Wild Apple Leaf Lyme and Arthritis Relief

Mon, Aug 10, 2015 – Day 375 – Eating a Tree Leaf

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It is an odd thing to do. We eat various plant leaves all the time. But a tree? I noticed the deer liked the apple and plum leaves, and not just a little bit. They are, of course, a whole different species, while still a mammal. I read up on them. They are ungulate ruminants with four different stomachs. Cows had 5 stomachs. and they have no problem digesting cellulose fibre from plants. Humans can’t. It just passes through. If you had whatever the heck I had that allegedly stumped doctors, you would try anything too. After some searching, it seemed to be Lyme Disease, which they claim does not exist in Canada. There are probably magnitudes more that have it. Borreliosis is a better name for it, because then it looks like most people have it. Finally the pandemic smoking gun for all chronic illness affecting 187 million people in Canada and the USA. That is about half the population. For medicine to miss that doesn’t look very good on them at all. Half of them have it too, and they can’t even treat themselves.

Just to be clear, medicine is so stumped with chronic illness that it is easily the leading cause of death. If you think eating a tree leaf is bizarre, consider they propose “biologic” treatments for chronic illness that shut down the symptoms, but not the illness. They gave rat poison to people with heart disease. This is OK because a doctor said so. It is a big tent including Heart Disease, lung disease, brain diseases, stomach diseases, bowel diseases, muscle and joint diseases (arthritis), skin disorders, cancers, the Common Cold, and Lyme Disease. That is just what I can think about now, but there are more. Lots more.

Bacterial biofilm is everywhere in nature, and on man made things, fromMcCrap tanks to wharves to pipelines. It is inside all your human pipes. It is nature’s way. Dr. Bill Costerton discovered the theory in mountain streams, and correlated it to the behaviour of bacterial biology. Since then, great strides have been made identifying it but treatment has lagged far behind. You would think they would throw up their hands and cry Hallelujah at something like Wild Apple Leaf and Enzymes that cuts it. They won’t even study it. They admit total defeat. That is not the sort of army you need on your side, or even operations for prevention. Strength through weakness and surrender? The defeatist attitude points to a mass dereliction of duty. Deserters used to get shot. Now they are promoted in their system. Everybody is in denial that it is like that, but as soon as you need them, that is what happens. Why not just change the signs on all their hospitals to, “Welcome to the Human Disposal Processing Center.” Make it Digital. “Now Serving: 1,475,159” That would be too tech. It is like McDonald’s. “Billions and Billions Served!”

You have to admire the Brits. They put a sign in their hospitals, “If you are looking for help with Lyme Disease, Go Elsewhere.” An Apple Tree would be a good start. They do not want to even know or try though. It does not have a track record. Everything they have has a track record of failure. This has a track record of promise. It does not fit their model. It does not come from Big Pharma or even Holistic medicine where failure is well entrenched. They will be quick to jump on the fact that nematode parasites physically drill out of you. Why doesn’t it kill them? Maybe a better question would be what are they, and why have they been in here for decades undetected? That raises an even bigger question: Where has medicine been on this now that it is obvious? The Helminths are obviously very stealthy. I found they also hide in biofilm, which medicine is decades behind in dealing with. It looks like lots come from insect bites and stings. That is a lot more than just ticks. This year, they finally realize that. The more the merrier, it seems co-infections are additive, teaming up. They are not exclusive like a virus can be. It seems a virus cannot defeat Apple Leaves either though. Neither can biting insects.

I showed that there are other formulations, like SCRAM! and ParaGone, but you do not know which parasites they get. With Apple Leaves, if you had a lab, they come out alive to analyse. It could build a whole new foundation for medicine and about exactly what has been stumping them for all history. I deduced the whole biofilm issue with help from the YouTube biofilm channel. Now I just treat it myself. They can’t and won’t. The ones that try are on the wrong track. Buckets of antibiotics will never permeate that film without first dissolving it. That is a lot larger job than I suspected since I am still at it 62 days, or two full months, later at Bandaid2,000 mg spread out over a day. With the Apple Leaves, it obviously skunks out more helminths, leading me to believe they are also hiding under polysaccharide stuff inside you. Between the Leaves and the pectin enzymes, they can’t remain any more. As they leave, they leave information about how long, and how and where they got in. That’s more than a start. That is the beginning of the end of their decades long chronic game. As other researchers connect their own dots, more information will build. By eliminating the biofilm, medicines like Avermectin, Ivermectin, and DEC may be effective, or even holistic remedies like Black Walnut hulls, Thyme seed extract, or wormwood anthelmintics, but until then, you know they will not be. They were unable to penetrate the biofilm. I have become a biofilm deconstruction engineer out of necessity, dabbling in TCM-H to prove this new unknown herb. Hanging out my shingle might not be such a bad idea. There is no degree in this though. I even tried checking with the local medicine man. They knew nothing of the Apple Leaves. They were after all, brought here by the railroad from down east, even though they were named for here; Malus Columbia.

The whole COPD diagnosis was way off base. It was from a full life insect bites and biofilm expectorant. That became obvious, and more so, recently. They were going to show me how my oxygen levels were low from smoking, but they went up after each cigarette. They assumed the machine was broken, so they brought in another. Same answer. I suspect I just hacked out more biofilm, clearing things out. Now I feel better than I ever have in that department. Enzyme treatment was exactly what that needed, and is hundreds, if not thousands, of times better than what they tried on me.

There is a word count on this blog, and it is already over 1100. When I started late last October, with a duck out to see where the deer were going, following the Apples down south, I thought I would try a thousand words a day for physiotherapy. My hands were relatively shaky back then, but so much of that has really cleared up. The initial problem about 9 years ago was that I started noticing that I made an inordinately large amount of left hand typos at work. The wires seemed crossed. Then my left pinky toe went numb. I thought it was a pinched nerve and didn’t complain about it. I now see that would not have helped anyway. It was borreliosis, and it was work related due to all the bugs and exposure to foreign workers and their co-infections. It makes sense now why they would not insure me. They knew it. Typical.

Their only solution for anything is to quit smoking. This completely SmokinKillsblows that theory out of the water, as does Richard Overton at 109 years old, smoking 15 cigars a day. Smoking has been the whipping boy of all medicine for a century when it has mostly been boreliosis. That shows they are the definition of simpletons, explaining away everything with an overly simple reason even though mountains of evidence exist to the contrary. They ignore the glaring contraindications to their theories instead of looking what the cause may be. Borreliosis would have been discovered to be the culprit ages ago, but the simpletons are stuck on stupid committing the ultimate faux pas in statistics, with their sweeping generalizations covering up separate independent modes of failure. In short, it is a cross of bad math and bad science, sprinkled with third rail politics. That is not to say that cigarettes may not be additive, but the far larger problem is proving to be borreliosis, and the failure to recognize it for so long is a failure of their entire science. Their failure to investigate all the things exposed by Wild Apple Leaves puts them in the fraud category. There is no right for them to call themselves scientists, any more than the University of East Anglia, caught first fudging climate data for money, then again trying to cover their tracks from the first time they were caught.

That wouldn’t be the first time the mighty have fallen to group think. They exclude all thinking that flies in the face of their conventional wisdom, and assume that also applies to thinking against their proven conventional stupidity. It adds up to a sea of bathwater with babies bobbin’ all over in it. Ahoy! <Chorus of…>”Wahhhhh!<glub!>” Whoops! Mighta lost one… lulz It started eating a tree leaf. It is up to taking enzymes to dissolve biofilm, leaving the pathogen planktonic where it is wide open. Maybe an antibiotic now, but it seems like the immune system takes care of it. The apple leaves help it too. You can feel it working. It doesn’t take an Ivy League degree in brain surgery to figure that out.

I could use help from rocket surgeons though. How can the elimination of biofilm pectin be sped up? I can’t see how you really can. The mode now is that it comes out as mucus. There is also some blood sugar produced as you don’t feel hungry, and the hyperglycemia pressure possibly makes one feel tired, sort of like you feel after a big meal. You could do a degree on the analysis of what is happening there alone. Your own insulin production is key to dealing with it. That low starch diet link had some cues in that you consciously have to increase fat after being told all your life that fat was bad. Conversely, a life of starch is hard to unwind I am finding a couple months in. The nematodes obviously made it to withstand everything but this, since more came out when their hiding place was permeated by the apple leaf anthelmintic portion, once it seemed that the pectolase got to the polysaccharides. They fold their “hand”, or more correctly their slither, by their actions.

As I forge into this new turf, I’m looking at insulin. I still do natural unpasteurized liquid honey instead of sugar as a light coffee sweetener for the invertase conversion you can taste. Maybe I can half that. They say eat fibre, but not more starchy fibre we know. Say good bye to cravings, because you feel full. My appetite has returned a little in the past while, but that was when I intentionally backed off the pectin enzyme I see now. It confirmed the effects, and now it makes a lot more sense what I observed. Eliminating the biofilm, converting it to sugars, exposes itself by the slight hyperglycemic effects. Dry flaky skin on my feet and ankles makes sense now too. They could use a good soak, and all that dead skin would just peel or exfoliate. The base skin dermis is alright. Wound healing may be slightly slower where nematodes come out, but they are pinworm size, while being of an unknown type specifically. 2 grams a day is maybe my limit with pectin enzymes of this formulation. It also explains ketosis I noticed early on when I could sense a ketone by taste, indicating hypo/hyperglycemia, but not anymore. My natural insulin has balanced. Well, that explains some things.


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I am a relic. I thought I would chronicle what I found out about it here.

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