Wild Apple Leaf Lyme and Arthritis Relief

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Weds, Sept 30, 2015 – Day 426 – How do you know?

You know when you feel a bit better as you progress, with each group of parasites that come out. You can tell, just like you could when you knew something was wrong, and things were getting a little worse all the time. The best thing is when at the start, the brain fog clears away. You never knew it was that foggy yourself, until all of a sudden it lifts. Then things start to make sense why this happened. You start to rewind through injuries and bug bites, linking the two, as nematodes drill out leaving a pinhole wound. It dawns on you that they must be using the healing response to build a biofilm, and they took advantage of you when you were down from an injury, sometime after they got established from the bug bite they were born in. You can feel it all happening, but you would have to experience it for yourself. The natural pyrus malus component is the key to making the worms leave.

I likened it to blowing up a hornet’s nest, like with a shotgun, at the beginning. You don’t feel it, but those worms obviously do. They’re outta there! You get a slight swelling herx at each location of biofilm as the enzymes reach it. Of course you can feel that a little bit because your nerves run through where they built it. The worms itch a bit as their escape routes heal. Some of the worms delay because they are hiding in biofilm themselves, like running into a car when the hornet swarm comes. In my analogy, eventually your enzymes pry open the car door, or roll down the window, enough that that can’t even save them. Isn’t that interesting, you think. Nobody knows about this. Nobody wants to, but they’re all walking around with these things in them. Can’t see why they wouldn’t have them. Of course, they can’t see why they would. Let it go. Someday they’ll say, “Ya know, that guy was right, all along! OMG! Who the hell was that again? That thing’s been in my knee for 35 years!”

It isn’t like it is anything new. Those worms have been in people, evading detection for 6 millennia, and ever since australopithecine man stopped eating apple leaves. It makes you wonder how much of the human experience is worm experience, and vice versa. You might notice their apparent knowledge of nuts and bolts physics is far in advance of a human’s. They are in many ways a higher life form. Some of them may be anaerobic, and can live in space. It’s obvious earth is where the good eatin’ is. You’ve been on the Menu. Be it ever so humble, there was no place like homey, until you ate that natural Wild Apple Leaf.

I have been looking at Rickettsia which is also a tick, flea, and mite borne illness, common Lyme co-infection, and behind Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever. It shouldn’t be confused with the similarly named Ricketts, which is from a Vitamin D deficiency. It looks to go chronic quickly as well, so presumably it takes advantage of biofilm. The symptomatology is notably similar to Lyme, and it is tick borne. TBRD or Tick Borne Rickettsial Disease is endemic to the Rocky Mountains, transmitted by multiple arthropod insects and their feces, and it partners with Lyme. Naturally, I think it is probably associated with nematodes, and this points to the higher prevalence of the types of symptoms here. Lyme disease gets a lot of ink, while you would expect Rickettsial Disease to be more prevalent. The treatment is the same with tetracycline being the marginally effective antibiotic of choice here, with relapses common. Biofilm and parasitic nematode Reduction would be key to ever making headway against it. Pyrus Malus may have effect against it, and that was noted at the outset, providing evidence of a possible successful phage therapy against it.

Again, keeping up the biofilm reduction with enzymes is crucial to all this stuff. Pyrus Malus provided scads of evidence of the persistent biofilm problem. I collected a lot of data on continuous use of Pyrus Malus at the outset, and we have our Wild Apple Leaf analog to save the apple trees from the grinder, providing the same apparent effect, and more, with an obvious anthelmintic action. Unlike antibiotics, you can take it continuously with no ill effect, and it seems to get more powerful as you use it more, conversely good for digestion, but that may be simply from biofilm reduction. It’s an Eclectic Antiseptic. The young whipper snapper squad forgot about, or abandoned, the old remedies. All the money goes to clinical trials of new patentable stuff. They say foxglove is also useful for “Dropsy,” or pitting edema of the ankles leaving a sock cuff indentation, which could be associated.

From the Wiki, Rickettsia are more widespread than previously believed. You will get a Wild Apple Leaf reaction. This is all good, because no matter what you have, you have to get rid of this zoonytic co-infection thing. The disoverer, Ricketts, died of Typhus in Mexico City, 1910, before d’Herelle found a way to eradicate it using Phages, and the Rickettsia having a cell for a phage to multiply explosively with lytic action. While it may not be all of the picture, it is mandatory to eliminate that colour from the overall canvas of recurring chronic illness. Biofilm is also the common grey shading to all of this. There is no shortage of the supply of that once the nematodes establish it, and eliminating it is key to eliminating accumulating zoonotic ageing illnesses of all stripes.

The reduction of all this may be a large factor in fuelling a witnessed continuous, accumulating, averaged improvement in your condition, up and down as it may be, and that is what lets you know *something* is working, for a change. It gets better, as long damaged flesh and organs begin to repair slowly, but repair nonetheless. You know because when you look back, it’s hard to deny that you feel a lot better than you did. Every layer of dissolved bacterial biofilm releases more pathogens to get attacked, but the Pyrus Malus fibre continues to oblige. These days, I do a week of enzyme enhanced biofilm reduction, with a single Size 0 capsule of the Apple Leaf powder to kill the pathogen soup it released mostly in a day, and for the first few days after that, there seems to be a residual pathogen kill off effect, ongoing. That way, I can cram the majority of light herxing into a day or so, instead of continuously. That is the new thing with me, but the Wild Apple Leaves remain key to the whole thing.

So many environmental pressures are stacked against us, but at least this is a huge ignored one you can reduce or eliminate. It all adds up to wear you down if you do nothing, and wipes out, or supersedes, all the modern medical gains made at great expense.


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Tues, Sept 29, 2015 – Day 425 – A New Yardstick of ARD – Anti²BiOptics

QuantumNematodeARD – That is Antibiotic Resistant Disease. Spirochaetes (English Spelling) are in the 5 to 200μ (micron) range. Their Insect borne Parasite Nematode Farmers are in the 500-2000μ range. They are like the Ant is to its flock of Aphids. There are lots of pictures of these stealthy spirochetes, that they tend, but few of any kind of nematode, and the ones that there are show even the visible ones have to be in the right light. The trouble is you can only see the nematode by their silhouette, described often as a spirochaete “chain.” The spirochaetes remain safe from antibiotics and phages while they are sheltered within the invisible barrier of the nematode it seems. Traditional researchers have no trouble killing spirochetes in vitro or a test tube. When they are in a host, or “in vivo,” they can use biofilm and the nematode itself for protection. Something very fishy is going on here, because you can see from the scale of things that they would stick out like a basketball team in a Mexican airport. The nematodes must be invisible, but they sure leave a mark when they drill out. When faced with the Apple Leaf phage assault, they slither for their lives. To them, it is like someone kicked a hornet nest.

I have been looking for a university where that phenomenon can be studied but there is none. They all have electron microscopes but that is only a 2D picture of what is going on. I suspected that is a lot of the problem. The nematode must be invisible in 2D. 3D would confirm volume to the 2D silhouette, but limit resolution to spirochaete proxy scale. If it were Dark Matter, it would be invisible in 4D. We have evidence they are mining 5D brain material from Alzheimer’s, Lewey Body, and neuroborreliosis in general. All are Antibiotic Resistant/Anti-Bioptic. All stuff to wonder about, because that would explain why they escape detection while being such a big part of the picture. Let’s say they are gone. It is known that doxycycline can kill spirochetes in vitro, but they gave up prescribing it in Canada, because they know it doesn’t work in vivo. I take it the herx killed too many patients. The spirochaete simply hides in the nematode or its biofilm. The phage does not get the spirochete, or even get to it. It does however get to the nematode “farmer,” unless it is one of the species that appears to hide in a biofilm. The Phage is a causal agent; Take the phage, then the worms scatter. We may be blind, but we can use our “hornet” army to even the score.

Simple enough, but that has never been accomplished with evidence; Outing these Anti-BiOptic Strains. I know I can move them out. I know how they got there. I have an idea where they came from. You will know when the bug bit you if it was a bad one. They do it for food is why. We have a new Anti-Anti-BiOptic, or an Anti²BiOptic™. Want to see something invisible? You’ve come to the right place. Silly as that sounds, it is explained by the evidence, like Dark Matter is explained by the gravitational evidence. It explains the entire invisible spectrum of antibiotic resistant disease once you “see” for yourself. I can “sting” yours, and more ways than one. It turns out permanent magnets also affect them, like magnetars affect Dark Matter.

AntiBiOptic Disease would have been discovered and defeated by now, if they could only see it. Until I shone the light on it, it is obvious they have all been spinning their wheels. So what do they do? They refuse to look. Imagine what medicine would be like if they refused to look under a new kind of microscope to see what is happening. It would be exactly like they are now with ARD. I invented this new macroscope, and they ignore the Big Picture it mushes into their face. It has gone on far too long. 425 Day sto0pid is worse than fail. That is 2.448 million dead that largely could have been prevented at 4 a minute. All they can say is we would all be better off without Calgary, Red Deer, and Edmonton. They may be right. It might include them too.

A local paper said Silent Lyme is real. They were found hiding a lot with a Freedom of Information request. Since then, I have blown the lid off of way more than just that, and got to the bottom of it, fingering AntiBiOptic Disease. It wasn’t just Lyme hiding there. It is virtually all chronic disease. They can’t even fess up that there is chronic Lyme. It is all invisible to billions of dollars worth of Electron Microscopes because they are looking at the wrong thing. We’ve got a 5D Tapestry of the whole thing. 11D M Theory gets closer to hitting the board all around the nail head, exactly where they can’t see. Until now. AntiBiOptics is the trouble, and I have it dead in my sights. I discovered it using the Alexander Fleming tried and true method; By accident. He discovered penicillin by mistake when a mouldy petrie dish killed the pathogen. A sick deer didn’t know I was watching when it got better.

My poor little goose friend died a year or so ago. The flock left it behind, limping, always bringing up the rear. It looked to have this same, strange, strong side, “arthritis.” Same as the deer. Another takeaway from that is deer and geese likely have strong sides like humans. They were both Right Winged for the record. In humans, Nematodes, biofilm, and about a dozen species of spirochaete, combine to make the entire nightmare, and you have to amputate all three legs of that stool. A cold and/or flu only makes about 10 pathogens, so it is easy to wallop for us. Klebsiella and Arthritis go Monzanto Final Zoluziona little harder. That alone is way beyond medicine. No wonder they gave up on Lyme. The takeaway there is that if they can’t help, why are we paying them anything? Imagine the uproar if they threw everybody with cancer into a psych ward. That is what they do when Lyme Disease walks in. They sick their bullies on them like Hitler did on the Jews, and they hold parties to celebrate about it in Nuremberg. We need the equivalent of a Stalin to sick on them, and then self destruct, like a phage.

Unfortunately, they are every bit as insidious as Lyme with their bureau-film to hide under, and they’re chronic now, even in the US. Most of the problem is the medicine is worse than the disease, and I have smoking gun proof of it. All the proof in the world didn’t stop Adolph, either, The whole thing is surreal. They were zombied by an AntiBiOptic parasite, so the stage is set to take them out with our AntiAntiBiOptic. But How? Mandatory Enema? lulz Looks like divine guidance wants to make sure they are the last to know to make them the laughing stock of the entire world. Trouble is, you don’t get the punchline until the minutes before you die, except by eating a leaf of Wild Pyrus Malus if you ever get it. They do know that they are beaten, and they won’t listen to anyone because they assume they are so smart, it can’t be done. Well, guess what?

If I go to school, it looks like it would just be following the money, and not the right answers. That seems to be the trouble. Everybody’s different, but not this fundamentally, eating starch, getting bit by bugs from God knows where. Makes sense they had parasites and they cause all sorts of disease. Can’t see fundamentally anything different from anybody else except I got bit by more of them working in the woods. Early warning sign. Youi’ve got it too, it fogs your mind, and it’s only a matter of time. Natural Pyrus Malus really sharpens everything up. Life is just a bottle of Tequila, and make sure this gets the worm, instead. Goes down smooth with bromelaine/pineapple, pectin enzyme, and a squeeze of lime.

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Mon, Sept 28, 2015 – Day 424 – Ways Forward

Every time we turn a corner, there is another roadblock with this. Even in the land where Phage Therapy was invented, it is not approved. In Washington State and Oregon, there is a loophole allowing naturopaths to do Phage therapy, and in Texas, war veterans are treated using it. In Canada, there is an AntiMicrobial Resistance initiative, but it is largely focussed on trying to fix the failed antibiotic way. I guess they didn’t read Sir Alexander Fleming‘s warnings on why antibiotics would ultimately fail as pathogens developed resistance. Phage Therapy continues in Georgia and Poland, while all the developments were skipped over in the birthplace of Phage Studies, Canada.

Here is a unique experiment. Powder some Apple Leaves and sprinkle them in the toilet, especially if there is a stain that all manners of scouring can’t remove. That impervious coating is a biofilm. CLR may cut it after time, but generally nothing will touch it. If the phages in it take to that biofilm, which seems tougher than concrete, it will completely clean it deeply to the underlying porcelain. When you chew a raw apple leaf, it cleans biofilm plaque off your teeth. No amount of brushing will touch it, and dentists chip bits of it off. I suspect a minute amount of Apple Leaf Phage dust in the air, from when I powdered the apple leaves in a blender, caused it. That also shows the explosive exponential growth of a viable phage, as well as a Phage’s ability to do the seemingly impossible against biofilm. That reminds me, I was out picking some leaves and branches to do moisture content studies while the leaves are still alive, maximally grown as the apples ripen. Maybe I’ll toss in a leaf and  see what it does there. Phages were suspected to clean up cholera in the entire Ganges River, which at the time had prevalent cholera.

It’s not all good. I know first hand that human biofilm slows and gums up not only antibiotics, but phage therapy too. The phage is a wedge to get started breaking it down through the outer polysaccharide, and as I found, fibrin, coating. In that sense, it is the keystone removal mechanism. Parasite chronic diseases incorporate injury response to toughen their defences with scar stuff. The parasite knows the gig is up, and leaves, so that biofilm reduction won’t be patched anymore, or so I hope. That seems to work as you can feel the light at the end of the tunnel. It is finally hope in a whole lotta hopeless. When those parasites go, it is like step 1 in 11,487. They built it to last.

You know what the answer is before you start, then you go looking for how you got there. Fill in the blanks. There is no shortage of blanks. Doctors gave up. You realize they are going in exactly the wrong direction, full steam ahead, with all your, and in fact, all the peoples’, money. Anybody who disagrees with their approach, no matter how informed, is insane. They refuse to confirm a simple experiment to show them a ubiquitous parasite first hand that they missed. That does not instil confidence. It does confirm they have the disease. Their neuroborreliosis has progressed to the point where they are “Loonie Ticks.” They are headed for a comfortable grave in a pile of Canadian Coins they can’t take with them.

BiohazardThe shocker, that I really found out about, is that Canadian Medical Facilities are a breeding ground for borreliosis, the most insidious Antibiotic Resistant Disease ever. I found a phage that works against it. Every person working there is hopelessly infected, and you can prove it by making them take the phage. Fat chance. They’re done. Give them a wide berth to speed your recovery. Every visit there will take up to 72 hours for the phage to wipe it out again. Only the d’Herelle treatment will save them. They’ll have to put it in their drinking water. Biofilm will keep thwarting it unless it is co-addressed, but that would be a start to get them to snap out of it. The repeated phage bombardment can defeat it, but enzymes targeting the biofilm speeds it up a lot. You’ll have to reverse a lifetime of infected insect bites, made worse by now accepted agricultural practices. Ironically, the late Dr. Bill Costerton, Father of Biofilm, came from here. Anyway, show up to your next appointment dressed like this. As soon as they say anything, clap a petrie dish shut, scribble on a tag, looking at your watch, and respond, “Oh, nothing… Your name, and next of kin?” Stage whisper, “Got it!” excitedly in a faux radio headset to have fun with it. lulz

Phages are fertile science fiction thriller material. I think the movie “Outbreak” used them, building an antidote from “Patient Zero,” from which a viable phage multiplied. This isn’t Hollywood, but the principle remains valid. Something is in there from all the previous co-infections that keeps the phage up and working, and my personal chronic condition was really deep if it was in fact congenital. It explains all the unexplained symptoms my parents and extended family have been suffering from. If I get through it, I will be the first person who ever has, and with almost no antibiotics. They would help only temporarily, then a relapse a week after.

The addition of Bromelaine 2000 GDU really has added to the recovery from the “Burn Out” of clearing up the remaining Lyme pathogens, or so it seems for now. You can feel it all sitting in the front row seat here. I know there is some more to go, but I am just going to pulse it with the Apple Leaf on weekends now. The biofilm reduction part seems to be the holdup with my situation. I really started hitting it 111 Days ago with a pause for a month, and a resumption for a week. The good thing is that you can stop and restart all these things separately if some part becomes a little too wearing. What works is reducing biofilm as much as you can, then an application of Wild Apple Leaf to mop up all the exposed pathogens from that layer. If I had known that from the start, I could have gotten by with a tenth or less of the Wild Apple Leaf I am guessing. There was too much biofilm for it to handle alone at my age, but it did bore down through a bunch of it while we sorted this all out. The Apple Leaf de-worming action was key as well. If those things stay in you, there is no telling how you will ever get rid of it, or any of the other chronic diseases they appear to maintain.

The term SuperPhage is used when combating a SuperBacterium. I proved that Lyme Disease is more than a SuperBacterium, and also has the unknown SuperParasite with it. This had been noted by others as Filarial Nematode Spirochete Farners, and the new takeaway here is that you actually see where the nematodes exit, and then get a timeline and history of the infection(s) they were responsible for. It really taxes your memory because the timeframes go back multiple decades. This seems to be a new class unto itself, and also gives new evidence to the nature of biiofilm chronic illness in general, as well as more diseases than one would ever suspect. SuperParasites must build bacterial biofilm, I found. They are the mystery behind its manufacture. I can see thousands of ways people will slip up using this and not be successful. I think I tried them all myself. lulz

I know the Who-What-When-Where-Why of it all finally at the, or near, the end.  I’ll be ready for the next bug bite, sting, Duck Itch, or whatever next time. I know you probably  won’t, because I know why nothing else will work. You may be lucky if your herb has a SuperPhage, but then there is the biofilm, and SuperParasites. They tried everything and gave up on me. They will always fail doing what they do, and I know the W5 of why that is now too. So what’s the problem? They never asked, and I doubt they ever will.

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Sun, Sept 27, 2015 – Day 423 – Explaining a Miracle

The behaviour of a phage is miraculous. Colds and Flu, notoriously difficult to treat with over 10 simultaneous pathogens at work, accelerate and wipe themselves out in hours when a Pyrus Malus phage has their number. When you get bit by a tick, the same thing happens, and you feel the infection in fast forward. It also kills the tick. With neuroborreliosis symptoms, they disappear in 3 days. The Phage, with its explosive exponential growth, literally eats the responsible pathogens for breakfast. Then it follows them down the drain for lunch. The worse the disease, the more a phage can use it to its own advantage. The show stopper becomes two fold: biofilm, and the diseases and parasites that can take advantage of it to hide from the phage. Luckily, there is a way to deal with that now.

Are phages dangerous? If they were, they would have wiped out mankind by now. Their growth is that explosive. Some genetic engineer may jimmy one by playing with its DNA, create a hostile phage, then accidentally let the strain out in the wild, at which point it would wipe out mankind, including the inventor, by lunch. When you think about it, a human being can only be what the 10³¹ phages have allowed it to evolve into. Successful parasites and diseases developed biofilm to hide. I undeveloped it to make them face the music. Utilizing the large 57,386 gene count of an Apple Tree, the phage army has more ways to kill a disease. animal, vegetable, or mineral, than you can shake a stick at.

If a phage could be developed to defeat biofilm safely without drowning you, it would already be viable. This one seems to drill biofilm on the nanometer scale, and leave a weakness we can exploit with other enzymes. The interesting thing is that it drills fibrin, so it gets biofilm that used scar tissue in its formation. I found that wasn’t a rarity, it was more the norm. It could also be because I remembered the injuries in some cases, while others still deposing dropped undetected. That is also why I suspect these bug parasites are behind building the biofilm. When they see this phage group assault, they are among the first to leave the fort behind. It is a WMD for all manner of parasites.

Most people don’t believe in miracles. That’s OK. This place will be a lot more fun with all the naysayers gone. lulz There is a parasite taxi bug out there somewhere with their name on it, thanks to all the weedkillers killing all the natural bug/parasite enemy phages taken up from the soil in those weeds. It will be too late when they find out this is an epidemic. Rene Descartes said “Nothing so hidden…” Apollo 16 used it as their motto. I found a miracle hiding in plain view. The epidemic is antibiotic resistant, but much of that can’t survive the phage assault. Chronic Lyme is partly phage resistant, but not phage and biofilm engineer resistant. State of the Art Obsolete Medicine is Miracle Resistant. Miracles make them look Dumb, Mad Bro, and Jelly. They got walloped by supermarkets full of weedkiller they never knew existed, all on their watch. They leaned into it fighting the very phages that could save them. They grew keen on their own Miracle. d’Herelle is the hero after all, and his phages are still used to pick up the slack when antibiotics fail, like with MRSA.

MiamotoiMoving along, there is the whole invisible spirochete chain nematode to explain. *Something* drills out, but nobody can see what it is. It leaves a “water channel.” When it sees our phages, it leaves a water channel straight outta your skin! Physics may have an explanation, and that is Dark Matter. We know it is everywhere, and nowhere to be seen. It is invisible to our senses, and our measly pie slice of the Universe. It explains Morgellons Disease being so inexplicable to doctors locked in the 4 dimensional space describing 5% of the Universe so well. Well, meet the other 95%, in your face, foot, armpit, back, eyeball, or wherever. Explain that. Looks like these phages get a higher mark than 100%, but then nothing surprises me much about them now. They get almost everything medicine knows, and even what it doesn’t to boot. It makes me curious for an answer, but there isn’t any, save for what I was left to deduce.

Short of that, everything has an explanation that fits the results I witnessed now. The whole Dark Matter thing implies a Dark Matter Phage too. It may be out of sight, but not out of mind. All I can do to help is to make sure I keep the nature of the host fibres intact, and keep the phages capable of becoming viable when moisture is added. That explains why early results from a century ago may not have been repeated all the time, from inadvertently sterilizing the active agents, and it gave phages a bad name. The Herxheimer Reaction was not well understood then, as well. The antibiotic herx could also kill, giving it a lot of reporting and study, whereas this seems much gentler and safer. Modern understanding of these things, coupled with success against antibiotic resistant disease, may prompt a resurgence of the technology.

Antibiotics had a 70 year run, but disease morphed, and defeated them. Most people will be blissfully unaware of this all until death comes knocking, and they finally try it out of desperation, possibly to find it was too late, and the pathogens already did too much damage over the decades they were ignored. Moreover, medicine missed all of the parasites behind the curtain. That won’t look good on their resume, so watch what they do. They’re over 3 decades behind on one bug transmitted disease epidemic. What will they do when they’re faced with hundreds overnight, and with everybody but them being a witness to it? I’m personally going to stock up on popcorn to watch them squirm, because Lord knows I tried to warn them.

There is an outside possibility I got the phage from somewhere else. Then the Apple Tree Fibre enabled it. I thought of that, but the direct localized Herx-to-injury or disease areas associated with the Pyrus Malus fibre seemed to link it directly. The reaction fades after you stop, leaving more confirmation that it is a phage, and must be added to as more pathogens get exposed out of biofilm, where they could hide out of reach. If nobody will do a clinical trial, or even just try it to confirm it more, then it will remain hidden like it has for a century. The other evidence is what it did, or appeared to do directly for deer, and that is what I was looking for. It is the only thing I took, with just a few vitamins, and later enzymes to try and break the biofilm, knowing it was of polysaccharide starch composition. Now I sound like a doctor, trying to cast doubt on everything, but with a purpose of eliminating other possibilities outside of the obvious. That seems to be how they roll. It has them stuck up Denial without a paddle. That is how they totally missed an Engineering/Surveyor Lyme Disease epidemic. If you try it, and it takes after the phage becomes viable, you will know. Then you will also see what I tried to explain, and I think you will agree a Phage explains it. Then what are those parasites, hiding at the bug bites for decades? Looks like they aren’t exactly hanging around to answer questions, either. lol Everybody hits the trail when the magic happens.

Then there is the fact that everyone is chicken. That keeps people from trying it, but it looks like Big Pharma is trying to protect their failing cash cow more to me. Like I pointed out, given the facts, if a natural phage could hurt you, or it used human systems to feed on, all of mankind would already be wiped out. One YouTube link pointed out they kill half the bacteria in the world every day. If you can’t beat your competition though, make them illegal. Tuck a ball inflation needle in your belt, and deflate it in the next tackle. Then rat them out to wipe them out, especially if they are the New England Patriots. It’s the American Way! lulz

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Sat, Sept 26, 2015 – Day 422 – Why Phages Didn’t Catch On

There are many reasons. Like antibiotics, the cure is not worse than the disease, but it has side effects. It is a harmless virus that kills harmful pathogens by inserting its DNA to kill them. Your body has to remove the die-off. Biofilm diseases linger still in the face of that, both phage or antibiotic. Removing the biofilm, is time consuming exposing a new batch of pathogens to be killed, because it appears to do it in sequential layers, also as fast as your body can deal with and expectorate/expel it. It looks like your body will remain under constant pressure from that. Occasionally you want to sweep it out again. The closest thing would be like a detox in naturopathy, and while it is a detox, there is also the added weight of dealing with any re-infections, or deeper exposed bacterial biofilm organisms. It is along fight with Lyme related diseases, and especially if you realize it was congenital, like in my case. It seems like a bottomless pit. Doctors gave up, and just say patients are crazy. It is the only way to make a patient go through what has to be done themselves when they get desperate enough.

John Houboldt was a NACA Engineer before it became NASA. He had a tough battle convincing management that LOR Lunar-Orbit-Rendezvous was the path they should pursue. Later, he realized it was also the only possible way to get men to the moon and back. This is like that. It is a crappy battle you are stuck in, but you have the mission whether you like it or not, and you know exactly why all those other ways won’t work in the long run, the more you learn as you go in your battle. Initially he was a lonely voice in the wilderness against all the egos who had no idea why their method would fail out of selectively ignoring all the show stoppers. There was huge propellant multiplier for each pound of weight to be sent and and then returned to the earth. Fortunately, he had smart enough opponents to do the math, and realize they were wrong. I don’t have that luxury. Imagine NASA was all rocket salesmen and no scientists.

Th initial feeling is that it is working, like  a small bit of antibiotics. Then there is a second wave that comes out of the biofilm. Antibiotics are designed for just one course, and not continuous use. They kill all your intestinal biotics, thus the name. Your intestinal biotics ate 91% of the cells in your body, and that is in fact how it works. Do do not want to kill them more then a few times, or you will suffer the consequences. The septic shock can kill you. The other alternative Phages also get stopped by biofilm, but this one, Wild Pyrus Malus, is actually biotic friendly, a fact you notice shortly after starting. If you have an intestinal bug, you will notice that too, like I did when I tried to combine it with Wormwood. The wormwood really walloped some unrelated intestinal thing, and it all came out. Black Walnut did the same thing. With Pyrus Malus Phage, you will meet some of the parasites though, as they come out both externally and internally, I take it..

I already said more doesn’t make it faster, like more gas won’t speed up the car. Your car, or body, sets the pace. Marketing wouldn’t like that, but that is how it is. Chemicals are different. You can take more until it kills you, and in fact just a notch less than that is optimal from a marketing standpoint. They run as much product as they can through you, as long as you survive to pay the bill. A little bit of the right phage will work itself out of a job every time. You may say that’s cynical, but the Dilbert school shows it is only being a realist. They’ll keep changing the program on your VW until they get caught.

Antibiotics caught on because they were a quick fix, but it soon took all the low hanging fruit, and people never returned to Phage Therapy. Antibiotics did not work against chronic conditions, spelled biofilm, because the patient couldn’t tolerate continuous use. Doctors learned to tell patients they were nuts to shut them up. That way they didn’t didn’t have to tell them the truth, and that is the chronic thing will kill them if they had to keep treating it with antibiotics indefinitely. A new wrinkle is to say there is no chronic illness. It gets insurance a pass. That is a more important victory. Between the quacks, you have no such luxury, so you try to keep at the biofilm, to eliminate the chronic mechanism. It is an age old constant. In that light, the use of age old Phages is new, within the last century, but they can be continued.

They tried to exploit phages by finding and isolating the active ingredient, or gene. It is the whole critter that makes it work, and can drill into the pathogen. The big takeaway is the nematode it scares out. The nematode sees the equivalent of an alien attack, and flees the roost. The phage even has some biofilm penetration, but generally there seems to be so much of it made by the parasite over the years that it takes time to break down and pass out safely. The phage gave us clues and an inroad to do that with pectin enzymes. It uses a small amount of proteolytic enzyme provided in the apple leaves to open the door. I suspect Venturia Inaequalis fungus on wild trees and crab apple leads to a greater phage diversity attempting to hold that fungal infection at bay.

Deer are your allies. They keep propagating Wild Apple Trees. Hunters have also found that the trees attract deer. The ebay ad for Pyrus Malus bark points out that Apples are the most heavily contaminated fruit, and by extension, tree, with pesticides and herbicides that we eat. The deer point out that the leaves themselves are a source for this miracle phage, but they likely turn up their nose at the pesticide treated variety. They know if the leaf fibre has been denatured. Yesterday, I found that 60°C  or less should be the optimal drying temp, or about the heat of water from a hot water heater, to preserve the nature. This year, a cougar is keeping them away in a once-in-a-blue-moon type event here, so a lot of leaves this year. Tomorrow, we get a super blood moon over suppertime, and it won’t occur again until 2033. Lucky stars, I guess.

Don’t forget the Dark Side. To their side, we may look like the Dark Side, so it may be more correctly termed the Other Side or Sides of the Universe. There is 19 times more of it implied by gravity, and it is implied to expend the standard model of physics. The Apple Tree Fibre Phage even scares their side away if there are in fact species, such as I found evidence for, bridging the Universal gravitational divide. I invite confirmation, but the trouble is you will only have one chance per subject, because there is only physical evidence the parasite goes from the wound and weight loss, and it doesn’t appear to come back. There is a reason why Phages are the stuff of biological warfare defence, and guarded as such, until we stumbled on them.

A lot has been invested in genetic engineering of M13 Bacteriophage vectors for specific results. These Wild Apple phages would be a good basis already for their natural wide sweeping ability, but I am kind of of the mind if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. That will likely be the path to commercialization should it happen though. You must be mindful to take it easy drying the natural material because it must be amazingly complex to do what it does without burning down the house. The co0ties hate it already, and that’s fine with me. lol Also found some Bromelaine in Canada, a rarity. I can feel it really working on the spleen with the proteolytics.

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Fri, Sept 25, 2015 – Day 421 – Drying for Phage and Proteolytic Enzyme Preservation

There was a scientific paper done that determined 60°C, or 140°F, was the best temperature for drying Apple Leaves to preserve specifically the active components we are interested in. University labs sublimate leaves to dry them, which was found to alter the composition by exposing the leaves to very low temperature. This could be a reason they may not be able to repeat our results if they try. Likewise, degradation was noticed at 70°C, or 158°F. You don’t want to get them too hot. I tried some in the microwave on the lowest defrost setting 1, and noticed they still had a herx effect. 60 degrees or less would be like putting them over a forced air heater vent. So you do not want to get them too hot, or too cold. You want to be gentle with our little pals, the phages, so they are ready to kick azz when they get reactivated by swallowing them and rehydrating them along with their proteolytic enzymes for maximum effect.

If they air dry at room temperature, I found they worked too. The paper noted that making extract in ethanol could also alter specifically nitrogen compounds. I tried steeping leaves in absinthe, and it was too powerful. It remains to be seen if that helped or hindered. In short, keep it simple stupid. Raw works well with my leaves, or air dried. You take chances with a living phage if you get too impatient, and you want to keep the nature intact. That phage performance seems to be the mechanism that I have noticed.

You will know if your leaves work because it will scare the daylights out of your parasites. The wiry little things that lived in you for decades will wire their way out the way they came generally. I had a few from 1992 Mexico that couldn’t get out that way, so they drilled completely through my foot, I suspect. The Phages must have scared them that much. That is just the start though.

You can start simultaneously on your biofilm and not delay like I did. I knew that the Wild Apple Leaf Proteolytics were doing something to biofilm, but it took me about 313 days to catch on that I could speed things up by helping with Pectin Enzyme. Those parasites made the biofilm, I thought. The dirty little buggers! They also used fibrinogen from iinjury/surgery healing. I knew because you could feel the enzymes working on it, specifically from the Wild Apple Leaves. By being so anal about sterilizing everything, medicine will never find any of that out, and will wind up sterilizing their Phages before they even get started. When it comes to phage therapy, “Trust Me, I’m Not A Doctor” works better for that and other reasons.

Here we have a plausible explanation for the fact that they couldn’t repeat d’Herelle’s results reliably, from the 1927 tmeframe. “Desiccation of the leaves and new wood growth from apple trees at 500(sic.), 60° or 70°C. has no effect on the total nitrogen; but relatively small de-creases in the soluble cytoplasmic proteins, and increases in the non-protein constituents, occur through drying. Considering the effect of temperature on both coagulation and proteolysis, it would appear that a temperature of 600 C. (sic 60°C.) is the optimum for the desiccation of the tissues of this species, which belongs to the type of plants that are low in water-soluble protein nitrogen. Colloidal ferric hydroxide has many advantages over the reagents in general use for the separation of the simple and conjugate proteins from their hydrolytic products. Reasons for this choice are given.” A typo could have made them fry the phages to oblivion. at 600 degrees instead of 60. There is some of that in these old papers. Carefully reading the whole thing fills you in. Originally. I overestimated drying temperature of 200°F, but now see relatively low heat of room temperature to 60°C is best.

Luckily, with this Wild Apple Strain apparent Huge Deer Selected Phage Vocabulary, any pathogen would be lunch in minutes. You’ll witness it yourself if you should come across a flu strain, or a common cold. This also explains why medicine is still spinning their wheels against even that. And you want those guys messing with your heart? I’d rather let my Phage flock eat up the biofilm in it for a snack while they’re cleaning up my prostate, dropsy, and GI tract to boot. A good phage group like this one will nail everything if it takes. Leave all that other stuff in the medicine cabinet to save money, also because it will work ten times better with Phage helping it. Now you understand why Big Pharma hates this. d’Herelle was nominated ten times for the Nobel prize, but butt hurt Big Pharma shot it down every time. They Mad Bro. They Jelly. Still are.

There is a disturbing undercurrent to all this. The role politics played to shape modern medicine is front and center, and it has suffered immensely. d’Herelle was just as guilty when he went to the Soviets, and subsequently wound up under house arrest in Vichy France, where eugenics was all the rage in Europe. Medicine as we know it is Eugenics friendly, relying totally on chemical means. They have people convinced that dying is natural, and their control of it is both minimal and absolute, while they have a default of failure. d’Herelle flew in the face of all that. It is clear the reason medicine took the wrong fork was political, and we are stuck with the exact wrong fork they took. Moreover, it swindled all the money with it, creating a huge rotten failed mess with it.

So there’s the cards and the chips. We got everything, and then we got almost nothing. You have to keep eclectic about the big picture. That is bacterial biofilm gumming up the works, a Wild Apple Leaf Phage plus catalyst, and enzymes to do the heavy lifting once the big door is jimmied open enough to get the crowbar in. Then when the door is open you find it is filled with so much bacterial biofilm pectin slime you can live for months on it while it converts to simple sugars. It is that biofilm slime that makes it so you have to keep the Wild Apple Leaf phage consumption up, and that slime decimates the efficiency of everything. That is the theory that fits what you will see where there is no explanation so far. Nobody has ever been here before, but you know the older everybody gets, the more that each and every one of them, including doctors, has to run the exact same gauntlet. Instead of persister cells, we have a persister parasite animal hanging out too, but you just have to out persist it, and you will win. You also have to out persist a rip off medical system, also made easier once the biofilm disappears, but that’s easy, once you know why and how.

Then it may not work for you. Maybe you are taking some other herb or drug that kills the active phage group. Or one like Wormwood which has a strong reaction with it, but then it still worked very well for me. It could be a biofilm thing, in which case it can take a couple months to alleviate and expose parasites hiding in that. You will feel it working on arthritis, possibly if you haven’t even been diagnosed. Some phages are used as a diagnostic tool, but the condition may get diagnosed and eliminated all at once, and in days. There could be some other reason I do not know yet. I have a limited range of conditions and it appeared to address ones I never even knew of when it worked, like a cold and a brain fog. It’s a complex solution to a complicated condition. Try it on a pet if you are sceptical. The pet will thank you, because it may have caught it from you. It looks to be a phage therapy, explaining what I have witnessed. All the doctor will say is that your numbers from tests look enviable. They Jelly. lol On top of it, I just know what this Phage Library got. It was panagenic, and in fact that is why I suspect a wide sweeping Phage Group. It seemed to be all good, but it is better to have time to recline and let it work, like on a weekend, like now. It tires you as noted by other phage researchers, which is also evidence for phage lytic action.

There is a herx reaction, but not intestinal like antibiotics. More like swelling and a cooling that feels like a warming tingling sensation. This is also how one can tell the effectiveness. I liken it to a powerful Celebrex feeling, and it still does that at this late date. The change is that there were marked circulation alterations where there were dropsy or peripheral pitting edema troubles, like sox leaving a cuff indentation. There is still a little bit on my outside right mid lower leg that I assume still has some biofilm stalling it. Some out side my left upper shin too. I take it that particular biofilm was built with old injury fibrinogen, and it is consequently a lot tougher. It is a metric to measure internal biofilm reduction progress that way. Tetraethyl lead was still used in gasoline during that era, and this could explain a lot of that too, from lead sequestered in the biofilm. Pyrus Malus is noted for precipitating lead and other heavy metals out of solution. That older biofilm would definitely be more polluted that way, but these days it has been replaced by glyphosate in all grown food and animal feed.

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Thurs, Sept 24, 2015 – Day 420 – Totally Unknown to Medicine

The most worrisome thing is when an entire scientific discipline, that is so well funded, and we have blindly put all our stock in, is so officially unaware of the obvious exposed simply by eating Pyrus Malus (obsolete taxonomy) leaves, like deer eat. Many Bugs carry a parasite they leave in people or animals when they bite or sting them. The parasite can stay active for decades, in fact the majority of the life of the host, until the host eats apple leaves, when they escape, leaving evidence where they were residing, until then. Then there is further evidence that they also hide under bacterial biofilm when they can, sort of providing a metric to measure biofilm reduction effectiveness. At some point, if you put a lot of faith in medicine, you realize we are so screwed. It hits you that this must affect every single person on the planet.

banksy-in-nyc-2After digging into this “new” find further, you discover why chronic antibiotic resistance has already become epidemic, leaving at least two possibilities, both requiring suspension of belief. One, they know, and are letting it run its course to intentionally cull the population. Two, they don’t know, and are haplessly letting it run its course to cull the population. Criminal or stupid. Pick ’em. You told them. They said you are crazy. I like a possible third one. They are both criminal and stupid, snickering to themselves. They have all the money. They have all the power. You are in their way. I guess it goes without saying. Avoid them at all costs. An Apple Leaf a day, sort of thing. It isn’t your fault. Out of control bureaucracy dealt this mess. You elected somebody to stop that who can’t, no matter what party, until you elect bureaucrats and make them accountable. Call them on the carpet to explain this all. Why is half of revenue blown on a bandaid system over run by epidemics you have already solved? Flip that, or Flip This!!

Volkswagen Diesel did a better job of optics than this. It looks bad. VW is small potatoes though. The political third rail, health care, has a bulldozer parked across the tracks now. I hope you caught the Last Train to Clarksville because that puppy’s goin’ nowhere. Meanwhile, we’ll fly over the whole made up mess with a front row seat. If you want to live, better hitch a ride. Wild Apple Leaves have phages that may get you over the epidemic part. Kids are obese, have “inexplicable” allergies, being fed a diet of weedkiller, and they’re dying. Food is coated with bug parasite nematodes to make it pretty. I found a way to thread the needle of all this. I care what you think, but only as long as you have a way around what I found. Doctors claim they are stumped, so everybody is nuts. If they don’t know this they are nuts, for real. It is treatable health issue number One. Parasites, Pathogens, and Plants are what they are founded on, and are supposed to know inside out, or had better re-learn after losing Penicillin. Phages are their little secret they also ought to know.

How would you re-engineer the whole health care system? I would fund an updated Eclectic Naturopathy based first line defense instead. Have similar to Angie’s List accountability. If people refuse screening, they take their chances on this existing second line, and they won’t last long. Start on Pectin Biofilm Reduction Basics, with a Wild Apple Leaf Phage catalytic sweep. Then a lot of Parasites would start to go. Then multiple Pathogens with them. Move it out to home based, house calls re-established, keeping people away from dumb City with Smart technology to monitor if the Phage took. Second line would be emergency and accidental surgery, which would be measurably more effective following a Wide Phage screen, with a start on Pectin Biofilm, done initially while you wait in line. I found injury was a leg up for pathogens. After a time, the lines would dissolve. Very affordable and effective. That is what they claim they all want. Call them all on it.

Reprioritize the entire psych department and retrain them to provide entrance services, and monitor the incoming first line for three hours, each client, witnessing and providing support for explaining how the parasites got there, maintaining wifi services, building link trees for patients to do their own symptomatology, dumping ashtrays, etc. No one will make it there anymore because neuroborreliosis would be gone. Toxoplasmosis too. First line would wallop almost 100% of what they call mental illness before they saw a doctor. Most would leave with Wild Apple Leaf phage to do an enzyme biofilm sweep before that anyways. Broken bones twists and sprains would make the far more efficient second line on the way to cleaning up for a better recovery.

Fat chance. People are brainwashed into the current Zero Star rated gauntlet. There is no alternative they claim. The System claims they haven’t got time to keep current, so they simply read the guidelines set by drug manufacturers. It takes 100% of their time. You’ll do it my way or wind up waiting to die. They have no answer, no matter how long you waited. People used to pay elsewhere to jump the lines. That is gone. You can’t tell them you have a better way. Why? All of a sudden they have all the time in the world to explain why. Have they tried it? Of course not. They’re riddled with bug bite parasites from head to toe, from all their life. They have their own neuronborrelia issues. Back to pre-med, square zero. The First P, Parasites they didn’t have time to discover and vet, defeated them. It doesn’t take too many times of that until you realize that you get sicker the more you get near them. It is contagious. You have to keep away from Them because they’ve got it worse than most.

There is a Wild Apple Leaf Phage. There are other more specific phages, but that extensive library is a good start. Do a PhD if you want on one of the 100+ co-infections it will wallop, or myriad primary and secondary parasites it will shock out. One of them will get them, all the Pathogens, once you clear that lifetime of slimed up Pectin deposits inside of you. Lower your BMI without even trying too. It’s time to get proactive about it, or be another statistic of the failure of the ages. There is an alternative too. A doctor in Hope, BC, (oh, the irony) discovered HCP cannabidiol was working. I know this will get rid of the parasites and biofilm that make it chronic. It is Pre-med 101. Moreover, it gets rid of a psychotic, greedy, criminal, dysfunctional, medical system textbook case in Psych 101; Health Care itself.

I don’t have an electron microscope. I have a stack of positive Results, where medicine is proven by their own highest Columbo Gotcha! 2015-01-10 19:41:08standards to fail, and a phage is the only known thing that explains them. It makes sense as well. Stressed plants like Wild Apple Trees are a known magnet for phages. I have a nanomachine army to kick azz with now. lulz Me: 1, SuperLyme: 0 The trouble with phages are that a good one can be used to cure a city, so manufacturers have no interest. d’Herelle treated a cholera outbreak in India by putting a vial of phage into the  town drinking water. Early manufacturers had sporadic results because they would kill the active phages, sterilizing them by manufacture. I’ll have to be mindful of that. d’Herelle died alone in 1949 from pancreatic cancer, and didn’t get Nobel recognition until the 1960’s. That isn’t exactly bait for scientists. The whole biofilm stratigraphy breakdown catalyst avenue is totally new though. Medicine doesn’t even know what it is, except for the enlightened. I have a monitoring metric to confirm that it took, and that is parasite nematode exit rate, and pinhole wounds. All of that doesn’t matter if biofilm can defend against the phage for as long as it is viable. Here we go again. There allegedly is no chronic, AND no Lyme. Talk about doubling down on sto0pid when they are a squeamish target of a full fledged forensic investigation. I think Ottawa is finally looking too. It doesn’t look good, as in worst optics EVER! If they weren’t lying, they would have started with a phage too.