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Sun, Aug 30, 2015 – Day 395 – A Badge of Honour

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One thing that puzzled me was, why are engineers and surveyors, and invariably the best ones, more susceptible to Lyme Disease? I suspect it is the Dark Matter availability in their neural cortex now. I suspect the nematodes that Wild Apple Leaf smokes out, crave that Dark Matter rich engineering neural material. Who are the best engineers? They are the ones the worms like. They are, or were, the ones who came up with the solutions to the toughest problems. Not blowing my own horn, but that was noticed. Engineers, like Sarah Bowder, P.Eng., came down with a severe case of Lyme Disease.

Stephen Hawking is a case in point. Dark Matter rich brain. ALS sufferer. A distinctly Lyme like affliction. Jason Becker, virtuoso guitarist. ALS sufferer. It spans to music too. NAMM has linked musical skills to a mathematical and scientific mind. Unfortunately, I hit the jackpot, being the progeny of an engineering physicist and wife with a degree in music. They both died from Lyme like symptoms that confused western doctors, who oddly rarely catch Lyme, to the end. Worms know they are a dry hole, Dark Matter wise. Not total Idiots, but not much worm worthy brain candy there, either.

I guess I should feel glad that I passed muster. It sure doesn’t feel good, though. It is hard trying to diagnose this from being inside the farm. It does give one a unique perspective on the problem, and I continue in hope that this will ring a bell with somebody else out there, and maybe help them too. The nematodes behind this borrelia curtain seek out Dark Matter, the stuff of Critical Predictive Thinking. I’ve got mine back from taking Wild Apple Leaves over a year, and managed to lose a lot of weight in the process, more than I planned or suspected I was capable of. It really went with the biofilm and the worms themselves. That leads me to believe it cannot be reconstituted once it is stored in biofilm, or has been built into a worm. It explains somehow why so-called neuroborreliosis “Lyme Fog” cures so fast in 3 days. Your body must be able to make Dark Matter, or harvest more from the Universe, for your own brain.

Surveyor_3-Apollo_12Astronauts were also all engineers. Little known fact. Some were doctors of engineering from MIT like Buzz Aldrin and Edgar Mitchell. Neil Armstrong and Eugene Cernan were doctors of aeronautical engineering from Purdue, and were the first and last men on the moon, respectively. I suspect they left nematodes on the moon in what I surmise would be a WIMP rich lunar atmosphere. The nematodes would sense that and given their ability to transcend walls like on the ISS to build biofilm, they could go through an airtight EMU spacesuit. We know the moon is rich in the exotic Helium 3. I suspect it would be WIMP rich too. An entire Dark Matter cloud/galaxy, Smith’s Cloud, passed unimpeded through the Milky Way 70 million years ago. Gravity would have kept some of it around on all celestial bodies around us, comprised of the 5% energy-matter we can “see.” The moon, unable to attract an oxygen, nitrogen, and water atmosphere, would likely have a WIMP’y atmosphere. Jupiter would probably get everything from LSP’s to methane to WIMP’s from gravitational attraction.

I originally started in engineering physics at university, but my peers claimed it was impractical. They did not know or understand our whole family was built on engineering physics and music. I eventually transferred to do a double degree in Mining and Mineral Process (Extractive Metallurgy) degree. They were a decidedly more musical bunch too. I still am a huge physics buff, including astrophysics, and was even offered membership as a practising geophysicist. Sort of like offering a doctor a first aid ticket. The other offer, geomatics engineer, was more up my alley really. They still didn’t catch up to where I was, before Lyme took me down, though. It is all kind of moot now. This World Wide Web has me sufficiently suffonsified, as my grandtather, a high school physics teacher and metallurgist, would say. Their eventual demise and deaths all looked like Lyme. The difference is I know I have it licked. Wild Apple Leaves continue to open up new avenues and insights to the mechanisms of this thing.

The more I know, the more this looks like an unknown physics problem, way out of reach of western medicine. they are bogged down with a self defeating drug development process targeted at dealing with 1% of disease. I’ll deal with the other 99%, coincidentally taking out the remaining 1%, with the Wild Apple Leaf testing alone. It’s all good. The biggest illness here, all medicine, is taken out completely, and fast, before you fall into their horrific maw. But back to the topic. The best and brightest were taken out by this, and now I have  smoking gun. I think it may be something about their brain, and that something may be Dark Matter. It solves something that puzzled me for over a year, but true to the quantum nature, it will be difficult to prove.

I also have an unexpected link to magnetism. Powerful permanent magnets can cause pain, or they did in my case. Katherine Freese, U Michigan Astrophysics, also touched on Magnetars, and a link to Dark Matter. Although not so well understood, I have new data, if this is indeed the case, that the nematodes behind this, all are from the Dark side comprising more than 95% of the Known Universe. Meanwhile, I have a few more nematode exits from the upper left side of my chest. I take it they liked being near that high blood flow. It feels better that they left, as it always does. I resumed taking the Apple Leaf Powder, with a little pectin enzyme, just 500 mg. a day. a couple days ago. Pulsing it works still. Biofilm seems to be the bottleneck, but who knew that worms themselves hid, insulating themselves, under it? I can handle that sugar after a little break here that started fogging my mind a bit. That is relatively speaking, and you become more sensitive to it. You are really sensitive to every creak and groan from your body talking. If you tried Wild Apple Leaves and Pectin Enzyme yourself, you would definitely know the feeling if it works for you. It’s like being buried under a pile of bricks, and it gets easier as all the bricks are removed, one or a few at a time. I have a 60 year deep pile of them to unload, maybe using my inherent ability to attract dark matter… and fleas like Bart. Hey, you got a better idea? lulz

While it may not play out that way, you feel like you will live forever. You just know, and can feel, this fights everything that made you feel older, a little bit at a time. Meanwhile, this blog software wants British and Canadian English, so colour and honour, in case you were wondering. It is also not very good at parsing biology Latin with the built in spiel chequer. It knows what a toque is, to boot. SNOLAB still gibbles it, as does gibbles, a distinctly local Canadian word. Anyway, typing well today, I think I will try some guitar physio. Dark isn’t evil. It is an absence of photons. There’s a lot more of it. I may not be the brightest engineer, or at least like Steve when it comes to women, but the worms dug it. Maybe Dim can also be an asset. We’re all a lot better for our professors. lulz Bart knows now it gets rid of his Dark Worm Parasites. He keeps going back for more. It’s a Dog’s life, but that is an upgrade from Cat, he thinks. It’s a Hit for pet improvement. That, and don’t die from music. It can be a deadly pursuit.

In one of the most interesting Easter Eggs in the lexicon, “Gray Matter,” brain, and given our theory, is a light matter container for Dark Matter. It breeds more Dark Matter by thinking about it, while it is “alive” with Dark Energy. Using “White Science” based on less than 5% of the Universe we can detect, it is said we use 100% of it. Those are the detected Light Matter processes in action due to stimulus.


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I am a relic. I thought I would chronicle what I found out about it here.

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