Wild Apple Leaf Lyme and Arthritis Relief

Weds, Sept 2, 2015 – Day 398 – Biofilm De-Engineering


Methods of Removing Bacterial Biofilm. We touched on that one in the link independently with Vitamin C, but they add saline. We got enough of that because it is in everything you eat, salt. That was in a test tube though. In vivo, there is one about resistant starch. I know, starch or polysaccharide is the problem, not the solution, but the theory is to make your body attempt to digest starch in your blood. I know that will be a non starter if intelligent worms engineered it to specifically avoid that. If it is made of starch, your immune system will think it is kosher. It’s a bug in our digestive systems. Starch gets let in to the blood in minute amounts through the large intestine with no way to get rid of it. Worms thought, “Bingo!” That’s not a bug; That’s a Feature! God winked. Teach that bztch for eatin’ the apple, and the bonehead for listening to ‘er, passin’ on worm/serpent sourced info. The rest is History, and actually “Is,” not just as they say.

Let’s say I am an old co0t. I don’t feel like one anymore, but humour me. I had 60 years of biofilm in me from a diet rich in starch from the days of surviving on Kraft Dinner, to plates and plates of spaghetti. I had been picked clean to the bone by Canadian Bugs. Worms, in those bugs, now had the run of me all that time, I found out last year. Tell a doctor? They just say you are delusional before making you sicker for money. They say that isn’t very professional, but you can’t sue them, now they all work for the government. It’s time to call the Old Pros from Dover. Time to make the best of a bad situation.

We need a polysaccharide enzyme to crack it. There is such a thing, but getting it in there? How about delivering with a little dextrose and/or malt dextrin sugar to get it straight through the stomach wall like alcohol and sugar? It turns out there is such a thing all ready to go, and they have been using it since the 60’s to clarify wine. OK, it’s food grade, but at much lower concentrations, and the pectin in the juice of the wine pre-fertmenting uses it all up. It is better at 40C but close enough. Will it work though, convertying starch to sugar? Off to the wine making stores. There’s different kinds, one of each to try. I took 2 grams a day, spread out over 4 times 500 mg every 6 hours. I didn’t keel, but after a month, it was getting sickeningly sweet, eventually coughing up a honey like mucus. I backed off. Now I just take one 500 a day on an empty stomach. Enzymes work better that way so they don’t get used up by food before getting there.

What about all those bacteria? I know Wild Apple Leaf already cures a common cold, so it is way more powerful than anything medicine, which can’t, has to offer. You have got to be kidding me. Does it work? We have fall back if it doesn’t. One doctor found HCP can nail the offending borrelia bacteria. There is no way to monitor the process except by feeling or autopsy. You can test the mucus with iodine, but it just confirms the presence of starch by turning dark indigo or black even. Grade school science experiment.

Is that all it takes to get rid of this bloated mess of a healthcare system? Yes. The whole ignored epidemic takes longer, but they won’t help anyway. They ignore supermarkets full of antibiotic weedkiller. What is the chance they’ll eliminate waiting rooms full of patients after blowing their life savings on school in advance? Hindsight is 20/20, bolstered by a veteran time travelling resume. Remembering, thanks to the “magic” of Wild Apple Leaf, is Priceless. My brother warns me nobody likes a braggart. Therefore, I humbly submit this may be a way out of a helluva pickle. Your options otherwise are slim to none. If you think money works better, here.

Moving along, potassium bicarbonate, Generally regarded as Safe by the FDA, is a common apple scab fungicide. It is the sort of thing organic orchards would know about. Moreover, catching the leaves for processing also controls apple scab by preventing spread of the ascomyte spores. I would have to test it personally, but at least the leaves will not be as rare if it indeed does not combine with the natural apple leaf phenols. It is sometimes used as a flavouring agent in bottled water. The Apple Leaves hurt at 350 Mg a day? What’s happening? Best I could figure was my diseased cells were dying off too fast. Maybe a little less dose. No pain is still a gain somewhat. It revisited all my fibrin from really old injuries from my pedal tricycle. That batch of cells heals and you soldier on. I had a headache the first day but it cleared after one iboprofen. I ate a whole apple leaf salad though that day. About ten leaves or more. It was “apple” tasty actually. lol It worked for the deer. Makes Bart ask to go out. He was a cat who accidentally got a full human dose.

Guitar therapy time. Was good for me. Forgot, but re remembered “Someday.” Must have been the Dark Matter. Exorcisms R Us. lulz Now Including Mojo! Meanwhile, train for harvest? Or put an ad out for helpers? I was thinking of making it like mining. Hourly plus bonus for weight. The trouble would be estimating moisture content. People would have to wait until it was dried. I was thinking of getting  a gas drier, but could just use  a plug in high intensity radiant gas for working on vehicles and the like when not focused on drying leaves outdoors. Options are a bonus. Basic easy yardwork. Some weedeating/pulling required. I may get ’em. Charge admission. lol

Anyway, I do physio trying to get back. Do everything ten times or until I wear out it seems. It will be a while like the NASA Space Weightloss Program. It is a battle from a little deeper hole though. Knowing and taking countermeasures is a big part of the battle. Stuck in a not too secluded mountain cabin with dog and cat egress. There’s a steady line o’ trespassers but they backed off when I complained. I had to say something. Beware of Dog-Cat! Prolly hump yer leg. lulz I’m tryin’ to break him of that. Time ‘ll tell. Still a “puppy”/cat.

Meanwhile, should I make a sign for the deck? “Caution. Slippery.” from the heat rising off leaves drying. This place has a 30×21  right angle triangular deck, about 200 sq ft covered of the 315. Could close in the covered area under the eaves and over the drying room, but just a Krona curtain temporarily for winter. The arctan is 0.5077 radians. Gee, rusty. It’s 26.9 degrees if that matters. 27 would go outside. There’s a 7 foot buffer. 2 meter minimum. I was thinking about a Krona.ca curtain for the lower deck to dry leaves. I have old odds and ends left over too for inside. It still works, but not as pretty. lol Edmonton are my sorta people. Can deal with cold , bugs, and come out smiling. Naturally they would make killer insulation. But I look at the Scott Adam’s Law of slow moving disasters. That’s where they invented a way to make carbon fibre products by using carbon dioxide in air using solar energy. There’s only 10 years of excess carbon supply before it eliminates it though. lol It mimics Apple Leaf and Tobacco. It could be largely because if tobacco is a slight vaso-constrictor, and if worms go by blood flow while exiting, they avoid it, keeping away from nerves. The numbing is very slight though. Hard to show. It could be a different tangle in different folks. Pets like Bart can’t say, but they appear to show effects. He is on a human dose, 350 mg, wild with Venturia Inaequalis fungus scab, per bowl of dry food, about two days worth.

The stock market rebounded today for a change. The wheels have really fallen off the thing. Recession was the talk last week based on weak China numbers. A health product shouldn’t be recession prone, but ironically it is more consumer discretionary. Everybody thinks there is nothing wrong, until they witness this, of course. Getting them to see is a different story. Because of the drug wars, you can’t say it is to treat any disease. People will have to find that out for themselves. The additives are generally regarded as safe, except for the Apple Leaves. That is unknown. The apple itself has a warning on the seeds, due to the contained hydrogen cyanide in them. There is no cyanide in the leaves by analysis, but they weren’t looking. They instead tried to find what makes them tick. I think it is part due to fungus. Cellulose, chlorophyll when green, and phenols. They may contain potassium carbonate for apple scab control. Great for what ails your pets, but even better for a human I found.  Pets also get too much carbs in their diet to stretch dog food for example. Cat food is the same to some extent. These animals don’t need it. I suspect it is a large part of their aging problem. 20 years is a good run. We kill them like we kill ourselves, providing raw material for biofilm. Diseases and worms happily hide from immunity in that starch. Magic Apple unmasks them, and I suspect even in an old dog. I wonder what a Kirlian Photograph looks like? There’s lots of similar leaves on the web. Perhaps deer through electrostatic antlers make them see Kirlian Effect.


Author: Joe1Smith

I am a relic. I thought I would chronicle what I found out about it here.

7 thoughts on “Weds, Sept 2, 2015 – Day 398 – Biofilm De-Engineering

  1. Thank you so much, Mike – for sharing all of your hard earned research! I have not been able to locate any wild apple leaves. Is there a website that sells a powdered form? Are you willing to sell some of the capsules you put together?


    • I would love to, but I would have to incorporate, and they won’t let you claim anything about medical benefits anyway. Crabapple leaves also reportedly work. The problem I noticed is that everybody sprays trees with unknown chemicals, but this way you can find a safe tree, and it takes so little you can just get it yourself to get around all the hoops. Our harvest will be coming up in a month, so I may have lots more by then. It really works for this stray cat. He’s a whole different dog now. lulz


      • Yes Mike – I will search for an organic wild apple orchard. Guess I have to clean the chemtrails off the leaves first. Interesting about the leaves, enzymes, serrapepatse etc. I am doing the Cowden protocol. Had used a rife machine with amazing success – but backed off it and had a relapse. Now the protocol and rife is in order – need to try the apple leaves – your research sounds amazing. Love how you watched nature. Always wondered why deer weren’t affected by deer ticks. Do you think Lyme is weaponized?



      • I think it could be, but it doesn’t have to be. Every single person on earth has these parasites I am guessing. The parasite lives off of the identified infection. Guaging by things wild apple leaves “cures,” even a common cold works that way. Arthritis, brain fog/dementia, Lyme, Powassan, Alzheimer’s, heart disease, peripheral edema, skin disorders, all of it. All from parasites from a bug bite, a hornet or bee sting, or even rubbing up against the biofilm on a dock, which then stings you like a jellyfish with Swimmer’s Itch. I though doctor should know, but they said I was delusional. Swimmer’s Itch lasts twelve days because they said so. Well, how do you explain all this stuff coming out from 12 years ago? They would have committed the discoverer of the Double Slit experiment in Quantum Mechanics without even confirming it. They’re not going to be helping anybody.

        The chemtrail stuff is barium titanate. I suspect they spray it to replace the lost ozone, and stop skin cancer on plants and animals. Nobody will come out and say that, but that is likely why they do it for real. It is supposed to be non toxic. Make sure you dry the leaves if you wash them or they will go moldy from the water, and spores from the Venturia Inaequalis fungus, which are pervasive in the atmosphere and rain..


      • Some nuns in a local university have a garden – will check for apple leaves. I got two parts of a three part Lyme vaccine over 10 years ago. I trusted unquestioningly then. Since then it has been pulled off the market and when I later researched the study prior to the vaccine’s release – there was so many problems with it – injuries from test subjects – it should never have been put out to the public! I wonder if I had the Lyme shot right into my veins!


      • If it has some patches like the https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Apple_scab there is actually more medicine/phenols in the leaves. http://www.sipav.org/main/jpp/volumes/0108/010807.pdf

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  2. Cool. Thanks for the pictures and article. Left to my own devices I probably would have passed these good leaves up. You are the best, Mike!


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