Wild Apple Leaf Lyme and Arthritis Relief

Sun, Sept 6, 2015 – Day 402 – It snowed a foot

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ShivaNot here. Up by Jasper in Alberta, and also south west of Calgary, I think. Strangely though, you can feel the uneasy chill in the night time air, even here, foretelling a cooling. They showed lots on The Weather Network. Lots of Facebook snapshots of it. Canada is two months of bad sledding.

Last month, our little paper made international headlines with the Silent Lyme is Real story. It was included in sci.med.diseases.lyme A chilly reception is in store for anybody with Lyme in Canada here to match the weather. It will be the greatest class action case of malpractice and coverups for all legal history when we are done with them, because they assumed we would all die. Not so fast there. Revenge of the Lepers could be a crummy B-movie, but here it is already on the way to becoming reality. There are a few wrinkles. First there is cornering the world money supply. Then we fire them all pending trial, and hit them with a steady stream of lawsuits and charges from all angles, trainwrecking the legal system. All aboard! That will take a near eternity of time. I think I have found a way to make them live in jail forever, though. Apple Leaves and enzymes can solve that wrinkle. It is another small piece of the puzzle.

This month, CERN might not leave a smokin’ hole to the Arctic, but I have a sneaking suspicion they could shock a lot of people’s nematode parasites, inadvertently. Then they will try to spin it to take credit for “discovering” them. Been there done that over 400 days ago. Canadian doctors say it is delusional. I’ll buy tickets to see that one, Canadian doctors telling CERN they’re insane. Those worms may kill if they are antagonized, and they can literally do it in a heart beat. I might be the only one left alive to tell the tale. Who else has gotten their worms out yet? Perhaps those physicists have. Maybe that is why they want everybody to have a CERN tattoo on their forehead or hand. Payday. They can torture everybody at will with the LHC, shocking their worms if the payments are a lil’ late. People will all be confused, and have no choice.

Monzanto Final ZoluzionHow could you turn that on them? Every so often, they hatch another Masters of the Universe scheme outta those parts. They all end badly. Their unifying weakness is they all think we don’t exist. Us of the “enlightened” (oh, those triple puns) and the WIMP’s. The trouble is neuroborreliosis. It takes 72 days to convince someone to try and take the cure that works in 72 hours. At that point they smarten up, and will realize what has been happening all this time, after their own life of bug injected WIMP’s start to hit the road. Soon, I know people that will have taken over 72 weeks. They will die, after blowing all their money on everything else. Doctors will say it is meningioma, and there is nothing they can do. Many incorrectly call it brain cancer. If you were told there was a cure for brain cancer, by a survivor, who recognized that you had it from the obvious symptomatology, and it was Wild Apple Leaves, would you wait 72 weeks to try it? I think they are counting on you to hurry up and die to get off their insurance books, or go in early for a CERN tattoo.

It takes a lot longer than 72 hours to replace all the damaged cells. I am trying to get it to 90 days. I still feel it a little on my legs, but it isn’t a psuedo herx like it was to start, over a year ago, 10+ times more powerful than Celebrex. I surmised that it was replacing all the defective and damaged cells from the parasite infestation, as they each died off. Arthritis, skin conditions, a skin cancer like patch on my nose, all disappeared. I could feel the fibrin of old injuries repairing from Apple Leaves alone. After starting the enzymes for biofilm on Day 313, a second wave of nematodes exited. I could only assume they were hiding in a cocoon of biofilm themselves.

The difficulty is the older you get, the more biofilm phlegm you will have to cough out. The doctor will misdiagnose it as COPD. It is not. It is something that has stumped medicine for all history, bacterial biofilm, and you have to cough it all up as that is the only way to get it out, short of removing it, and the organs it is killing, surgically. The enzyme digests it and gets it into solution, coming out in your lungs and sinuses, where it comes into contact with air. It is pectin, and it came from your diet, and long intestine, when a little, enough for the worms to protect themselves and their flock, got into your bloodstream. The Apple Leaf Powder will kill all the pathogens, safer than antibiotics which kill all the good bacteria, biotics, that make your bowels work. They can’t kill candida, which flourishes from antibiotics, because it biofilms too fast, so you add pectic enzymes, and that seems to get it back under Apple Leaf control. All the weedkiller in the supermarkets from glyphosate, a patented antibiotic, is another story. One crisis at a time I say. lol

Imagine that you are wearing full rain gear, and the doctor is tasked with giving you a shower to clean you up. This is the analogy of bacterial biofilm. The doctor turns a firehose on you. After several months of that, you are still dirty and beat to shzt in that still intact rain gear. My way is to take that rain gear off enzymatically, and give you a bar of apple leaf soap and a wash cloth. You go as fast or slow as you want to. It took a whole life to build. A few months is a short rewind comparatively, and a lot safer. Antibiotics ultimately kill by ileus sepsis, which is why the debate using them on biofilm rages on.

cern666I am still waiting for my six 2.5m x 12 m 19 mm orchard nets, I guess. I will have to wrap target trees from the bottom up. They may be up here when the post office reopens. They are to catch the leaves when they fall off in the fall. I might speed them up by tapping with a fishing rod. Just have to make sure that they don’t fall on the ground, lest they go moldy on me. If people haven’t figured it out yet, they had better get all they can too. Just watch out for pesticides and fungicides, unless it is just organic potassium carbonate. They say money doesn’t grow on trees. I discovered that Life does on select ones, thanks to a deer. How much is that worth? Somebody thinks it’s worth a “666” tattoo. In two weeks or so, they’ll control your “soul,” or WIMP’s I am thinking. Then it’s Blackmail, Game On. Hey, everybody else has their own crazy September 23, 2015 Theory. I have 402 Days of hard science backing mine up. Sure explains why doctor$ are playing so coy about Lyme Disease, and this ubiquitous worldwide parasite infestation. They’re in on it. You aren’t.

They Think they are in on it. They aren’t. They suffer more than most. That is because they get exactly what they planned for us, from “the powers that be”, really an extra dimensionally literate parasite, to win our favour. Teachers and other service unions think they are in on it too. Even worse for them. Suffice to say, a karmic Universe will not smile on their houses, for they shall reap what they hath sown, or even planned to sow. They get hung with the full blame for the crime, and they hang themselves. The meek actually do inherit the earth. The less meek inherit what they wanted for everybody else but them. How? Not a single one suspects a ubiquitous intelligent parasite infestation. They all think they’re the top of the food chain. In a way they are, except they’re on the plate. I found out it has been that way for the entire history of mankind.

Neil_ArmstrongI cut a deal with those parasites a year ago. I told them I could get them out of this if they could get me out of this. I had knowledge of how evil this place was, our 5% of the universe. People kill everybody else, and then rip them off, without remorse, to pile up their stack, at which point it all gets stolen, and they get hung with the blame. They knew it worked already somehow, and I am just playing catch up, because I am not that smart. My braneworld is a notch lower than their’s. I can’t shortcut through a wormhole. Neither can they, but they have their tachyon telephone working to call forwards and backwards in time. Their understanding of quantum mechanics can biologically permeate airtight walls and barriers. They proved it to me over a year ago on the ISS. They showed me how they got on the moon, twice, in 1969, and how some stayed.Life That was a couple weeks after I cut the deal, and after they exposed their presence when I ate some Wild Apple Leaves. Since then, all hell has been strangely silent, smugly boastful, and overly stupid. I know why that is, too. They think they are the only fly on the wall, here. Our’s are invisible to them. Just add mischievous engineering. lulz It’s easier when you out number them 19 to one, and you let them think there is only one of you, your “bad” actor. Need a script? I may have a few… <blows dust off piles of old scripts…>

Of course you’ll never try Wild Apple Leaves, so you’ll never know. Watch out for Wormwood if you do. There’s a reason for that being somebody else’s pet Lyme treatment. Use the search function here to look it up.


Author: Joe1Smith

I am a relic. I thought I would chronicle what I found out about it here.

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