Wild Apple Leaf Lyme and Arthritis Relief

Thurs, Sept 10, 2015 – Day 406 – Medical Warning

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I am recalling the Basic Experiment that literally opens this can of worms. I have cautions, like those commercials on TV for prescription drugs, where most of the commercial is side effects and contraindications. This is a Zero Day type medicine/herb/food, and should be treated as such. After the initial experience, eating a small salad, I went with the Traditional Chinese Medicine approach for testing new herbs. A standard dose was settled on at a daily dose of 350 mg. Dry Wild Apple Leaf powder, with up to 2,000 mg. daily of pectin enzyme of the type used in fruit juice and wine production.

Diabetics would have to have a large supply of insulin. The pectin in biofilm is transformed to sugars and apparent hydrophobic compounds in solution in blood, coming out of solution on contact with air in your lungs as a gel/mucus you can taste the sugar in. You stop feeling hunger, and depending how old you may be, this can last months as all the biofilm is consumed. It is unclear if your diabetes would be permanently reversed as are most other chronic illnesses. You would be on your own adjusting your sugar levels.

Wormwood AKA Artemisia Absinthium is multiplied in medicinal effect thousands of times. It appears to make these little helminths into some sort of electric eel species. Use the two together at your own risk. I found this out by soaking Wild Apple Leaves in 70% ABV Czech Absinth, trying to make tinctures. The French edible spice name is Tarragon. It tastes like licorice.

I smoke cigarettes. That may make Apple Leaves have more effect. I thought the hydrogen cyanide may combine with the Apple Leaf components to make them more effective as an anthelmintic. I was wondering what compounds in it the deer may have also had access to that made the apple leaves so spectacularly effective for them. They do get cyanide from apple seeds, but it was noted they can also consume poison mushrooms with their 4 stomach digestive system. Who really knew what else they were eating in concert with the Apple Leaves they craved so boldly? I have some hunches.

While I do suspect this is a treatment for ALS, the breathing mechanism of expelling biofilm would tax a patient’s respiratory system as the mucus from the deposed biofilm is all coughed out. I couldn’t get a diagnosis of anything, but I had symptoms of ALS. Dr. Hawking actually got me interested in looking at theoretical physics again as a way forward as I became progressively more paralysed. Most of that is reversed and maybe still reversing.

Prescription medicines dealing with biofilm illness may be made thousands of times more powerful. Be careful. The best advice I can give is take almost nothing else if you can. Use the TCM Guidelines for Du testing of new herbs, TCM.H. Go slow, wait for feedback. Listen to what your body tells you. Those worms have lived there most of your life. they are Intelligent. Respect their superiority over you. They did not know they were causing harm. Wild Apple Leaf therapy will open a channel of communication across this apparent Dark Matter divide for both of you. I suspect Einstein-Rosen Bridge, because that’s just me. Hey they’re Worms. It’s Wormholes. String an’ Can time. lulz

So there you have it. You have been warned of some of the things I discovered starting from scratch 406 days ago. I must attest it is definitely worth it. No amount of money has been successful against Lyme or any other chronic disease for that matter. I would definitely try this first.

There is one other thing cropping up: Action At A Distance. I’ll let you confirm. Quantum Physicists will know what I am talking about. I’ll add Action Across Braneworlds. You will too. Even if that detached braneworld has no electromagnetic properties, and is possibly timeless. I made a test about construction of the Great Pyramids to prove it. Nobody knows how, and the technology was lost. It is simple once you know how. I will know if you know how, and I will know how you discovered it, confirming my theories. I did have another test, but the key was leaked, and/or stolen, with undeniably world altering results. You will also be able to communicate with the authors of The Bible. Be careful there. Don’t mock them. They can kill you in a heartbeat, or less. Paranormal will be your new Normal. You will not be able to unring that bell.

You will discover there is a reason why you will degrade in physical condition approaching healthcare facilities. Through this Action At A Distance/Across a Braneworld Divide, they are contagious, not you. Consider they are a concentration of chronic disease that acts at a distance. Your Apple Leaves will make you recover quickly by retreating from the proximity effect. Clinics and hospitals are a bad idea. One on one house calls a lot better. Or by this web, ideally. The force/effect is akin to gravity where it is inversely proportional to the square of the distance. It seems more powerful like it may be inversely proportional to distance, not the square of it. I will buy that it gets exponentially tougher to approach as you access in from where you park, seemingly reversing months of progress in those seconds.

There we have a quandry excluding medical doctors. They are expected to establish proximity, the exactly wrong thing. It is akin to making the nuclear physicist go to work inside the reactor, every day. It is unclear how you would overcome that proximity effect. SNOLAB knows that it, neutrinos and such, even permeate the Earth. The whole thing. There is another possibility. My worms know that the only solution doctors have is to kill them, and they can sense it. They can now by extension transfer those feelings and emotions to me, enabled by Wild Apple Leaf bridging. They are used to living forever. When you die, it is an inconvenience to them. They don’t like human doctors. Draw your own conclusion. I’m working with all parties for an amicable solution like the one I struck after making Wild Apple Leaf Contact. It is clear the nematode species also want me to live forever now in a human form. They see all alleged Health Care as a clear and present danger to that.

It isn’t clear how well it works for pets. Give them some and ask them. lulz Bart says he is too busy terrorizing a spider. He wants some canned cat food. Dry sucks. The spider or mouse he caught earlier tastes better. Hint, hint.

Speaking of which, how would you survive a massive Richter 9+ Earthquake, or series of them? If you know when they may be coming? I would stay outside, in the open away from large forests or buildings, or hillsides, maybe in a car. It has airbags and seatbelts, you may be lucky. I would have a plan to break in or out of the car if it flipped, like a hammer. It would have to be away from a building. Have a chain to flip it back, but then what could pull it? Medical services would be overwhelmed so don’t plan on going there. Have an advanced level first aid kit. I have a BC Level II kit with Level III training. I better bone up. I don’t have O2. No spine board. No splints bigger than a speedy splint. I have a tent and air mattress. Small down sleeping bag. Winter jacket. Will need water. Roads will be impassable after the first bridge, if there are no landslides, or open cracks. If it could flip a car, houses and any services will sort of be moot. That will be a wait and see thing. Count on being looted, mugged. Everyone will be desperate everywhere. If they had any military training, they will all have a plan to kill you. Avoid people. Expect massive tsunami. 1600 m. Got a boat? Lots of wreckage to scrounge. Fuel pumps will all be down. Toolkits. Electric tester and wiring tools. Snow tires. Batteries, Charger. Inverter. Jumper cables. Car is a generator. RV is a stove. Car has AM radio. Solar panel? Rev. 12 says it will be dark. They saw. Their braneworld is timeless. 2/3 don’t make it.

Lucky for you Wild Apple Leaf is an extremely powerful antidepressant, along with it fueling 6th and higher senses you never knew existed, or didn’t know how to tap. I am guessing it will work for all those having the equipment from a bug bite or sting. Have enough supply to find another wild tree. That pectin enzyme can stretch your food requirement out amazingly from your on board biofilm pectin and fat storage. The net will survive, but electrical restoration and signal distribution will be a bottleneck. That would be a worst case. All those planning for the best one will die. They’re all loaded with ammo and planning to steal their way out of the cities when their first tank of gas runs out. The first fuel stop “Jade Helm” is waiting for them, along with a larger better armed contingent from the second fuel stop lurking just around the corner after the first, packing “Bridge Out” signs to steal it back, and excavators for the mass graves and/or taking out the highways and byways.

I digress. Bacterial Biofilm is half of why this can get you back to a world that has medical treatment. They still don’t understand that, so you have to work around anything they think, because it won’t work because of biofilm. The Wild Apple Leaf alone can cure a common cold. That alone should tell you how far it is ahead of all medicine. StarCaduceus.svgt dissolving biofilm with 500 mg. pectin enzymes every 6 hours to split it to sugars and hydrophobic compounds in your blood to get it out in the aeration process afforded by the alveoli in your lungs. Watch for signs of hyperglycemia (too much sugar) to establish an upper limit to the dose. Some of the compounds produced are carboxylic acid (that pop taste,) a small amount of methyl hydrate (you can taste it a bit, and feel it.) Small amounts are OK and removed by your liver, large amounts are poison. After a week or two, less is produced. Strange urine smells may also be produced, formaldehyde (kitty urine smell) and unknown ketones. Take Milk thistle to help your liver. Use unpasteurized liquid honey as a sweetener for a little invertase, but after a while, you won’t need any more sweetener in coffee for example. The biofilm sugars get to be too much. Betcha never knew you had all that starch in there. The nematodes built all that biofilm with it over the decades. If you had a heart attack or stroke from it, that will dissolve too, eventually I surmise. My stroke did and reversed about 80% or more. Boreliosis from more bugs did more damage since that, so it is hard to say which was at fault.


Author: Joe1Smith

I am a relic. I thought I would chronicle what I found out about it here.

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