Wild Apple Leaf Lyme and Arthritis Relief

Thurs, Aug 13, 2015 – Day 378 – Bug Fix

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Taking a break from the enzymes but they are still in my system, producing sweet phlegm. I had some regular ground beef in spaghetti sauce with no spaghetti to get more protein and fat in my diet. I imagine they use a lot of polygalacturonase in that sauce to release all the tomato sugars from the pectin. The result is lots of excess heat to the point of almost being uncomfortable. With a lot of that starch gone, the protein digestion is amplified immensely. That would be great in the fall/winter, but in the summer, it is a little much. The starch enzyme reaction creates a lot of sugar, throwing your digestive balance out of whack, I take it. The hyperglycemic condition with protein dulls your thoughts a bit. I am a little slower sharpening up today, and of course, the effect is noticeable enough to write about.

I am still taking 500 mg. a day of Apple Leaf Powder. You cannot get it anywhere; You have to find an apple or a crabapple tree. The fall leaves are OK too, but you must dry them fast or they go moldy. Ideally, get them just before the tree shuts down and they change to make sure they are at their fullest apple sap generating power. I couldn’t tell the difference from the fall ones, except the yellow ones are more bitter than the dark ones. Medicinally, they both seemed the same. Pectin is the deadliest substance in the world underlying all biofilm. Some products are made to address other things in biofilm, like Kirkman’s Biofilm Defense, but pectin enzyme and polygalacturonase convert it to so much sugar it is sickening after a while. It took 59 years for all that starch to get deposited in my veins, so a few more months to get rid of it would be OK with me. I was taking 2,000 mg. a day of pectin enzymes like used in wine making for the last couple months. I lost 10% of my body weight or more that was apparently polysaccharide starch, the deadliest substance in the world underlying all chronic antibiotic resistant disease, biofilm slime. Humans digest enough of it in their large instestine to cause all that biofilm trouble as you get older. That is the source of all chronic disease.

Bart the cat is fine after taking a full human dose, except he now thinks he is a coyote. He was making the strangest wolf sounds last night, howling at meteors maybe. He hasn’t had any for over a week I think, but I mistakenly thought he had become dog like. Dog, coyote, wolf, same sort of family I guess. lol He is out on the prowl looking to flange with other canines or cats. We actually haven’t had popcorn or SPAM for a while. They were his favourites but I have rehabbed him to cat food kibble now. His behaviour remains immensely improved and more dog like. Apple leaves affect some animals a lot faster than humans.

Popcorn is starch, aka Pectin, so we should probably both cut it out. It seems the human diet is mostly starch, and that is not good. Wheat, rice, maize, potatoes, that sort of thing. We chose vegetables for the highest starch content. We buy pectin jams and jellies that should be banned. If it forms as part of a biofilm, it will be deadly, slowly and surely. Someday they’ll probably make a celiac gluten intolerance connection to borreliosis as well. Try apple leaves and it may work. Can’t hurt. If you are like that guy in India and have a baby, don’t blame me. Use a little caution though. If it hurts more than a usual herx, don’t take more. I know this sounds condescending, but generally people in contact with animals having Lyme will also have the Brain Fog. Getting any point, even the simplest, like the fact Apple Leaves cure Brain Fog in 72 hours, takes 72 days. The neuroborreliosis prevents them from understanding that. Instead they go out and buy buckets of Apples and Pectin, making everything worse. It’s the LEAVES, NOT the pectin, NOT the Apples!!!!

Several animals do not seem to have a problem with starch. Ruminants with multiple stomachs like deer are one example. They can digest cellulose, or woody plant fibre. It just passes through a human. Horses do get Lyme Disease or neuroborreliosis. That particular link notes a high level of fibrinogen which we noted biofilm in pathogens/nematodes in humans use in their biofilm. The takeaway there is that there is a lot of similarity to known human disease. Perhaps Apple Leaves could help there too. Might as well try, because humans, particularly their doctors, don’t want to know how well it works. Guillain-Barre Syndrome is the manifestation of human radiculoneuritis. There may be limited effect with that because the damage seems permanent in my case, although it strangely shows letting up randomly with Apple Leaf treatment. Humans presenting with these symptoms in Canada are thrown in psychiatric jail, stripped of all their rights and communication, and tortured by idiots. Horses are relatively lucky in that they are generally comforted until euthanization becomes necessary. Like humans, treatment with doxycycline eventually winds up aggravating the condition post treatment.

What should an equine dose be? Bart was a cat, but could handle a full human dose. You could start with double a human dose, so 1 gram dry weight per diem(day). Or a small salad. That would be the ultimate justice to a medical system gone psychotic and mad. Horses would use all the Apple Leaves while people suffer carrying water for the failed money corrupted fraud Health Canada runs. Make it so. I know one person of well means who wants to bequeath his fortune to the SPCA when he dies. Health Canada obviously really impressed him with their technology, particularly after he watched them murder both my parents.

Back to the horses. Lyme can kill a horse. The response to doxycycline shows that it likely biofilms. Here is where it gets tricky. Would a horse safely respond to pectin enzyme supplementation, or would it lead to delaminative laminitis disorder? Oats are starchy; That is what makes porridge a gooey gel. Borrelia spirochetes love polysaccharide starch or pectin that makes biofilm. If horses eat alfalfa, they must have a way to digest cellulose. It would certainly demonstate the ability of apple leaves to somehow permeate the biofilm. Making the underlying nematodes drill out would be a given. As you know, only Canadian doctors are stupid enough to think people don’t have nematode parasites from bug bites, but this is veterinary world. Fuck people. A million Canadian doctors and their fawning psycho support group can’t be wrong! <cough cough>

The main takeaway here confirms what I already knew. Canadian Doctors are tortuous Criminal Lyme murderers, feigning ignorance. Doxycycline, the American weapon of choice, makes things worse with Lyme after a seeming quick fix. Apple Leaves can somehow permeate biofilm, but need assistance with pectin enzyme to dig deeper, since late ripening and long shelf life traits, enhancing the awful biofilm pectin to make food look pretty, has been bred into them extensively. Pectin is the crucial component of the enemy, borreliosis. I know borreliosis is just the nematode farm animal though. Parasite Nematodes are the proverbial Man Behind the Curtain. Behave like a real Doctor and pay no attention to them, of course, until they drill out of your genitals or other inconvenient locales like your temples after taking Wild Apple Leaves. A child of three could tell you that after eating a few leaves of it a day.

What is Myelin? It makes the sheaths around nerves, acting as the insulation. Cholesterol is a necessary nutrient for the myelin sheath. A favourite torture technique of Canadian Doctors is combining steroids, antidepressants, and antibiotics to cripple people they subsequently declare insane to cover their tracks, while collecting perpetual paychecks. Somehow, this destroys myelin, maybe irreparably, and especially with Lyme Patients, their favourite torture target demographic. Apple Leaves have the maddening effect of making the neurons come good for short periods of time before relapsing to the desired official medical tortured state. When I eventually arrest enough doctors to use as lab rats, returning the favour, I will let you know if there is an update after experimenting on a few thousand, ignoring their repeated protests, accidentally on purpose. Then we can misdiagnose them with MS or everything but borreliosis for shzts an’ giggles, strip all their communications, tell everybody they are insane, and threaten them with increased doses of the poison, AKA “medicine”, if they complain. We would, of course, then be following Best Practices. The autopsy will answer all those nagging questions, but we can just chuck them in the dumpster like all the other ones, and save all that pesky paperwork. Their skulls will make nifty ashtrays and candle holders, I suppose. Hello, future web historians. Welcome to early 21st century medical barbarism.


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I am a relic. I thought I would chronicle what I found out about it here.

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