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Tues, Sept 8, 2015 – Day 404 – West Denial Virus™

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At first, I said it jokingly. Now I am going to claim this disease as “My Own”™. No doctors know anything about it. I have the test, and I have the treatment, for everything, from Hamsters to Humans. I wrote a song about it, but it sounds like another one, with different words. Any disease causing this much heartache, literally and figuratively, needs its own song. It biofilms and goes chronic way faster than any disease out there by using existing chronic illness biofilms. I used to call it “Surveyors’ Disease.” Sufferers are claimed to be mentally ill, by quacks, unfamiliar with this new illness, the leading cause of death in the world. It may include a known, yet maddeningly undetectable, physical substance comprising 95% by Mass of the known universe, Dark Matter/Energy. That’s how you get it, silly.

If you take Wild Apple Leaves, with or without Venturia Inaequalis fungus, common to Apple Trees, and *something* comes out at the source of old bug bites, stings, Duck Itch, or even other sites, you have it. It is lethal if left properly untreated. No kind of doctor treats it properly, and aggravates it, allegedly unintentionally. They attempt to treat symptoms of it fraudulently to get paid. None are successful, yet they fraudulently tell patients they are cured to get their insurance liability off the books. The fraud is instantly exposed by my carefully formulated, constructed, and targeted reagents. Patients are sent home to suffer a stroke, amongst other things. I can reverse some of the heart attack and/or stroke, but by that time, some of the damage may be permanent from neglect and fraud. I can dissolve a lot of the clot after the fact. Their clot busters are comparatively useless, and they will not administer them anyway because they are too expensive.

It is better if you have zero treatment for any cockamamie made up illness the fraudsters try to put you on. You take your chances with drug interactions. My treatment is OK by itself, but if you want to blow $500 a month, be my guest. Don’t blame it on my stuff. It makes whatever you are taking, for whatever BS name they cooked up, 10 to 1000’s+ times as powerful. You will spend multiple times more money treating just one symptom of WDV™ if they don’t wipe your biofilms like I do. I’m not a doctor. I’m an engineer. It doesn’t take an engineer to know their record against bacterial biofilm is total, complete, and utter, FAIL! I engineer it to take out what makes the biofilm. What latest success story they claim do you know who relapsed? Not everybody? Wait a bit.

What is their plan for reinfection from the same source, or even a different one? It is zero, because they keep their own score. They say you are cured; Are you mentally ill? If that doesn’t reek of fraud, consider a living funeral. You’ll be able to meet everyone and thank them for coming. Compare that to all the funerals we’ve been to, or were too sick to attend. You haven’t died until you’ve thrown a living wake. My way you can get rid of all the DEET it you want to, and stop taping your cuffs and pants like a dork, because every infected bug that bites you and drinks your blood will die, along with all the disease and worm eggs they are packing. You may get sick for a few days if they are the really nasty ones. You may be chuffed as you go backwards through almost every injury you’ve had all your life after first getting WDV™ because the nematode parasites behind it use fibrinogen from your MAST Cell First Responders to build their biofilms. Your scars will thin as my treatment mops a lot of that up.

Where d’Hell does this horrible illness come from? Dead Fish/Salmon. It is transmitted worldwide by everything from migratory birds to bugs to toilet seats to people, and repeat. I suspect that is how salmon know how to come back where they were born to give the gift that keeps on giving. I live within a howitzer’s throw of the World’s Richest Sockeye Salmon Run. I am not patient one, but I am the first one to reverse engineer the entire thing, minus the permanent damage. I can attest, the longer you delay, the more permanent damage you may suffer. Of course the quacks are liable, but I know the first thing they did when setting up their fraud was to make it so they are immune from peer review and/or prosecution. They have a monopoly on health care fraud through their own engineered “bureaufilm.” They destroyed their own drug/potion/balm/elixer/herbal patent process to shut out all competition. They use a new independent review process to attack each other now.

Richard Overton 109 2015-07-25 14:03:44Facing all that, how can anybody proceed to fight this? Their treatment is deadlier than the disease if it all just aggravates and toughens it. They have a 100% track record. They kill every single one they touch, but they’re slippery, blaming God or whoever else they can, usually you. Denial ain’t just a big river in Egypt fulla fish shzt; Deny All Harm™ is their motto. When pressed, they just say they are unable to keep up on peer reviewed science, stalling and deflecting. Do you want to get better or give these people more warm fuzzies? Clock’s tickin’. I know you all have it, no matter what you’ve been told. It Kills. Nobody has screened negative yet that I know of. Richard Overton might if he tries, tests negative, then makes it a few decades longer, after he celebrates his 110th birthday this November. I would lose my planned money back guarantee. Mind you, he smokes 15 cigars a day. I’ll rip a page outta the quack playbook, and say smoking caused that. Nahhh… I have ethics. I would give him his money back.

People would try to defraud a money back guarantee system every way they could. Doctors would kill themselves trying. It would put them out of business except for broken appendages, gunshots, stabbings, sprains, bumps on the head, accidents, and the like. Think Maytag Repairmen. They won’t help me roll this out, which of course should be their prime objective. Of course, given the facts, that’s just naive. They say that the opposite is true, and they would love to be put out of business. Then somebody comes along and actually does it. I’m not holding my breath asking them to put up, or shut up. They’re like parrots, making noises for a cracker, apparently. Oh, and they’ve got it too.

I don’t want these daily thoughts to degrade like this, but I cannot escape reality. That’s the way it is. I guess now, that is the way it has turned me. I’m a little too young to go with the flow down this toilet of lies. They’ve turned my former utmost respect into uttermost disappointment. That required a Herculean Effort I could have never imagined. I thought people couldn’t be that stupid, and I still think I’m right. They all have this insidious brain disease. I have a cure they’re doing everything they can to mock and block. Moreover, it exposes the fact they can’t cure anything without first passing the test for that mechanism of chronic illness. West Denial Virus™ is Quantum, and knows when it is being observed, so it switches blame. That test is the consumption of Wild Apple Leaf to rip down the curtain of Oz, and make them realize they have not been alone for decades. Then it is up to them to deal with that emergent Quantum Enigma, and that intelligent species that uses it to the fullest, all while using proxies to steal brain meat for lunch.

I’m not selfish. I put it out there. They’re in a crisis. I have a solution. It’s obvious they’re battening down the hatches for something. I guess I’m the dumb one. I have a Sept 8th solution while they have a September 23 one. They’re not going to let us know what their’s is. It’s above our pay grade. What did that Guy say about camel-eye-needle again? I think it was Greek. “Forgive them not, Father, for they know what they do.” Meanwhile, my Wild Antonovka Apples are changing colour. Now the leaves are producing maximal ripening enzyme; They are the Apple factory, but the Deer don’t eat them until they fall. If all my Worms are gone though, what’s gonna happen when the Old Boy takes the Wood to them when he steps up to the plate at CERN? Sting a few Homers? I suppose it will be shocking. I know all those lil’ Dark Matter worms can do that if you try to take the wormwood to them, and they have a dugout hiding under biofilm to repeat, at least 7.4 billion strong. I guess that’s outta my league. A pound of prevention is a little too late, or is it? Hey, Bart! You don’t suppose he’s out doin’ it with that cougar? Maybe she wants a lil’ Siamese in her. His last name is Henselae after all. He has been a salty old cat-dog as of late.


Author: Joe1Smith

I am a relic. I thought I would chronicle what I found out about it here.

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