Wild Apple Leaf Lyme and Arthritis Relief

Mon, Aug 31, 2015 – Day 396 – 13 Months

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That is how long it has been trying this out. If it didn’t work, and well, I wouldn’t have spent 13 Days on it. Life was too short, especially then. We’d heard about these Ticks and this Lyme Disease, but had no idea what was about to unfold. There was a little worm inside a lot of these bug bites and stings, like worms are in, ironically, an Apple. But for 50 years? Nawwww, yer shzttin’ me! No lie! The doctor has to know about this!! Nope. Too Incurious. Strike that azzhole off the Christmas Card list.

A year ago, a poacher shot at the Deer and scared them away. I felt bad for them, because by this time a year ago, I knew they had saved my life. I knew it was working, but had no idea how to deal with this new Biofilm I had learned about. I still have no way to monitor how much of it I have gotten, except for worms that still occasionally access out. They are hiding in starch, or polysaccharide, in my tissues. My circulation has improved immensely. I thought I had elephantiasis because my ankles were swollen, but that is largely gone now. It was all biofilm and worms that were still hiding in it. Starch is such a common food the worms wopuld have an unlimited supply. This must be what is behind aging, but how would you ever prove that? Ask me in 50 years, I guess. I seem to have a second lease on life.

I not only saw my life flash before my eyes, but I felt all my injuries like old broken bones and torn ligaments get revisited. They had worms in them. Talk about getting you when you were down. They craved your fibrinogen, the stuff that makes scars, it seemed. Around a month or so ago, I finally hit bottom, or at least an inflection point. Everything is working so much better now, from kidneys to brain to digestion. Money has never been able to solve any of that; Bad genetics they said. They say money doesn’t grow on trees, but now I know The Best medicine does. Nobody believes it. So I went Open Source to try and prove it.

Now I find out this particular type of tree is genetically an endangered species. They are being eliminated, cut down, and eradicated with Fungicide making most of them unsuitable for medicine, in the name of making food look pretty. They’re all going to die. That is because they’re so smart. They say so. Perfect. Just bloody perfect! I’m going to give up jumping up and down and waving my arms. Isaac Newton said there was an Easter Egg in the Bible, and it comes up in three weeks and two dys. If everybody has these worms, and does not want to know about it, I think I know what will happen. How did they get that Bible way back in time? They must have access to dimensions where it is timeless.

Now I find out physicists know about this, and they don’t. They know that they don’t know. 95% of this Universe is Dark Matter (27%)  and Energy (68%) that they cannot detect. I maintain it is hiding in plain sight. It is almost everywhere. Coincidentally, that sounds like our little worms. Could it be? They like brain and cartilage, Dr. Eva Sapi maintained, because it was juicy. Gray Matter. That’s part Dark, isn’t it? Maybe that is what they are after. They are camera shy because light does not illuminate the situation. They are what they eat; Dark Matter.

Physics is stumped. Religion says they know what is happening, but they don’t really, going on a script written apparently by extra dimensional worms grafted into neural cortex and thoughts of prophets. Metaphysics might know. Physics looks to them for answers now, not the other way around so much. How do I know the worms are in a higher “braneworld?” You will have to see for yourself, by what happens after eating Wild Apple Leaves. I know from my engineering physics background that this will blow the lid off physics, metaphysics, and all medicine. Even naturopaths or practitioners of Chinese Traditional Medicine know nothing about it. I donated a hundred doses to a Traditional Chinese Medical doctor.

The music angle was unexpected. Sick musicians. I suspect the worms behind it. They crave music Dark Matter like they craved Dr. Stephen Hawking’s Dark Matter. I have a friend who played concert piano and surveyed. When he visited me once, he was more interested in my mother’s baby grand piano. His symptoms sounded like mine. Arthritis. That is how it starts. He may have been just as bug bitten as me. Over 10% of his body weight will be these worms and biofilm, but he probably just laughs it off. You have no choice but to laugh and admire people who can face certain death down like it is  joke. Be satisfied you know exactly what will happen unchecked. They will die, and in the most miserable manner possible now that you know they have it. Have a nice day. There IS something you can do to stop it, but they’re so smart, you know. Ironically, all their friends and employers say you are the smartest person they know.

I found the chemical key to immortality, and nobody wants to know. Put yourself in my shoes. Sure, you have to stop eating all that weedkiller laced food stocked floor to ceiling in supermarkets too, and watch out for fungicide and insecticide, that winds up killing more people out of convenience for the producers, but that’s bidness. Nobody knows or wants to know. Enjoy your 2,4-D. It made Vietnam so fun by all accounts. Looking at all the Sept 23 BS on YouTube, perhaps I should say that I was given the key by Aliens. It wouldn’t be true, but it might get hits. The truth of the matter is so boring comparatively. That, and it takes literally FOREVER to see the results. lulz

Next week it will be Labour Day, British Canadian spelling, here. Nobody works, or wants to work. I found out why here. They all have mild neuroborreliosis. Everybody has it. That is what kills them, if they can make it past all the coinfections causing all chronic illness. Cutting down on the weedkiller might be an idea, but that is a testament to just how tough a human body is. Then the worms will take their dying Dark Matter that you gave up on and move on. Fire isn’t a concept in their universe because there are all different reactions there. We can’t see it because time isn’t a concept there either. Add to that distance. Then there is the fact that there is 20 more times of it than what we are allowed to see with all our sensors. We haven’t got a good sensor for Nothing to See Here. YMMV

They all want champagne on a beer budget. So me too now. I want a thousand an hour. That would be what it is worth. $100 for 6 minutes seems to be the going rate for anything medical. and none of that works. I saw an excellent video about blood microscopy, and they don’t even do it here. Perhaps that is a service they could offer, but why not just cure everything instead? “There’s no money in it.” I can see the headlines now; “Engineering Physics Medical Researcher finds Key to Immortality. Goes Broke.” lulz Or “Canadian Engineer finds Dark Matter in garage on spare time.” It was on the “Honey Dew” list. What can I say?

FacitPinwheel_1In the old days, we did Astronomy for navigation. I took the Astro 200 option in school. It was basically a course in physics of celestial bodies. The students all complained there was too much math. I felt sorry for the prof. It was a really good course about why planets have atmosphere (Spoiler Alert: Gravity) and why they thought stars run. They didn’t have an idea about Dark Matter then, even though the fact they thought about it employed Dark Matter/Energy. We know there’s lots of it, so I suspect it is also the source of all Bullshzt. It really isn’t infinite though. Just a little bit bigger pile. FacitT_1Wrap your DME around that. Now everybody has your Garmin, that is until a Carrington Event, then it will be back to Astro. That would be a second coming type event. Everything was simpler then in some ways. Electrons were in short supply. I actually had to oil the calculator. lol Forward and Backward shortcut to 7. That one above has sliders instead of a keyboard. This one is from 1939. Ouch. Add the Royal Canadian Bug Force. Put it on a card table with a stack of topo notes for max effect. Numbers you can hear. lol

Where would we be when everybody was like that though? How long would it take them to get car radio up? Bart figures it won’t matter. He likes acoustic with his parasites under control. Not a big fan of Sambuca tho. Fine with me pal.


Author: Joe1Smith

I am a relic. I thought I would chronicle what I found out about it here.

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