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Sat, Aug 15, 2015 – Day 380 – In The News

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A local paper ran a story about Lyme Disease in BC! The oddest thing is that I found it on sci.med.diseases.lyme . “Kimmerly says on average, people with Lyme pay about $10,000 to $12,000 a year for treatment outside of the health care system.” Gee, I pay a lot less than that. I’m lucky enough to have a Wild Apple tree, or a few, outside here. There are others around us where that article was written. There were several other interesting points in that article. 57 out of 100 samples tested in the US were positive for Lyme. They estimate half have it here. That is low compared to what I found, and I know why. You are bound to have been, or will be, bitten by a bug transferring a nematode parasite into you eventually. They do not know how to test for all the other parasites like I do. That is because my test is a warning shot between the eyes. They exit or die. lulz

The Lyme Disease newsgroup has a lot of articles. I read it every week. They are ALL on the wrong track. You will also know once you try Wild Apple Leaves, then go searching for what exactly is happening. You will find nothing that rings a bell until you happen upon this blog. Perhaps you will assume that it is hopeless if you read everything because it all will fail once they start a biofilm up. Other bugs will join the party or just reinfect you. I found all sorts of things that biofilmed, including the nematodes themselves. The only thing that makes sense of it all is the Apple Leaf Identified nematodes build the biofilm. This area will be a large cluster of chronic Lyme, even though they figure they have it licked. Antibiotics won’t work, no matter how long you administer them. Borreliosis is just a symptom of biofilm. It can’t survive without it, like fish need water. This is why they have trouble culturing it. All medicine is stumped at that point. If it isn’t planktonic, they have no solution, and also do not exist.

I never knew there was a BC Centre for Disease Control (BCDC), but they are the usual cement heads. They have no clue. They test for borrelia like they all do. Do you assess and attack a farm by checking the paint job on the chicken coop? Or a grain of oats? Then you hold a Bar-B-Que to fight it? The chickens won’t sit on the grill long enough, and the parasite nematode “farmers” will just start the whole operation again when you leave. Wild Apple Leaves and enzymes send the farmers packin’ though. You can’t miss them coming out.

For the uninitiated, that’s not a rash. Those are little worms exiting your body, and they have leached off of it for decades. You will notice they come out of old bug bites and stings. If you can remember, that is how long they have been there. That likely isn’t dirt coming out of your pores. Remember that Swimmer’s Itch you had? Feel that old injury being revisited? They used the fibrinogen your body produced when healing, and they built or fortified the biofilm with it. Starting to make sense yet? Don’t feel bad. It escaped all medicine for all history. Wild Apple Leaves all of a sudden make it all make sense.

heartSo what is the Lyme connection deal? Some bugs carry good Biofilm maker nematodes. Some bugs carry good Biofilm farmers. Some bugs carry good Biofilm populators. Add them all together and you get a potpouri of worm poop fit to kill a horse. Also known as <Insert Your Name Here.> West Denial Virus is a better name when all the doctors are AWOL. This poor old fella is a little confused too, it seems. He can’t tell a parasite helminth from his graffiti. Luckily, you found this humble rant pit before he tried to commit you for a disease he doesn’t know square one about. I’ll get him straightened around with a Special Procedure! An Extra Strength Organic BC Ditchgrown Wild Apple Leaf Enema with all the trimmings! Sure it will be pricey, but I will Guarantee the results! His brain will be un-fogged, toot sweet, once the rubber hits the road, but it may take a while to un cross his eyes. They may not be exactly what he was looking for, but it’ll work for me! lol He can keep the change. There’ll be little chance of UN-changing it! lulz That will take the next series of a hundred bug bites or more. He’ll have had enough Wild Apple Treatment to last another lifetime by then, although they’ll jump the gun with his remaining biofilm.

For the rest of you, I suggest just pick some leaves and dry them. Throw them in the blender to powder them, strain them, and pack them into Size “0” empty capsules, to take only one a day. That is about 500 mg. Then you will likely notice congestion. Take up to 500 mg of pectin enzyme 4 times a day as necessary. That is because I found out their entire model of Lyme Disease is wrong, and my Wild Apple Leaf treatment proves it. They, our beloved medical system, are so busy on their insurance cover up fraud trying to prove mass delusion for 57% to 100% of the population, that they missed it. Given those numbers, just who is delusional? I ripped the cover off the whole thing.

Borrelia Chain - helminthIt starts with one of several kinds of bug stings or bites. Medicine thought, and still thinks, only a tick has the “infection.” Then it transfers a worm larva and/or eggs into you. Medicine thinks only an infection is transferred. Zero for two. The worms start a Biofilm to protect their otherwise harmless borreliosis infections that they subsequently feed on. Medicine thinks no worm exists. Zero for three. Over the years, and decades, the parasite worms continue to build biofilm that includes other infections that it protects. The victim develops one or more eventually untreatable fatal chronic diseases. Medicine thinks it can treat the separate components of the antibiotic resistant biofilm with more antibiotics. Zero for four. The patient shows improvement temporarily, but relapses to a now toughened chronic state, as the worm adapts with new improved biofilm comprised of the survivors only for the new attack on its flock. All Medicine is now Zero for 5. Coincidentally, that is also an exact match for my numbers. They get Zero. Medicine charges $10K or more per year for Zero out of 5. What should my bill be for exposing this obvious gong show, let alone damages for them building on stupid at my expense? “Prove it!” they cry. I think I already have over 380 Days ago. Your turn. It’s not my fault if you don’t smoke and it takes longer to skunk them out, possibly dangerously as they chigger their way through your eyes, brains, axons, neurons, myelin, and lovely delicious Doctor Meat, AKA vital organs. Your turn. Prove it. lulz

Medicine has a useless test for one symptom out of hundreds. Lyme Disease, AKA Borreliosis itself, is just a symptom of nearly all fatal chronic illness, but exposes the Root Cause. Dr. A.B. MacDonald has made great strides compiling borrelia evidence linking it to all chronic disease, so he lends peer reviewed credence to my theory in a left handed way. I have a 100% positive test for the Root Cause because I was “lucky” enough to get the symptom of Chronic International Lyme Disease/West Denial Virus so I saw, adjusted, and felt results first hand: Wild Apple Leaves smoke the worms at the root of it out of their holes. Any deer knows that. Any questions? What are they? Pinworms/Threadworms, Strongyloides Stercoralis, Trichobilharzi Regentia, Wuchereria Bancrofti, Multiple Unknown species, etc. etc. etc. How could they elude our obvious “brilliance?” <cough, cough> They are what they eat; Your Pectin Rich Brain. They just know how to use it.

More information: Wild Apple Leaves treats the definitive first symptom of Lyme Disease in 72 Hours: Neuroborreliosis. Lyme sufferers know it well as “Brain Fog.” You can tell people have it by just talking to them. They keep asking the same question, and are unable to even listen to, or comprehend, the repeated same answer you give. You try to formulate the answer in increasingly bizarre, shocking, ways so that it hits home. No luck; You get the same question as a response. It is a form of Alzheimer’s, or more correctly as Dr MacDonald shows, the other way around. There is no definitive test short of an autopsy, or other brain tissue sample. The disease takes longer as you will see, or will never know if you place any trust or hope in the aforementioned health care system. Letting go of that is key to any recovery. The worst part is they all claim they are just fine, and you are somehow the problem. They have endless hours to waste asking the same question, receiving the same answer, but complain they have no time to read.

It is a toss up as to whether you will recover enough in 72 hours to realize what is happening as the first nematode parasites drill their way out, and your mind miraculously starts to clear, noticeable to you increasingly, the more advanced the “disease,” really an insect and/or swimming borne parasitic infestation lasting multiple decades, gets. I presume it is related to pollution from excessive parasite worm defecation in your blood and brain tissue. Perhaps Wild Apple Leaves make that extremely reprehensible to them, as it does not to you. Somehow the cyanide from long term cigarette smoking increases that urgency to the parasites. If you cannot figure it out by then, I guess you are probably better off dead, blissfully ignorant of what exactly is happening. In three weeks of looking, you will realize there is no solution except Wild Apple Leaves and Enzymes if you keep it up. Contraindicated medicine is Wormwood, but you can experiment with 1/1000th the estimated Artemesia dose to really wake up the parasites. If you cannot get any of the root nematodes by then, consider holding a living funeral while you can still comprehend it. Hopefully with my new enzyme accelerant discovery, I can get rid of it in under 3 months. YMMV. There is a lifetime of pectin those worms built bacterial biofilm with in you. It makes up everything antibiotic resistant from heart disease to herpes. The statistics of failure are all well documented as you get older, over 60, on nntp://sci.med.diseases.lyme

Next up: Persisters


Author: Joe1Smith

I am a relic. I thought I would chronicle what I found out about it here.

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