Wild Apple Leaf Lyme and Arthritis Relief

Weds, Aug 12, 2015 – Day 377 – A Head Scratcher

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Look at pruritis. We found a new reason why we scratch that itch that gets exposed by Wild Apple Leaves. It is more complex than the Wiki states. Is there a link to borreliosis? They say that 280 million worldwide are affected by parasitosis. I found it was related to insect bites, stings, and contact with aqueous biofilmed surfaces, or other surfaces from casual contact, as in Swimmer’s Itch. None of these things is supposed to last very long. Then there are many unexplained effects like the rewind of injuries that happens along with it. You already lose the doctors who oversimplify and dismiss the whole thing, defaulting to a diagnosis of delusional parasitosis to get a paycheck. That broken arm in 1973 becomes a delusion. Felt pretty real to me. After starting wild Apple Leaves, you will discover those parasites have been active in you for decades, generally the majority of your life. If they are that tenacious, we have a candidate for teaming up with borreliosis for a grand old time. It looks like these persistent nematodes also like biofilm. They have found biofilm in outer space and in the deepest mines, as they have with nematodes. You can have one without the other, or can you? Nobody knows. Nothing explains the phenomenon that happens eating Wild Apple Leaves, so I came up with the stinkbomb analogy. On a side note, if there ever was a candidate for something faster than light, that may be it. lulz

The video link yesterday from Australia Channel 7 cited mosquitoes as another vector for this thing. Nematodes and their  eggs? Bug? Itchy? Ding, ding, and ding. Our theory explains why this infection is so complex and difficult to eradicate. It is a multi nematode/pathogen/biofilm symbiosis, requiring a multi faceted approach at elimination. Any one of the three keeps the end condition going. Addressing biofilm exposes more of the other two. My theory is that the nematodes or helminth parasites are behind it. Their theory is that nematodes and helminths don’t exist because they never ate an Apple Leaf to skunk some of them out. Then they will instantly realize what dumb azzes they are. I checked to see if I was alone. I’m not. I can’t even find anybody who it does not affect. More come out if you try pectin enzyme on the biofilm. There is a lot more than just strongyloides stercoralis going on here. The science is unexplainable, so incurious doctors just say it is delusional parasitosis, or Morgellons which they also describe as delusional, even though it was proven not to be this year. Nematodes explain what the tracks are, but medicine is a few centuries behind trying to catch up in an infantile scientific pout of unbroken failure, and proven incompetence of diagnostic misdirection. They’re still beaten by a common cold. We aren’t, because out theory explains the whole thing. How do we know?

Wild Apple Leaves cure a common cold, putting it in fast forward. You go through all the symptoms in hours, but come out clear at the end, instead of having the thing nagging for weeks. The failures, AKA doctors, are all butt hurt and Jelly from being spanked yet again. They Mad, Bro. Look at their explanations for all this and it is a train wreck of contradictions and incomplete work. They’re going nowhere. Look at their behaviour when confronted with Lyme Disease. They Mad, Bro. They Jelly. They need a few weeks in the Rubber Hotel to cool off. At least they won’t miss the internet or a phone. They don’t know how to use either anyway. lulz

Just thinking… What sort of psycho mindset is that, passing themselves off as a be all and end all of medical thought, resting on an unbroken record of insurance fraud, barbarism, and failure, that throws people with any serious, debilitating disease they do not understand, into a mental facility? They shouldn’t only have their mandate and credentials lifted, but they should face perpetual prosecution, if not beatings at the hand of those affected patients, for crimes against humanity. Put that weird animal in a fishbowl for some well deserved harassment. Moreover, hunt down anyone who carried their water. Make the Nuremburg Trials look like a cakewalk, comparatively. Single out the ones who sneered at and tortured those patients for special treatment at the hands of those same patients. They want karma? Give them the disease.

Wild Apple Leaves cure chronic arthritis. Once you hit the biofilm, it really mops it up. It is not a biologic immunity killing patch job that will not work addressing the root cause, while killing the patient from other misunderstood pathology. It hits all three; parasites, pathogens, and biofilm. You can help with the biofilm using enzymes, once Apple Leaves appear to expose the thread to unravel the whole thing. Enzymes then pull on it. You get a little sick of all that sugar made by all that starchy polysaccharide, but you can pause it for a breather. After all, it took a whole lifetime to deposit there. When feedback is your only metric with an AWOL medical system you bought and paid for, don’t rush it and get sick. Focus on the payback phase and plan for when that time comes. It is getting closer than you think, and the whole rotten structure is on the verge of collapse under sheer weight of numbers. They’re counting on you to die. It’s their only way out of the horrific corner they painted themselves into; That’s Murder. Know that and act accordingly. Avoid them at all costs. They’ll just cover it up.

Use your head when Apple Leaves give it back. It will make you smarter than a doctor, although that isn’t saying much, as you will soon find. They may be smart, but their book of knowledge and best practices is fatally flawed. It is from the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil. You will see it standing right there. Don’t bother trying to tell people. They’ll have to find out for themselves, and when they do, it will all come apart in the mirror. Laugh and celebrate when they commit suicide. Be glad they didn’t take you with them. They’ll try, just like Al Qaeda terrorists, with a belated parting shot. Think how and why they got there first. They’ll make two bombs with separate timers to booby trap the scene, so don’t rush in to help out.

Meanwhile, in other countries such as India and the southern USA, parasites are better understood. In Canada, the conceit breeds ignorance of them, with a few quadrillion bugs and geese set to deliver squalor on tap like an Amazon drone to anybody, anywhere, anytime. The airborne, crawling, squalor force is tremendous, with a defenceless populace by hubris and choice, bugs ready by chance to inject feces and disease to start the ball rolling. Apple Leaf powder indeed exposes the Truth of how blindly ignorant and evil they, our alleged medical practitioners, all are, ignoring the undeniable lesson Apple Leaves afford them by intentionally avoiding the lesson they teach so well. Meanwhile, their personal borreliosis goes on dormant, ready to strike at any time after a fateful bug bite, after depositing a starch biofilm loving nematode, and creating an invincible biofilm team to eat their brains out. It’s not a new thing. The closest thing we have to fossil borrelia came from a man frozen in ice in the Tyrolean Alps, over 5,000 years ago.

Nobody will ever know how much part nematode parasites play in the Lyme Disease game. After all, it is a name game that doctors made up, then took their foot ball home when they got their azzes kicked. They still lost, and they’re still sore losers. Borreliosis continues without them, obviously. I got rid of as many parasitic helminths as I could with Apple Leaf powder, and it made me feel a lot better. They claim there is no connection, but then they claim there are no nematodes, and there is no Lyme Disease. It goes without saying there are no doctors, other than the DBA variety, then.

Back to science world. Biofilms are hydrated extracellular polymeric substances (aka EPS) underlying a lot of disease. Once they get stuck on you, they are hard to eradicate without help from added enzymes. You can look up “constituents of bacterial biofilm” on google for lots of scholarly articles. Some say that bacterial biofilms are the most successful form of life on earth. Nematodes are the most pervasive. I found they use biofilm protection too.


Author: Joe1Smith

I am a relic. I thought I would chronicle what I found out about it here.

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