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Tues, Sept 15, 2015 – Day 411 – Quantal Microbiology

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It was coined in year 2000. Yet they still have trouble explaining photosynthesis. It is a candidate for quantal microbiology, as is the reason for migratory mechanisms for birds. Thorsten Ritz has discovered cryptochrome cells in bird eyes. We think we may have a biophysics blockbuster going on here with human hosted nematode parasites and biofilm, simply exposed  by Wild Apple Leaf ripping back the curtain of Oz behind which they hid for millenia.

Moreover, there is a case for Two Universes in One here, with the one we see, and the Dark Matter WIMP’s, MACHO’s, and GOK’s comprising the other 95+%. I propose there is a relativistic division we cannot break through, yet the Dark Matter and Energy side can break through it to our side for their day to day needs, employing quantum action at a distance like we play baseball, second nature. They found a way in mammal brain materials they can harvest. Something about Wild Apple Leaves interrupts/interjects that to the point that it either enables the parasite species, or frightens them out to a more advantageous external residence. Inexplicably, they take all chronic disease with them.

The most direct evidence for quantal microbiology at play is the biofilm underlying, and in fact sheltering all quantal disease in my opinion. It is a quantal “brain” exhibiting super relativistic quantum entanglement “spooky action at a distance.” Biofilm affords it the low “noise” environment needed for quantum mechanical behaviour. Perhaps Wild Apple Leaf shatters the Cone of Silence while turning us up, communicating our thoughts that the nematodes are making us sick. It prompts one to theorize, because nobody has a clue what is happening or that any parasite was even there. The chemicals have been well known for over a century, but nobody knew what they did. Together, they really do something spectacular. We were told the photosynthesis uses light to make sugar, but nobody really knows how past a new particle called excitons. It also makes a whole apple tree just adding photons, dirt, and water, including apples, which can be proven by cloning a tree from a two leaf sprig with IBA Iso-Butyric Acid.

There is a quantum disentanglement going on specifically in mammals as far as I have seen. Bart has become really un-entangled. Before, the fleas were making him entangled tighter than a two dollar watch. I suspect neuroborreliosis and bartonella, but who knew? I figured just carpet bomb them with wild apple leaves, and see what comes out. It eliminated the neuroborreliosis fast like it did with me. Turns out he always wanted to be a dog. lulz He seems free from whatever it was that was bothering him. Quantal Microbiology is the stuff of what we call intelligent life. There is a reaction to stimulus, chemically, electrically, magnetically, dynamically, mentally, or all of the above. The clients’ wish to get better seems fulfilled, yet some things you never knew you had also are eliminated, such as stealthy old warts. A fly seems to know before you grab the flyswatter what your intentions are. Nobody knows how. It could be their parasite nematodes linking with the ones eavesdropping on you, able to sense when you try to detect them, collapsing quantum wave behaviour, cloaking an electromagnetic spectral silhouette. I thought it could be a phage lytic enzyme response from Wild Apple Leaves, but when biofilm dissolution methods exposed more parasites, the biofilm deposit/construction was found to be more integral to even the nematodes’ survival. There were several kinds of nematodes, some smaller, some larger, and some stealthier. This type remained sheltered from Wild Apple Leaves until pectin enzymes were added to dissolve the biofilm matrix, along with other safe enzymes.

One can only assume these stealthy parasite nematodes are behind chronic lyme disease spirochetes. Furthermore, they start the biofilm, I propose. Wild Apple Leaf smokes them out, but you want people to be successful, because that is not all of it. Older folks have more extensive biofilm to get rid of, and reinfection to keep away from, which apple leaves also do. It depends on pectin diet and insect bites/stings, and/or aquatic biofilm contact. There is a chronic symbiosis that explains all of chronic disease, and the ageing it wreaks havoc with. I found a lot of this is reversible, slowly and patiently, but much faster than the biofilm was deposited and populated. Moreover, you want to do it safely, and it is working presuming a disease model of parasitic nematodes. The key was the discovery of natural plant fibre that exhibits anthelmintic action, while not being lethal to the nematode, so you can see the results for yourself. Lethal anthelmintics like Black Walnut Hulls and wormwood leave them unaffected, as they are able to protect themselves from it using biofilm made of pectin. Pectin is in every food we eat, yet a small amount is added to the lethal biofilm each time. That in itself is a revelation out of reach of medicine.

In seemingly inexplicable quantum fashion, Spaghetti/pasta and Kraft dinner, all starch/pectin, should be $10 a box while cigarettes should be $0.50 cents if this is in fact the mechanism of death. A Quantal illiterate medical system has no chance of ever seeing that. Both mechanisms are the same, with a few microns of carcinogenic material deposited at a time. The analogy is adding a few bricks each day to your Empire State building until it finally collapses under the added weight of the facade. Pectin Enzyme can remove the mortar from the bricks to truck away a couple hundred at a time, safely from the top down, daily. You can still eat pectin, but you have to clean out the internal residue with enzymes continuously. A lower starch diet is probably wise. This is historically verified since ancient Egyptians knew 3/4 of your diet keeps your doctor fed. Now obesity is a major problem with starch added to stretch out everything. Pectin enzymes eliminate your appetite as it constantly breaks down starch residue to simple sugars. You can live off your chronic disease biofilms for months.

One quote from the videos was that since we cannot understand the mechanism of cognitive thought, it could be a quantal microbiology process. I take it one further, in that gray matter is partly Dark Matter/Energy. Current physical understanding is scant, limited to gravity. It may be an explanation for Kirlian Photograph Halos or Auras, passed over as inexplicable and ridiculous. Yet the physics remains generally repeatable. In short, everywhere Quantum phenomena are observed, escaping correlating detection, is written off too easily, and hidden from us in higher dimensional membranes where we have no means to detect them. Previously unknown parasite nematodes in some way appear to have a bridge between these braneworlds. Anyway, back to the engineering grind. I just gave Bart another 350 mg. in his food dish. I know it really worked wonders for him.


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I am a relic. I thought I would chronicle what I found out about it here.

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