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Thurs, Aug 27, 2015 – Day 392 – “Nature” Rejected Fermi

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In the largest scientific editorial blunder in history, “Nature” rejected Enrico Fermi‘s Beta Decay paper 1933. Being Jelly and butt hurt for six years, they finally published it in 1939. It was too speculative they claimed, while Fermi gave up theoretical physics. They Mad Bro. They Jelly. This happens a lot in theoretical physics. That is one reason why they still can’t find most of the mass in the universe. It can’t be because they say so. That was dealing with the 4.9% of the universe we see. Now we have a repeat going on with LSP‘s, or Lightest Supersymmetric Particles. They’re dark matter that cannot be detected by us. Until now, I suspect. I have my foot in the door maybe with Wild Apple Leaves smoking out an animal that is made entirely of dark matter, and eats people meat to make more of it, causing all sorts of human chronic illness, spelled Sustainable from that animal’s point of view.

I should go Hollywood with it to bypass the whole gong show like Fermi did by giving up theoretical physics. Dr. Stephen Hawking, the physics genius who brought us baryonic dark matter in the form of Black Holes we can detect, has ALS. I suspect the animal behind ALS, building the corresponding bacterial biofilm, is what I am seeing evidence of. The leaves can really lighten your load of their biofilm, and the heavy WIMP’y worms themselves. Jump a dimension or so and you can get LKP’s or Lightest Kaluza-Klein Particles. At least you can stop progression of the chronic illness, Reversing the alleged non existent damage can be tougher. Insurance companies say it doesn’t exist. Unfortunately, we know it does. Doctors try to help us by intentionally misdiagnosing something they will buy like MS, ALS, fibromyalgia, lupus, or arthritis. Their hands are tied by a criminally corrupted insurance structure we built ourselves. Like Fermi, lots of doctors give up in that light. The majority make the best of  bad static situation that should be dynamic as hell owing to the amount of money thrown at it. Centuries will pass that way if we don’t throw the proverbial brick through their picture window on September 23. That’s why I may have thrown it thousands of years ago, via some worms and Wild Apple Leaves.

I have a puzzle though. By passing a powerful permanent magnet over an area I knew the worms were active in, I could feel a sharp pain. These were powerful Neodymium Iron Boron magnets. I didn’t repeat it more than a few times because I didn’t want to hurt the worms or stop them from exiting. That does not flange with Dark Matter because it is not supposed to be affected by magnetism. My theory does have the worms ingesting spirochetes though, which the just clean and pass on alive to continue, getting them more Dark Matter which makes you think from your brain, and they are electromagnetic sensitive. It got the attention of the worm itself I suspect. So many little unexplainable physics experiments. Magnets causing pain. I can’t tell a doctor, or they will send me to psych. This is Canada, and a dealing with a different kind of pile than the one Fermi had in Chicago.

There is obesity in Canada. The weight loss of apple leaves really attacks the worms’ apparent favorite store; Your Gluteous Maximus. Walloping these WIMP’s really lightens your load, 5+% a month in my case. The Dark Matter is the stuff of cognitive thought I suspect, allowing quantum particles, waves, and corresponding fields of thought.  Of course it is a theory and may be all bullshzt. Fictional. That is borderline legal in Canada still, or else the entire health care system would be in the slammer. lulz The spirochetes are known to crave brain, and the reason for that is their masters’ desire for that Dark Matter to create Dark Energy, and a quantum biofilm telecom computer like our own, but vastly improved. Perhaps it is trinary; Yes, No, and I Dunno, Yes and No, or neither. It can solve not only a Turing Test, but Time Travel and Telepathy tests we cannot comprehend.

The University of Metaphysical Sciences in Arcata knows. I really like that place because you can stretch out your thoughts and not have to worry about being tortured for it. I’m trying to link it to classical physics, but classical physics breaks down where their metaphysics are repeatable. Dr. Tom Campbell is in that field with His Big ToE. Engineering with repeatable metaphysics saved my life. Now I know why. Nobody wants to know. They would rather die “sane” like they are supposed to. Ummm, age related dementia is a leading cause of death, and it is likely because of botched care. I am offering not only an alternative, but a parallel course off action that reverses it. Isn’t that better? They say no. Not even trying is better because if it worked, which it does, they would eventually all go to jail. That is the only motive for their mass denial that I can deduce. Like Schwarzenegger said, “I’ll be Back.” It will be on a Wednesday in September. Hump Day in more ways than one. lulz

If Dark Matter is really behind worm world, I take it they will all know in every living being, and perhaps they will Bring It On on that date. Not here. I think my worms are finally mostly gone. There were a few on my lower left rib cage I noticed yesterday with a strange light coloured scab exit from when I broke 8 ribs years ago. They love broken bone healing materials to construct tougher film I noticed. Hey, it lasted almost 400 days. That may have something to do with the light colour when the pinhole wounds healed. If you are of a scientific bent, perhaps you would like to analyse what happens in your own case.

Back to the weight of powder in the Apple Leaf capsules. Even though the phenols evaporate somewhat, the effect seems to remain the same. They are still anthelmintic and antiviral, confirmed when a bug bites or stings. Even if the leaves are world sourced with a harvest every 6 months, in the northern and southern hemispheres respectively, I will have to research how they keep comparatively to the new harvest. Leaves are 78-98% weight by water when growing we saw from the link to the analysis of grape and apple leaf moisture content. I guessed that the fall leaves would be about 2/3 since they are dryer. This leads me to believe the active ingredients are likely solids. It is unclear how much role Venturia Inaequalis fungus Apple Scab plays in that. I am kind of the mind, if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.

Another thing is the phenomenon of getting near clinics and hospitals causing physical deterioration. It can’t all be white coat disease. That is out of our league in Canada; Medical research on anything new. This is why we look to metaphysics, and particularly ontology. “Heretics” like Newton and Fermi made all the new ground in science, leaving the status quo butt hurt and Jelly. This takes 6 years it seems, and we are just starting year 2. I can only hope God himself fires the warning shot between the eyes next month with the ubiquitous nematode parasites. If Newton came up with it, the September 23 date, I’m paying attention. If it is what I suspect, 420 days of agony is about what they all deserve. Watch out for Wormwood. It doesn’t mix well with Wild Apple leaves. Try to kill those worms, and they will return the favour. You won’t get them all hiding in biofilm either with other anthelmintics. That is just what I have found.

On a side note, if you should notice acid buildup in your shoes, try sprinkling baking soda in them to neutralize it. It will stop your sneakers from smelling anyway. Nothing gets their attention like the ol’ chemical hot foot.


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I am a relic. I thought I would chronicle what I found out about it here.

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