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Fri, Sept 18, 2015 – Day 414 – The Predictions of Quantum Mechanics

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It is the most accurate theory of all physics, and this is often quoted. The behaviour of medicine regarding quantum disease, which nearly all doctors say does not exist. save for about 0.03%, is also astonishingly exact. That number corresponds to the percent implied mass of the electromagnetically observable universe by light reflection and emission. I know it is a non sequitur, so just a coincidence. Quantum Gravity theory paints a much larger picture, where 95% of the universe is Dark Matter & Energy. One of those 3 out of ten thousand doctors pointed out that only live fish swim against the current. It makes sense that Dark Matter & Energy life forms may have a similar distribution, and some may be aware of this part of the universe. I suspect Lyme Disease is Quantum, in that strange behaviour is observed in all medicine where their repeatable physics is bound by that 0.03% low hanging physical fruit.

As an outsider, I have identified several things about it that cannot be verified using medical remote observational techniques and procedures. You have to be doctor and patient, Pyrus Malusprivy to direct feedback of what is happening. That is exactly what Wild Apple Leaf does for you. It will supercharge and repair your mind to hunt this down on the internet, now that most research is published here. You cannot prescribe drugs, but I found Wild Apple Leaves replace them all any way. Pyrus Malus used to be in older compendiums, but in one of the strangest quantum side effects, has disappeared from them. Febrifuge is a medicine used to reduce fever, by the way. Reduce? It cures the common cold in 3 hours. All Medicine cannot do that. A control subject suffered three weeks from the same affliction I intentionally infected myself with by contact with the subject’s coffee cup. Leaves actually were found to be more powerful than the bark.

I had a little test subject purring on my lap. Bart doesn’t know what did it, but I have been sprinking Pyrus Malus powder on his food, a human daily dose capsule amount, 350 mg., every couple days worth of his food. Mistakenly, I have vegetarian capsules which are made of starch. I found that is what biofilm is largely in fact made of. Any moisture will dissolve the capsule when present with apple leaf and pectin enzymes, making gelatin capsules probably better for longer term storage.

I just talked to my older brother again. I said I am trying to collect Pyrus Malus  and will put an ad in the paper. Less than 24 hours after he committed to help me, he now says he will not show until next summer. I told him that was neuroborreliosis. I said that biting insects carry it. He exclaimed, “Everybody has that!” I said I Know. This is the only little known medicine to cure it. How quantum is that? He is autistic, so a perfect control subject, blindly trusting doctors proven to cure nothing. I suspect this will also be a total cure for autism for that reason. It is quantum. He is also a Lyme sufferer that does not know. If the reaction is similar to other permanent brain disorders, I suspect it will be eliminated in under a week. Similarly, I witnessed associated “Dropsy” peripheral edema was unexpectedly tougher than suspected skin cancer. I have modified the formulation, but I only had one chance here. Still, no one will try so no one will ever know. They will die like all the others. I see another died today of Lyme on the Facebook timeline.

I am keeping focussed on this year’s harvest to replenish my own supply. It’s a leap year so I would need 127.75 grams 365×350.0 mg. The moisture content of the leaves is 90% or so, but fall leaves would hopefully be drier. Last year it rained when they fell, and I wasn’t sure if they would work, only collecting test samples. This year, the nets will allow that water to run off, if it should happen again. I picked them up in the mail and they are of good quality. They will work. I just need some string to tie them up. I’ll make a hanging basket under as much of the tree as they can encircle, being 12m x 2.5m x 19mm. I’ll try to hang the excess in the middle higher up. Two nets side by side could cup a whole tree underneath. When it’s near time, I can tap the branches with a fishing rod to make the leaves fall a bit sooner. We’re kind of starting from scratch here, going by only last season when I tried to pay attention. Now that I know this is crucial to getting chronic Lyme by skunking out more parasite nematodes than I initially suspected, it takes on a bit more of a serious nature. They say the Lord helps those who help themselves. Well, Lord knows, I’m trying.

I saw another group of spirochete microscope pictures again today, and they were borrelia “chains.” MiamotoiAgain, this is the Dark Matter nematode silhouette effect confirmed. The Wild Apple Leaf anthelmintic action proves their association for me, no matter what others think. A first person notices the physical effect when the theoretical nematode leaves. Then there is the seemingly large mass reduction. Perhaps they felt the same thing, but cannot find a stain that highlights the Dark Matter, which is consistent with Dark Matter physics. They also are not looking to differentiate dark matter exhibiting complex mass. The more I look for information on Pyrus Malus, the more confirmation of my observed results I get too, minus the nematode exit confirmation. Many likely tried to look at what came out, only to find it was futile. You just can’t see the Dark Matter. Nobody can, but my scale does not lie. I’d take it back to WalMart if it did. lol Of course, they would find nothing wrong with it.

Again, this explains the whole Morgellons controversy where patients know what they feel, but doctors cannot discover an electromagnetically observable signature. My Wild “Pyrus Malus” Apple Leaves would resolve this paradox, but using a scale to measure the anomalous 10+% mass versus very small volume reduction. At that point, you are happy, as a patient, that the affliction is apparently physically leaving, I suspect, and don’t care about confirmation other than the pinprick exit wound you know the nematode leaves. Doctors are looking for repeatable evidence as remote observers, but the quantum observational duality of the situation precludes that. Only the patient can witness it, and both are right, such as with wave particle duality of light. Willie Burgdorfer discovered the nematode eggs in ticks, but others could only confirm the spirochetes. This eerily matches astrophysical observations of galaxies where the unseen dark matter leaves only an observational gravitational signature. The search for Lyme literate doctors is futile because higher physics literacy is what is really needed. The Wild Apple Leaf Experiment drags you there for Real.

I have been trying to search the USP Herbal Medicines Compendium for Pyrus Malus (Leaf), but it is lost. Not only does the song remain the same, but there are a few new stanzas, such as anomalististic weight loss, leading me to suspect Dark Matter. The known heavy metal toxicity reduction might account for some of it. I grew up when Tetraethyl Lead was used to enhance the octane of gasoline, and particularly aviation gas with octane number 126 and higher. Neurotoxicity of Lead was the reason.

SETI is finally catching up to where we already are in Apple Leaf World, cluing in that extra human intelligence is already here, but in a different time-space, like the dominant Dark Matter realm. “Sparticles,” extending the Standard Model of Physics, predict all this, but defy detection, except by the Wild Apple Leaf experiment, if that is in fact what is happening. It implies an intelligent life form is already ubiquitous, but undetected, right here at home, by virtually everybody bitten by the bug, as my brother puts it. Things start to fall into place, medically confirmed as repeatable in a left handed way, with this theoretical physics “thought experiment,” but dismissing the Copenhagen Interpretations out of common sense, like Schröedinger demonstrated with his famous Cat. My infamous lab Cat-nine, Bart, is napping between alive and dead as we type, breathing occasionally. It seems to have cured his snoring, so good for sinus and sleep apnea like in humans.


Author: Joe1Smith

I am a relic. I thought I would chronicle what I found out about it here.

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