Wild Apple Leaf Lyme and Arthritis Relief

Fri, Aug 28, 2015 – Day 393 – I gave at the office…

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I already gave up a Trillion here. Literally. If Dr. Alan MacDonald is right, and you just know he is, something that has results against a pandemic like Borreliosis, is worth more that that. That is almost all chronic disease. I thought a little while about why I would donate the whole thing to charity. The reason is because it works 10 times better than Celebrex at the same thing, and Celebrex makes Pfizer a billion dollars a quarter. All the MS medicines, all the Lyme slime, common cold, sun damage, stroke damage, it addresses it all. It is the WIMP’y Rewind. It sheds light on Dark Matter, and eliminates gravity of the borreliosis “Aphid” infection.

These nematode filarial farmers are like “ants” from the Dark Matter sector, using those borrelia in a similar fashion as aphids, and can really weigh ya down. They eat your brain and leave biofilm. Then your heart plugs up from all their biofilm if your brain doesn’t first. Watch out for Wormwood. It makes it 100’s of times more powerful. Those worms are intelligent by their actions, so be careful. They will fight back. I took it easy on mine when I found out they are more than a little intelligent. I’d never think of killing them or Bart… He’s still a puppy and learning. He knows “No!” now like a dog, which is a helluva improvement over his cat skin. He does not like shaking paws, but it gets his claws back. He’s of the mind “Leave the mitts alone, Azzh0l3!” He Got the Memo; No Claws. Giving his WIMP’s the boot makes him a lot easier to lift too.

I sprinkled more Wild Apple Leaf WIMP Walloper on his food. That’ll simmer him down now that he’s converted to dog.. He out chasing moles and rabbits. The canine difference is that he catches them. Cats generally don’t like moles, but that changed with Bart. His appetite is up, like a dog now. He goes out, eats a slow critter/bird for a snack, and po0ps on moles. The gophers hate his ever lovin’ butt now. Its game on. lulz

LeafsNew test now That I am clean. I took a teaspoon of pectin enzyme and added it to blackberry wine. Also a small bit of clove powder and baking soda. That will kill any WIMP eggs. It makes the wine like pop, but It hits you like a velvet sledgehammer. When I say WIMP, I mean Weakly Interactive dark Matter harvesting Parasites… WIdMhP’s. It could be Wildly Inexplicable darkMatter Parasites. I’ll let you do the math with your own WIMP’s as they come out. Meanwhile, that egg clove powder kill herx required some milk thistle…. 2,000 equivalent. It’s a toxic herx, I can feel. I discovered this outside my retirement office window, watching the Deer family pass through. Big Bart, the cougar, keeps them from coming here any more. Reports are they have settled in up the hill for leaves  All the more for us, I guess. Just walloped a whole whack of wimp film. Grannie’s Apple Pop Remedy is a hit.

That’s a huge donation. A year of free sanctified engineering targeted on what really matters, this insidious chronic illness. They try here, but medically everything is swept under the rug. I tried to base it on available data that is available and peer reviewed on the net, save for the Wild Apple Leaves themselves. Then the scavenger hunt was on for describing the effects I saw. Clove powder definitely got something, but you pay the price in intestinal distress. You cannot tell what it addressed except by the herx, and that upsets your tummy with a loose movement. It’s alright now, but I am a little weaker for wear. The milk thistle helped since I feel better now. The trouble with anthelmintics killing helminths, or their eggs in this case, is you can’t see the effects. It is a gut feeling in more ways than one. It feels toxic comparatively, but it passes. Maybe a little too much pectin enzyme there, leading to a hyperglycemic effect. Pancreas is still playing catch up. The takeaway was there was still a lot more pectin in there that it addressed if mucus production is the metric I go by. A lot of it appeared to come from bowel and lower legs from feeling. There appears to be a large carboxylic acid component, pop-like taste as well, but not as sweet.

Helminths and biofilm. Who knew? The helminths leave a mark. They don’t move far from where they were left by the bug bite or sting in general it seems. The biofilm leaves a taste. The pectin enzyme also seems to really help circulation in areas the apple leaves address going by Celebrex equivalent feeling. A Celebrex dose that size, over 10 times the regular feeling, would likely be fatal. It would also be very expensive. It is a very common medication, and most complain of the cost. Wild Apple Leaves are dozens of times more effective too, but then there is the whole Venturia Inaequalis fungicide angle, killing the supply from organic varieties. The scab fungus luckily will be a tip off that the tree has not been treated for that. Glucosamine Sulfate, another homeopathic arthritis remedy for lost joint synovial fluid/lubricant, is also expensive. Forgetting everything else, the replacement arthritis/fibromyalgia therapy and subsequent relief, most dramatic in my lifetime chronic condition, is easily worth it with Wild Apple Leaf and Enzymes. It nails the root cause.

In my case, I was HLA-B27 positive, which is a gene linked to arthritis. I still am I assume, but this overcame that. It is the first time I have gotten away from arthritis all my life. In the first 13 years, they didn’t know what was causing it at all. I was deemed to be the problem, not the disease. One doctor finally saw an xray of my torso that was cloudy, and made the call; Anklosing Spondylitis. That didn’t help much. 4 hours sleep, then too painful to lie down again, without sitting up to put pressure on my spine. NSAIDs all ineffective. All the time, more bug bites and stings, piling on. They’re additive. No wonder old age is a number one killer, until now. I found a way to Rewind. If you could only get it before it all goes chronic from presumably the parasite helminths. It takes a while to overcome the damage, if at all.

I went looking for a pandemic illness to match the panacea effect of Wild Apple Leaves. It would be Borreliosis, found thanks to Dr. Alan B. MacDonald. Then it all started to fall into place, and matched up with what I have been witnessing. That is the only explanation for what I see happening, and working backwards. It’s good for insect borne Borrelia conditions, and that is pandemic, responsible for most manner of chronic illness from herpes to heart disease.


Author: Joe1Smith

I am a relic. I thought I would chronicle what I found out about it here.

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