Wild Apple Leaf Lyme and Arthritis Relief

Sun, Aug 23, 2015 – Day 388 – 31 Days to Extinction?

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These lil’ helminths can kill a moose. They have no Wild Apple Leaves. I do. Getting more is easier said than done. Maybe Alberta can help us. I got this working here, there, and everywhere as all the co-infections piled on. Worms have been slithering out for a little more than a year. People don’t care. Maybe the Alberta Fish and Wildlife officers will care. I used to work very closely with them. I think my generation of them is all dead from the same thing, though. Fish Cops all killed in the line of duty by duty. Their doctors are more baffled than the ones here.

I found that link on a page I found out about a sick horse with neuroborreliosis. I hope the owner found some safe crabapple leaves or similar. I am more worried now about the fungicides they use on them. If they just caught the leaves instead in 19mm. orchard nets, and kept them from lying on the ground, it is just as effective as scab control chemicals. Then we would also have plenty of medicine for all sorts of critters like Bart (still in dog mode though, an unforeseen side effect,) some horses, that moose, the deer of Lac La Biche, and me. Everybody else can go to hell I guess. They know it’s easy to cure with a mere $150K a year. I guess I’m a moron.

Speaking of warning shots between the eyes, it is a mere month until the Latest End. I don’t know about you, but if I wanted to hide a nuclear test of a massive hydrogen bomb, I would likely wait until there was a nearby earthquake, test it in an underground mine, then just claim it was an aftershock or something. Then I’d sell it to high bidder like Iran to blackmail, and give the US  an ultimatum, to pay up in a couple years. Set a deadline with no change whether they pay or not. That’s just me. You may be different. At this point, what difference would it make? They’d never do that though. Why not? Well, because they’re not supposed to. They could get sent to hell without supper.

Would you invite the Pope to the White House for the party? Would you return it with the actual stolen stealth drone they wanted back? None of the above. They’ll simply open up a way to observe a previously hidden dimension. Then they’ll know what their helminths and I have known for over a year. I knew since Dec 21, 2012, but really found out July 31/Aug 1, 2014. Nobody else will know that we can see everything they do like Santa Claus. Nobody. They are all riddled with the little things. Good luck getting this far. Watch out for poison Apple Leaves. That scab doesn’t make the “food” look pretty. Instead it makes everything look pretty ugly.

Is that an oxymoron, or truth from a higher “braneworld?” That’s Superstring Theory, as you know. That is how they conceived of a Higgs Field/Boson. They didn’t know engineers were already there 35 years before. They didn’t care about the SSC that was cancelled, but CERN did because they thought it gave them a monopoly. We didn’t care about “They.” Worms can build better outta snawt anyways. CERN doesn’t know about us… yet. The only Black Hole they’ll open is the one they’ll feel when they look back at their bank account.

It’s no secret Iran and others are Jelly. Stuxnet didn’t help. They Mad, Bro. They want to warm us all up. They don’t know they’re already Wormed up. Their doctors are as on top of it as ours. Everybody is ready to quadruple down on sto0pid. They have a 2D battle map with a 1D Plan for 4D Bombs in a 5D world. Perhaps they are all playing coy. They think their worms are “Classified.” They’re all nuckin’ futz for sure. One thing they know for sure is they all  want to blame the other guy for what they want to do on Sept 23. Everybody ignores the dimension of cognitive thought that makes them all think they are smarter than everybody else, spewing their withering hail of conceitons in their opponents’ general direction, inadvertently loading their love handles with a large baggage load of Dark Matter/Energy morons. On Sept 23, they may find out in horror that they have a 797 sized dumptruck of it to move, and a souvenir sized miniature teaspoon to load it with.

Getting back to the 3D here and now, bacterial biofilm is like that I found. It affects every single man woman and child, built by worms from the outside in, and from the ground up, to kill you, using you. Worms built it out of little bricks and stuff that your immune system thinks is Kosher. Starch and other minerals. It’s like dismantling the Great Pyramid. You have a long way to get to the bottom layer, getting tougher and more compactified like engineering school as you progress more. People haven’t even clued that it is a race yet, save for some with borreliosis. They didn’t know until their pyramids had the capstone in place, and everybody is looking for a shortcut, wasting time. Then there are the real morons, all saying “Nyah, nyah! I’m fine!” not realizing that their worms are just building bigger pyramids than in their former friends. They got the early warning, but their parasites building pyamids are fine, with a big project only to manifest itself rapidly as it nears the top. Heart Attack, Stroke, then a doctor puts a new platform in place for worms to start another on top. Wild Apple Leaves are the catalyst that knocks off the first stone at the top of those slime pyramids, boots out the construction crew, and the more you keep it up, the more stones you will knock off on the outside. The enzymes make the bottom layers go faster as they attack all the dirt inside of this Trojan Horse. The deeper you get, the more your immunity steps up to deal with that inside dirt. That baby teaspoon is like a steam shovel compared to what the worms built it with, so you are making progress in weeks that it took the worms years to build.

Sure you can eat more starch, but that next bug may have a new worm in it too. A producer once told me Pros play the same original songs for different people. Amateurs play different cover songs for the same people. Wild Apple Leaves will stop the old pros, but will a resistant amateur finally break through and rarely come along? By then, the remaining few will have learned their lesson from this time as to how they operated for all human history, undetected.


Author: Joe1Smith

I am a relic. I thought I would chronicle what I found out about it here.

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