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Sun, Aug 9, 2015 – Day 374 – A New Model

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OMG! DO NOT do this! She takes bee stings from 10 random bees every other day. I wonder how many of those ones had nematode parasites in them? You would find out if you start taking Wild Apple Leaves with lots of pectin enzymes because they will all drill out. It took pectin enztmes in combination to get the ones from just a couple bee stings from 40-50 years ago out. The species transmitted by them biofilmed for protection from any and all other treatments. They were the toughest of the tough ones that came out of late. They survived a year of Apple Leaves and 2 months of pectin enzymes, on top of serrapeptase and invertase from honey.

This is an entirely new model behind Lyme Disease borreliosis. That video came up from more searching to see if anyone had discovered it yet. Bupkiss, except for the exact opposite. Those stings and the parasites they deposit will all be additive. That poor lady. Especially when they come out if she does Wild Apple Leaves. Insect stings transmit the toughets parasite I found when mine came out from Hornet stings early on, and bee stings recently. Any stinger left in there will also come out if it is like the ones that got me. I thought I had got the stinger in one case. Nope.

You can learn a lot from the exact opposite of what you were looking for. This video was about insect nematode parasites. They forgot the fact Apple Leaves expose that those insects will transfer nematodes from bugs to humans. That is what I have seen happen. It has clues to why the whole thing is epidemic in proportion. Everybody will get parasites exiting from bug bites or swimming it seems. In this reverse analogy, consider humans have become the target pest, and Powassan/Lyme/Borreliosis is the weapon against them. Like 911 showed us, that would never happen because everybody loves us, right?

Unintended consequences have made this whole thing go literally viral. The whole populace is infected, but some nematodes are worse than others to a human. They carry the biofilm making nematode parasites that farm borrelia spirochetes for food. Using that whole model, and countering it, is finally getting me some results. Interestingly, without antibiotics. Attacking the biofilm enables your own immunity to do the rest apparently. There has been no model like that discovered except for the nematode spirochete farmer posts that you can look up from about 4 years ago. At the time it was shot down, which anything is that doesn’t fit the established thought. The established thought must be completely wrong and misdirected because it does not work.

Searching “human nematode parasites lyme” has a bunch of eye worm removal things, but the ones I see are microscopic. They do not make a good picture without special equipment. Size makes for good YouTubes. Try this though. Close your eyes in a bright light. Do you notice little things moving? I suspect those are the culprit nematodes. I can’t do that any more because all mine are gone, I hope. Still gone after just checking again to be sure. Wild Apple Leaf skunked those out a year ago. Worms using biofilm themselves is a new chapter in building the model of what I have seen. I know you will check it, so I keep it honest. I know you will say it is bogus if it does not flange up with what you see after using Apple Leaves for extended times… Longer if you do not smoke tobacco or marijuana I reckon.

The New Model means a two pronged approach only for a “protocol.” Wild Apple Leaves, and enzymes to break down biofilm. The apple leaves are antibacterial, and anthelmintic, meaning they will skunk out worms and help you kill disease pathogens. There is also an anti-biofilm component somehow. Science has no explanation, so do not believe them without them presenting extensive facts as to why reality should not be that way. We call that fraud, being a scientist myself. Science is proved by reality in engineering. The enzymes amplify that Apple Leaf effect by reducing biofilm viscosity, making it easier to digest or expectorate. Again, reality doesn’t lie. Try it yourself.

Doctors are the worst fraud artists of all in this. They won’t try it solely because it would prove it. Irrefutably. Sceptics like them are still trying to disprove Einstein’s Reality. The harder they try, the more they prove it. Reality solves the theoretical paradox. Ignoring reality makes you totally crazy. Welcome to the Canadian Medical Community, and the foundation they rest all their hopes and theories upon. It is only a matter of time for the Game Changer I have already found to hit home, whether it is now or later. It is observable physics fact. Nothing will change that until they stop being childish about it. Then they really have centuries of work ahead of them, rewriting the books, attempting to devise solutions, the way they are going.

Dr. A.B. MacDonald has linked all chronic disease to borrelia. That agrees with what I have witnessed first hand. My own chronic conditions are resolving. Arthritis was a big one, and it resolved early on. The early model was working. The new model with enzymes works even better, skunking out more unknown nematodes. Dr. MacDonald agrees that biofilm must be addressed. He believes it is the stuff of borrelia, whether the worms, or the pathogen itself, or both manufacture it. I witnessed evidence the previously unknown nematodes manufacture it, and also hide in it. Canadian Doctors agree that biofilm must be ignored, ignoring reality, and a mountain of evidence to the contrary.

I guess they are only as good as their education; Worthless, if it is not current. So they just redefined current. Basically, that is the definition of Criminal in science and law. They can no longer call themselves scientists if reality trumps any model they have. It is a paradigm shift that wipes the slate of current medicine out. Wild Apple Leaf, a new herb, raises more issues than they can explain away. Moreover, it answers questions they have been caught red handed denying that even exist. It is the true whole Game, Set, Match, wipe out for them. Very simply, it shows up everything they were taught. Everything.

Is pectin digestable? Yes and no. It is a water soluble fiber. One study shows that a small amount is digested in the large intestine. I suspect that is how it winds up in biofilm. Polysaccharide is pectin, and that is identified in numerous sources as what is the slime of biofilm. The slime is pectin dissolved in water, producing a gel. By introducing pectinase into the body, it gets broken down to simpler sugars. It comes out of your lungs and I suspect also your intestines like jelly. I take the pectinase on an empty stomach so I don’t waste it on food with pectin. It appears to transfer fast within minutes to the bloodstream in a dextrose base. Then you start producing the sweet former pectin phlegm in a relatively large volume compared to enzyme input. Testing blood for pectin probably shows little as it all adheres to build on biofilm. Iodine would show starch, or pectin, content instantly. Kids learn that by dripping iodine on bread in science class, or I did. Humans cannot break down biofilm because they have no pectin enzyme.

Clove powder kills worm eggs it is said by the folks at SCRAM! That is likely what the bug transfers to you, if not an adult nematode itself. The Scram! components taken separately were too hard on my digestion, save for milk thistle. Apple Leaves are friendly it seems, relatively. A blood test showed that milk thistle wasn’t really necessary in my case. ParaGone is a similar antiparasitic formulation. All that, except the clove maybe, is replaced by Wild Apple Leaf powder. Wild Apple Leaf also exposes nematodes over and above the capabilities of their formulations. If people think two weeks is too long, they really won’t like Wild Apple Leaves. I’m trying to get it down to two months, and that was including a year without enzymes!

You will soon realize you are on the biofilming parasites’ timetable, not what you think it should be. Taking more won’t help, but herxing can kill. This is a relatively good herx compared to antibiotics, and those incomparable anthelmintic sweeps, but I am not going to be that guinea pig. Given anybody’s success treating this double biofilming disease, hiding both pathogens and nematodes, ie: none, two years would be fine, and you would still be the only one who got over it. Nobody has been successful when they are honest if it was chronic, or you had it longer than a couple weeks so that it could establish biofilm. Medicine realizes that, but being insurance driven, they can’t say why they look the other way. They are faced with a huge loss. Both ParaGone and SCRAM! have wormwood, which doesn’t mix with Apple Leaves. Also, the artemesinin base does not get all parasites, and many have built resistance to it, as they are finding with malaria.  Black Walnut only addresses intestinal parasites. When you are one bug away from a reinfection, you’ll appreciate something else that looks sustainable. The chronic nature of the biofilm sets the timetable. I’m just thankful I made it this far, because all the odds looked to be against it.

The big takeaway today is that starch is the key to the process of human aging, through providing the polysaccharide matrix material for biofilm chronic disease. The large intestine only digests enough to build biofilm with the polysaccharides of it. You can see it is tough to eliminate because it is omnipresent in foods and vegetables we intentionally select for high starch content. Pectin enzyme supplementation seems to be a way to get it out. I’m trying to melt down that key, and getting progressively better results nobody dreamed of. There is a limit where too much mucus gets produced, but 500 mg. 4 times a day seems OK. I still have apparent nerve damage from neglect so long, and nobody knowing what to do to fight it, but I hope this helps those who aren’t there yet. It takes Apple Leaves to a new plane of activation.


Author: Joe1Smith

I am a relic. I thought I would chronicle what I found out about it here.

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