Wild Apple Leaf Lyme and Arthritis Relief

Sat, Sept 19, 2015 – Day 415 – Proteolytic Enzymes

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There are warnings when using other proteolytic enzymes, like bromelain. It is contraindicated with blood thinners coumadin/Warfarin, and sedatives particularly. Wild Apple Leaves and Pyrus Malus Apple Bark, essentially the same stuff, contain proteolytic enzymes, digesting protein. To me this explains what I witnessed when it apparently acted like a catalyst to open biofilm up to dissolving with pectin enzyme. While not peer reviewed, some report that proteolytic enzymes break down fibrin surrounding cancer cells. I can confirm that, and maybe that is the mechanism I noticed when an unexplained skin cancer like patch on my nose disappeared. It had started hurting after 13 years, but completely disappeared last year. It is known from NIH that there are at least 4 different proteinases in apple leaves during autumnal senescence, which I also noticed. The mature fall leaves were just as powerful. The function of the Venturia Inaequalis fungus, if any, is not understood, but it could have a role to play in the powerful anthelmintic action. Lead biofilm researchers have always said that a key to attacking biofilm was a phage lytic enzyme. I know now that this is only part of the problem, but it was an important part in opening the door to pectin enzyme attack as far as I could tell.

Dr. Ernie Murakami currently has a study underway in New Haven regarding the efficacy of Hemp Cannabidiol in attacking the spirochetal portion of this illness. The problem is that this is rare, and plain ol’ pot is more common. You would need a medical marijuana card even for HCP because it can be chemically converted to THC. That is kind of moot since somebody genetically engineered a yeast to produce THC. They don’t even need the plant anymore. I suspect they will try that with apple leaves, but it is more complex, and common, so why? Money is the reason. Grow ops are a hassle, man. lulz

Back to the plot. Proteolytic enzymes like bromelain are in pineapple products, but are hard to find in Canada, likely because of this. I was looking if there was any link to Lyme peripheral neuropathy, from which I also suffer. They say that this responds well to antibiotics, but they will not even diagnose Lyme in Canada famously, dancing all around the issue of bug borne illness in the world’s largest bug hatchery. I found out that more kinds of bugs than just ticks carry nematode parasites when the Wild Apple Leaves skunked out hundreds of the things. I am suspecting that now I have the biofilm show stopper out of the way, even a short course of doxycycline would cure it. Then I would be something that no other chronic Lyme patient is; Cured. The HCP trial patients are also reporting great results, but they are cherry picked early lyme patients. The sad takeaway today is that proteolytic enzymes, while good for breaking through fibrin incorporated in biofilm, are bad with a common heart disease blood thinner drug, coumadin. Heart disease is a huge biofilm caused illness responsible for most death. Lipitor is another common heart drug, but there are no flags there with Pyrus Malus that I know of. Bromelain was about the best arthritis supplement/drug when I had arthritis.

It is also a factor in why this, Pyrus Malus, is the only reported natural remedy for dropsy/pitting edema. The mechanism of repair is not clear. Diuretics and salt reduction alleviate, but don’t eliminate, the condition. I had some apparent allergies to nightshade vegetables, but this eliminated all those, once the biofilm was eroded back far enough in May. I didn’t augment with Pectin Enzymes until June, Day 313, so that was just biofilm reduction from the proteolytic enzymes alone. On the Dark Matter worm front, maybe SETI will finally gravitate towards what I have already found, and bring more physical science to the table. Perhaps there is light at the end of the tunnel of all this. When there is something so scientifically profound, it could still be a decade or more to poke out to the mainstream. Look at the proof of the Theory of Relativity. Victories don’t come easy there, even when they can be directly observed by gravitational lensing. Wild Apple Leaves are the only thing we have to produce an implied Dark Matter species candidate that actually drills out of you.

I am worrying that my mind is getting too young now. Does Wild Apple Leaf back it up too much? It is better to be healthy and not as smart though. In the rewind, I have almost finished backing through an early apparent concussion. I was a total geek with a 154 IQ, but I don’t feel as smart as I used to be over 20 years ago when I got that test score. It could be temporary concussion repair effect. There could be some lingering damage from the Lyme flare up two years back. In grade school, I was top percentile they said. Maybe it was a parasite worm feeding me answers subconsciously. In engineering school, I was slowed up by what I now realize was the Lyme-arthritis. I would have a great average going into a final, only to have the mark decimated by a bad arthritis day. It was a testament to the power of mind over pain that I even made it through at all. Nobody knew what was wrong. They still didn’t until last year I finally cracked it with Pyrus Malus in the form of Canadian Cool Climate Wild Apple Leaves. I suffered more through my teens and twenties summers as a surveyor. In retrospect, it makes sense now.

These days, they call me Mikey Appleseed. He actually did frequent Ontario as the link shows. I didn’t plan it that way, HornetPizzexcept for a chance observation of a lame deer. They really like apple trees, and now I know why. They get rid of the Bug worms. Now I finally see that they were once a human remedy, but now largely forgotten, and for no really good reason, except people won’t like the way they show that you have been packing all those bug worms around all your life. With a little more due diligence, I found they are at the root of a lot of common chronic disease. Medicine missed it all driving the freeway of life looking through a microscope that the Dark Matter worms are hidden from. They shouldn’t feel bad. Physics is still looking too. You don’t need a telescope. You just need a drink. Me too. Some Jimmy Page homeopathic. I hear parasites don’t like liquorice, smoked, or smokin’. lol

Moving along, my right eye and left eye alone ain’t what they used to be, but together they work well… Better than either alone. What’s up with that? A good case for quantum methinks. Meanwhile, saw an ad looking for adult computer tutor. Ctrl-Mousewheel zooms in. Old eyes know this shzt.  lol That and I think I finally have a workaround for the fast part of The Lyme Song. (West Denial Virus Song.) In related news, this isn’t the only industry with a biofilm problem screeching to be addressed. I seem to know this Lyme one though. I was forced into it.

As for getting silly/too young, is Dear Dairy a lousy name for a diary/blog for a dairy farm? Would they be cattle “fist bumpers” instead of cattle punchers? It’s raining something silly again. Will there be a rain check if it rains judgement day? Now that I said that, the forecast has been changed to partly cloudy. 4 more shopping days, some say. I’m glad that Pyrus Malus is very good for digestion. It’s a contra Herxheimer winner intestinally, while having its own signature herx where damage cells are, attributable to the fibrin breaking proteolytic enzyme action.

Tinctures of apple cider with horseradish are good for dropsy it was known over a century ago in the 18th Edition (3rd Revision) King’s American Dispensatory. I suspect the same, but more powerful and reversible, with the bark analog leaves. These days, they just say your heart is shot, so stop eating salt. Much Eclectic Medicine has been lost, the Apple bark baby adrift lonely in a sea of bathwater, yet still squeaky clean. Felter lost it with his “upgrade”. Give us your tired, poor, bathwater soaked lonely lil’ tykes. I guess I am a one man mission, unwittingly reviving a lost arte, born of distrust of physicians in the 1840’s. I am a one trick pony with Wild Apple Leaf, but it covers over 99% of chronic illness, and now I find a whole new way to exploit it with modern rebuilt quantum stereo eyes, and designed to alleviate side effects. The 4+ proteolytic enzymes in the autumnal senescence leaves are more important than all medicine of any stripe.


Author: Joe1Smith

I am a relic. I thought I would chronicle what I found out about it here.

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