Wild Apple Leaf Lyme and Arthritis Relief

Sun, Sept 13, 2015 – Day 409 – Quantum Nature

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The parasites leave a visible wound exiting from the Wild Apple Leaf anthelmintic. It is possible that you must believe to establish quantum observer status, and collapse the quantum wave function, allowing you to observe evidence pointing to particle behaviour. If you are stubborn in your bias, you may be forever doomed to being an insect worm parasite bag. Your own mind will kill you because you made it believe this to be impossible.You have heard of healthy scepticism. This is the deadly variety. Just because you may not witness parasites leaving has nothing to do with the fact they are there wreaking havoc. Dr Drouin posits that possibility. The mind may be powerful enough to heal a bullet hole, but if the bullet is still in there, that will eventually get you. I don’t know if anybody is that stubborn where they believe they will live forever with these things in there. I do believe they will without them, though. Thought experiments can affect the outcome in Quantum Reality.

Much is said of “awakening the genius inside.” I tell it to take a hike with Wild Apple Leaf, and it obeys. picking itself out of your pepper. Your immunity cleanses the remaining fly shzt. Communication is established with Wild Apple Leaf. It moves it out of the realm of Thought Experimentation to Metaphysical Engineering, producing hard meatspace results you can see. You can reverse it by running naked through an insect populated swamp on a hot day to get all manner of disease farming helminth parasites back in you as doctors desire. Some people intentionally sting themselves with bees. I’ll pass on that. Those ones were my toughest parasites from circa 45 years ago. They hid in biofilm themselves, only to come out around Day 340 or so, after commencing that Day 313 biofilm sweep. Just another day in the lab for a Metaphysical Engineer, though, eliminating the root cause of ageing/chronic disease. Eximius Vis Requiro A Minae.

Borrelia Chain - helminthAbout half the people at an Aubrey Grey talk thought Methuselarity was a bad idea. Good. All the more stuff for us. IQUIM.org doesn’t know about this yet. Nor does Dr. Grey. In related news, this link says that Dark Matter, particularly CDM Cold Dark Matter, may not be completely dark, confirming the magnetic effect we observe when a powerful permanent magnet affects the proposed Dark Matter Lifeform parasite that leaves voluntarily, causing a minor pain response, alleviated by moving the magnet away. You can try all this yourself with a small powerful neodymium iron boron magnet, once Apple Leaf starts them moving. Like that link said, there is a lot of rich physics to be had there, exploring these other force interactions. The Borrelia spirochete proxy life form is known to react to electrical stimulus. Much of the effect may be attributable to the cross dimensional association of the two species. Nonetheless, it is a window where none was known if this is the case, and I have discovered an added unknown proxy for unknown ubiquitous Dark Matter. Proximity of magnetic field may affect them like heat affects us.

It begs independent repeatable confirmation. Wild Apple Leaf gets the ball rolling. If new physics doesn’t interest you, consider a career in Canadian Medicine. Lots of money, and the best insurance fraud artists have your six, until their party comes crashing down imminently. A rescue mission will just weld the doors shut on the hospitals to keep them from killing people any more, after evacuating all the formerly doomed patients to a higher level of care. It is obvious there will be a paradigm shift that will leave them behind and decimate the fraud. A story will be left of this disaster, created by their “Closed Shop” mentality, stifling all meaningful progress. Insurance is the root cause of all that by doing exactly the wrong thing. Life Kills is their model. This shatters that outdated notion by getting rid of the real number one root cause, a previously unknown group of helminth parasites borne by insects. This is square one in the step to immortality. Everything you have done until now also made the killer parasites healthy.

In the square two category is conservation of angular momentum, if an asteroid hits earth in a week. Axis of Rotation, omega (speed of rotation), tilt from orbital plane, and altering of the solar orbit itself of Earth would be expected. Geomatics engineers will be back restarting at the beginning WRT the GPS System. An 18 or 30 hour day is a possibility. Saudi Arabia could be the new North or South pole. That would be almost as big a paradigm shift as is facing medicine. The difference is geomatics will adapt. Medicine is unable to, being far too incurious, even with an offered 409 Day head start. I tried. It is a matter of record, as is their response, directly to God Himself. I doubt they’ll change much in Ten Days. Snopes figures it is all baloney.

kirlian-leafReturn to the main issue; Wild Apple Leaves are an anthelmintic for a helminth or helminth species that should not exist, and it forces them out alive. It is like a scientific Renaissance, particularly in the fields of medicine and physics, yet the Flat Earth society is entrenched, and has no explanation for the retrograde motion of planets/chronic disease. Throw out the Dark Matter, and you still have a persistent unknown parasite accessing out, passed to you through a biting or stinging insect. Those like Galileo who challenged the status quo became persecuted Illuminatti. Sir Isaac Newton had to be excused from the requirement that he became an Anglican Minister to hold professorship at Cambridge. This is all heresy to the existing world of medicine, yet is no less a Kuhnian Paradigm Shift to the science. It is finally an explanation and a proven solution to chronic disease where there was none, reducing it to a level that the primitive defeated existing science can deal with, stripped of its complicated root cause and defence mechanisms. A child can see that a parasite is not a good thing. Unfortunately, an adult is too brain addled by it, by its design, and corrupted to go with that. They will die.

I started getting interested in Dark Matter not only by being curious as an engineer, nee physicist, but also because it explained the stealthy nature of the helminths, and their ability to have escaped detection by our best and brightest scientists. I had a non nuclear mass defect going on, and a macro one, too significant to attribute to experimental error. Unfortunately, that is too dangerous to talk about in Canada where they will tell you what your illness is to make it fit their insurance fraud and internationally well known scientific shortcomings. Their Patients are terrorized by them. They can’t deny when and where these helminths leave their body. It will leave a mark too. It will make them all look bad for missing it. They’ll let it go like water off a duck’s back, akin to when insulin, or penicillin, was discovered. They’ll forget about me. Like when Willie Burgdorfer discovered the nematode eggs, they’ll ignore the larger Dark Matter discovery. It’s frustrating. Ironically, this is the Zero to Hero solution the world has been looking for, crushing the chronic mechanism. It was just found in the wrong place, and at about the right time.


Author: Joe1Smith

I am a relic. I thought I would chronicle what I found out about it here.

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