Wild Apple Leaf Lyme and Arthritis Relief

Mon, Sept 7, 2015 – Day 403 – The Brain

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I know Wild Apple Leaf aggressively attacked symptom One of Lyme disease; Neuroborreliosis. That is extremely fortunate because otherwise what happens next would really confuse you as all the bug and biofilm surface nematode farmer parasites start accessing out. There are several varieties of the things, and it is not clear which ones are smarter. You will know one thing, and that is the Health Care system will go broke from that alone. Something that has a 72 hour cure I found flat out destroys an alleged First World Health Care System, and that same system itself has been caught red handed millions of times looking out for itself with a horribly flawed response to waves of patients. Advanced mankind cannot deal with a bug. It shut down itself and gave up, now 403 Days going in exactly the wrong direction, as you would know from reading some of this. I know they didn’t read any of this because it would have made headlines by now as they all clambered to be the first in line to get rich beyond belief in their respective medical “systems,” which would then turn against them to destroy them. They still play coy that they do not know there are any Filarial Nematode Spirochete Farmers. That was the only link that made sense with what I witnessed actually coming out, but that isn’t even the half of it, or tenth of it. Add on Swimmer’s Itch trichobilharzi regentia. All their information is wrong about that too. They say it lasts 14 days tops. It must be one of the fastest to go chronic then.

I was lucky to have smart nematodes. Your’s may be idiots. I don’t know. Mine went to engineering school with me, and paid attention those times I was daydreaming, I guess. I was an astrophysics buff to start with. They kept with it. They’re free now to go their own way. The last thing I really want to do is go out and round up all the Apple Leaves I can, but it gives me purpose to go on in a corrupt world gone mad. When people in that medical system get neurroborreliosis, that same system attacks them, forces them into bankruptcy, then institutionalizes them to keep them off of computers. I presume that is their cover up strategy. Somebody has to start getting payback. 72 hours.

I got a mail from Bart’s former digs about Black Walnut. That isn’t even close to what Wild Apple Leaves skunks out. You can take it for years, then start Wild Apple Leaves. Hundreds of parasites will then start accessing out externally. I can just imagine how many go out internally. Then there is the Second Wave hiding under pectin biofilm. Guess that clears up the age old mystery of bacterial biofilm. It does not make itself, even though doctors are still stuck on that notion. It is trucked in there by nematodes to do a specific job. Slime is the stuff of worms, thank you. They’ll be centuries trying to figure that out. Laugh at them and all them dangerously out of date quacks at every opportunity. It only gets worse from 403 days out of date with this Kuhnian Paradigm Shift to their entire world, akin to being a typewriter sales force after year 2000.

It flat out cured my arthritis. It was chronic, and it makes me wonder about that link because that Lyme co infection would be chronic. Not anywhere near as easy, and tougher than cancer I found. When the worms themselves are biofilmed, it turns out they are really tough. It took me 313 Days to find that out. Don’t laugh. Nobody knew until I found out. The pectin enzyme brought a crashing end to that party. I also get a little invertase by replacing sugar with unpasteurized liquid honey, and I take a serrapeptase 90,000 a day too. I’m down to 500/1000 a day of the pectin enzyme. I am growing muscle again finally on my thighs and glutes. You can look, but most biofilm enzymes are expensive. Thanks to mass marketing to the fruit juice and vegetable processing industry, not to mention winemakers, the most important one is relatively cheap. Wild Apple Leaves themselves do something to break the fibrin in biofilm that is incorporated when you get injured, and you own body responds with fibrinogen. They also get pectin I suspect, but heed help because of the western and asian starch rich diets.

Wormwood artemesia is multiplied in effect hundreds of times by the Wild Apple Leaves. Just soaking leaves in absinthe shocked these worms to the point they really started talkin’. Many medicines actually start working better than they ever had at greatly reduced doses. Be careful is all I can say, start slow, and go slow. Be mindful that you are 40 centuries ahead of all earthbound medicine, and they don’t all get put in jail permanently for a century yet. It’ll take ’em that long to get there yet. How is that countdown to the 23rd going anyways? lulz I know someone in medicine who is going to be near there. Missed the memo I guess… or got it intentionally. “I think it would be a good idea to be on the German Swiss border on about the 23 September next year.” It’s a union thing or something. Guess they’re trying to clear off the pension books. Can always use more evidence for the trials.

They all say Hell is where all the interesting people will be. It will be interesting how they deal with all the brats they were planning to unleash on us. At least all the union cops with them can keep order like they always have. I’m sorta Not Interested. They’ll figure it out like they always have, like by going all in on Pascal’s Wager. They were so sure exactly what I saw does not exist, they did not even put one chip on it.

The moisture content of leaves has been touched on here before. While growing, they can be 78-98% moisture. The moisture itself does not seem to affect the medicinal effect. Fall leaves seem the same of this type. That could be either researched more, or used to identify the mechanism that makes it work. I have a theory that the dry Venturia Inaequalis compounds may be partly responsible for the astonishing effects. Now that I have a source of scab treated leaves, I will be able to establish the relative power if that counts, although I suspect most trees will revert back to wild when their tenders are gone. It is a whole new science replacing 100% of medicine. Just in time, because there’s only a couple weeks left of that in some realities. It’s an alternative MD/ND/TCMD thing now, but none of them even know yet. Instead, it is metaphysics. Mere physics alone isn’t here yet, missing out on 95% of the picture.

Meanwhile, I can’t stop  looking at the observable Universe looking for the unobservable 95%. Thought and complex numbers come to mind. BS too, a very large subset of thought. Our meat containers even store the unthinkable, in a paradox of description. I’ve already trampled out the quantum particles of thought theory. Intelligent Parasite Nematodes gravitate to our thought and covet our brain, having an apparent RDA of it in their diet, which we “see” as neuroborreliosis. Wild Apple Leaves directly stop that action to the point where the nematodes actually flee your body. It is possible they annihilate Dark Matter, but there is still the unbalanced weight loss. Surely, those nematodes’ thoughts weigh heavy on your mind. They are a Dark Matter and Energy detection device/substance our body can use, where none existed before, and in ways that will remain hidden for the future of all medicine, which may be two weeks. What did Nostradamus say? Flee, flee Geneva, before you become landfill in a smokin’ hole halfway to the Arctic? It seems they are of the mindset, “If at first you don’t succeed, get a bigger fzckin’ hammer!” Not a good idea.

Lastly, this is all Dark Matter and Energy. We can exchange thoughts and ideas in this cloud in the clear blue sky, outside of 0 Apple Branchdinosaur 5% world, using the mechanics of that very 5%. No, I didn’t get a little of the bong water. lulz One researcher says I should try, but I am still in this clinical trial, in my own invented Dark clinic, and getting previously unknown positive results on the 5% side. It sure cleaned up my old, tortured, broken, sunburnt, bug bit, failing 5% physical body, several hundred cells at a time, and I’m still tickin’. I did not know why the parasite appeared to like engineers and/or surveyors, but now that is coming more into focus, Dark as it may be.

Last Labour Day, I was still eating a few leaves from branches off the tree, finding out that they were less bitter when dried, and wondering if the fall leaves would still have that “herx” effect I was feeling. They did, and the fall leaves were still good. I didn’t know if the little parasites coming out were worms, but I recalled they were at decades old bug stings and what I thought were bites. That alone told me to press on, and they slowly kept coming. I called them “cooties.” Old warts started coming out. If I had this enzyme stuff sorted out then, I would be almost halfway to where I am now. “Baker’s Pneumonia” had yet to be identified, ultimately successfully alleviated, and coined. Hindsight is 20/20.


Author: Joe1Smith

I am a relic. I thought I would chronicle what I found out about it here.

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