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Fri, Aug 21, 2015 – Day 386 – Malus Antonovka

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Malus Antonovka may not be its own genus, but it should be. I thought these were Malus Columbia, but they are just half of that, and the Russian half. They are derived from Malus Sieversii cv. Antonovka. They are a good cider or pie apple, are not very scab resistant, but are winter hardy to – 45 C. They are the roostock of choice in Canada here. That might seem handy, but because of Venturia Inaequalis Fungus, commercial varieties have fungicide risk. Between invisible insect sector stealthy worms they force out, leaving a small pinprick wound and healing access channel on exiting, and the observed shape shifting stealthy abilities of their spirochete flocks, mimicking the Farmer, one second here, and the next second gone, leaving both answers about their existence right, nothing short of Biblical intervention may be able to combat the ubiquitous borreliosis epidemic. As I have said here before, Wild Apple Leaves are the warning shot between the eyes that will stop all this chronic lunacy. Physicists and doctors can go back to failing and losing, perpetually arguing, like normal since the 1920’s.

The use of fungicide control of apple scab is ubiquitous. This is a candidate for inadvertently causing borrelia infection to explode in the human and animal populace. Research is required on this whole can of worms for the n’th time. The first topic would be How much role does Venturia Inaequalis play in skunking the worms out? I have a hunch it is a lot, just using simple detective work. The same effect has been noticed from crab apple leaves, notoriously scab susceptible, which threw me off the Antonovka trail. Scab just does not look nice, but I sure does something to the whole nematode – biofilm – farmer structure, no doubt there.

Neil_ArmstrongPerhaps I should just write a science fiction novel/screenplay. Make it true, but just not proven. People would jokingly leave the theatre, then eat one themselves to find out it is all true. Hidden parasites. Insane doctors, from the perspective of the new Superstring braneworld the movie would expose. Kaboom! That would be One giant kick in the azz for All Mankind! Don’t laugh. Jules Verne got us to the Moon. In 1902, 13 minutes was a Full Length Feature Rich Blockbuster. Sure it took damn near 70 years, but that is light speed compared to medicine the way they are going, faced with a proven (to me) lil’ quantum critter like that. lulz

There was no dialog. The special effects, well, you see. The screenplay was done in France to add cachet, 1902 style. Wilbur and Orville got the ball rolling with a nod to Otto Lilenthal. It is definitely a way to pare down all the awful Lyme Disease videos of which there is no shortage, instead making the outed critter the star. It has intelligent extradimensional shape shifting outside inside out beings, anaerobic and capable of navigating through walls, that tap the entire mind of the observer while knowing their full motive, using pieces of stolen brain and cartilage to construct a quantum biofilm computer, employing telepathy, for themselves. How intelligent? You tell me. I’ll leave that up to the jury.

I’m not makin’ this up, but that can be our little secret. That’s the hook. People will cry “Bullshzt!” only to find out later, that it isn’t, once the facts are slowly verified, touching off a massive debate. My out? “Oh, c’mon!” winking, and smiling. My IMDB “braneworld” would resolve all the paradoxii with another dimension, or 5 moving in the opposite direction in time. The oft forgotten Dimension of Cognitive Thought, eminently exploitable, would manifest itself in that it will have a different interpretation from the point of view of every different observer. Think little. Very little. It is The Great Arcanum.

Botanischer_Garten_Berlin-Dahlem_10-2014_photo08_Malus_sieversiiOf course, your personal experience may vary. You may chose to renounce the possibility of Eden. The Tree of Knowledge will oblige. You may then be at the mercy of every chronic disease known to man, and maybe even some that are not. That is the default. By doing nothing, you make that choice. It isn’t like I have kept my experience a secret. You will be a master of your own outcome. There are no do-overs that I know of. We’re all stuck in this skin. This is as close as you can get to a rewind, so far.

Notice the leaves of Malus Sieversii cultivars occasionally turn to red or reddish brown in the fall. Those are the ones I noticed tasted slightly better when dried, and the taste was an acquired taste. You grew to anticipate it. The yellow ones tasted bitter, as they occasionally had a little chlorophyll left in them. They both had the same medicinal properties as far as I could tell gauging taste. I would have tasted both in the same effective time frame though. Is bitter medicine better? It sure hasn’t worked for medicine as we know it. You would have to ask a worm to see what they hate more, or if it is “All Bad!” as they flee the coop. lulz If not in words, it seems to get them talkin’ by their actions. It is more of a yell or a scream, actually; Louder than just words.

These trees are, ironically, an endangered species. Wild Apple may fizzle along with the failed Mankind 1.0 Tree of Life experiment. Perhaps 2.0 will do better next month. Antonovka cultivars are tougher than a Canadian Tire steak, but maybe not THAT tough. They have amazing disease resistance on their own via their lineage, and survive constant bug pressure, along with attempted genocide, much like all of us up here, but it eventually overwhelms. Then a doctor, along with their state sanctioned Monsanto cohorts (or is it the other way around? Monsanto sanctioned doctors?), finishes the job. It’s looking like a big lead up to the Finale Sept. 23, or whenever.

So many Easter Eggs have been dropped in history about this thing that, famously Apple inspired, Sir Isaac Newton calculated the date. That lends Gravity to the situation. lulz Then there was the fake out on Dec. 21, 2112, to make sure nobody would be watching, or that certain ones would be woken up. It was my 57th birthday. Long story short, entire world population, infested with bug force transferred shape shifting Quantum Helminths, causing all manners of chronic disease with their Quantum farm/ranch critters, endangered Wild Apple Leaf cure, countdown to Judgement Day, Movie? There’s no sequel in it, like that other, seldom mentioned, epic failed silver screen project, “The Amazing Titanic.”


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I am a relic. I thought I would chronicle what I found out about it here.

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