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Sat, Sept 5, 2015 – Day 401 – Silly Saturday

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What else would you call Labour Day Saturday? You could have a blowout and recuperate for Tuesday. You could look up the biofilming characteristics of mono. You could watch the B Lineups on TV, and reruns, waiting for a new season. Or you could just be silly. Bart is out chasing gophers, so I have the popcorn all to myself. It isn’t good for him anyway. Me either, but it’s a little late to get it that humans don’t need more starch. It takes years to deposit in you so there’s plenty of time to get rid of it again with a little pectin enzyme. I might even have some spaghetti. The tomato sauce for it is actually a product they use pectin enzyme to make out of tomatoes. Everything from potatoes to grains and corn and vegetables is all starch anyway. Parents used to say that’ll stick to your ribs. True dat. The bug bite parasites have a lot to do with it, but for the sake of silliness, let’s just imagine it sticks there all by itself.

Everywhere I look is silly. We’re supposed to buy it. TV is like a one way silly machine. We all know it’s silly. We also know there is nothing we can do about it. You see a silly article, try to respond. They know too, but it’s their little open secret. They know how to push your buttons to buy a can of Flex Seal, or Geico, or something less silly. Silly sells in a left handed way. Quantum Theory is serious silly. By Observing something, its behaviour changes. That sounds a lot like the worm spirochete debacle. Silly. Silly. Silly. Nothing to see here says the worm. Medicine buys it.

The reality is we can’t see or detect 95% of the known universe. 27% of it is dark matter. 68% is Dark Energy. Out of sight, out of mind. “You gotta be out of your mind!” Trying… Nope. Just silly. The Universe is reportedly 95% silly. I think it’s 99.9% silly if the 5% remaining that allegedly isn’t silly is really looked at under the macroscope. Quantum Dark Worms would think we were silly if we weren’t such good eating. Nothing says this isn’t silly like a T-Bone steak or a head cheese sandwich, and especially when you are on the menu. Luckily we found that Apple Leaves on the side stops this lunacy.

French Amry“The Surgeon General won’t say if starch is good or bad for you even though bacterial biofilms underlying all chronic disease is made of it.” True, but silly that they actually don’t have that warning label on most food. Kills more people than cigarettes. I wonder what the Surgeon General would say if we scattered their WIMP’s? Would they spin it that these WIMP’s, Wildly Indisputable Multiple Parasites, were good for us? Until then, banning WIMP Enablers, the surgeon general has been determined to be silly. The army is even sillier. Canada is their Foreign Legion. Luckily, I found a delightfully silly way to make you a Mercenary on these WIMP’s and their Biofilms. Other herbs may help anti-biofilm protocols, but mine is Sillier. Like Quantum Theory, it’s silly but it works, and it happens while you aren’t watching. That isn’t so silly in quantum theory. It is once you actually witness it. You would say anybody denying that is mad. Then you would say all medicine is mad. You’re getting close to “Bingo!” quantitatively speaking. They can’t decide on the 5% of their whole universe they base everything on. Going to the blind side, who knows just how much is lurking there? If the whole thing is moving on a parallel different time line, going some other way, unconnected from this one, Lord only knows how much more advanced they could be.

September 23 is silly enough to be a Quantum Event. “You kids don’t make me come down there!” Kids slowly start raising a ruckus again. Then half of Europe gets sucked into the North Sea? Somebody managed to get the memo back in time, and I suspect worms using wormholes. Nothing to see here… Usual silly fare… We would have to tap another dimension to get what they’re doing anyway.

Perhaps thought is that dimension. Cognitive thought that cannot think about itself on our wetware software deficient side of the light/dark stuff, because of Quantum Theory. There is no conceivable way to observe our thought from our existing superstring braneworld, and examine it yet. You can’t just light a match on the Dark Side. Perhaps they see gravity with magnetism like we see magenta. We will have to take the worms’ word for it. They have devised a silly way to bridge the gap, and there is a lot they haven’t told us, likely out of self preservation. They may have edited the whole part about apple leaves out of the Bible. That sounds silly enough to make sense.

In a physics experiment like the Double Slit example, showing the Quantum Nature of light, it was found that observing the intermediate answer, installing detectors on the slits, changed the outcome of the experiment. When the slit was observed, the light behaved like particles. When you turned “Off” the detectors, the light went back to behaving like a wave. Now that’s silly. Nematodes are like that I am thinking. You observe seeing a wound, like a small pin prick, but when you look for a worm in it, it is already gone. When they did papers on the Morgellons Disease phenomenon, it was found that the fibres and channels had multiple Borrelia spirochetes. Doctors declare the sufferers insane without even looking. To us, an independent observer, seeing both outcomes, we think there is a bright idiot, regarding the doctor. Silly. Real Silly. The observer affects the outcome. We look at our medical system and see this happening everywhere. We see both possibilities being manifested everywhere, with no second observer opinion allowed. Imagine if physics were like that. A half science, getting 100% of the budget. What is the government answer? Double the budget, and fire half the observers, the patients. Real Silly AND Expensive.

What is a similarly Silly and Smart solution, minus the money? Go to an apple tree. Know that it has pesticide and fungicide risk. Ask what they use to control Apple Scab and/or Coddling Moths that leave a little worm in the apple. Potassium Carbonate is OK, but lots of other things aren’t, so I am lucky I have Wild Trees. It is silly, but all that plant disease only makes them tougher, and strengthens their resolve, like us. Dry the leaves. Put them in a blender. Make 350/500 mg. capsules with the dry powder, Size 0, and take one a day, taking it easy and pausing, or reducing, if the herx gets too intense. See where the worms came out. Try to remember the bug sting or bite. Start taking Pectin Enzyme too, about 2 grams a day for a couple months or more. Fire the doctor but don’t tell them, other than you may be getting better. They’ll never figure it out anyway. You can always come back for the mop up of the Borrelia, Epstein Barr, bartonellia, malaria, and other stuff if your own immunity doesn’t whack it after taking away the pectin biofilm protection. The Apple Leaves have something more in them that addresses other problems safely, bridging the divide. They have no drug that can get to the worms, or even get past them, without killing you in the process. That’s OK for them because they kill patients all the time. They default to calling you delusional because they can, while they’re killing you. Remember, their butt is riddled with WIMP’s too, and given their predisposition, they’re going to die confused, 100% of the time so far. We pay our taxes to make it certain. You can’t buy it anywhere yet because it is new, and just silly enough to work in a whole, Real, 100% Universe gone 100% repeatably mad when you see all the answers.

nodiplomaTrouble is, you won’t see them until you do. The first three days helps it all make sense. The longer you keep it up, the more answers you get, and the probability ranges narrow. Who knows how much of the problem this is? I would like to think all, but there may be more it won’t get, yet. I only have one kind of leaf so far. The phone isn’t exactly ringing of the hook from the Nobel Committee… yet. What are the odds? To be truly silly, fulfilling the true duality of the situation where both answers are right, they will award it to anybody else but the Dark Matter Worms. They might have a Bell Prize for WIMP’s (Worms Irreverently Maintaining Pathogens), on that side, the 95% Side of our Universe Bucket. Ding! <applause> lulz

If it is as simple as falling off the turnip truck on this 5%, what does that turn up on the other side? Our peaks are their troughs? In complex number time? t to the power of ? Too silly.


Author: Joe1Smith

I am a relic. I thought I would chronicle what I found out about it here.

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