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Tues, Aug 25, 2015 – Day 390 – Intuition

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At CERN, they have been looking for evidence of Supersymmetry. They haven’t been able to find it with their first forays, or set of experiments, looking to unlock the secrets of both baryonic dark matter, and nonbaryonic dark matter, comprising greater than 95% of the implied universe we cannot see. Our senses cannot detect it. Now imagine yourself in a braneworld where you can see all that dark matter, yet this 4.9%, that we see side, remains invisible, from the perspective of dark matter life. That could be the explanation of the Wild Apple Leaf exposed nematodes. We see the anthelmintic effect, and the apparent pinhole exit wound result, but we cannot photograph the invisible, to the observable light spectrum we know, implied spirochete farmer nematode. Through evolution, and the dark matter braneworld predates ours, nonbaryonic dark matter beings would be a higher life form than the humans they found a source of food and strange materials in, to their braneworld. That starts to explain what Wild Apple Leaf exposes and smokes out of your human flesh.

150px-Surface_of_Klein_bottle_with_traced_line.svgFelix Klein, a mathematician responsible for the Klein bottle, describes the problem which we witness in our Applied Sciences. By the limitations imposed by restraints we put on experimental science, we develop an Intuitive sense in our braneworld that excludes Dark Matter Physica realities. Out of sight, out of mind. Our Applied Sciences are largely stuck dealing with only 4.9% of the Universe that our senses constrain us to. A True Klein Bottle shape cannot be represented to our sensory perception. It is a single one sided plane with no edge. We intuitively dismiss it as nonsense, because we cannot conceive the fact that there is no intersection. It is a limitation of meat world. Through the strict constraints of Euclidian Geometry, it is hard to conceive of the complex number i that has a square of minus one, but we use it all the time. The answer works. Wild Apple Leaves are like that. Nobody knows how, but the answer works. They shoo a dark matter critter we can’t see, more invisible than a transparent jellyfish, and it leaves a small wound. The wound is like Morgellons. Something is there, but doctors become dangerously ignorant clinging to 4.9% of the universe their science is built to be constrained by. The other 95% of the universe has more than they can handle, and it is 99% of the chronic disease by some estimates.

Moreover, I have compiled more evidence in the doctor meatspace physical proximity. Clinics are naturally a concentration of similar sourced chronic illness. I will be relatively fine until I near one. Then it affects me so I have difficulty walking. The effect gets more pronounced as I enter the building. Wild Apple Leaves expose it as a concentrated mass of these Dark Matter helminths, radiating likely from doctors, staff, and patients. This leads me to suspect they are transmitted, as I observed in the oilfields, from contact with contaminated surfaces. The less of them I have, the more I can notice this physical effect, compiling more evidence, begging explanation. I looked at an another unexplained phenomenon, Dreamhealing. I suspect that Adam can feel the same thing. Now things are starting to click from what I am witnessing. There is a great deal unknown about chronic disease that is overcome by a poorly understood mechanics that works somehow, and the results are real. There are observables at both ends of the process, from illness to healed, and in my case, something physical, likely a root cause, leaves evidence of leaving the scene.

I have a model taking shape of chronic disease cause, transmission, and propagation. It is evidence based on my new anthelmintic meatspace effects. A more complete universal understanding explains what could be happening, and why it is above what doctors can treat. They have self imposed rules that have been developed to only deal with the 5% of the problem they can see. They interpret a rash. I interpret something that came out of an old bug bite or a sting. I know that sting especially was real. I have access to information unknown to any doctor, even when I explicitly tell them, and show them where. That is difficult because many of the wounds are so small, they heal before I can ever get near a doctor. Why even go near one? All they are good at is telling people with serious chronic illness they can only treat 5% of, ineffectively, that they are crazy. That is in the opinion of a 5% universal physics based physician. They are constrained by baryonic matter, and they can’t get closer than mega light years to the immensely dense dark baryonic matter. What about the pervasive nonbaryonic dark matter? Will they discover how to see it in a month, the way we have for over a year by implication and intuition?

Our processed Wild Apple Leaf anthelmintic powder is a Litmus Test that cannot be denied. We have tachyonic implication that their physics testing at CERN will somehow be successful in 29 days, as we also did on 12/21/2012. Why did they call the Higgs Boson/field “The God Particle?” The answer is, it was created by journalistic sensationalism over the planned experimental discovery of the last standard model of matter particle, and by extension, the field. Through the science of Metaphysics, we know of an intelligent species residing in a universe that we presumed to be an additional universe, but I suspect is our own universe of Dark Matter and Energy which we cannot comprehend intuitively due to the forced limitations of our comprehension imposed by our Meatspace Superstring “braneworld.” Felix Klein outlined this problem well 120 years ago. The true bottle has no intersection; We cannot comprehend it. To a Dark side being, they can comprehend that, and in fact what seems like a paradox of existence to us actually exists on the Dark Matter/Energy side of our Universe. Metaphysically, via transcendental meditation, tapping into the biofilm “brain” that they construct in all people, insight is given to their cognition. They also have a Klein Intuition challenge, dealing with our existence in this 5/95 fraction of their observed Universe, where we are invisible.

Will anything change on September 23 this year? I believe so, and the breakthrough will be scientific in nature where what I am talking about will move out of the realm of nonsense to a new paradigm of intuition, repeatable with physics, although it may not go as far as I have. I already have a proxy to cut the line with Wild Apple Leaves, and have in fact been exploiting them for over a year for my own selfish purposes to get to the bottom of my own chronic illnesses. I am starting to understand a lot more since I was going to give the paper on May 6, but couldn’t due to circumstances which I believed were beyond my control. Now I understand them more, and have worked towards eliminating the problem, created by the big biofilm I was packing. Now that I understand more and can in fact back it up to a manageable state, feeling it as I go and monitoring progress while I wait to harvest a larger supply of more medicine for testing and learning, I have a better idea of what leaves will be suitable. I have become better versed in the fungicide risk. It will make the harvest more difficult, excluding even organic orchards that still control Venturia Inaequalis fungus with fungicides. I think something is obviously helping me along in my endeavour, but it is not coming from the 4.9% visible side of our Universe. That has been anything but helpful.

Meanwhile, CNBC just said many people take Omega 3 supplements thinking they may slow cognitive decline. I used to be one of those people. I notice this is a lot better at doing that, and actually reverses cognitive decline from aging. Borreliosis is a lot more responsible for that as Dr. Alan MacDonald has documented so well in his research. Kicking out the biofilming worms, and addressing their prior biofilm constructions by dissolving them helps so much more. The problem I find more now is trying to convince people with cognitive decline that they must follow my footsteps to see the light. They are, after all, cognitively impaired. They will take 72 months to finally start a 72 hour road to a cure, and that is all it takes to realize that this is the correct course. They may not survive that 72 months, ceding control to a group home, possibly passing a Wild Apple or Crab Apple Tree by daily. Once they are on the Dark Energy side of the universe that I believe Wild Apple Leaves will tap into, shocking the parasite farmer helminth worms out, it will be impossible to call back with meaningful information to others. They would have to find the equivalent over there, and I suspect they cannot see over there, like their nematodes surviving the cremation, who will still be alive here in that braneworld in the extra dimensional space. Temperature doesn’t affect non baryonic dark matter I can only assume.

Alzheimer plaques are constructed of cholesterol, an essential brain food when used by humans, but also an engineering material nematode parasites use to construct their biofilm brain/foodstore in a human, leading to all sorts of chronic illness. Vitiamin K2 MK4 Menatetranone puts it back in bones and brain where it belongs, Dr. Weston A. Price discovered it in the 1930 timeframe, but he did not know what to call it, so he called it Factor X. It has been eliminated from the western diet. Natural sources are dairy from cows eating fast growing green grass. Goose liver pate is also rich in it. The latter is the factor in the so-called French Paradox; Rich diet, low heart disease. That is what I can assume from the simple mass balance Wild Apple Leaves exposes, and goes about correcting with help from pectin enzyme.

I have more evidence now from a calcium rich biofilm on my toilet porcelain. It is dissolving somehow where scouring pads and abrasive cleansers would not touch it. I can only assume it is due to the extra Applezymes expelled in urine, and which I only take about 500 mg a day of now. I also take a DigestMore and a 90,000 SU Serrapeptase daily. I have paused Wild Apple Leaf for the time being. I think it finally got them all.


Author: Joe1Smith

I am a relic. I thought I would chronicle what I found out about it here.

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