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Mon, Aug 24, 2015 – Day 389 – Shiva, Destroyer of Worlds

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CERN MonumentAt CERN, there is a monument donated by The Department of Atomic Energy, Government of India. You can see it on Google Maps by typing in “9/23/2015” sometimes. It is one of those easter eggs in google maps. I take it they are onto us, and that we found out about higher braneworlds. Then it changes to tell us we’re stupid, and it advertises adult education. Oddly, they don’t know that we know their azzes are riddled with little intelligent nematode/helminth parasites using a networked biofilm quantum computing brain like CERN’s, except that it passes Turing tests. Somehow, the little worms that built it physically go further than that, existing in a higher dimensional space, and meatspace that we know too. It makes gravity, space, and time travel simple to them. That makes eluding doctors, who they also populate, easy. They know that doctors have a trillion dollar price on their head. I know they sure do not like Wild Apple Leaves at 500 mg. a day in a human meatspace and/or their braneworld.

ShivaMasters of a higher dimension would be able to make short work of us and our primitive understanding of lower dimensional brane space. That is about how it goes with my lil’ parasites. To a doctor, we look nuts, To us, doctors all look nuckin’ futs. I guess we will all see what happens next month if, in fact, the curtain is opened. Their prime job is to diss us telling us that they have known all along, when we know that they do not know we’ve had their six, six ways from Sunday, not just three, all this time. Confused people think the CERN logo is “666,” given the worm edit of the Bible they have been handed. I suspect helminths will still rule the day. They set it up for that moment. I have not yet seen a physics paper, or a medical paper, describing what I see. Dr. Eva Sapi and Willy Burgdorfer were closest mentioning finding nematodes and their eggs. The scientific press latched on to the repeatable observable spirochetes that nematodes farm like ants farm aphids. When the nematode spirochete “farmers” hatch, they can use their higher braneworlds to slip in and out of. Some may gestate in that higher world, eluding all human detection. To move forward, science will have to move to a higher braneworld with investigations. I jumped the line, working backwards from the Meatspace answer that Wild Apple Leaves exposed. I am not sure how many doctors have been exposed to that yet, even though I tried my best to inform ones who I thought may be able to get to the bottom of it. Then I realized that the things were slipping in and out of meatspace from their higher branespace, with official academia dismissing it as unrepeatable physics, when I knew clearly that physical meatspace evidence exposed their mastery of a higher braneworld. That was a big red flag in itself.

Borrelia Chain - helminthWhat does that look like? Kind of like this, I think. You can’t see the “transparent” worm, but you can see the borrelia spirochetes inside it. You can also see evidence of their travels. Dr MacDonald called them water channels in biofilm, but he may have been looking at evidence of a nematode in a higher braneworld, or the track it left, invisible to light spectra in our world. Wild Apple Leaves make them access out, leaving more meatspace evidence. More evidence is presented by Morgellons, and the quantum nature is confirmed by ignorant medical doctor behaviour. This is a case where God throws the Dice where we cannot see them. We only know the only answer we see is Snake Eyes when Wild Apple Leaves lets us. We get a rare glimpse into what can be happening to cause this. Maybe next month there will be another way, but it will take a long time for doctors to catch up when Shiva destroys the curtain hiding that dimension from us. Pay no attention to that worm behind the curtain. The world Shiva destroys will be the worm’s cushy one where we can’t see them, if any. Who knows what else is hiding there? Something is higher that puts the fear of God into even worms, the physical embodiment of Shiva herself. The Wild Antonovka Apple Tree is one thing that shocks them. CERN may have another.

What more could I say that I already haven’t? It looks like the scientists are looking after their own, saying buy more school, when I try that “9/23/2015” Google Map search again. I did that once, in an older time space 40 years ago, only to find it was obsolete by the time I graduated, and I could have jumped the line easy to get to that point on the job. Luckily, we thought of that where I went to school. We knew it was just a dry run in learning how to learn. We became sanctified obsolete degreed learners. We had to to go anywhere, but where we had been trained for. I went back to what I did before school, wiser for the experience. It paid more being a bleary eyed surveyor. They didn’t want us to learn anything. I kept my learning degree secret, and just happily worked for people who could get work while I did it. I picked up a bazillion parasites, and I finally said Adios to them, over this last year. Now I know how. Nobody does. They don’t even want to know they exist. There is a clue as to how they will take another dimension in a month. They’re sick of being taken to school by school. I have to tell you taking school itself to school is a lot more fun. They do not handle Kuhnian Paradigm Shifts well, unless they are sourced from their own community in Basel.

This is all old hat to The University of Metaphysical Sciences. They are an atypical learning place, learning about the sum knowledge of all theology. Their minds are open to all this, and they knew about it before it even happened, or will be happening. Tachyonic Fields and extra dimensions are not known to them mathematically, but intuitively from observation. The meatspace physics world is playing catch up to them, as is the meatspace mathematics world, trying to develop theories about what metaphysics observes. I went into the engineering braneworld there before the physics and math get there. It helped me find little intelligent animals, nematodes, that live there too. Stealthy and friendly, existing in and out of our primitive internal meatspace space coupled with their native space. They were causing human and animal disease which I found a way around with an arrangement all parties can agree with. They have also been prisoners since Genesis 3. I guess I found them a new braneworld they didn’t know, and that is the one we take for granted. When they exit a human, it becomes apparent. I guess their species can’t get out of a deer or a bug the way they can out of a human taking scabby Wild Apple Leaves.

I already knew that nematodes appeared thankful to be safely out of a pickle. What if CERN accidentally kills them? Will that be toxic to all of the humans they populate? We know the anthelmintic problem when it poisons worms, and stresses the human liver with a rush of toxins from worm death, manifesting in a strong herx and possibly fatal Ileus Sepsis. This won’t be my problem I hope, since my parasites are largely gone. No more are coming from the remaining pectin biofilm I continue to strip occasionally. It will be lonely around here though because we have all been bug bit, and are riddled with the things, taking advantage of starchy diets. Wouldn’t that be Karma?

It would even kill all the doctors and physicists, electricians and pipefitters, bankers and bill collectors, storekeepers and shelf stockers, politicians and telemarketers. The young may survive, animals and humans alike. That would be a hard bell to unring. I would be stuck being Noah with no Ark, and a lot of little ones to look after. Just me and Bart. Forest fires burning and no fire fighters. Could by chance somebody read this and get rid of enough parasites in 30 days of Wild Apple Leaves and Enzymes to fight the snotterboarding? Doubtful. Oh well. We’ll see if that happens. I’ll have to dig up the nose plugs for all that rotting flesh. Good thing I don’t live near a town or city. The trouble is the physicists would know nothing about the quirks of the parasites and their dark matter-gravity-time-space-tachyonic braneworld until it was too late. Since invisible dark energy/matter is 95% of our universe, it is no wonder they populate that mostly instead, while we are stuck in the 5% visible matter braneworld. I am not sure if our physicists know the species that is apparent there. The Wild Apple Leaf exposed human parasites are such a species. In that respect, Wild Apple Leaves afford a portal by which we can view across the divide to the invisible.


Author: Joe1Smith

I am a relic. I thought I would chronicle what I found out about it here.

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