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Weds, Aug 26, 2015 – Day 391 – Heart of the Matter

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It’s also a Matter of the Heart I am finding. If Dark Matter is over 2/3 of the Universe, where is it? We know it isn’t all in MACHO’s like Black Holes, and in fact that is only a small portion of it. It cannot be ignored as a candidate for a life form that accesses out at locations of bug bites and stings, is ignored by the entire medical community, and is transparent to the point of being invisible. While Baryonic matter we can see only accounts for 4.9% of the Universe we can see, having evolved entirely in the Baryonic matter universe, I found a mass that beggars explanation. I found that Wild, likely Antonovka or crabapple cultivar, Apple Leaves smokes out unknown parasites that must be responsible for compiling more than 10% of peoples’ weight, estimated by mass balance from weighing myself as they leave, and the biofilm they construct is open to dissolution by pectin enzyme action, alleviating numerous chronic medical conditions. Pick any chronic disease, and biofilm is at the root of it.

CERN is stumped. How can you detect it if it is invisible to electromagnetic radiation? It is visible gravimetrically only. That is right up the alley of a Mineral Engineer; Mass Balance 101. I have found a candidate for it, and I can see it by the actions of a small animal, exposed by this new anthelmintic. Their actions speak louder than words, and eating Wild Apple Leaves has them all abuzz. It explains strange results I saw from a group of experiments I performed in the mid 1990’s. While playing with a precise scale, I would reverse various objects like rocks by flipping them in the gravity field. I deduced there was something wrong with the scale, because the answers were different. That was the easy explanation, but I never forgot it, and was still puzzled by what made them different, after trying to figure out what was wrong with the scale. It was level and the tare was right. hanging them in different orientations yielded the same different results. Funny lil’ rocks I thought. Funny lil’ place too. Magnetic effect? Nope. Whatever, the phone rang, I had other work to do.

Borrelia Chain - helminthNematodes are the most abundant species on earth in our medical 100% (really 4.9% of the mass balance proven by gravity) of the known Universe. I wonder what species dwell in, and are in fact made of, components of the 95.1% unknown mass of the universe? 10% of that is the heavy stuff neutron stars, brown dwarfs, and black holes are made of, or MACHO’s. It has been around longer than the baryonic matter portion at 13.6 billion years. It would have the bonus of evolution going for it out of sheer age. It’s not too much of a stretch to assume it would be similar to a nematode. Dr. MacDonald caught this lil’ fellow/gal fulla spirochetes. They are dioecious. Generally, the females of the species are 4 to 5 times larger than the males. Amazon women. His work linked their proxy spirochetes to all chronic disease. I keep coming back to this because it is a candidate as to why Wild Apple Leaves exhibit panacea properties. If I only know half of metaphysics, I guess that makes me 10 times smarter than the average doctor. Somehow, I’m not feeling like jumping for joy. They’re dangerously undereducated psychos that can kill with an official mechanism built specifically to cover their tracks up.

You can feel it after taking Wild Apple Leaves with enzymes to lighten your Dark Matter load. You will see, or feel it yourself. People won’t try until they can’t continue because of the damage being done by that same Dark Matter ilk. I wish I had known sooner. That damage can be permanent, and it gets worse as you get older. You would know once you rewind through it all like I have. No pain, no gain, but my whole life prior to this was pain. An apple leaf herx was a minor inconvenience. I wish I knew about pectin sooner, and the role it plays in that damage. I would have started with the pectin enzymes sooner, and then it would have been “sweet” in more ways than one. Who knew, though? By the way, just added a little invertase in unpasteurized liquid honey to the coffee. I can handle the sweetness because I know it works on the biofilm reduction.

Meanwhile back at the ranch, I ordered some orchard nets for the upcoming harvest. I’ll see if the dollar store has a bag of clothes pegs to hang them with. I will have to manually make sure to pick out the leaves rolled by coddling moths, although I noticed they fell later than the others. Whether or not people believe in the medicinal and anthelmintic effect, my new trick to lighten up their Dark Matter is still detectable on a scale as weight loss. It would be invisible to any medical scan technology which only scans for the effect, with the cause remaining invisible. The helminth itself takes a lot with them. Get rid of all those heavy dark matter tumors you never even knew you had as a bonus. Science will catch up in a few centuries… 4 or 5 tops. I already know medical science takes 40. Hello future weblings! Yep, they’re still dumbazzes. lulz

CDM is so-called Cold Dark Matter. I have a hunch it is timeless from what I have observed. That portion of our universe has a whole different perspective on our 4D “visible” and other portion, including our cognitive properties and time sense. Our reality was their science fiction, but their side has transcended that, for example, if they are responsible for penning a Bible on our side, dictated to their hosts from the future via meditation or other means. The Bible has proven to be a time travel document, replete with many stories where the future was predicted accurately. It cannot be all “stopped clock” coincidences. (A stopped clock is right twice a day. lol) Our parasite Helminths are a CDM candidate, actually comprised of cold dark matter I postulate. No electromagnetism, no temperature and pressure, and no time, but it is there, and has mass effects. I propose there is a dark matter braneworld with a whole set of physics relevant to it, and the sensory perception inherent to it, relevant to their POV, but they are just discovering that we exist with an “infected” human that ate Wild Apple Leaf now too, in effect bridging the divide.

Anyway, when I say I am light years away from medicine, I really mean it. lulz That’s a GOOD thing. I may be a CDM Idiot, but that is still way better than 4.9% even if they got 100% of that. So far, their track record is FAIL! with it. CERN can really take ’em to school, but I find THEY haven’t even got it… yet. They ALL need a little WAL Therapy to get a clue, and definitely lighten up a bit. Getting rid of this Dark Matter “problem” would get patients mostly back into the 4.9% universe, of no chronic illness and no lyme disease, doctors can understand, sort of. It is real, repeatable physics. I’m already engineering on it. Mind you, I never stopped learning. It’s an unfair advantage, I guess. Nobody can cut you a mark if the profs all FAIL! The nematode farmer’s matter looks like dark energy to us and our dark energy looks like matter to them. It’s time to bring some gravity AND some levity to the situation. Try some Wild Apple Leaves and you will see what I mean. You will definitely Lighten Up, at least 350 mg. at a time, and that is just the catalyst. Scale must be defective. I just measured ten and they were only 3.5 grams. Must be drying out more… I could have sworn they used to be about 500 mg. You don’t suppose the lil’ buggers have been rippin’ off my stash, do ya? lulz


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I am a relic. I thought I would chronicle what I found out about it here.

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