Wild Apple Leaf Lyme and Arthritis Relief

Sat, Aug 29, 2015 – Day 394 – Reverse Engineering

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That’s when you know the answer, but not the nuts and bolts. That is what I am stuck with here since eating some Wild Apple Leaves last year on a dare from a Deer. Then I saw little parasites accessing out where the bug bites were, and in a lot of cases, from decades ago. Those little things were ripping me off! So I went looking. Nobody knew about it, or wanted to know. They were fine with being ripped off, but not really. I sure wasn’t. Since then, I found they caused all manner of chronic, spelled incurable, illness. I also found that is a tight club, where the last thing they want is a cure. Their treatments are selling well, sustainably, thank you.

Doctors were even worse. Since then I found out that they are more dangerous to health than good, practising physics based on a physics model of the universe which can’t deal with the 5% of it they can detect. They’re still guessing about 95% of the matter and energy of the universe that they can’t even build a detector for. These worms also escaped detection. Are they indeed masters of that undetectable portion of the universe? Can’t rule that out. It explains a lot of things I witnessed since discovering them. We may need to understand another dimension to understand where they are, let alone where they are coming from. We can’t even understand how we understand, but the borrelia spirochetes know our brains are good eatin’. Are they havesting the dark matter that powers our neural cortex? Wild Apple Leaves seemed to really cure neuroborreliosis effects first as easy as they cured a common cold. It takes 72 days to convince somebody that they should try it, after which they get cured in 72 hours.

Arthritis was tougher, as was possible skin cancer. That took a couple months. It just stopped hurting, and one day, I wondered “What’s up widdat?” so I really don’t know when it healed. I just noticed after a few months. One day a friend came over with a horrible flu/cold. I caught it, and it affected me a few hours. She had the thing for more than three weeks. Now I wonder if she still has it, but just under control, as it taxes her immune system permanently? After a while, I also backed up through mumps I had when it was a toddler. Who knew they were still alive?

Anyway, I still have to try and reverse engineer all that. I know the answer I saw, but nobody knows what or why it is happening. I see this computer screen here and know it is pixels processed by my video card from ASCII character, format, and font data on the world wide web. Easy. I eat some apple leaves and worms start drilling out. WTF? Bill Clinton said that we may discover life from another universe. Not on his watch since he killed the SSC, and then thought it wasn’t a good idea. I already have, right here, and it is from the same universe. Just the 95% part of it we do not know about, and that nobody wants to know about. Likewise, what is up with that? It’s all ridiculous.

What hasn’t been ridiculous is my mass balance. Mineral engineers do mass balance on processing plants. People are processing plants. Something heavy has been coming out of me. Biofilm and worms I postulate. They are a lot denser than the size of the matter indicates to me. I lost more weight on the scale without the corresponding size reduction. That is why I think we may have a Dark Matter candidate here.  My BMI is low now at 136.7 pounds on 6’3″, but I feel better than I have in years. Some say CERN will finally discover Dark Matter in a month. I think it is already here, and these helminths may be an intelligent species, building a biofilm brain in people, made out of dark matter, harvested by their spirochete flock, from peoples’ brains. It’s what makes them think. Both species. Not very much, but bear with me, OK? lulz

The New Hollywood, YouTube is rife with CERN Sept 23 Conspiracy videos. I watch them for a laugh, to see how much further they are off base compared to what I am getting from precognition. My extra dimensional species has been out here for over a year. Your’s could be out tomorrow if you started eating Wild Apple Leaves, but you won’t. It is pre ordained; You are meant to die because you are so smart, is all I can figure. They, your nematodes, know that doctors will try to murder them all. They’ve been stocking up on ammo for this kill or be killed situation they are about to get forced in to. They know they can take out any age human with a stroke. As for them, they can survive cremation. Fire is a chemical process in our 5% of the universe that doesn’t affect Dark Matter. There is no temperature, pressure, or electromagnetism there. There is gravity, and some other processes inherent to the dark matter periodic table. Wild Apple Leaves eaten by a human, and apparently a cat, affect them. Commercial trees have been poisoned by fungicides this year, and even in “organic” orchards. Maybe next year they will wise up, but I doubt it. People can smarten up quick when their azz is on the line though. It will be orchard growers against the hordes.

Until then I will have to start the hunt for more Wild Trees. They grow from Deer eating apples. There is an entire old orchard, but a forest grew up where it was up the hill from me. The trees are still in the forest, possibly making harvest logistics difficult. Others are on hard terrain, across ditches, and on the edge of forest groves. It will serve to make it a lot more interesting than I had planned. I do have a Garmin GPSMAP, so I can store many points. Finding them is a whole other story. I’ll have to see if I can locate suitable georeferenced airphoto data. I’m on it.

Meanwhile, in the dark matter search. things have been turning up. Such Cern and FermiLab Apparitions raise a lot of questions, but the Cern one was dated April 1st this year. They know how to jerk the conspiracy theorists chains. Mine are not an apparition, but an intelligent life form from inner space that has been there over 50 years, until the Wild Apple Leaves forced them to leave for unknown, but obviously serious, reasons. I’m not kidding and this isn’t April.


Author: Joe1Smith

I am a relic. I thought I would chronicle what I found out about it here.

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