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Tues, Sept 1, 2015 – Day 397 – Half Integer

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Common sense in mathematics tells you by definition, you cannot have a half integer any more than you can have a half baby. The mathematics of Superstring Theory is different, where there are half integer spins. In geophysics, they tried to latch on to “half integers” as a marketing ploy, but it had absolutely no bearing to what is meant by real half integers. It was a fraud to swindle clients, that by simply breaking the laws of integer arithmetic, they could double the density of the data. Instead they got the same amount of data, but it was all half wrong. Everybody had heard of quantum theory, so they figured it would make them look smart. Their branch of geophysics was an imprecise science that used sound waves to find oil, so something more imprecise would never get found anyway.

Dark Matter/Energy has not been officially found yet, and it may never be due to limitations on how people think, if DME is in fact how they think. It could be absolutely everywhere in a different dimensional space. Naturally, I suspect our stealthy little nematode parasites, absolutely in everybody, transferred by many bugs, avoiding detection for all history like Dark Matter. Both are the stuff of seeming science fiction, but are in fact real. Wild Apple Leaves force out what should not exist, but undeniably does. There is a weight mass balance anomaly as well, which is why they suspect Dark Matter to explain the observed gravitational forces in galaxies. When the parasite worms leave you, you think clearer, and lose weight, like 10+ percent of your body weight. The solid portion of biofilm cannot explain it all. Science has to really play catch up here. Medicine is way further behind, too busy cooking up new frauds they can get away with.

Borrelia Chain - helminthLooking at chronic disease I found that was likely attributable to those Nematode Parasites, the parasite must have been looking for something rare. Our best engineers were getting stricken by this, so I could only assume that if linked to the parasite, they had something the parasite craved. I suspect it was their superior ability to harvest Dark Matter to engineer with. The worms would then steal it. Borrelia burgdorferi was a proxy candidate for this nematode to use gathering up dark matter. I suspect the “”chain” of B.b spirochetes at left is inside this stealthy nematode, implied by the silhouette. The hard evidence Wild Apple Leaf exposes doesn’t match medicine or physics, begging a totally new explanation. Our traditional tools of explanation and data gathering are dimensionally sdeficient here. Knowing that is a key milestone in itself.

Is dark matter ubiquitous, or everywhere? Some say that it is possible. We can see Hot Dark Matter, but not cold dark matter yet. Our dark matter would be the cold variety. It would not be interacting with our normal matter, save for in the proposed mechanism nematodes employ working on human brain. A Penny for Your Thoughts? Nematodes know they are much more valuable to them that that, so they steal them. They aren’t like doctors, but are similarly still above any laws. The extra dimensional “braneworld” chemical processes they employ in our minimal “real” matter world make us sick. The rapid treatment Wild Apple Leaf powder seems to have on presumed neuroborreliosis effect leads me to believe it results from the observed nematode activities before they skidaddled. I only know there has been a large weight loss, nematodes accessing out, and recovery from a lot of perplexing diseases in my case. I still think well enough to not be a vegetable, making me suspect that humans are able to somehow harvest dark matter from the universe, and it makes great nematode parasite helminth bait.

Some metaphysicians may call this an “aura.” It would be  a Dark Matter candidate; Something that is oft ridiculed but may exist nonetheless. I’m trying to keep an open mind about this. Is it pseudo science? Not really. That describes the science behind Aura Imaging. One thing I notice is that the whole thing is interpreted as being about emotions and thought processes. Likewise, something that confounds scientists. It lends a modicum of quantification to it where none exists. I would be interested in what Wild Apple Leaf treatment does to change or alter that, if anything. It does show one thing for certain. That thing is, I’m really grasping at straws to explain what is happening. lulz

Now I know what you may be saying. “He started off all Michio Kaku ,next went geeky on us, then he lost it in the acupuncture stuff…” but not really. I’m just entertaining possibilities here. The amount of unexplained stuff gets larger the more we know. That is a Big Rip universal process at work there. And it is also all on the Dark Side. Wild Apple Leaf will give you a front row seat to whatever the hell it is. Another possibility is that it gives worms Superpowers, so they gladly flee this lovely coup for greener pastures. I don’t put much in that theory since they struggle to get out though. Perhaps I am misinterpreting that.

After watching “The Future of the Mind” myself, I imagine Michio Kaku would have to do a total rewrite after Wild Apple Leaf. It explains a whole new chapter that over rides almost the entire movie. You realize that all this is totally unknown to the best and brightest, and boy, does it ever make it look dated. Towards the end, it is OK, but Wild Apple Leaf is a game changer in that it becomes evident that you were not alone. Seemingly for Ever. Then you will understand that only you know that, and nobody will ever get it until they see that through to where their own set of helminths all, or largely, vacate. Until that point, they will continuously rob you of your health and mental faculties, a fact made continuously more obvious as they leave and stop doing it any more, or as new bugs try to futily reinfect you. The tough part is waiting for people to realize that, but like every Kuhnian Paradigm Shift, and especially one that is this profound, I suspect you have to be more patient than is regularly required, waiting as they all die to be shut up. Moreover, when immortality requires a little work, nobody, and I repeat NOBODY, wants to do that. They would rather go jogging and stuff it full of more crap to wear it out instead. They need those worms shocked out first, then they too will instantly recognize that worm job one was to mentally stun them to not get rid of all these worms. Then they have to get their remaining biofilm deposits out too on top of that. I’m workin’ on it. Humans are different, and a little slower, than Cats or Deer.

True story. All the athletes I know from my youth have heart trouble. Everything they do just adds more layers of biofilm, I guess. Some brag about how their heart vessels are propped open so they can add more. Knock yourself out. One question. How do you get that thing out of there now that I found a way to cure it? Or will it just remain in there for several hundred years? Don’t worry. Their drugs to thin your blood and push it through increasing biofilm will likely kill you first because you will be excluded from even trying my Clot Buster/Eroder cure. Perhaps that is why there may be a worm party September 23. They’ve had a lot more experience using that extra dimension, and we are still in diapers comparatively, or it may be obvious after that day.

How do the parasites know the way out? Did they remember the way in from where the bug left them all that time? If they are temperature independent, it can’t be by relative temperature or pressure. Perhaps it is by a sense of that aura, but that seems like electromagnetism from the explanation theory. Fluid flow would be a candidate, presuming more fluid in deeper tissues. They may head in the direction of less Apple Leaf infused fluid supply, which almost makes sense. They slither for the hills, to get as far away as possible, I presume. They wound up there seeking more fluid flow to sponge off of.

Another thing, I can’t remember Maxwell’s Equations. I guess I will have to give my school ring back, but like the equations, I lost it in the snow. Worms don’t care in Dark Matter state. Maxwell? Schmaxwell. There is no electromagnetism effect on them. Bb Spirochetes are another story maybe, but a Dark Worm? Nope. They would only be interested in an electrical engineer for the beef. A Tech may be like a hot dog. Geoscientist engineers appear to be Prime Rib with all the trimmings, but again, that may be just what I can tell. Incurious doctors horde all the data they have no idea how to read, trying to make it fit their anti smoking cash grab fraud. Parasites smoke more people than All Of The Above, but they’re too blinded by money to see it, in fact inadvertently punishing all the people who try to get rid of them. It’s their equivalent of the Half Integer non sequitur swindle.


Author: Joe1Smith

I am a relic. I thought I would chronicle what I found out about it here.

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