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Fri, Sept 11, 2015 – Day 407 – Why Worm Physics Baffle

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Here is the quick reason. Complex numbers. They build an improved quantum brain using materials from your own brain. They seem to be able to communicate super relativistically  by Quantum Entanglement. Their brain appears trinary; 1,0, and complex 1. We somehow shut that off, saying Reality is binary, and that yes and no are the only possible answers, when in reality, the Universe is Yes, No, and I Dunno. It’s complicated. Mankind’s inability to incorporate the complex reality of the Universe has taken out the entire science of medicine when it comes to chronic disease. Their rigorous peer review process will eliminate any solution like Wild Apple Leaves. “It isn’t supposed to work. Stop wasting our time. No, we will not perform an experiment.” So they can get back to FAIL? They become observers in the quantum double slit duality experiment, reducing it to a level they can get their lil’ defective self designed branes around. In a braneworld with no biofilm and Dark Matter helminths, they are going nowhere. There is no way forward.

It’s easy to throw stones in that Universe without even trying. They commit real sufferers to glass box mental institutions to maintain the demonstrable Un-Reality. Wild Apple Leaf shatters their entire world instead leaving the patient in a now bullet proof glass room, when it skunks out parasite worms, just being little Dark Matter complicated real worms, in a far more complicated Universe medicine cannot deal with, and it takes the thankful human patient with it, much wiser for the experience. I’m sorry to be condescending, but attempts to reach the truly afflicted, allegedly insane, audience require stooping to their braneworld, trying different analogies to make it finally sink in. This is, after all, unofficially International Failure of Imagination Day.

80% of 5% is still a mark of 4.5%. To stop pickin’ worm shzt outta pepper, I just round it to zero. If they used that power to force Apple Leaf Screening, “Take two apple leaves, baby aspirin, and call me in the morning,” they could multiply the effectiveness of healthcare by thousands of percent. It will make them look like idiots, true, but it is time they got a new pair of better fitting shoes to go with their 4.5% +/- engineering metaphysics grade transcript. Meanwhile, I’m busy getting up to speed on the world of Dark Matter that exists right here, and not in some galaxy 300 million light years away. It’s more within my budget. lulz

I wonder if a stereo microscope would resolve the paradox of the invisible helminths? Now, we know there is evidence of invisible “water channels” in biofilm, discovered by Dr A. B. MacDonald. He focuses on Borrelia Spirochetes, an excellent proxy for detecting these dark matter helminths that tend them and build their biofilm shelter. Dark Matter helminths don’t care, they just know they’re good eatin’, as ants know Aphid Honey is Sweeeet! I suspect neither species kills their flock, but maintains it. Their quorum sensing seems independent of what we humans call chronic disease. A diseased human is still good spirochete chow. The helminth quorum sensing is more protective of their own turf, or I suspect we would be over run with them. They must exercise some sort of birth control. When it is too crowded, like hamsters, they will eat their young. That is nature’s way in dark and baryonic matter braneworld. Perhaps they are like migrants and ship part of their paychecks back home to the poor family in Dark Universe. They would have to be tireless workers out of necessity.

Brain and Cartilage are their Moon Rocks from here if that model stands. Perhaps it is Light Matter that interacts physically with Dark Matter, to produce Dark Energy on demand, such as Uranium, or He3 Helium 3, is exotic to us. They seem thankful for Wild Apple Leaf strangely. It is a win win. They do not need a human body. Perhaps an Apple Leaf consuming human is what gives them the abilities I have witnessed. It may be as much a paradigm shift for them, as it will be found for us, eventually. I’m keeping track of the time for the score. I am the Dean of Metaphysical Engineering, after all, at this Astro U, grappling with the new developments in physics, akin to Wilbur Wright when he invented Aeronautical Engineering and built the first wind tunnel. Unfortunately, the flu epidemic in Europe killed him, on a trip to do marketing, before he could advance it farther.

Note marketing kills most inventors one way or another. Maybe I should scratch that part. Aubrey Grey points out that to make the most out of near immortality, should you stumble on it, don’t die. If you have paid attention here, you have stumbled on it. I have. Worms have. Perhaps that is why the Bible says it is the end. Baker’s Cat, like Schrödinger’s, is outta the bag. Hey, Bart, you may be a Celebrity! 15 minutes, then po0f! Enjoy that scrap of steak. Luckily, you will have 8 spare lives. I suggest re-inventing yourself, like Madonna, by forcing people to observe you. Don’t fret. Put the guitar down. He was kidding to get physicists to listen to him, like the fellow in the first link. There is no Quantum Conspiracy to attempt to kill cats half the time. He was pointing out a way to resolve the Copenhagen Interpretation implied Paradox using hyperbole. We don’t want to kill cats, generally. That is why I am a quack veterinarian. It turns out the Geiger Counter detector installation collapses the Quantum Wave function before the experiment begins.

banksy-in-nyc-2Wild Apple Leaves are a lot safer. I don’t try to detect anything until after it has happened. The worm-spirochete duality is preserved like on a sheet of film with the double slit experiment. “Nothing to see here folks. Just another Dark Matter helminth exit after being a parasite for 40 years or so. Wild Apple Leaves gave it wings. Move along now…” That language may be Copenhagen Misinterpreted. In Texas, “giving it it’s wings,” means to shoot it dead. The worms are alive, and somehow manage to overcome gravity. Moreover, you apparently cannot kill them, so don’t hurt yourself trying. The treatment springs them from jail in you. The worms do not exist when you try to detect them, collapsing the visible electromagnetic wave function. There is evidence in a pinhole wound. You will witness this maybe if you try Wild Apple Leaves as an anthelmintic for yourself. It is a Quantum Enigma.  One of mine summoned a mouse as a taxi when it left. I tried to make them as safe as possible, but do be cautious. They seem supernatural, Eximius Vis Requiro A Minae. I know it’s higher human physics from the evidence, but who will understand that? Beware of doctors. Wild Apple Leaves extricate the soon to be obvious number one cause of death, parasite quantum helminths, by engineering metaphysics, not medicine. Try them at your own risk.

ShivaMeanwhile, back to meatspace. I understand why Dark Matter Parasite Helminths crave technical people now; an essential dietary parasite chemical they manufacture in their brain. I understand how to solve the neurological drain and diseases they cause, and halt the damage. Repairing it is not understood, but your body can do some of it by itself. Dr. A. B. MacDonald has identified association of a cofactor of this with every major chronic disease medicine thought they knew, and some they don’t know. Few understand complex mass Dark Matter, let alone the obvious lifeforms. There is 5 times more of it versus baryonic matter in the universe, and we can only see 0.03% of that baryonic matter! Baryonic Medicine has got a chance. Time they stepped aside and gave up some to those who understandNo Fzckin' 1 it as a first line defense. They can have what is left. Give me all your tired, your poor, your sick first. I bet they will never be back, and not because they die like your way. If I can help with 100% of your disease, you tell me how much budget I should get? The individual you call God, or say does not exist, is watching, using your eyes and mind, through His Dark Matter Worms in you this very second. I think He’s got the goods on you. Christine can fill you in, although I am not sure she knows how. I think I do. I’m a salty old student of Wu Li.

I’m more interested in the why and how. Now that it is out of the way, the how, where, and when of the harvest is a big issue here. Plus the impending Blackout.


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I am a relic. I thought I would chronicle what I found out about it here.

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