Wild Apple Leaf Lyme and Arthritis Relief

Weds, Aug 19, 2015 – Day 384 – The World’s First Chronic Lyme Test

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Now if they would only discover the chronic disease! Hell, I discovered it over a year ago. Those worms make it chronic. If they come out, they are still alive!!! Duh! We all know the doctor game though. They rejected the latest test because a majority of BC residents, 57%, tested positive for the disease. The real bad news is that test has 43% false negatives by my estimation. My positive is when a worm drills out of your skin, leaving a pinhole to heal. It made a bunch of biofilm to host bacteria that it eats. Now protected from all drugs and your immune system, exploiting that pectin digestion bug, even mundane bacteria can grow into little T-Bones for that worm. Now every bug can join the party in yer azz.

Canada is one of the most bug ridden countries in the world. Up north, in the boreal forest, sloughs and muskeg swamps create a Club Med for bugs, geese, and ducks, in the summer. Willy Burgdorfer, RMSF Researcher at the time, surfed his stint up here at Rotten Monkey House to a life time of fame, discovering nematodes and their eggs in ticks, along with the Borrelia strain bearing his name. What kind of nematodes? Who cares. When the scientific media makes you famous, you don’t correct them. Besides, we got all these nifty microscope cameras an’ shzt, so let’s roll with it! These nematodes, let alone their eggs, aren’t very photogenic, like these larger intestinal pinworms. Our’s are smaller externally injected Bugworms. They’re in a class by themselves. I have my suspicions, but nobody knows what the hell they are.

Here is a herbal site with apple leaf information. Interestingly, they note use in treatment of cancer, diabetes, and stomach cramps, while they notice the apple pectin produced by the growing stage leaves. As the fruit ripens, I suspect the pectin production shuts downs, and a ripening enzyme is produced. These were the leaves I noticed effecting biofilm and breaking it down internally. They can congest you from the pectin mucus that gets produced when it breaks it up, then it makes it to your lungs to cough out.

Including the extra pectin enzyme gets around that, and the anthelmintic effect is enhanced, roughly doubling it, and shortening the time required by a factor of 5. Two months skunked out as many as I saw in the previous 10. Phloridzin, known for the antibacterial, yet not really antibiotic in my case, effect appears retained. Timing is everything for the best leaves. Easy way is watching the apples. Deer like the over ripened apples that fall off themselves. They eat it stem, core, and all. I will test for pectin content this time around instead of just by taste. Interestingly, trees with low apple scab resistance have leaves with a higher phenol content all around. As these trees get wilder and/or older, the fruit gets more subject to blight or scab, explaining a more powerful effect. Venturia Inaequalis is pretty harmless when eaten by people. It just looks bad. You can see from that list of pesticides listed for treatment of apple scab that scab is good for our purposes, not only indicating higher phenolic content by proxy, but acting as a visual indicator of fungicide/pesticide application.

From the mouth of babes, a three year old asked why we do not eat leaves from trees? They don’t have as much starch and sugar as the fruit. Look at 5 and 4 on this list here. The seeds are poison, and they say the leaves of cherry, plum, and peaches, can also be. I tried some cherry and plum, while I found plum leaves really good for digestive function. The jury is still out on cherry, though. They are generally more concerned about the cyanide in the pits of the fruit. Oddly, they propose it, presumably amygdalin, as a treatment for cancer. Here is a link warning about something, phenols, that cures their health concern flat out without changing much in the diet, but they sure got the starch part right.

The difference is that low molecular weight phenols can be dangerous, while the natural apple leaf ones work for me. It’s  the leaf that builds something advertised as the Tree of The Knowledge of Good and Evil. It should be mandatory for doctors, or even more so for anyone dealing with them, and soon that will be the cops too, and not just to have their bunnions looked at. The whole Silent Lyme scam has gone way too far over the line, where Stacey Keach will come knockin’ next, hopefully catching the shifty Single Slayer, “Trump Health Canada,” red handed, where if you get sick from a bug bite, You’re not only Fired, “You’re Cremated!” It’s so Amazing, there’s Full coverage South of 60! Above 60, you can just sue the oil companies and/or the miners.

People need insurance from this insurance where there is no second opinion vetting possible, and they double down on stupid as a regular course of action. That in itself is more dangerous than nothing. With no vetting, there is absolute power, and that corrupted the whole thing absolutely, and irreparably. To err is human, but to really fzck up takes a computer. Now they want to be a coast to coast fzck up. They been busy doing a smash up job rolling out L’affordable Care in the United States where everybody now pays double for less than half coverage. The only course of action is to stay away from the disassembly line, and Wild Apple Leaves can keep you off their caring Griddle. The only difference is that it is not outed yet; They don’t allow cell phones inside the Kamps. They don’t want all the news of the “suicides” to get out. Now that they’re already Absolutely Corrupted, the next steps lead to Horrific. They project their thoughts, deriding all networking, computers, and ubiquitous information sharing of their sick “science”, of how they can abuse the system to advance their fraud to the most miserable conclusions imaginable to the Internet crossed with the Third Reich.

“Oh, it’s not zat bad. Zey are all chust Krazy!” they say. Talk about projection. What the hell are “zey” doing in there in the first place? Most came into it because doktors couldn’t figure out what was wrong, and with an extreme neuroborreliosis epidemic with no treatment, because the Goebbels Health are so cement headed and corrupt, bilking the healthcare system under the guise that everybody with borrelia symptoms is crazy. I think it is overdue to turn the tables, and get the Schutzstaffel’s own parasites to drill their ass apart like Swiss Cheese, and come out of their Von Trapps.

Bart thinks the Big Cat has returned some muscle tone to my legs. The hills weren’t exactly alive with the sounds of music there. I hope he’s right. All thanks to Doe, a Deer, a Female deer… munching Wild Apple Leaves. The Big Cat works in mysterious ways. I hope this biofilm reverse engineering has a bottom, because so far every time you think you may be close, there is another twist in the dive. They use Biocides in jet fuel to clean the biofilm in fuel lines and tanks. In oil, they physically send a “pig” in pipelines to clean other sludge and biofilm out. People have tried that approach, but it is dangerous to this human fuel piping system. They use chlorates in drinking water to keep the biofilm scoured out of the lines, but then the good, old doctors, said to only drink hot water. The hot water heater gets most of it, bacterial biofilm and chloride ions, before you drink it then.

In our mechanized world, biofilm really does a number on pipes and machinery. A boat winds up slimy with the stuff, and pressure washing it alone isn’t enough to cut it. It, pectin based bacterial biofilm along with calcium plaque, is the mechanism of heart disease. The cholesterol can’t get to where it is supposed to be in your axons and other neural tissue complexes when the nematodes gum up the works to make a farm out of you. It is a trillion dollar problem they have not spent squat on in people. Doctors say it is just a radical theory here. Last I looked, the bank only had about $11.6 billion to float. We’ve got about 99% of the way to go yet if we borrow 90% of that, but I think I may have half the problem licked. That problem surprisingly, and now by most accounts, turns out to be this misdirected sham of medicine itself, pissing away trillions on bandaids for biofilm afflictions. Try dissolving it so they can’t stick a bandaid on it. And skunk those worms out that keep building it!


Author: Joe1Smith

I am a relic. I thought I would chronicle what I found out about it here.

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