Wild Apple Leaf Lyme and Arthritis Relief

Tues, Aug 11, 2015 – Day 376 – Rewind

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If you try the Wild Apple Leaf program, the first thing that hits you is that it rewinds through all your injuries and bug bites, and you can feel the herxheimer reaction at the same locations working. Sometimes you don’t know what the damage was, but on the rewind, i becomes more apparent. Biofilm is built in layers, some faster than others, and some longer and thicker. Some are small, and some are extensive. That is what goes on when it all gets dissolved by the enzyme like peeling the layers of an onion. Then it feels like the cells rebuild individually. Since I guess I am the first one to ever do this, that is the scouting report from the other side.

I took a lot longer because I wasn’t using enyzmes for the biofilm. The apple leaves do it themselves, but it is a lot slower. Still, compared to the 59 years it took to build, the Rewind was a lot faster. If it got too intense, I just paused, but that wasn’t very often, except when they locked me in a hospital away from my computer and poisoned me with steroids and antibiotics which seemed to erase the hard won gains of 3 months.

It paralysed my right leg worse. Meanwhile, well meaning people shut down my house when it was designed to just turn off the heater and water heater. The temperature would never drop below 40 F the way it was all insulated. Natural antifrozen condition would be maintained by the permanent 50F ground heat. I tested it and could never get it below 50 degrees. I had scheduled to install a new heater, but they cancelled when I wasn’t there. I was down south looking at apple trees while all this happened, got Baker’s Pneumonia, “snotterboarded” from testing too many, and they threw me in a hospital not having a clue what it was. That should make you lose faith in all medicine. When they fail to diagnose correctly, they arrest the patient to shut them up about it. They killed my father that way, and put him in septic shock not knowing what it was. I know what murder by incompetence is. Watch out for hospitals in Canada with Lyme. If you get tested elsewhere, consider getting a court order to keep incompetent medical professionals away. They can kill with their ignorance.

If you are like everybody who doesn’t have $100K to blow getting tested, because Health Canada does not pay to test for Supermarket weed killer poison food you eat and they implicitly approve to sell, or the borreliosis epidemic of chronic disease killing half the population, http://Dr-Risk.com in Calgary does Lyme testing. Why not just do Apple Leaves anyway? When a worm drills outta your brain or lymph nodes, you can be sure it wasn’t exactly doing much good in there. Apple Leaves appear to be a 100% parasite helminth borreliosis test AND nuke. My Theory is that these helminths are bug borne from many arthropods. and they are behind borreliosis which they transmit and farm. Bacterial Biofilm comes in the package.

The trick is you have to completely cut out the medical system. It is now clear they murdered my parents not knowing what was wrong. They will be centuries trying to figure this out, and they are too incurious to want to find out. If you have a broken arm, or want another infection they know nothing about, by all means go there. Instead, avoid them like the plague, and start Wild Apple Leaf Rewind Therapy soon as possible. Trust me, I found out all these things are additive, and it gets worse the longer you delay. I’m 59, so I had 59 years of this to unwind. I’m dealing with bug bites and worms I never knew I had. They are otherwise undetectable.

It is just by chance I found a Safe way to smoke them out. If they are behind borreliosis and chronic illness, and God knows what else, you really want them gone now. Everybody else who ignores this commits suicide by parasite chronic illness they don’t know they have yet. The treatment itself makes that clear. If you haven’t got clear thinking, the treatment itself fixes that in three days. If you are depressed, it disappears in less than two weeks, but your drugs may make you too happy, so be careful. This will be a lot cheaper, so you will save a lot of money. I’d rather be better. All that mucus will be dissolving biofilm built from pectin/starch. That is exactly what I designed it to do. If you have a better way, I’ll be interested to see the mass balance numbers and evidence. I find it is more than 10% of my body weight. I convert it to simple sugars that get disposed of by my lungs, pancreas, and blood. Slowly and Safely.

It should be simply the most amazing medical experience you’ve ever had, if you are honest, and you do it right. Everybody says they feel better every day to start. It will tell you a lot nobody knows about Lyme. Not Lyme Literate doctors. Not any other doctors. Only Burgdorfer himself suspected, but these nematodes were too stealthy for his methods. Don’t tell doctors. Let them find out themselves the hard way. Actually, it is the easy way, but you know what I mean. They will just say you are nuts. Know what that means? Wait until THEY find out. It will be great when they are trying to decide whether to kill themselves, throw away everything they learned, or commit themselves. Rest assured they’ll never find out once you realize why they are the laughing stock of all time. You’ll know they are defeated and will never win. If you see them on suicide watch, you’ll know they tried it, and found out how blind stupid, on top of being screwed, they are. Leave it at that. Looks good on them.

EdieBack to finding ways to gain good muscular weight back. That is a side effect of the Apple Leaf Program rewind. NASA also found that exercise didn’t work for the weight loss of spaceflight from microgravity atrophied muscles. Mine are atrophied partly from borreliosis related nerve damage too. If you want to lose weight, try hopping around on one leg for 5 years, then switch to the other leg for 3 when it gives out. Weightlifters use steroids, but that creates other larger metabolic problems. Creatine, a high protein diet, and increasing appetite is another way. People can die from anorexia, and they have not really found a solution for that either. I still have not started that protein supplement because I simply do not feel hungry enough. All that pectin biofilm is converted to sugar energy by the pectin enzymes, making you lose your appetite. On the upside, you really save on groceries. Don’t go out to supper when invited by fat relatives. They will buy you all their “Good Healthy Low Fat Food.” Yeah, right.They keep getting more obese, and faster.

They cook with canola margarine when it clearly says on the label, “Do NOT use this product for cooking!” Even McDonald’s isn’t high fat anymore. They won’t go to my favourite Chinese smorg. The seafood, beef, and Greens are to die for. They assume that good somehow must be bad, but to be fair, they have been fed a straight diet of pure low fat deadly bullshzt and rat poison by medicine. They assumed that when I said I wanted a pizza, that is what was causing it. If that was the case, the fat fzcks should have ordered a dozen. I decline. I know about a thousand other things they are dying of, and they won’t even eat one Apple Leaf to actually meet the first one. When you have a lethal brain disease, denial is the only cure. Fighting it is futile in their Lyme Borreliosis Pectin Biofilm Fogged minds. I should write a book about it; 72 Hours. The common complaint is I can’t read. It would have to be a pamphlet.

I take it the most intelligent nematodes leave first. The sneakiest go last after a year in a pectin cocoon, or when you dissolve it. I hope I got that to two months. Trust me, you don’t want that phase hopping around on one leg for the better part of a decade. I do have some protein supplements left over from that initial phase though. I needed that build on the remaining 50% of the muscles. Deer can digest biofilm it seems, as do cows. Moose are also in that same family as are elk. Humans are short a few stomachs for that.


Author: Joe1Smith

I am a relic. I thought I would chronicle what I found out about it here.

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