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Sun, Sept 20, 2015 – Day 416 – Rebirth of Eclectic Medicine

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Your faithful ticky tacker has been thinking. What happened to Eclectic Medicine, when it finally succumbed in the 30’s? First came insulin. Then came penicillin. The Civil War and WWI gave us better emergency surgery built on the principles of Dr. Joseph Lister. A whole host of vaccines came along to eradicate former epidemic diseases. Now it is time for the infectious disease portion of allopathic medicine to die. It has an awful track record against chronic disease, and the EMD killer Penicillin is getting beaten by evolution of diseases. Talk to an AMD, and all they can say is everybody is crazy. “There are no diseases like Lyme Disease in Canada.”

That is totally nuckin’ futz. Somebody has to step up to save us from these lunatics, and lock them back in ER where they are happier, and belong. I propose an EER; Eclectic Emergency Room. It could be in the Smoking Area. In the few hours of waiting to see a physician, most would be cured by taking the Wild Apple Leaf Pyrus Malus Phage Proteolytic Enzyme Source requirement for admission. The Smokers would witness the first nematodes exiting, realizing the whole trouble is parasite co0+ies, while all bilious disease would be eliminated before seeing the ER2. Dropsy would be on the way out. Non smokers would press on to suffer the misery we all know from that point onwards. Perfect. They’ll save trillions. Lunatics loving their parasites will get their just reward in ER2… 3 hots and a cot in psych for a month.

The smoking area, now the EER owing to the amount of taxes they contribute, would have to be upgraded to handle the flow. Insects would be kept down by the smoke and carbon dioxide, providing a safer work environment, once people realize what those bugs transmit. The historic smoking area could be for those wanting to smoke marijuana. People would catch on that maybe this is a good idea. Starch packed obese whiney non smokers would die rather than listen to the cured COPD and chronic illness free smokers. They’ll get their wish. It is a win win.

Eclectic Medicine, Wild Apple Leaf, and the 1840’s time frame Wild West go hand in hand. Practitioners could use the title, “Doc,” or “Colonel” of Chicken. Both would carry the same weight as Chicken Colonel, or founder of the Second KKK, the Soviet Union, and Nazi Germany, Col. Eduard Mandell Huis. You might not want to use that, disassociating yourself with the Most Murderous Schemer to Ever Live. Doc would suffice. Your track record would be your results. Obesity would be eliminated through Wild Apple Leaf, Pyrus Malus, and Pectin Enzyme.

Doc Felter might have stumbled on the Wormwood contradiction to Pyrus Malus. He decided to get rid of Pyrus Malus, people at that time not realizing the leaves had the same medicine as the rare bark, which could kill the apple tree eventually from harvest. Bad move, but at the time, Wormwood had other redeeming properties with intestinal parasites. Recently, a decade ago or so, Wormwood was found to be good against Malaria. Malaria has now evolved to Wormwood resistant strains. I suspect Pyrus Malus could overcome that itself, as it was found to be such a powerful anthelmintic, it forced hitherto unknown species of parasite out. That was the end; The very definition of Eclectic is inclusive, not exclusive, so he broke ranks with the fundamental tenet.

This may be scary to some when nematodes drill out at old bug bite locations, and they realize how long they have been in there. No reason to be afraid, and if you see evidence, that worm is already past tense. It is no longer mining your Gray Matter. Its “farm” of spirochetes are now on their own like when the farmer goes off to Hawaii, but never comes back. They’re abandoned. Adding Pectin Enzyme gets the rest of the biofilm that the Apple Bark proteolytic enzymes were overwhelmed by the sheer volume of. Invertase in liquid honey with it makes the mucus less bland and changes it to a weak honey taste. Free from biofilm, spirochetes are easily deposed by your own immunity, cannabidiol, or doxycycline. It appears that biofilm needs a nematode to rebuild it. I think some olives past the best before date in the back of the fridge might have taken my spirochetes down alone. YMMV lulz

LeafsBeing a Reborn Doctor/Reverend of Eclectic Medicine requires honour, and the Hippocratic Oath, plus “Do No Harem,” should apply. It will also prevent you from being killed by a jealous husband, which is a real threat when you stumble on otherwise real immortality. I have been thinking about marketing Wild Apple Leaf as a quit smoking aid. That is something it doesn’t do well, but it will negate the effects of smoking in the balance I have found. It walloped what they thought was COPD, but that was just excess biofilm polysacharride mucus. Plus, it is a more powerful anthelmintic should you smoke. It could either be the hydrogen cyanide or the licorice smoke that really spooks the worms out. Failed chronic medicine just gives smoker’s worms steroids, which makes them worse. They don’t even know there could be a Dark Matter Quantum Species involved here that defies Monkey Reality as Physics Professor Rudolph so eloquently puts it in his Muon talk.

BCTF.logoTo do the Title of “Doc” justice, you must keep current by going around YouTube whenever possible. A dark colour golf shirt with a pocket for pens is appropriate attire. Blue jeans and cowboy boots are a nice nod to the old west touch. I like the MIT OCW Channel among others. You can bone up on the latest discoveries of ubiquitous Dark Matter physics there, while you are soaking in it. The Biofilm Channel is also helpful to see what is happening. Use the heightened awareness that Wild Apple Leaves plus Enzyme treatment affords you to develop your own treatment protocol from this basic springboard. God only knows what kind of co0+ies can manifest from this nematode discovery. Inexplicably, obsolete allopathic medicine is not at all current, dismissing peer reviewed articles and cutting to the chase to kill you faster with the deadly stuff they already have a medicine cabinet full of. Simply check their record against chronic disease. Mine is well over 90%. I suspect it is 100%, but we don’t like to run up the score. That is pathetic. Their’s is roughly Zero, give or take Zero. Use their claims of your quackery to ask them repeatedly how their potions are doing against Bilious Fevers and the Common Cold? How much Dropsy, or how many gallons of Bacterial Biofilm have they eliminated this week? How many eternally grateful Cats are singing their praises after whacking their Bartonella, not to mention neuroborreliosis? When they press how, simply say “Dreamhealer Magick.” lulz

I was thinking by the coffee machine, why has Apple Leaf or Pyrus Malus Bark Analog fallen into disuse? People might not like the blemish left by the parasite when it leaves, and they might misinterpret the herx. Thanks to Lyme Disease, people understand that more. I intentionally kept it up at a high dose to see if there are lingering effects. Any Numbness disappears within days after stopping. The nematodes are new, and knowing that they are a lethal parasite, people would let the blemish part slide. Some people I call “Worm Bags” are so vain, they would rather die than suffer a worm exit wound. Hopefully, the make up will cover that up in the coffin, because they will all come out when you die. I suspect they survive cremation after their last snack on your brain, if they are in fact dark matter. If they did in fact write the Bible, consider that they are serpents from the cursed serpent lineage family. Draw your own conclusions.

Surveyor_3-Apollo_12Moreover, this is the only home treatment for bug sting or bite I know of. It killed those Ticks on the back/nape of my neck May 18 and May 21. I take it a worm exit is a little harder for a tick to handle than a human, leaving a hole roughly akin to a gunshot from the inside out, relatively. That link tells of parasite nematodes of insects, intentionally cultivated for insect control. Gee, you don’t suppose that’s why they are epidemic to humans too, ya think? If they kill a tough bug, just imagine what they can do in a human for decades. They’ve only identified 28,000 of 2 million estimated species. Add Dark Matter extrapolation, there would be 40 million species of which 0 would be humanly identifiable, until now. They LOVE engineer and surveyor brain… To eat! No problem. We’ve got the sweep. It was anti-allergenic for me too. One of the nematodes it smoked out must have been behind it.


Author: Joe1Smith

I am a relic. I thought I would chronicle what I found out about it here.

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