Wild Apple Leaf Lyme and Arthritis Relief

Tues, Aug 18, 2015 – Day 383 – Incredible Stealth

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Parasite Nematode/Helminths exhibit incredible stealth. They have evaded all detection by all medicine for 60 centuries, or before it even existed. There are several things like that in physics. Heisenberg found it though. He went looking exactly where things were not, and after compiling enough data, the hidden answer was revealed. Wild Apple Leaves are like that. I tried some when I saw what they were doing for deer that ate them. The lame one got better suffering the same strong side weakness that I had. Oh, what the heck. It’s only an apple leaf, right? Doctors said there was nothing wrong with all of us, crowding out all the disabled parking spots.

Their little tails would switch excitedly, and they flinched, as the nematodes accessed out where bugs had bit into, attached on to, or stung them. Their long noses would dribble, and they would salivate like Pavlov’s Deer, presumably from the enzyme in the leaves. It really worked for them. It would take more work to really work for a human, and I found out why. It was biofilm made from pectin that never breaks down for decades in humans. Deer can really break pectin up with 4 stomachs that digest the whole plant they eat, along with the cellulose. A small amount gets digested in the large intestine, but that is then used by the nematodes to make permanent biofilm that they physically hid in themselves, until now. I have a bee sting, one on each elbow, still healing from nematodes that got in there that way in the 70’s.

Looking at sample parasite worms, you notice they are clear, like jellyfish. Hard to spot, even under a microscope you need to see something that small in the first place. When you want to stay hidden, leave a small footprint. What if you were as intelligent as the host, leaching off its brain? Then using the radio or similar connected biofilms to the next animal to figure out what it is doing. You would know when anybody went looking for you. The easy way to end that whole sneaky deal is with a stink bomb. That is what wild apple leaves are like, and half of them can’t reach their biofilm gas masks in time. They slither for their lives or lil’ serpent noses, because they do not seem harmed to access out stat like that. The advantage is you know where they were hiding all that time. Perhaps if your biofilm has smoking chemicals in it, it can get through to them deeper and faster. This is also to the worms advantage because no doctor smokes. They will never know, and that is really a good thing. Worms must have divine guidance there.

Then there is Bart, now playing with his bone. He is a cat that accidentally got converted to a dog eating Wild Apple Leaves. I’m cool with it. I am not much of a cat person. lulz The whole trouble with cats is their inability to get apple leaves it seems. The things are driven to distraction by nematodes, and their bartonella issues. Perhaps that is why they are such jerks. Back when Bart was a cat, he pestered me typical cat style and I accidentally dumped a whole daily 500 mg. human dose in his SPAM. He coughed a few times and has kinda been dog ever since. He’s house trained now, and spends a lot of time outside, marking his turf like dogs do, I guess. He also terrorizes the local bird, bat, and rodent population. Before he was a typical cat, not giving a shzt, unless HE felt like it. He would just watch them run around. Not any more.

There is one more thing. These lil’ parasites have exhibited a mastery of higher physics by their actions. If they can do that, perhaps they can exist or navigate in extra dimensional space to be even more elusive. It obviously can’t protect them from the effect of apple leaves, so the leaf chemistry must also permeate that somehow. Nobody will ever figure that out, since all of CERN is still working on whether or not it exists. So invisible, sneaky, stealthy, time/space/shape shifting worms. They’ll leave a hole healing where they exit, urgently, but other than that, they’re gone, and were designed to stay hidden, and in every single human being on earth. For what purpose do you suppose?

Cue the alien invasion conspiracy theorists. Or politicians blaming “Them!” Trump will blame Mexico, China, and Iran! “They’re ripping us off!” In turn, they will also find out, and blame us. Meanwhile, the parasite worms will nibble on, much like we eat popcorn watching alien invasion movies. Meanwhile, September 23, 2015 looms like Dec 21, 2012, the end time sequel that Hollywood loves. It has atom smashers, aliens, lotsa ‘xplodin’ shzt, and everything but worms. Still stealthy. I have a hunch they are the star of the reality show. It is Heisenberg again. Exactly where nobody is looking in the grandest detective story of our time.

It explains what those little things are that you see when you close your eyes in the bright light. It explains what those little things are coming out at old bug bites. The whole doctor thing explains what whoever dealt this mess thinks of their hubris. He wants to turn the tables, and get everybody to do it to them to return the favour, making them look like complete idiots in the process. He wants to smoke ’em, at least the ones who don’t smoke. I suspect He really does smoke cigars, or wants you to think that, like George Burns, and Sigmund Freud, and Samuel Clemons. He’s also not very fond of organized religion. He must have a soft spot for some engineers, but definitely not the most of them.

01 Jan 1955 --- James Dean --- Image by © Sunset Boulevard/Corbis

We’re all waiting for the Dustin Hoffman Morgan Freeman Outbreak scene featuring our outraged doctors, but they’re more like, “Oh, you wanna kill ’em all? OK… I’m busy, so carry on.” Yeah, this ain’t Hollywood, but it may be close to a real life “Rebel Without a Clue.” They’re packin’ roughly 10% of their weight in worm po0p around that they don’t know about, or even want to find out about, so carry on, indeed. It’s the amount of it between their ears that concerns me more, and how much control it has them under, like zombies. It’s more like a shztty “B” grade paid for prescription for “Dawn Of The Debt!” Coming soon to a Biofilm theatre near you… Or simply streaming in your own “Nutflix.” Same difference. Take some Wild Apple Leaves and snap out of it while you still can, or swirl the hole of Hollywood “Niburu” with the rest of them. Because I said that, they won’t dare, and that is, ironically, even better, now that I’ve finally learned to play that sick fiddle the way they do it themselves, and turn it on them. lulz

TrunpCaliphateThere has to be a way to save these doctors and their broken system out of all this crazy stupidity that they, along with the system, have built out of extremely bad risk management by their bureaucrats looking to defraud the Health Care System. Then an FOI outing has placed the whole mess Front Page center news in peoples’ minds, even though it is on like page 24. One way would be to get them on Wild Apple Leaves themselves, touting the unsurpassed antidepressant properties they afford through miraculous total elimination of Borreliosis and alleged unknown “other” Brain Fog. Then look out. They would become a sudden Borreliosis Attack Brain Force to be reckoned with world wide. If they can make a hillbilly redneck engineer into a medical genius, or a cat into a dog, just think what Wild Apple Leaf-zymes could do starting with even an idiot doctor? You know the drill… Hold a Bar-B-Que an’ invite them for a lil’ Salad! lulz

Of course, you would need beer or whiskey, opening a chance to sneak in another “medical” discovery, but any bartender would also have discovered it. Start with bit of the best beer, whiskey, tequila, wine, whatever, and subsequent drinks will taste like the best liquor, no matter whether they are the cheapest or comparable best liquor. I think it is simply because that best stuff stuns your taste buds. One Taste of Patron makes Cuevo Gold get that characteristic oft imitated lime-salt agave aftertaste like Pavlov’s Buds. YMMV There was a whole American Greed about a guy that scammed all the rare wine auctions doing the same thing, I suspect, although his main forte was passing off label forged knockoffs. lol Plus you get a free shot of amylase with the deal.

That brings me to the sad part. Some bugs, and some worms, gave all. Try as they might, they expired tryin’ to get out. Either that or the Wormwood Plus push killed ’em, and it makes you both sick. Worms and their parent bugs don’t go down easy, and when they bite the final big one in vivo, they release a blast of toxins fit to make a shzthouse rat hurl. Otherwise, they seem to take it with them. Best way is to stick with straight Wild Applyme, and tickle ’em with a tenth a touch of Wormwood to tell ’em you mean business if they straggle. This could also mess up my rebate deal. I was thinking $0.25 per scotch taped exit, but a lot would be repeat wormless scabovers from that odd frantic messy exit from a sting. Then you would have to design a validation Android or iPhone scan. Pain in the azz. Could always haggle, and get them to post a U Tube instead. Surveyors would get a real deal though, and likely just might have to start paying them. That would be at a buck a day treatment with 4 a day, too. Finally get feedback though. Swimmer’s Itch would make ya go broke at a nickel. Maybe do it by weight instead. A couple bucks or a Twoney a gram. lol I’m open to suggestions. Meanwhile, Bart just made two bits for his college fund. He’s already let about 20 bucks worth of flea/mite worms go from his days of “roughing it.” My last bee sting was .75 cents from when it touched me a couple times before the big sting. That piece of stinger was worth an extra two bits, and it might have been there since Led Zeppelin III was breaking onto AM radio… before the CanCon killed it. Damn thing left a lil’ crater. You see my problem.


Author: Joe1Smith

I am a relic. I thought I would chronicle what I found out about it here.

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