Wild Apple Leaf Lyme and Arthritis Relief

Sat, Sept 12, 2015 – Day 408 – When Old Injuries Re-Heal

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Usually I can remember something about the injury, but lately, I haven’t been able to. I can only assume these latest ones are from before I can remember. It was on the top of my head. I vaguely remember a feeling like being bonked by a board like a 2×4 falling on it somehow, flat side, falling off a shelf or similar. It feels cooler now on top of my brain from the effect of the Apple Leaf rewinding. It may have been something I inadvertently pulled off a shelf. I feel vaguely dingy like I had my bell rung. It is unringing like what ever healing was involved there is being revisited, dissolved, and re-healed. It would be the skull above the motor, sensory, and parietal (movement) parts, as shown here. There is a minor dull associated headache, barely discernible. Something must have been wrong about the way it first healed. Like the other ones, it may have had biofilm incorporated in it, or that is what I am going to go with. It wasn’t every injury as far as I can tell. Just some injuries. This one was a concussion of some sort. What is disconcerting is that this process has been going on all the way back to 1955 when I was born it seems. It is a different spin on being born again. More like being repaired again.

It is like stratigraphic biology of biofilm. It is deposited sequentially in layers, and what I am doing with the Wild Apple Leaves and Enzymes is slowly getting back to the bottom of it, like the layers of an onion, but from the interior outwards. As it gets removed more, the surface area available to circulation increases inside, and the volume of phlegm increases noticeably. while requiring less enzyme. That is one theory it seems like may be happening. I guess I could check if I find that old blood pressure meter somewhere, since you might think pressure would decrease. I am a little concerned because medically anything above the neck is serious. It may feel cooler from the venturi effect as pressure lowers. Externally, it feels warm. That area is quite sensitive to heat they say. If it stays warm, your body will, or that is the theory of a toque/snow hat. Oddly, while it feels cool inside, and felt warm outside, my body produced noticeably more heat. This could also be to it eradicating spirochetes, defenseless without biofilm. The automated body is a complex mechanism.

You can see above this has been a long process for me, but I intentionally have been going slow, as this is a new herb by definition of TCM.H procedure. In hindsight, I think I could have it down to 100 Days or less to be where I am now. Looking at the sci.med.diseases.lyme board on NNTP, I see the ICEID ran all last week, yet there was no mention of what I have found at all. This is really what the cause is, and the way out, I am convinced. They will all be back, as it goes chronic, since they are not even recognizing what I found as the root cause 408 Days ago. It is also much bigger than they even suspect. They are still looking at the spirochete, and not the Quantum Nematode behind it that Apple Leaf shocks out. When your’s go, along with the biofilm, watch how many chronic illnesses go with it. It has not been easy working backwards from what I saw to a medical, then a physics, explanation where it is clear neither science knows what is happening. Together, they have evidence supporting what I witness, but I really had to connect the dots. I’m not sure how Quantum Entanglement will prevent them from discovering any of this, but that is a possibility, and as I know more, by Intelligent Design. How intelligent? It designed our intelligence using proxies and materials beyond our intelligence. It intentionally left doctors and physicists out of the loop. It knows what has been before us, what is in us, and what is coming after us.

It is a tough quandry. Romans 13:7 says pay them their due, even if you know it is payment for payment’s sake. It is mandatory anyway. I sense a drastic change coming soon. Some say the atmosphere will get blown away if it is an asteroid. 4 minutes would take care of most people. Of course, fear mongering sells, so there is a lot of it. If your tires don’t explode, would they hold you over with air till the remaining atmosphere equalizes? Could you make a few psi air mask and hose so you don’t have to suck the tire? It’s stinky air, but any port in a storm, they say. If there is no asteroid, well, nothing lost or gained. If there is, you’ll be lonely, but there will be plenty supplies. Just brainstorming here… Then they say disease will be rampant. Got that covered with Wild Apple leaves. Quantum Parasite chronic disease is most of it, if not all of it, and apple leaves have that base covered like nothing else can. The whole field of Quantum Disease Elimination is blown wide open, covers most illness, and is completely ignored by all medicine. In a Romans 13:7 tit for tat, should I ignore them too? After all, it is their custom, being ignorant.

I found this about Quantum Integrative Medicine. I’m a little heavier on the physics side, actually skunking out an apparent Dark Matter nematode lifeform, or forms. There are several kinds. I’ve engineered some things, lately starting on a weightometer system to expediate mass measurements versus volumes in a human, or specific gravity. The principles of Archimedes spring to mind, displaced water being the metric, versus the weigh scale when dry. A weightmometer toilet would help with mass balance, as well as measuring urine weight by catching in a jug to weigh separately. Retained gases in lungs and intestines could contaminate results, but I’m mindful of that. I would need subjects to start from scratch because it is a one way 10+% mass reduction process as the DM Quantum species leaves. It is a neurological feedback establishment mechanism too. Wild Apple Leaves set up the communication two ways between parasite(s) and host. I established that the parasites already link to your autonomous human control/injury response systems, but this is over and above that, dependent on the host.

Of course they will say it is nuts, at which point they just volunteered for a solid diet of Apple Leaves to prove it to the judge, or until they retract. That won’t last very long until they resign in silence, and try to figure out what to do with what crops up, and starts coming out. There’s no benefit of bug anesthetic on the way out. Just watch them go nuts as their denial gets overwhelmed by the misunderstood Quantum reality, all unknown to them, or hardly anybody else, yet. lulz


Author: Joe1Smith

I am a relic. I thought I would chronicle what I found out about it here.

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