Wild Apple Leaf Lyme and Arthritis Relief

Fri, Sept 4, 2015 – Day 400 – Predicting the Future

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Here we are. 400 days. I’m still getting a little better every day I keep taking the Wild Apple Leaf powder. It hasn’t been every day until I got my Size 0 Capsule Machine, but I wanted to compare set quantities. In short, I have been a lot of places and seen a lot of things, but this is truly the most amazing of all of them bar none. The medical prognosis for Chronic International Borreliosis was bleak. Good thing they largely turned out to be wrong. What is not a good thing has been the Canadian Healthcare system. In the future that has to be completely dismantled, laws rewritten, and jail time delivered. The physicist who discovered the famous double slit quantum mechanics experiment in quantum physics would have been committed to a Canadian Mental Institution, and doctors would refuse to even try the experiment. These psycho lunatics blow half of all government revenue to this day. The United States think that is a good thing?

They are going to need the same out that I found. Badly. There isn’t enough to go around. Fungicides and pesticides are everywhere. Herbicides in the rain too, but that’s OK, because they’re already floor to ceiling in all our supermarkets, and we are all just perfect. The whole world is nuts, and when the whole insane asylum is out on unsupervised day pass, every single day, you don’t wanna go out any more. Either they gotta smarten up fast, or it will end badly. Guaging from past performance, the latter is likely. Past performance is no guarantee of future results as they so eloquently say with the stock market, but there is an outside chance somebody will still find out what I found out now. It is repeatable physics, and it will be game on as they are all stuffed into psychiatric jail, or rat each other out to avoid enjoying wedded jail bliss for eternity. Better yet, while they are awaiting trial, feed them a solid diet of Apple Leaf Salad as a “painful” reminder as their own parasites leave them like a heap of rotten Swiss Cheese. Until that day, there is no God.

What will happen on September 23, 2015 now? The press release from CERN? “See?” That covers all the bases. They’ll never figure out that their own parasite worms actually employ all the quantum physics they predict to mess with their minds. Mostly, they use it to avoid detection. Any intelligent species caught at the scene in such a Blatant Crime of All Time would. I think they are hiding for that date. Will they do anything? Your guess is as good as mine. If they do, I know there will be a human chorus of, “Oh, God!” Then it will be their turn to do 420 Days in Hell as they realize just how many of these things they have picked up by living, rubbing against surfaces, of getting bit by mosquitoes and God knows how many other bugs. They’ll be mad as Hell. Told ya so. U Mad Bro? U Jelly? Rub it in. Get ’em to kiss yer azz in Macy’s Window.

SeshatLuxorfulloptimThat won’t help much though. I have to keep soldiering on, looking for a crop, and looking for help to bag it. The Plant Act will not let me ship it unless it is processed. People can’t eat it unless it is approved by the FDA. I’m in Canada, adding yet another wrinkle. The cure to all the number one health problems, virtually every category, is officially illegal, and why? “Just Because.” How do they know there’s not Cocaine in it? Well, my guess is that if there were, every single gawdam tree would be stripped naked the very next day. Which tree? All those naked ones, of course. lulz If it gave you a buzz by smoking it, that would have been found out eons ago too. Armed with that information, the best way forward is to proceed and get Apples banned for human consumption, full of barely detectable nematode human parasite eggs, until they cry Uncle, once you show them what dumb azzes they are. Ban them all anyways, and all pectin starch while you are at it. An Apple comes from Apple Leaves therefore too dangerous. An Apple a Day would make you an addict, and unfit for society. Welcome to the Republic of Doctoria, aka Hell. Perfect. Looks good on ya. Don’t let the door hit ya… No wait… There is no door and no way out! Muwahahahaha!

Have Sinusitis? This will flat out cure it. I suffered for years. I had to be reminded I had it. It went with the first few pounds of biophlegm. Have a cold or the flu? Never mind. Everybody has their pet cure for that. Nothing works, but don’t let that stop ya. Used to have Warts? I’ll let you see what happens. Yeah, I know. Been there, done that. Everything you thought was cured really wasn’t. It just got stealthier. Broken bones? Torn ligaments? 50 years ago? Wait till you find out what was hiding in there. Bee stings? Surprise! 40 years ago? Doesn’t matter. They’re tough lil’ WIMP’s and WUSS’s as long as they can hide. The party is over though.

It’s gotten to the point now where I flaunt it out of frustration. Best Before Date? Refrigerate After Opening? Who cares? Wild Apple Leaves will cure it. If it passes the smell test, it’s food. One of these days, I’ll throw that steak sauce back in the fridge, maybe. Why pay to cool it? Sure those eggs expired last month but they’ll make a good omelette. Gotta finish up those leeks and cheese. Gotta get through that frozen bacon. I don’t think Bart’s SPAM has a date. He’ll sneak up on it if it’s any good. Question: Shouldn’t nearly expired food be cheaper by half? What a scam.

Biofilm is mostly pectin. That is why it is Body Approved! Nothing to see here, says your immune system. Your body doesn’t produce any enzyme to get rid of it though. Luckily, they sell pounds of the food grade stuff on ebay… Flee Shipping lower 48.

Add Apple Leaves for mop up and to break fibrin, and you’re good to go. But I hear ya, Albert. Be glad you weren’t born in Canada, and thrown in psychiatric jail by proven inferior competitive drug pusher failures. It’s all crazy. It isn’t just me, but they want everybody to think that. “Oh, you’re nuts, and even if you aren’t, we have a drug and a disease that’ll make you nuts.” All so they can cover their tracks to get out of paying. Single provider health care equals unacountable rampant corruption and fraud. Coming to a town near you. So won’t this make your tests all go negative? Nobody knows! That is the stupidest game ever. BC tested 100% positive, so they got rid of the test, and called it MS if they couldn’t sluff it off on  cheaper condition, or declare the patient was insane to stiff them completely. Only in Canada could a health care system claim there were no bugs and get away with it. We’re that fzckin’ stupid, where the Theory of General Relativity is still Just A Theory.

I hope that in a few weeks, they blow a hole halfway to the North Sea in Switzerland, and it sucks Canada into the vortex. It may blow it halfway to Pluto instead, which might be warmer, since things of like-suck may repel. Finally, a way to get rid of bugs in Canada, and all the disease they gave everybody. They’ll spin it that way on the few tracts of land left on the periphery; “Canada; Now More than just Unlimited Goose Shzt an’ Bugs!!” Either that, or Wild Apple Leaves. The choice is up to you.

Create your own lil’ Wormholes as your WIMP’s scatter, or have CERN do it for you. lulz If CERN shocks ’em all out at once, you’ll rue the day, if you are able to survive it. Imagine being shot with a shotgun with both barrels full of pins at about 15 feet away. Everywhere from mosquito bites to hornet stings is where they come out, even if decades ago. Wild Apple Leaves are a tinch gentler anthelmintic, IMG-20140809-00087and mostly, controllable from 100-400 Days, versus .01 to .04 seconds, now. Here’s the rub. Those worms are already in every man woman and child on the planet. When I ate that salad 400 days ago, and in my bug bitten butt, I felt like hamburger for a few days. lulz What a brilliant doctor educational tool, I now think. Physics, Doctor of No!, or any kind of medicine. It will clear up the Dark Matter puzzle lickety split. You’ll wonder how such a large group, that claims they are so smart, all FAIL so miserably all at once. lol It WILL be the shot of humility in the azz, they all needed, all at once, to prevent it from ever happening again. They’ll teach this one in grade school for eons. It all started here, with a few backups elsewhere, earlier for good measure. It gets out, it will be unstoppable.

Kids would yawn. “Well, I remember, way back in the Olden Days, before July 31, 2014, we used to get bug bit, but we didn’t know about 30% of them were packin’ parasites… an’ they had us all fooled they weren’t there… until this day, I saw the deer several days before, eating leaves off this tree… every day a few nibbles… finally got a good picture, after I tried ’em an’ saw what happens… soaked some in Wormwood Absinthe… the worms had intermittent shorts… the rest is history… zzzzz” If you had a hook. Stage right. Have a producer, “You’re losin’ ’em man.” Here, put this in apple lyme flavoured enzyme candy… “Go out there an’ get ’em, Tiger… Tell them they’re for adults only! Watch out for Wormwood, but that’s old news…” Maybe not. They’d all get arrested in the Canadian Coverup. And the kids would yawn harder.

Age of the Universe is 13.7 billion years they say. A species entirely evolved out of Dark Matter would not be seen for 13.7 billion years. They could make a distributed brain like a biofilm in their host. Some might hook in to an existing one. Maybe CERN can find a radio link to them through an Einstein Rosen Wormhole or the like. Wormdemonium would ensue. They would be as surprised as us about them as they would be about us. It might even make a few good WuTubes like this lil’ feller stuffed with algae. They’d think we were uglier! lulz They wouldn’t have a shortage of Dark Matter.


Author: Joe1Smith

I am a relic. I thought I would chronicle what I found out about it here.

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