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Mon, Sept 14, 2015 – Day 410 – Egyptians Knew

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Not about Wild Apple Leaves. They knew that your body only needs 1/4 of your food intake. Your Doctor survives on the other 3/4. There is plenty we waste, so we are are a ripe target for parasites, and especially ones that allopathic doctors have no clue that even exist. They are blissfully ignorant worm bags themselves; You have to admire their commitment to certain death, in effect committing suicide by refusing to take the medication. Yeah, that is really the sort of doctor you can respect. They are so proud that they have a name for every symptom of nematode parasite disease that they refuse to rid themselves of nematode parasites. Their own way to do it won’t work with biofilm protected nematode parasites, and they know it will kill them from past experience with other parasite infested patients. Along comes a way that is proven to be safe with precautions, but it isn’t their way. They Mad, Bro. They Jelly. They’re nuckin’ futz.

All this derivative disease is chronic. It is part of life, until now. That includes this identified pandemic mental illness allopathic medicine itself suffers from. By refusing their essential veggies here, they should be sent to bed without dessert, and served Apple Leaf Leftover Omelette for breakfast. After all, what good is a dead doctor? It is nigh time to multiply our health care system, not divide it. They would otherwise be overwhelmed in 5-55 years. Their lab rats will outlast their doomed human clients while they are trying to figure this one out. Luckily, you found my humble scribblings, so at least your pet/lab animals will outlive you should you try their time disproven methods. If they outlive you, they become your grieving pets. Do it for them.

Should you try Wild Apple Leaf yourself, you will know whereof I speak. You will know accidental death will become the only way to die. This won’t dawn on you for quite a while until you understand that you just keep getting better as more of these insidious nematode parasites exit. Then you will understand that is why people die. This was labelled as Old Age. Cumulative pectin build-up in biofilm is a major part of it, as the nematode/helminths used it to shelter their foodstuff diseases. The two together, wild apple leaves and pectin biofilm elimination enzymes, make you invincible against chronic disease. Eventually, your disbelief gets suspended, or at least mine did. I was lucky enough to have the toughest death sentence of all, so tough in fact that all medicine hides it, or lies to patients that they are cured, after a short course of antibiotics to save money. They continue to hail the coffin lid shut, attempting a gruesome Texas Funeral, but you have to be Uma Thurman here. That’s not very nice health care. How will they get their’s? lulz

Meanwhile, I’m still looking to explain what I observe, and that leads to two candidates, Quantum Microbiology/Parasitology, and Cold Dark Matter Physics with an unknown periodic table of elements, both unknown. The observations do not change. The behavioural observations of a seemingly insane health care system, repeatedly denying repeatable observational physical facts, also do not change. The secret that has remained hidden so long until now continues to hide itself due to the incurious flaw of all involved medical science, while simultaneously providing the complete answer key they refuse to look at. Going on 410 Days now, their conceit is humanly Wild Apple Leaf Enabled Quantum Entangled super relativistically notorious to the entire Universe living and dead, God and Godless alike. The more I learn about it, their implied stupidity is the stuff of Black Hole singularity dense, where less than a thimble of it wrecks an entire planet. That agrees with what I have witnessed. Mind you, I have had an ongoing sneak preview of Judgement Day for over 400 days now. Whenever it is, you’ll smarten up in less than one out of 24 hours, because your parasite helminths will all come out at once. By then, they’ll have Wormwood in all the water, I hear. “Terra Gone,” indeed.

No matter what you believe, the reality of all those parasites is your death sentence, even though they have not reached quorum yet, and cropped up as arthritis or some other chronic illness. In a symbiotic relationship from Hell, doctors and parasites live on that 3/4 of your diet you don’t use or need. The irony is that the combined medical wisdom of all mankind failed to recognize what Wild Apple Leaf obviously skunks out. It is humiliating no matter where you are coming from. I feel like the engineer who discovered that Lunar Orbit Rendezvous was the only way to make it to the moon and return. Nobody would listen to him. Finally, von Braun himself got it. That was obviously just the beginning. The roll out was a lot more detailed, as will be this one. Failure is the only proven option medicine knows, so they cling to that with all their might. They leave no alternative, now that we know what they refuse to believe, or witness for themselves. They must be fired, and left behind. I suspect they will all have to be jailed, pending a force fed education. They are a certain death sentence to all mankind. That’s one small death for a man, one giant death sentence for all mankind.

diy-moonshotFor round numbers, 410 Days times number of minutes at 4 deaths per minute, could have been avoided. 2.361 Million killed in North America alone. They’re deadlier than the Third Reich. They say that’s OK. They’re a lot more comfortable. YMMV. If you want another way, see how I did it. It’s all here, and I’m tired of writing about it. And Yes I Can turn back the Clock. Retro. Otherwise you’re like Apollo that missed re-entry, skipped off orbiting the sun until life support runs out. It’s tricky. Giving the worms the boot is analogous to jettisoning the Service Module. Don’t want to burn up in the atmosphere. Pectin & other Enzymes with Wild Apple Leaf control your pitch. You wan’t to do it just right. And every single human being is on this ride. You wanna go it alone, be my guest. You’ll have lots of doctors and the Trumpiest of CEO’s to beat, because they all failed. Until now. I have a little experience running mission control on this old school Mo0nsh0+. Heck, I’m the first CM Pilot too. I splashed down for the luau. lol


Author: Joe1Smith

I am a relic. I thought I would chronicle what I found out about it here.

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