Wild Apple Leaf Lyme and Arthritis Relief

Fri, Aug 14, 2015 – Day 379 – Taking Stock

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It is an old saying, related to ranching. You count your livestock. You see where you are at. I have a hundred 500 mg. Wild Apple Leaf capsules left. That will get me to harvest. If you have borreliosis, nobody helps you. Everybody abandons you, except to try and get you to sign away all your rights, or make a living will so that their job will be easier when it is time for the funeral. They come over sometimes to make a mess, so the next time they can complain what a mess the place is from the last mess they made. Some dump stray animals on you, thinking it is better if you take the responsibility to murder them, or die, leaving them astray again. It is an education in human nature from the point of view of the nearly dead. Any talk of hope is not welcomed at all. The twist is they all have it. The further twist is the doctors are fzcking them over the exact same way, and they haven’t caught on. “Oh, I’ve got Arrhythmia!” “Oh, I’ve got Coeliac!” “Oh, I have Heart Disease!” “Oh, I’m fine! What was the question again?” “Oh, I have horrible rheumatism!” “Oh, I have hay fever!” “Oh they just put a couple stints in my arteries inside the ones that biofilmed shut! Pass me a second load of starch, there!”

Any talk of Burgdorfer, delusions of borrelia, and bugs with worm eggs in them is ludacris. “Not proven! Not peer reviewed!” “We have a process!”as they itch the bug bites they got recently. Some may have a new sting. Try this Apple Leaf. “Poison!” as they grab another Warfarin. Actually I am kidding. They don’t even talk. They have more pressing life problems, obviously, dealing with a completely dysfunctional medical system, giving them the total borrelia run around. That is the difference between now and last year. I feel a lot better, obviously. Dropping 20 pounds of worms and biofilm had a lot to do with it. The myelin damage may be hard to overcome, because there is no more cholesterol in anything. Worms were using it to make biofilm, just like they ate that myelin for the fats and cholesterol. They used borrelia spirochetes to round it up. I had some the other day in ground beef, and the heat it generated almost killed me. Almost. It wasn’t that bad, but it was definitely noticeable.

I don’t even need sweetener in coffee anymore. The reaction is continuing even after stopping Pectin Enzyme. That is one day. Possibly it permeated and softened all the biofilm. I just have to play catch up to get rid of it all. Cheapest coffee sweetener ever. I thought it might have been saccharine, but checking the formula, it wasn’t. It tastes more like glucose or fructose. Similar to honey, but now more akin to plain sugar. It took a couple weeks to get there when I started the pectolase. because it tasted a little soapy with a bit of wood/methyl alcohol to start. Maybe after a month it was all sweet mucus coming out. There was also a little formaldehyde smell in urine at the beginning like a cat box.

Deer SaladI sure hope that horse is getting apple leaf help for its neuroborreliosis. That was by far the second most dramatic effect. In 72 hours, you sharpen right up, very noticeably. The first was all the nematodes physically coming out where they went in by a bug sting and/or bite. They had been hiding in there for decades. Two months ago, it started again with the pectin enzymes. I’d guess a hundred more were hiding in biofilm until I dissolved it back chemically. They’re all out for now, I hope. The little scabs are more like dried sugar syrup than fibrin. My energy is recovering from the hyperglycemic state. Not recovered, that is, still recovering. 2 grams a day is a little too much, except for PRN for Baker’s Apple Leaf pneumonia. Somebody had to try it. I am continuing the Apple Leaves to stop other bugs dead. That was the big discovery this May during the first tick wakeup.

I was thinking about a seasoning sprinkle, IMG-20140809-00085but went to capsules to quantify the powder more accurately. Heating within reason to dry them does not seem to affect the properties of the leaves. I just used enough microwaves to dry them generally. Some weren’t dried enough and went a little moldy. They were OK too as far as I could tell when I tried them. The leaves that fall off, or picked with or after the apple harvest are fine too. Early leaves are OK, but a tincture retains that Green Apple property somewhat. Better to wait until they are all mature at the height of their apple sap generating power. A big cardboard box is handy for harvest. Putting them in plastic may make them go moldy. If you need medicine immediately, just harvest what you need now. Come back to get the mother load in October or November. That is only a couple months away. Be careful sampling too many leaves, lest a doctor grab you and torture you. Have an emergency “Snotterboard” antidote kit full of 500 mg. capsules of pectin enzyme from a wine making store, put in empty size 0 capsules. You may see deer. Give them distance. They will protect their young fiercely. Their hooves and horns will be sharp then.

About this time last year, I was starting to wonder just how many of these things were there? I mean, it had been a couple weeks, and dozens of the things had come out. A couple hundred more were still hiding in biofilm. The swimmers itch ones were all still hiding. It would take time, without adding biofilm targeting enzymes, and just using Apple Leaves alone, with what ever enzymes they had with them. I assumed that somebody would find out what was happening from this amazing scientific discovery. Nobody cared it turned out. Pectin turned out to be the culprit. That made sense. A western diet is all starch. A nematode’s dream, it turns out. If you notice an animal suffering from too much mucus coming out or hanging up after eating wild apple leaves, give them a little pectin enzyme to help. Groom them to scratch the itch where worms eat their way out of their muscles and skin. You will likely know the feeling by then. You would know that being incurious, when it comes to how much biofilm they built in you, will kill you when it goes on for too long, and job 1 will be trying to get rid of them with Wild Apple Leaves. You will try Scram! You will try ParaGone. You will see Apple Leaves still get more. Chimpanzees eat a lot of leaves. They would love the taste of apple leaves. They spend all day grooming each other consequently. Monkey see – Monkey do, or die.

Still, nobody cares. The bug transmitted parasite elimination science is all revolutionary, and chronic illness and disease gets defeated. The problem is that it is too revolutionary. It becomes clear all medicine is still on the wrong track. They don’t like that. They Mad, Bro. They Jelly. They dumber than a sack o’ hammers. They worm food. 2+2=5 because they say so, and U insane if you think different. Humour them. They’re a powerful dangerous club of psychopathic idiots, on top of being really conceited. That’s a really bad combination, and they have hundreds of worms eating their brains and crapping out biofilm in it on top of that. Give them space to screw up and fail as usual. Hide. That is the best course of action when faced with cement headed complete fzckups like that. They’ll find out soon enough… in jail. I tried to throw them a bone, telling them to try it themselves. They threatened to commit me for saying 2+2=4. I conceded 2+2= whatever the fzck they wanted. They nuckin’ futz, Bro.

So that is where we still stand after taking stock. Family all dying of chronic borreliosis, saying they’re just fine, except for all the chronic borreliosis conditions… Doctors all insane hammering square pegs into round holes with bigger fzckin’ hammers. Everybody cheering them on with truckloads of money. Most of the trouble, parasite helminth/nematodes, all discovered hiding, in everybody, 379 Days ago eating one leaf from one tree. It tasted OK, so I ate more. I wonder who will claim they found it out instead? What would you bet they’ll fzck it up, and claim 2+2=6 before the apple leaves REALLY kick in? lol At least I have a lot of it written in stone… or cloudy silicon. Close enough.

Meanwhile, the FDA just approved Oxycontin for Kids! Hammer that peg. Meanwhile, this is the Real September 23, 2015 Conspiracy! Muwahaha! Wormwood will kick ur Azzteroids! Then the nanomachine army will eat their way around inside of you all at once, just like Yesterday! It took a year to give mine the boot. Thought I’d throw that in there. lulz Can’t say I didn’t warn ’em. Little too late to do anything about it now, even with enzyme accelerants. Perfect.

Hey, when you have a total nut farm, might as well play with their noodles for shzts an’ giggles. Teehehe! I’ll be the “Bonesman!” 322 here. It’s a S3kr3+! An’ 923 times 322 equals… Nevermind! We been living in Ur azz since U R babies! U R all sooo skrew+! The NWO PWN+ U already! Call Alex Jones. lulz


Author: Joe1Smith

I am a relic. I thought I would chronicle what I found out about it here.

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