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Weds, Sept 9, 2015 – Day 405 – M Theory

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It stands for Membrane Theory. I know it is ancient history to a lot of us since actually eating Wild Apple Leaves, and  dealing with actual Dark Matter lifeforms they skunk out, for over 400 Days, but bear with me. It’s an old Nova documentary from Brian Green, and can at least get doctors a grade higher than 5% on the imminent competency review. If I were them, I would go on a crash Apple Leaf diet. I found out pectin enzyme fights the snotterboarding they will have to endure. They won’t get hungry because all that sugar from the broken pectin polysaccharides always makes you feel full for a couple months when you are almost 60 like me. It’s a bit late, but with only two weeks to go, and the final exam for all the marbles imminent on the 23, it’s time to cram or be crammed.

The worms come out exponentially, a lot at the beginning. I smoked cigarettes, so mine came out fast as the Apple Leaf multiplies the licorice anthelmintic in cigarettes a thousand fold, I guess. Maybe it is more addictive than the nicotine, especially to a Surveyor, because we all know bugs don’t like smokers. 85% of the world’s production of licorice is used as a tobacco additive. Enough may come out so that you can survive the big sting, painfully, but sill alive, which is sort of the idea. I do not know what a thousand yellow jacket stings all at once feels like, so please take notes to let us know the experience when a couple weird particle collisions ring their little bells all at once. I hear it’s Biblical. A lot of mine are gone, so I’ll kind of be a bystander to the whole thing. It took almost 313 Days to find those stealthy ones, and a year to figure out how they must be made entirely of Dark Matter to escape detection by everything but this.

MyBabiesThat is why worms seem to be able to transcend time and space. They are on a whole other membrane level of dimensions than our meat computers can deal with the way they are put together. I guess that is why they make their own brain out of ours, in what we call bacterial biofilm. It becomes a little clearer once you get rid of them and start retaining your own dark matter for your own purposes for a change. There used to be a great page about Tachyons on Wikipedia, but some butthurt editors said it was all hypothetical. This is exactly why doctors are so successful dealing with chronic disease. For the record, their peer reviewed success rate is so near 0%, it can be rounded to 0. Their budget is trillions. My success rate is 100% so far, conservatively, because I threw out all those other pesky diseases they misdiagnosed, or oral Wild Apple Leaf +/- Enzymes cured without me asking. My budget is several hundred, mostly stuff on ebay, flee shipping, before that pesky exchange rate, and such. I got a cool guitar with case for $157.50, but the shipping was the same. They Mad Bro. They Jelly. I threw my mini Les Paul knock off there for relative size.

Amerada TreeMeanwhile back at the ranch. My father lived here about 253 m E by my laser… Maybe 260 from my present 20. It’s almost like he is still here. The Amerada Tree popped into my mind. I have it in a textbook downstairs somewhere. I told him he was on the “amerada tree” from a school book I had. He said, “That was another Seismotech.” I looked it up and it wasn’t. He started with the Geotechnical Corporation of America. It’s right there with Texana. He always wanted to make wine out of the fruit from these trees. He made a mechanical apple pulper with an old washing machine motor. I hope they didn’t throw those things out. I rarely go there since he died. Time for him or his nematodes to come here. This wine’s on me. I only have those slide guitar shot glasses though. lol

They got all that low hanging fruit there, looking for oil in Alabama and Mississippi after the war. Canada is a little tougher diggin’. A lot more environmental issues too, like bugs. The RCBF “Royal Canadian Bug Force” partners to help us develop things like Wild Apple Leaf for treating Canadianosis/West Denial Virus™, and whether we like it or not. They call it borreliosis there. I called it arthritis ’cause that’s what they said it was, but it’s so much more than just that. It’s nearly everything I later found out, and went looking why. Worms in bugs carry diseases we don’t even know of, and they maintain them by staying in us, sheltering them with biofilm. Worse yet, it looks like they have a complex mass that’s still affected by gravity. It must be Dark Matter as we call it. Well, go figure.

Meanwhile, Quantum Theory may mean that if we observe the Dark Side, it can collapse the two Universes into one to resolve the paradox, increasing gravity. Our orbit would get closer to the sun, and the sun could become a bigger star. On the other hand, they could create another Universe and dilute gravity, cooling us off, and losing water and oxygen. The Double Slit experiment shows that the observer can affect reality that way, and instantaneously across space and time, super relativistically. That is why CERN weighs heavily on my mind these days. I’m just looking for where these worms, accounting for 10+% of our body weight, come from. I think mine are WIMP’s, your’s may be MACHO’s, and the doctors’ may be just a mass of Morons anchored to a rusty shot engine block. There will have to be a Wild Applezyme craze to resolve it all. Everybody could stand to lose about 15 pounds of chronic disease, give or take. That’s a lot better than the old way where we let it kill us first, then hack the cadaver to bits pickin’ fly shzt outta pepper. They have so much money to blow, and God knows what else, doin’ that. They can try out their nifty new death certificate app that way too.

My proven Unified Disease Theory kinda makes it moot. This may make all of that moot though. Who knows? Between all the theories, there’s not enough time left to see them all. Planet X. Nostradamus calling the shot where it hits Switzerland. CERN accidentally creating a new Universe or trashing this one. Pick ’em. Then the Jade Helm mop up warm up moving out to pick up the pieces, on the periphery of wherever. If you survive, they say say two will die. It won’t solve any real estate problem because it won’t be where you are. It will be half a world away. As soon as the news story gets boring they’ll be arguing about whether Trump or Jeb would do a better job with the disaster. The pope will be at the white house so it won’t hit there, or will they stage their deaths, flying away on Air Force One with babes, while Congress gets sucked in to take the fall? One video claims there are cues in a Britney Spears video. One claims an anti smoking video has clues, “It’s a Trap!” Yeah, but somehow I think on Sept 23 if it goes Biblical, smoking will be the least of your worries, Oh ye of little faith.

I’m all over the place here like M Theory. The trick is, if their extra dimension including complex mass is invisible from us, yet exploitable, as I am guessing our “real number” braneworld is from their’s, and compiling evidence from what I have witnessed so far, it is possible for them to bridge the divide to exploit extra dimensions using proxy pathogens. It follows we can similarly exploit their dimension, but we are in scientific physics, and thus medical, infancy, knowing it is there, but being unable to detect anything about it other than gravitational effect directly, and magnetic effect via proxy. There is reportedly other metaphysical contact, but it is unquantifiable. It is literally complex mass. Wild Apple Leaf consumption cures the adjunct pathogen problem, thus raising more questions than it solves, and that is an astonishing amount of puzzles all physics and medicine could not previously touch. The unit is mi² and gravity still acts on it in the real realm? How can you explain that to the world’s top physicists being declared as lo0ney by the world’s top doctors? I’ll let them deal with these peons. I just know it works.


Author: Joe1Smith

I am a relic. I thought I would chronicle what I found out about it here.

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