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there Sat, Aug 8, 2015 – Day 373 – My Take on Biofilm

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It has been 60 days since I started trying to find helper enzymes to help those in the Wild Apple Leaves take on Biofilm. That is a really good Wiki there now on it, notably telling about polysaccharides and fibrin, and other proteins. Nothing can take on a bacterial biofilm without eliminating the matrix. That is what I zeroed in on. What was polysaccharide? That sounds a lot like starch, or complex sugars, like cell walls in plants are made of. Humans have no shortage of that in their diet, Apple Leaves themselves were producing it as thick mucus neing coughed out. That could be uncomfortable as I found so the hunt was on for things to reduce the viscosity of it. Potash did, and so did Vitamin C, but the biggest breakthrough was with pectin enzymes like wine makers use to break up polysaccharides in wine juice before fermentation.

People naturally get a lot of starch because we equate it with freshnesh as we select vegetables. Kraft Dinner and pasta are 100% starch. Helminths like to farm bacterial biofilms in you for food, because there is no shortage, and people do not digest it with no pectin enzyme manifacture. You find this out as soon as you go low starch, and try to eliminate it. Buckets of mucus come out. A little invertase from natural liquid honey sweetens it to make it more palatable. I wonder if diabetics would have to add insulin because of that, because it all gets converted to types of simpler sugars. Eliminating the matrix would be a start, but then antibiotics could kill you from the herx of hitting all that bacteria at once. I found Apple Leaves are very antibacterial, so in effect they can act as a replacement there. Moreover they seem to be sustainable with the opposite of ill effects.

Unbelievably, Canadian doctors don’t know what it is, even though they have taken it on themselves to be the be all and end all of knowledge of infectious disease. It is likely underlying 100% of mental and neurological problems. Long and high dose antibiotics cannot penetrate it any more than they can pentrate a sheet of polethylene. The CDC fought Sapi and MacDonald for 6 years when they discovered biofilm with borreliosis. Bacterial Biofilm is 100% of the reason the CDC exists, yet they know nothing about it. It is the worst case of useless in all history. Confronted with these facts, they attack the facts.

Chronic disease is all caused by biofilm. Heart, lung, brain. More studies pile up every day confirming this, yet doctors still say it is just a theory. I found firsthand it must be a damn good one because I am making strides where nobody has ever gone before, simply addressing it first with apple leaves, then with enzymes. A common cold gets cured in hours, after eluding medicine for all history. Naturally, it looks like people are trying to steal my ideas and say it is theirs. Realized that early on, so I made it open source. That way they can spend all their money trying to patent something that already is open source. Their patent agent won’t tell them that though. They’ll take the money, then find out, and say, “You never showed that in the prior art search!”

Karma. Everybody wants to get rich off everybody’s misery. Patent examiners are as bad as the CDC; Biofilm is only an unproven theory to them, and medicine won’t even acknowledge it to test for it. Patent experts say they can stall any drug addressing it indefinitely. All medicine is broken then by biofilm theory alone, and in fact, this is the reality. There are no safe doctors for chronic disease. Lyme disease is the worst chronic illness of all because of that. They are stuck in a loop of research burning all the money when you can just start attacking it yourself now. Your body, with a little help from Apple Leaves, is more powerful than all medicine of any kind all put together. Tht biofilm can choke you though because it comes out of your intetines and lungs. It is the lungs where it can create what I call Baker’s Pneumonia. I named it because doctors don’t know what it is, calling it COPD. I call it, “Being Snotterboarded!” lol Enzymes convert that to being honeyboarded. Sweeet! groan Pectin enzymes and Invertase enzymes from natural unpasteurized bee honey do it for me.

There is an unfortunate nomenclature at work here because people think pectin is good, but it is the stuff of bacterial biofilms, the most deadly substance in the world bar none. Everybody dies of it. They think chugging pectin, brown rice, and Certo is good for them when it is exactly what biofilms need to grow. You have to realize that starch is bad, and the Witchwestern and oriental diets with rice any colour are all starch. It is cumulative, and a fast way to get old and die of old age before your years. That becomes clear when you feel better every day fighting it. Here is the list of top killers. Most are biofilm. Accidents are high at number 5, but all those others are chronic biofilm illness, including Heart, cancer, and stroke, The world obviously needs something to address even this largely ignored part of that. Most Canadian Doctors say that you are delusional. You can say the same about them when they’re claiming to be some source of medical knowledge when they aren’t aware of common knowledge biofilm facts. They have a shingle on the wall. Mine is about as valid given those facts, and their inability to evolve with the science leaving them so far behind in a broken system.

Serrapeptase from silkworms addresses the protein components of biofilm. Some say protease too, but that can cause health problems I have heard. Your intestines use it to process proteins. They cannot process pectin, so it is classed as a fiber by some. Biofilm can form on leaves in humid climates, so it is important to try and dry leaves faster when they are harvested. I used the microwave for small amounts, but a cookie sheet in a warm oven will work. Biofilms like moisture as you can see from the link, and love to form on surfaces in aqueous solutions, like your blood. That biofilm slime on the dock causes Swimmer’s Itch as kids here know. Human engineers try to employ biofilm as engineering materials in soil containment strategies and mineral processing. I just want to engineer the demise of it in the nooks and crannies of myself, and safely, because I’ve heard some pretty whack shzt about how to deal with it in totally nonsensical dangerous fashion. So caveat emptor. My way has been safe for almost a couple months now, and addressed a lot of problems. The bottom line is I feel a lot better, and also because you can taste and feel what it is doing after the initial worry disappeared.

Out of the blue, there was a link to the NASA 2020 Program regarding Bone Density and Muscle Loss in Spaceflight on YouTube. Being put down by borreliosis leads to a lot of muscle loss. NASA combats bone density loss with Vitamin D and Calcium. They have not been successful combating muscle loss with exercise. I have been marginally successful with creatine, Tonalin CLA, and may try some Weider 90% Protein or Whey Protein, but muscle loss is hard to recover. Steroids are out, but maybe hGH precursors. That is a challenge now. You get very atrophied recovering from Lyme. Pectin Enzyme was a trick from weightlifters and body builders. No amount of exercise seems to work from being low from Lyme though. It is another major challenge. My upper body muscles are increasing, but the legs are the issue as they are with NASA. As the day progresses, they get weaker. The feeling was dramatic a couple months back when my inner ear recovered and I could tell my upper body was a lot heavier relatively than it used to be, throwing me off balance. I guess that would have been the low inflection point where I started winning this unprecedented battle with worm parasites and incurious medical failure. It was also where I started the pectin enzyme on Day 313. Actually more like 3 months back is when I noticed the balance difference. It is a challenge being left to self diagnose and rectify everything. Gee, another dubious first for Canada after medicine went third world and got stuck on stupid.

I tried to look up the effect where you get weaker in theIMG-20140809-00089 legs as the day progresses. Diabetes? Nope. Low potassium? Maybe, but from GMO glyphosate chelation. It may be a new Chronic International Borreliosis related thing since nobody has ever been here before. Official outlook is frankly bleak. The NASA thing rang a bell. Fatigue from muscle mass loss. That made sense. They atrophy from a rest recovery state. It is particularly a leg thing regarding the thighs and glute’s. I am so bony in the bottom it hurts to sit on hard surfaces, or minimal padded chairs. That was also where I had the most bug bites other than upper torso shoulders areas. Sans parasites, the upper recovery is faster than the lower. The Gluteous Maximus pair are the largest muscles in your body. My right one was particularly affected; Strong side weakness has always been an issue of Lyme borreliosis. The Recovery is also a big issue, but in the legs is the big culprit now, as the top recovers well. Deer are also very lean in the haunches, but do not have much problem with it, so maybe it is a side effect of Apple Leaves. I’ll try some Isometrics, that can be done while sitting, particularly for the top of my thighs that used to barely fit in my jeans. Now clothes hang on me, and I literally gave up a belt and made rope suspenders. No hips anymore for a belt. It is a large part of that weight loss. Parasite worms were a large part of that weight then, but that condition predated a year ago when I started. That was back from the neural damage effect days. I fingered some kind of nerve damage from about two years ago. Things happen so much faster now though.


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