20% of their body weight. They have so much pectin, and no jam.

For a non profit board, why does everything there cost money? This is as close to free as you make it. Walk up to an apple tree. Pick leaves. Eat a few right there if you want. They taste better when they are dried though. They taste a little like apples. Pectin Enzymes are cheap, and they work. If spending money makes you better, why is Yolanda Foster still sick? Why is Daryl Hall? People claim they are better, then wait a while. They’ll be sick again. Those nematodes will just build another biofilm if you don’t get them out. I found they hid under biofilm, so even Avermectin, DEC, or Ivermectin won’t get to them. Some geenius says that’s not proven. OK, geenius. YOU prove it by remaining sick, then take your Protocol, get sicker, spewing money forever. If you can’t pass a benign Wild Apple Leaf test, then what? All of a sudden your scepticism about a “Theory” is popping out of your skin, dozens at a time.

I don’t know why I even bother anymore. These fzckers are Meant to die. Broke. OK, I’ll charge $1,000 a pound for the shzt. Flee Shipping! Make you happy? I can’t be bothered anymore. I’m Sold Out anyway because I just gave a bunch away for free to a doctor, and I have my own. You DISPROVE it. Good luck. You’ll need it.

Know what is even worse? All those poor people there probably have some other useless herb that will counteract with it. I cut almost everything else out. Just pectin enzyme and Apple Leaf powder. It becomes very obvious very fast if you don’t get rid of the worms behind this, you are going nowhere. Worms biofilm too. That is fact you will also find out. If you don’t you haven’t got them all,  the stragglers will reinfect you. U Mad Bro? U Jelly? It costs nothing. I make nothing. The onus is on you. I just noticed that there are all these worms there, and they come out after sponging off me for 5 decades or more in some cases. Lots are from bug bites and stings. Hundreds of them.

AnywayBorrelia Chain - helminth, it’s free. It creates a doppleganger paradox for medicine. What are they? Looks like a microscopic parasite worm farming spirochetes to me. How many? Everybody has them? Can’t find a control group. They work better on Arthritis than any medicine? Why? Nobody can answer. Or will even try. HUGE Red Flag there. What’s Biofilm? I give up. If a doctor doesn’t know that, he’s going nowhere. It’s that simple. Lyme literacy, and no mention of nematodes that make it chronic in 100 out of 100 cases, and they don’t want to know? Anthelmintics won’t work through biofilm? It’s like claiming to be an expert on China because, “Yeah… I know French!” What a gong show. So looking at the subject, and knowing how the alleged brain trust operates, in denial of reality that eating Wild Apple Leaves exposes… for fzckin’ FREE… they aren’t curing anything.

Will Wild Apple Leaves cure it? Works towards it for me. Nobody will pass a Wild Apple Leaf test, but I’m close as you can be. I don’t know if any worms will come out in the future. That Bee sting one a few days ago from the 70’s was a surprise, 40 years +/- old. That is why I said it was a tough one. A bit of the stinger appeared to come with it. 40 years in my left arm.  Doctors still say Lyme and Morgellons is delusional parasitosis when Sapi, MacDonald Et Al proved it was Lyme on a landmark paper Feb 12 of this year. Allegedly delusional sufferers paid for the research after being tormented. I hope they sue the ever lovin’ shzt outta the azzholes who misdiagnosed delusional parasitosis. I hope they destroy them to send a message that will be heard around the world.

Better yet, just start stuffing Wild Apple Leaves into their food for a real Doctor Nutcake Surprise!!!! Put about a pound in their stew and let them stew on that for a while. When they start babbling about feeling like Swiss Cheese, lock ’em up. You know a secret. Might as well have some real fun with it. If I had a pound of it, I wouldn’t waste it on their sorry azzes. If that was dry weight, it would be over 907 daily doses for me. Only two and a half years of tick/hornet/bee/bug protection. Then there is Swimmers Itch too. Bart loves it, so he would take some. I’m with ya pal… Fzck ’em all. He just jumped up on my lap for a wittle wuvin’. He’s still young. He didn’t paw the shzt outta this post. Whatever it is in Apple Leaves cured what ailed him apparently. He has become a civil cat/dog. They’re our leaves. They can get their own. In a few years they’ll be a buck apiece from shortages. This ain’t some Microshzt. Maybe I’ll DL windoze 10 for Bart. He likes SPAM. Apple Leaves will keep working forever. Funny thing that way about the truth of simple physics. It never changes. Apparently, it hasn’t for all 6,000 years biblical human history, about 9,000 times over to boot. That’s 54 million years those apple trees have been here, fighting every manner of bug and worm, not like the latest windoze.

Wild Apple Leaves brought me back from death’s door. Just that. Nothing else. The reward? Ridicule. At least I told some body. Now go back hawking for Buhner and all the other Protocols and die. The sweet part is I now know how miserable it will be. Could always team with Imperial Tobacco or Reynolds American. Sweeter yet. You see, it works wildly spectacularly for smokers. Non smokers don’t get it. And who says God doesn’t have a sense of humour? lulz

What do I care now? I care that it is pretty obvious that if you haven’t got that biofilmer worm out of your tick or spider location, it will live on to put an end to any start to address its “theoretical” spirochete farm “animals.” It explains why nothing works. Everyone else is baffled. Yeah. That’s reassuring. Apple leaves skunked out ones I had forgotten about too. You won’t see because you won’t try, and that’s even better, because I know the longer they stay in, the more damage they do. I’ve been through all this before with doctors and arthritis. They wouldn’t test for HLA B27 because they thought I didn’t have it, even though another doctor already pegged it. Then a test came back positive when they were going to show me it wasn’t. Conclusion? They couldn’t do anything about it instead of make Celebrex and Pfizer richer, and it was lousy compared to this now. Apple Leaves finally got it for nothing.  A kicker. The rest makes too much sense for theorists with no theory cutting the lawn beside the forest, instead of just shooting the perp hiding in it. Meanwhile, they go after ticks as if he came there in a pickup truck, while in actual fact, he got there in a Honda. Does the farmer care? Such lovely analogies for what is happening in Lyme wurld. Completely misdirected efforts, and shooting the messengers.

I had lost my appetite. It has come back. What’s up with that? Apple Leaves again. That’s all I take with pectin enzymes now plus other enzymes like serrapeptase, generally on an empty stomach like they recommend. Still have farmers coming out around my lymph glands too. Cost? About 40 bucks for pectin enzymes, $45 for serrapeptase, $30 for a capsule machine and tamper, and trying some Renew Life Digest More. I have about a year’s worth too of pectin enzyme at a gram and a half a day. I’ll make wine with the leftovers. I’ve done 59 days at 2 grams a day, but I’m finally getting under that film hiding more co0ties. Who knew? Nobody. Who wants to know? Nobody, it seems. Taking stock from where I was a year ago, my overall health has improved dramatically. Maybe a lot of it is psychosomatic knowing what used to be in there, but like I have warned before, they create permanent damage maybe. I’ll see what happens after this second wave. One thing that is undeniable, there was a lot of that filmy guck that has been, and still is, coming out as slightly sugary expectorant with them. It feels now like it is morphing through Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, or fibromyalgia without pain, since I went on pectin enzymes with the Wild Apple Leaves. They obviously have a catalyst effect.


Author: Joe1Smith

I am a relic. I thought I would chronicle what I found out about it here.

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