Wild Apple Leaf Lyme and Arthritis Relief

Sun, Aug 16, 2015 – Day 381 – Persistence

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Lyne Disease is Persistent. The misinformation is even more persistent. I found I could start addressing the persistence at the beginning, and I kept up being persistent, minus being prevented by doctors when they played straight into the parasites’ hand. The parasite that bugs carry, and Wild Apple Leaf Powder with Enzyme Enhancement initially, finally stops them when it forces them to exit. Why not just kill them? Nobody knows they even exist, let alone knows how to kill them. They have outsmarted All medicine for All time as far as humans are concerned. Until Now.

Medicine has a theory that there must be persister cells. I say the worm itself is the persistent mechanism, and I found even more of them persisting when I swept for biofilm made of pectin. Pectin is starch, and assumed to be indigestable, except for a small amount digested in your colon. Over years, it plugs off your arteries and you have a stroke or heart attack. I thought that must be how the worms got it to make the bulk of this underlying Biofilm matrix. Since I couldn’t perform an autopsy on myself, I put my theory to the test, cutting out as much starch/pectin as I could, and taking 2 grams of pectin enzyme, of the food grade sort at wine making stores, a day. It converted biofilm I noticed being expelled as mucus from the Apple Leaves to sugar. I started coughing out sugary mucus and still do, a week after stopping. It saves on coffee sweetener. I changed to black coffee.

I discovered that the phenomenon of Wild Apple Leaves remains hidden from medicine largely because it works better in concert with smoking. No doctors smoke, not paying attention to Sigmund Freud, the most pre-emminent neurologist of all history. Had he also accidentally discovered Wild Apple Leaves and their properties, he would likely still be alive today, and much less of a nuckin’ fut because his neuroborreliosis, and derivative borreliosis cancer, would be cleared up. lol I guessed that bioavailable cyanide may be the common factor linking deer and people, while biofilm was the factor excluding similar human results. This would need verification. That is one reason it will remain hidden for centuries from all medicine, I estimate. It was surmised that a known Divine guidance was at work here.

I was using liquid honey instead of sugar. It was the unpasteurized type that still had the invertase enzyme. It became unbearably sweet after 60 days. It somehow was making the mucus into honey jam. My hyperglycemia like symptoms have cleared up dramatically, especially the dry skin. I spent an hour soaking it and it all exfoliated with rubbing of the towel and by my hands. The skin underneath seems OK. Initially, it looked like a lizard.

I haven’t thrown out the baby with the bathwater yet. I noticed early on that the best course of action with doctors is to find a different way when it comes to any chronic disease. Ideally, you want to find the right way, because they are 100% wrong when you do due diligence follow up. I lucked out on Wild Apple Leaves. Lightning struck twice with Pectin Enzymes and Invertase. All medicine of every stripe is still 0%. I used to joke at work, when they would keep throwing me in unwinnable scenarios, to rescue trainwrecks, that I couldn’t keep this up, performing miracles. I was finally wrong. I guess I am still lucky. This chronic International Lyme engineering project has been like that. I cheated. I literally knew about a trillion dollars worth of research had exposed, and continues to expose, all the wrong answers. I budgeted a year. I’m about 15 Days overdue, but still under budget, since I haven’t spent anything for two weeks. So sue me.

Clients always renege.Leafs BCTF.logoThey say they will pay anything if I can do it. Then when I do it they don’t pay. Or honour their commitments. Or say the colour is all wrong, or some other non sequitur explanation why the solution is not suitable. This time it is Where is the money in it? Look, you wanted a solution that works first. Money was no object, you bet I would lose, and you failed, betting on the wrong horse. I’m easy. The due date is September 22. Then there Literally will be Hell to Pay! lulz

MaryleinsteinI’ll need a budget after that to get the Apple Leaf ball rolling. My existing budget has getting stiffed planned into it. Wild Apple Leaves are not the miracle cure they are all looking for, but they expose a lot more than just one thing totally unknown to medicine. The analogy to medicine would be similar to that of a Litmus Test to chemistry. All modern chemistry was derived from physical properties undeniably exposed simply by that indicator. Now imagine that the answer was different from what came before. All medicine has to go back to the beginning and start over to include Wild Apple Leaves and their effects, because nothing explains it. In their light, medicine fails every single time. They are the E=mc² of the Entire Medical Universe, including veterinary medicine, complete with the controversy propagated by complete idiots whose theories cannot explain the new reality. They are the Kuhnian Paradigm Shift, made all the more dramatic by the fact that all medicine, burning all that money, is exposed being so wrong for so long. Wild Apple Leaf is the Litmus Test that all medicine fails. All medicine responded by trying to sweep the 800 pound gorilla under the rug. I had to write it again to reiterate, because once it breaks through, there will be no stopping that Undeniable Fact apple leaves alone expose. Foremost is the fact that they are all idiots, and they will have one very pissed off gorilla wanting to tear them a new one. They will all be that Gorilla’s bitch.

They flat out eliminated my Brain Fog neuroborreliosis in 3 days. They expose exactly WHY and HOW the disease persists. It is Unknown Parasite Nematodes carrying pathogens, and they get booted out by the anthelmintic effect of Apple Leaves. Some say Borrelia Farmers, and I think it makes sense, explaining a lot of unknowns verified by the best research. I discovered that it works better for people who smoke, and apparently for some animals. Why? Unknown, but I have theories. They can congest you with a mucus made of starch that I linked to biofilm. More parasite helminths were found hiding in more biofilm when I tried a biofilm sweep, using an enzyme that targets the starch. How? The little things, pinworm size, 0.5-2.0 mm long, drill out at or near where they were injected by a bug, as an egg or larvae, and they must be making biofilm to hide in and or eat. They provide relief from advancement of the disease, and some apparently lasting recovery. They reverse the effects of a borreliosis stroke somewhat, so they are like a clot buster drug they say is too expensive after the time they make you wait in emergency, and by then it doesn’t work.

They flat out cured my lifelong juvenile arthritis, linking it to bug bites in my mind. Perhaps they will also help fibromyalgia sufferers, or Canadian MS (really Lyme Disease when diagnosed south of the 49th Parallel.) They exposed several huge health care frauds about the whole thing. They leave you in disgust of the medical system, with a first person education why they are failing so badly. To me that all spells hope in spades. I recognized the suitable leaf shortage early on. I have a plan. It’s all in the report. Moreover, most of it is here. I do my best work pro bono professionis, largely because there is no holding back. You get the good, the bad, and the ugly. If it costs nothing, I can always just work for my favourite client, me. The pay sucks, but the work is rewarding.

Bart calls his God “The Big Cat.” The Big Cat is bigger than the neighbourhood cougar. Bart is a cat of faith. Things looked grim a few months ago for him. His human had died we suspect, and he was left to fend for himself out in the mountain country. He tried to sneak into another cat friendly operation, but was extricated to the Russian Front by the Cat Fuehrer there to get dumped on me. I have been sheltering him and feeding him since. He cries sometime in his sleep, dreaming maybe how things used to be. We can all identify with that feeling.

I hope that he said a prayer to his Big Cat for me. He has been concerned as I found those new parasites hiding, and stripped that biofilm right down, getting a little ragged myself in the process. I showed him what Apple Leaves do by giving him a little to try. They really helped him. I hope he can return the favour. Cats, especially Bart, are of little means, but big of heart, and ability comparatively. It wasn’t that way at the start, and he didn’t purr, but Apple Leaves have made him a whole new caring cat. His neurology snapped back within a day with a full human dose accidentally. His colours are now black, white and silver Siamese with green eyes. He scratches the occasional worm exit behind his ear. He started dull black with yellow eyes, and just a white tip on his tail.

He was young, but something was making him sick. I suspect bugs. That is what Apple Leaves fight in humans and Deer. I knew all about Bartonella. Naturally, I think that is what they fight in cats. We cannot get rid of bugs. Eating Wild Apple Leaves fights them back though. Bugs cannot get rid of their own parasites either. It’s a Parasite eat Bug eat Cat world out there. The Big Human says, “Oy! Tell me about it!” Well, Bart thinks You are a Big Cat. That is their perspective.


Author: Joe1Smith

I am a relic. I thought I would chronicle what I found out about it here.

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