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Thurs, Aug 20, 2015 – Day 385 – A New Kind of Intelligence

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My undiscovered class of parasites is undoubtedly intelligent. How intelligent? You have grades of intelligence. “Oh, he got F–!!” is still intelligent. The student was smart enough to form an opinion that the subject matter was not of specific interest to him. He didn’t withdraw though. We form an opinion that he was dumb, or he could have been ill.

My lil’ co0+ies are smart because they Withdrew. They gave up everything to get out, after living the life of Riley for the better part of my life at my expense. They made me sicker than a sick dog. They make doctors regularly score F–, and those are doctors who are trying! The doctors still treat their biofilm, like that trail a slug leaves, is somehow the target to control the slugs. I dunno about you, but I prefer to focus my attention on that lil’ fellow or gal, unfortunately born a snail without a shell, still using their antennae for all they are worth. They look well fed.

You can play with a slug with a little blade of grass. It is intelligent enough to avoid that blade. Our little parasite nematodes presumably, are similar cousins. I suspect that the biofilm they are building here might be their Dr² brain. Dr Eva Sapi says that they like to eat brain and cartilage because it is juicy. I suspect they are what they eat. They use spirochetes as the proxy to do this. Dr. Bonnie Bassler has linked the bacteria in biofilm to having quorum sensing properties. Our nematodes exploit that to run a tight ship. Moreover, once they have enough brain and cartilage, they can leave the host when threatened by Wild Apple Leaves.

I devised a John Nash style IQ test for worms. 150px-Surface_of_Klein_bottle_with_traced_line.svgAt first it was like playing with a slug and a blade of grass, but it went so much farther than that. I wanted to know how they avoided detection by all science for so long? I got surprising answers, far above what I suspected. It had me going through Newtonian and Einsteinian Physics all over again. It had me examining Lisi E8 Algebra. No Lie! I was getting pretty long in the tooth for that stuff. These worms are magnitudes of times smarter than I could ever hope to be cheating blatantly with the internet. Not only are doctors dumb azzes in comparison, but we all are. Doctors, scientists, Egyptologists, financial engineers, lawyers, Trump, Scott Adams, Stephen Hawking/Harper… Idiots all comparatively. Look at that Klein Bottle 2D representation at the left. What if a nematode was dimensionally able to have that shape, without the intersection? It would be a master of extra dimensional realms to make it happen, just by existing. Wild Apple Leaves prove that they exist because they leave, and they leave a miniscule wound when they do. You can remember how they got there, especially if they got there when you were stung. They hitched rides in insects and lived in biofilm. Their world was an Open Source Brain accessible by all who knew how. Utilizing “Magick” and/or High Physics,

I backed off. Everybody will think I am nuckin’ futz! Yet there is this nagging reality of simple physics. You have a few grams of leaves and the things come out. Believe me I looked for every way they could poison me. Aspergillus. Venturia. Nope. I found Peanuts can be frighteningly poisonous. The world of Fungi is huge, but then it is responsible for most things we eat. To call an Apple Tree the Tree of Knowledge is an understatement. Eating the leaves supercharges your brain to a lonely place. There are no answers there, AND all the answers there from Wu Li. Showing Your work is a different matter. All from scabby apples and crabapples. The LEAF is the real fruit.

Harvesting the leaves is beneficial to control Scab. Like bugs though, you will never be able to control it. If you try with chemicals, the fungicides will wind up killing you instead. Welcome to the supermarket. It looks sorta like food. Like most things, it is what stays hidden that really matters. No truer this was ever said about invisible nematodes that exist here and there. Current “Physics” doesn’t even know there is a there there, to a physician. Mathematics and Superstringers do. I Squared Equals Minus One. Shhhh! You will get thrown in a mental institution for saying that centuries old proven fact in Canada.

Well, wait until next month, when I think they’ll all wind up in the other there. Painfully. Here it may get cold like Apollo 13. I do not know, maybe there will be a Carrington Event. The Fact that Sir Isaac Newton knew about it confirms what I have witnessed from testing strange little worms about the writing of History. Some of the most interesting stuff has been put into pictures and forgotten like the Pyramids. I do know one thing. I’m already partly There from testing Wild Apple Leaves for over a year. I know by actually playing catch up, that their catch up attempts will be impossible in their limited timeframe. It’s not like I didn’t try to warn them, or even attempt to speed it along. They are anchored by the Meatspace intellectually neutered physics they cling to so dearly, and it is about to get grilled.

150px-Surface_of_Klein_bottle_with_traced_line.svgCan you think of a Physical Paradox? It is hard to think of a Real Klein Bottle that is inside out and vice versa all at once, yet never intersecting like our 2D approximation for explanation purposes. It is a single surface with no other side and another side. Einstein knew this. Because we have trouble visualizing dimensions greater than 4, or even 3, has nothing whatsoever to do with their existence, he famously quoted once. Adding the perspective of extra dimensions to thought makes a seeming paradox in lower dimensional space an easily explainable reality to a being able to comprehend even a single higher dimension. By exploiting this, some of the Wild Apple Leaf skunked parasites are able to transcend time, gravity, telepathy, telemetry, and even teleportation. By testing, including soliciting opinions from medical specialists, microbiologists, and such worldwide, simply asking them to try the leaves and observe, which none of them did, I found that these small parasites are in fact, like that. They have all medical science “hypnotized” that they do not exist, and any alleged medical scientist will not even prove that they do not by trying Wild Apple Leaves to skunk them out. It is the most bizarre behaviour of a former science, all medicine, no longer valid from perspective of higher dimensional reality, slurping all our resources, and unable to be challenged by a most simple experiment exposing a fact in their lower dimensional comprehension of reality. Their  superstring “braneworld” is dimensionally deficient, and they cannot handle reality, making them definitively insane. Moreover, they have built their own permanent rest nest up, in time for next month. Shztty coffee and no WeeFee, and an 18 hour existence in a 24 hour reality, which is a lunatic’s idea of healing. Perhaps CERN can, and will on September 23, help slam the door shut on these pretenders, once and for all time, forward of course.

They, human hosted helminth parasites, would have easily remained hidden as they do now, had it not been for my chance encounters with the Deer family here, observing their take on a new anthelmintic substance from an old abandoned orchard. What do you make of a physical animal that can turn itself inside out and vice versa to simply navigate their way A to B like we would go to the store, and even if it is through miles of solid rock? I know they scare doctors so much that they do not want to know. That is a paradox in itself, as I have proven they vamoose with Wild Apple Leaves. They leave a hole in solid 3D meatspace, taking essential bits of human sensory neurology with them. Sight is a capability big on their packing list, possibly leaving you a bit fuzzy in one eye. They only take a little bit.

What are they doing here? Better question may be what are WE doing here? It is a different kind of life, very inclusive of our primitive understanding of reality, and with different objectives, but some are the same, and I believe it is a higher life form, evolution wise, intellectually comprehending higher dimensional “membrane” Braneworlds. Physically, or regarding mastery of physics we know nothing about yet, big things can come in very small packages. I wonder if they think the opposite of us? Like the ebay thing yesterday… I received a couple small Pestle and Mortars for grinding Scab Applymes with. Small things, big packages. To them, maybe people are All bubble wrap, until they fill them with their own biofilm Dr² brain/brane. lulz Pound for pound, they are an amazingly intelligent little species.

From the brane link, “How could they be observed? One problem with theoretical models of gravity and particle physics is that before they can make unique testable predictions of new physics, they have to be worked on so that they don’t contradict any existing theoretical or experimental knowledge. That can be a long process, and it’s not really over for superstring theories or for braneworld models, especially not braneworld models derived from superstring theories.
“In superstring theory with Kaluza-Klein compactification, there are several different energy scales that come into play in going from a string theory to a low energy effective particle theory that is consistent with observed particle physics and cosmology:” Wild Apple Leaves with Enzymes gently introduce you to that “new” timeless gravity-less reality, as you meet the intelligent “little” animals, populating a super “braneworld”, that have always lived here and there, leaching off all man and animal kind. Then you can Meatspace witness for yourself how they exploit extra dimensional physics. They are observable vindication for Kaluza Klein 10 Space and others, appearing compactified in human terms while being large, as were subsequent observations for proving Einstein 4 Space.

Lyme Disease: Cause of a treatable peripheral neuropathy Authors: Halperin, Little, Coyle, Dattwyler Neurology 1987 is up in sci.med.diseases.lyme for a recap, BC/Canada, after they embarrassed you last week. Looks like you’re their  3 decades out of date bztch now. Here’s a sneak peek from the Future; It only gets worse. lulz


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I am a relic. I thought I would chronicle what I found out about it here.

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